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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships .


Prologue ?

” So chasing her around with a machete was the best way to settle the matter mom ? Dami asked his mom Bummi in shock .

” She chased me first dami ”

” What the hell you chased me first ” his girlfriend spat immediately .

His father looked from his wife to his sons girlfriend .

” Can you both stop arguing you just returned from jail ” he spat in frustration .

” I can’t believe this ” Dami said in shock .


” Richard is stupid …he has not taken after me at all and feyi is the greatest and the biggest idiot ahh…oluwa o where was I ? Where was I when they where sharing sons with brain ? Fuminlayo said and Both her son’s and husband stared at her like she’s lost it .

” Mom you made me attend your 48 birthday just to say this ? Richie asked suprised .

” Of cause …are my words not important ? Aaah …did you hear your son ? She gestured at her husband .

” My love please calm down” he said tiredly .

‘ don’t tell me to calm down ?

” My enemies would laugh at me , they’d gather in crowds and laugh at me with their rotten teeth’s ! She said dramatically

” Mom you’re over reacting ” Feyi said and she turned to him .

” What ! Me funmilayo daughter of baba jide over reacting ? I must meet up with my sister bummi , she was right when she said our sons need Seriose deliverance ” she screamed .

” I don’t need deliverance I’ve told you time again mom I’m not inlove with Adesua we’re just bestfriends ” feyi said tired .

” You’re only saying that because you have not opened you’re eyes to look at her ….well ….

” Look at her shape …her….” She said demonstrating with her hands as Richie burst into laughter.

” Hey you …” She said and he straighten up .

His mom was a big time drama queen and her sister the chief executive director of the Crazy mother’s association.

Mother in-law wahala is the story of Two African sisters and their journey in matchmaking their sons with the right women .

Of course finding the right Daughter inlaw .

Meet the first sister .

Bummi Kings married to one of the richest and responsibile business man but down to earth and a typical Nigerian mother .

She’s put it upon herself to find the best wife for her only son .

Damilare Kings .

Damilare is a handsome wealthy and smart 25 years old business man who’s taken over his father’s company .

He’s a Nigerian who’s spent most of his life overseas and took over his dad’s company a few years back .

Damilare has never had any luck when it came to the women in his life .

Especially after his 3 years girlfriend whom he planned to marry cheated on him and got pregnant with someone else .

He losses all hope in love before he meets Jackie may an American model and they both end up dating and eventually fall inlove .

But there’s one big problem ?

Both Jackie and his mom are at longer heads .

They go from arguing to chasing each other with machetes and even spending the night in jail …


Then the second sister .

Funmilayo Bamidele she’s beautiful smart and talented …yet a typical Nigerian mother .

She’s also married to a well to do politician and has two sons .

Clinton feyi bamidele … who’s 25 …he’s the workaholic type who cares about nothing in the world other than his laptop and of cause work work and more work .

He’s successful handsome and rich …

He’s had his fair share of women but hasn’t find his miss right ?

That’s where his mom plays her matchmaking skills pairing him with his bestfriend ADESUA .

The funny thing they both can’t see each other as anything other than bestfriends .

Then there’s her last son Richard bamidele who has livef in Newyork .

A rich popular and very good looking young man , He’s an idol in one of the biggest boy bands .

The royals ,he’s their lead rapper and attends the music college owned by SELENA Blackstone the music mogul .

Chidera is the daughter of his mom’s bestfriend and his mom is Seriosely playing her matchmaking skills on the both of them .

But the funny thing she doesn’t know ,is that they both have shared something deep in the past and have been seperated due to something .

What happens in this funny crazy and humour filled journey ?

Damilare and Jackie

Clinton and Adesua

Richie and Dera

You wouldn’t wanna miss this book , join me in the journey of love as we explore different paths of Africa and laugh away our sorrow’s.


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