MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 8


I switch on my flat screen LG to be updated
on the country happenings, the headlines
are mostly of me. one of the broadcaster
face caught my attention Timi father.
the man hate me so much due to what I
did to his daughter, not really my fault,
I went to his birthday party before I got married
to Chichi, his daughter was all over me giving
me no chance to mingle with another lady.
I utilize the opportunity to unleash my d–k
on her, we didn’t go into any form of relationship
‘Cause I never for once like her. I just had
taste of her and that is all.
Broadcaster 1: what are you saying concerning our Mr. Irresistable who is coming back from death.
Broadcaster 2; is good to have him back, there will be a lot to write about since he is back.
Timi Dad: I’ll rather advice parents, husbands to safeguard their daughters and wives from him, we wouldn’t like the hospitals to be flooded with unwanted pregnancy.
I cursed, I switch to to another channel
to see a familiar face, yes! Even in 30years
I’ll always remember that face, Catherine
the one who took my innocency in my primary days.
I changed to another school in my primary 4
to know Catherine as big girls in primary
school, they are three highly favored by teachers.
I caught her in the school toilet with her
phone and her fingers under her skirt doing mojojo
don’t ask me what it means me self don’t know oh.

she begged that I shouldn’t tell on her cause
phone was highly prohibited. But what she
was watching inside her phone is what I don’t
know then, I promised not to and she said
she will give me a gift that I won’t forget in a
hurry, she didn’t actually give me the brain
factory restore gift till Uncle Tomtom
transfered her to my seat, see short teacher
see busy body, is either my fingers is inside her skirt
or her hands is inside my short, we always
pee everyday, she will ask me to lick her
wet pant with p—y fluid, as a mumu boy
I was, I’ll do it. pant wey I no know if she
wash, on a faithful hot afternoon we did it.
I will tell what we really did that our humble
pervert scurity man caught us. Cat asked
me to wait behind, I obeyed like a puppet.
The power of woman is sweetness of her p—y.
after the closing bell, we went behind the school.
pant down, she raise her skirt up. face to face
with bare butt0ckz, I didn’t know what to do.
she helped my pencil out of it hostage.
directed me where to put it, I did as she commanded
as a Nigerian police whose above order is
been done, I grunt like pig as I work tiredlessly
like civil servant and she didn’t even oohhh… or ahh…
story that touches, shark really swallowed
Jonah in this case, her p—y chop my pencil and
kept space for more pencils. she will shout at
me don’t c-m inside me oohh.. and do fast,
spank my a-s I will slap her a-s, why is my
life opposite of what people expected?


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