MRS. CHIKA, MY FAVOURITE TEACHER (The Fvck Tales Of My Life….18+) Part 15


I massaged her for a few minutes as she
sighed and moaned softly before she sat
and turned around to face me.
She pushed me back so my back was
the tub and she then s——-d me before
lowering her excited p—y onto my hard d–
She held her hands on my shoulders for
support as she started f—–g me. I watched
as her soapy boobs danced from her
movements and then I moved my hands up
feel them. They slipped easily between my
hands and I enjoyed their soft, slippery feel.
Chika continued f—–g me as the water in
the tub began
splashing from side to side as our f—–g
moved into a steady
rhythm. She increased the tempo of her
f—–g and water
began splashing over the edge of the tub.
Neither of us minded
as she was engrossed in the pleasure of
my d–k inside her and
my eager hands massaging her soapy
boobs. I was concentrating hard to hold
back my c-m as the feel of her
hungry, wet p—y around my d–k and of her
slippery boobs
under my hands had me right at the edge
of cumming.
Try as I might I couldn’t hold myself back
and I started
cumming inside her. As I came, Chika put
her own hands over
mine as I explored her boobs and helped
him to massage them.
She then started cumming herself and she
bounced up and
down on me rapidly as she came.
It was several minutes before the water in
the tub settled down
around us as we sat next to each other
holding one another in
our arms. Most of the bubble had
disappeared but the water
was still warm and soothing on our skin.
We sat still for many
minutes before Chika picked up the soap
and began washing my
head. She took her time and continued to
wash my body with
the same bar of soap I used on her. Her
hands smoothly and
expertly glided across my skin as she
worked up lather and then
rinsed me all over.
When she finished, I repeated my earlier
washing of her except
that this time my touch was less urgent
and less focused on her
boobs and p—y. By the time we finished
washing each other
the water had started to cool and we
stepped out together
before drying ourselves off.
We each got dressed, me in a pair of shorts
and t-shirt and
Chika in a dress. I thought her dress was a
little formal for
relaxing on a Saturday afternoon but before
I could ask, Chika
“I’ve got to go help teach a class at the
school. I’ll be gone for a
few hours.”
I was disappointed she had to leave but I
figured it wouldn’t be
hard to pass the time in her beautiful
house. I first went to the
living room and lounged on the chair as I
watched their huge
television. I took a couple of dips in the
pool but returned inside
each time as the heat outside made in
nearly unbearable to be
outside. It had been a couple of hours
since she had left and I
was growing bored. I surfed channels on
the TV but couldn’t
find anything good to watch.
I knew that I probably shouldn’t, but my
boredom overcame
me and I couldn’t resist the urge to snoop
around her house. I
wandered around her living room looking at
the various
pictures and decorations. I looked at a
photo of her son. I had
barely known him from school but I
laughed when I thought he
would be shocked as hell to know his mom
had been f—–g
the hell out of someone younger than him.
I circled the room looking at the
decorations until I ended up in
front of the huge entertainment centre. I
opened a few of the
doors and found a couple of large cabinets
filled with movies. I
scanned them and noticed that they were
about what I
expected from my former teacher, lots of
nollywood films and
lots of ‘arts’. I looked through the other
cabinet and found more of the
same. I moved down the hallway and
looked at the various
pictures and paintings that were carefully
hung on the walls. I
went into the master bedroom and
surveyed the bed where I
had now f—-d Chika several times.
The sheets were still rumpled and the bed
unmade from last
night and I felt my d–k twitch at the still
fresh memories. I
looked inside the big walk in the wardrobe
and found it was
quite full and very orderly. I lightly touched
some of the tops
that she often had worn to school. I left the
wardrobe and
looked over at her cupboard. I knew I
shouldn’t but I still went
over and began opening the drawers and
looking inside. I
inhaled sharply when I opened the middle
drawer and saw that
it appeared to be full of lingerie and undies.
I began to pull out some of the items and
my d–k twitched
again inside my boxers. As I looked
through the drawer I found
every type and color of sexy panties I could
have imagined.
There were several of the silk gowns she
had greeted me with on
my previous visit all in different shades and
lengths. I held some
up to my nose and inhaled the scent of her
mixed with a hint of
laundry soap. I briefly thought about
jerking off into one of the
items but then stopped myself. How would
I explain that to her?
I tried to put the drawer back the way I
found it and decided to
leave her room. I walked further down the
hall and came to her
son’s room. Anyway, I guessed it was her
son’s room by the way
it was decorated. I went in and looked
around to try and get to
know him better somehow. Did he have any
idea how sexy his
mom is?

I smiled and realized that her son probably
would have been
shocked that anyone felt that way about
I opened the cabinet in the corner of the
room and looked at
his supply of videos. For the most part they
were the same sorts
of movies that I liked so I began scanning
the titles more closely
to see if there was something I could watch
now to pass the
time. I scanned the discs and didn’t see
anything but noticed
there was a second row of discs behind the
ones I had been
looking at.
I pulled out some of the discs in front and
again had to catch
my breath as a long line of porno movies
sat before me. I
picked them up and looked at them. My
lust soon got the better
of me and I slid a disc into the DVD player
and sat on the bed
with the remote. It was a standard porno
with almost no plot
and the usual f–k scenes. I watched some
and fast forwarded
through other parts. I rewound the tape
and put in back in
place. I scanned the collection looking for
something different and
noticed a disc that I picked up. It appeared
to be a foot fetish
disc and although I wasn’t a foot fetishist I
was curious and
popped it in the DVD player. I sat down and
watched. It was
more or less a standard porno except every
f–k scene included
some foreplay with the feet, usually either
the woman jerking
off the man between her feet or the man
rubbing the woman’s
p—y with his feet.
All of the c-m shots in the movie also
involved the feet. Most
had the women jerking off the men
between their feet until they
came and a couple had the men simply
jerking off onto the
woman’s feet before either she or he licked
it up.
I had become pretty engrossed in the video
and I hadn’t heard
Chika drive into the garage or enter the
house. She had heard
the slightly lowered sounds coming from
down the hall and
decided to see what I was up to. She
quietly walked down the
hall and looked into her son’s room. She
saw me sitting on her
son’s bed completely unaware of her
presence. She watched the
movie for a few seconds as an unattractive
guy came all over
the feet of a lady.
Seconds later another woman began licking
the c-m off the
lady’s feet. She could see the hard on
straining under my shorts
as my one hand rubbed my d–k through
my shorts.
“Interesting,” she said as I dropped the
remote and jumped to
my feet. I tried to come up with some
excuse for what I was
doing but Chika interrupted me saying, “No
need to explain.
You’re obviously a curious boy and,” she
shot an unmistakable
look at my hard d–k, “you’re obviously
enjoying it.” She initially
wasn’t sure how to react but quickly
decided to have some fun
with me.
“Why don’t you take off your clothes so
you can watch in more
comfort,” she added.
I wasn’t sure if she was serious but the
look in her eyes let me
know she wanted me to strip. I slowly
peeled off my clothes as
she walked over and picked the remote up
off the floor. She
pressed rewind as I dropped the last of my
clothes on the floor.
“Sit down,” she instructed. I did as I was
told and she hit the play button on the
Immediately a scene appeared where a
busty lady was getting
f—-d by the same unattractive guy. They
f—-d wildly before
she lay on her back and took his d–k
between the soles of her
feet. She jerked him off with her feet until
he shot his c-m all
over her big boobs and stomach. The
movie continued and
soon another f–k scene started.


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