MR FLIRT … (18+) … Part 1

Mr Flirt 🎀
🍭(The hottie is my roommate) 🍭

Rated 🔞🔞

©️Simrah Saeed

✨ Tamara ✨

I hung my school bag dragging my box along with me.
I just got admitted into College and it’s a stay till term over

” Dad I’m set ” I informed as I got to the kitchen where he was preparing pancakes and bacon 🥓.
That’s my favorite, I guess he’s preparing it because he knows I might not taste it before coming back for a holiday.

” Mara I will miss you greatly baby ” dad said in a sober tone

” I will miss you too Dad ” I hugged him

” just make sure you stay out of troubles okay ? And i know my baby is intelligent, no need to panic ” he smiled at me

” I will make my role model proud ” I said boastfully

” I believe you Mara, the pancakes is almost done so you will eat before you go”

” Yes Dad ”

Time for introduction, I’m Tamara Owen, call Mara for short, only child of my parents. I don’t have a mother, she died decades ago when I was barely 2 so I grew up with Dad playing both role of a father and mother in my life. He means a lot to me
With what dad told me, mum was a good wife and a mother anyone could have asked for but unfortunately, she died of heart failure .Well, that’s about her.
I clocked 20 last month.
You will know me better when the going gets tough.

I bade Dad a goodbye before going out there to start a new life on my own .
Sighing, I entered into my car and drove off. Dad gave me as my 20th birthday gift
We aren’t rich nor poor, medium maybe






” Tamara Owen right?” The registrar asked

” Yes ma’am”

” Welcome to Hillary College”

” Thank you ma’am”

” Here is your room key and number ”
I collected it. Room318

” Thank you ma’am”

” You are welcome, I hope you can locate the Dorms with the help of the map?”
I nodded and left

The school is big and beautifully decorated
Staring at the beauty of the school and searching for places like the library and lecture rooms thou I haven’t been given my timetable till tomorrow.
I really need to settle down and cool my brain before starting a big day tomorrow

I hasten my steps moving faster to my car when I bumped into a girl .

“I’m really sorry ” I apologized picking up her books from the floor

” It’s okay I should be the one apologizing because I wasn’t looking where I was heading ” she said smiling down at me .
She looks beautiful and classy

” By the way I’m Nina and you are ?”

” Tamara ”

” Nice , you are a freshman right?”

” Yeah , I just resumed”

” Wow! Like wise, then we can be good friends” she said happily while I nodded

” I was going to the dorm ”

” We are heading the same place let’s go then. You know my brother and I got admitted here ”

” That’s good” was the only thing I could say. The guy is her twin like she said
I’m pretty sure this girl is a great talker .
She kept blabbing till we reached the dorm.

After rounding almost all the dorms, I finally found my room. Room318 was boldly written on it
Goodness! Who the hell opened the door and how?
I looked around to see the students going about their businesses
Nina’s room is far from here, she even ditched me when she saw her roommate.
That was when it hit me that I have a roommate.
Geez! How can I forget?
I just hope it will be someone peaceful like I am else I’m doomed!
I slowly cracked open the door and the sight I beheld letf me frozen in my spot ..
A shirtless hot looking guy was sitted on the bed.
There must be a mistake somewhere, how can a guy be my roommate? Lawd! This isn’t getting any better.
His blue eyes met mine as I took in his appearance.
Extremely handsome, well built abs, blue eyes , dark hair , with what? Dimples on both cheeks .
He isn’t smiling neither is he talking but his dimple is still out.
How deep it is, seriously I haven’t seen a guy with dimples. They are but rare .

I tore away my eyes from the gaze when I found him in front of me with a smirk plastered on his face .
Even with the smirk he looks cute , everything about him is cute …

” When you are done drooling, you tell me what you are doing in my room” he said rudely.
Handsome but rude ..

” Well, as it is now , this is also my room ” I replied with arms crossed.

” You mean, you are my roommate?” He asked

Yes hottie ..
That was what I wanted to say but I dare not

” Yes ”

” Don’t you think you have to thank the management?”

” For what?”

” For making a handsome dude like me your roommate”

” Gross! You aren’t handsome” I replied

” Really? Admit that I am ”

” No”

” Okay then ”
He pinned me to the wall with his intoxicating breathe fanning my face. My heart beat quickened. I’m sure he’s hearing it beats very fast ..
His hand went under my skirt caressing my thigh as I struggled to get out of his grip but couldn’t. He’s way stronger than I am .

“Let go off me pervert ” I muttered under soft m0ans . I was trying hard to prevent myself from m0aning but I couldn’t help it . His touch is having a great effect on me
He didn’t respond as he kissed my earlobe down to my neck before using his hand to fondle my b***st .

” Now answer me, aren’t I handsome?” He asked trailing w€t kisses round my chest as his hands made way to my panties

” Please let go off me”

” I asked you a question” he said huskily. Even his voice is charming.
Mara snap out of it..

” Y…ye..yes you are handsome”
With that he kissed my lips releasing me from his grip.

” Good! I will help arrange your stuffs roomie ” he winked at me before carrying my box .

This is going to be a very long four years of my life stuck with this flirt as my roommate.


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