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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 5

[Newyork city ]


? Fummi ?

” That girl is an Aje. ..she’s a big Witch ….how could she do this to me ehhhn ? My elder sister screamed dramatically as she raised both hands akimbo .

” Mama dami calm down first haba , for all we know things might not even be as Seriose as you’re reacting now ” Timi said and she glared at her .

” Chai …are you really my friend, how can you say this to me ? My son Dated a girl for more than six months , I don’t even know her face and what she looks
Like….now he wants to get married to her Timi and I’m just hearing it from someone else !

” My only child for that matter , would you be happy if it was you ? If Adesua decides to get married and you hear the news from me or funmi ? She asked pointing at me .

” Sister sorry … know children of nowadays …think they have sense …but it’s up to us to correct them ” I said softly .

” Exactly, that’s why …I will not let that girl take my son away from me, I’m not a witch niether am I a bad person …..I will not let Damilare dissapointe me like this at all ” she said as her smugged make up made her look like a zombie .

” But what if dami really loves this Jackie girl ? I mean he’s willing to walk her down the aisle . ”

” God forbid …that girl is not good for him , I never disrespected husband’s mother when she was alife ..we had a very close and amazing relationship …why then will a responsible lady date a guy and prepare to get married to him …but feel comfortable not knowing a future mother in-law ?

” Ehhn fummi ? She knows Dami’s father , that means she doesn’t like me ….So this their relationship ….I need to cause violence …I need to scatter it ….at all , at all it must not stand …

” Sister …” I called .

” Don’t sister me funmi …if she succeeds ,that means I have lost my son forever ” she said wailing dramatically and Timi facepalmed herself .

” Sister at least eat something …now …?

” Eat what ? How would the food even pass my throat ? They told me oooooo

” They told me in church that my enemies are conspiring against me ….eh …fire …holy ? fire ooo. ” I watched in shock as she began clapping her hands dramatically .

” Rabababa God of vengeance …..fight my battle ….fight for me ….Don’t Allow my son to be decieved by oyibo pepper ..” she said

I looked at my sister and pulled her into a hug , I knew she was deeply hurt by what Dami did … and wasn’t gonna let them be peacefully ..

But I also know that she’s the forgiving one between the both of them , she might even forgive and forget …before the wedding , it all matters on her first meet with Damilare’s fiance.

I helped her lay for sometime and Timi placed a pillow under her head as she slept .

” How’s is she aunt ? Is she still stressed ? Damilare asked worriedly as he rubbed his forehead .

” She’s very angry Damilare infact I’ve never seen her this Seriose my all life …she won’t be letting this go easily” Timi said besides me .

” I know….I wasn’t ready for her dramatic reaction and I was right , she reacted just as I thought ” he said frowning .

” Damilare ….shut up before I spank your head , I knew you when you where still walking around with pampers and we both know how much your mom loves you ….

” Every mother out there would react exactly as my sister Did …Richie and Feyi are not even mad to pull this stunt you pulled on your mother with me …Last last I’d just Poison there wedding cake ” I said and he chuckled .

” But what about your fiance ? Couldn’t she atleast come and visit your mother just once ? Now don’t tell me you don’t know her family’s members ? Timi Asked .

” I know all of them , it’s just Jackie is a busy person , she just recently took some months break due to the wedding…” He trailed .

” Is she as busy as you are ? I don’t buy that escuse Damilare When you love and care for someone you create time for their family members too …You won’t tell me now that she’s more busy than Richie ? I asked and he opened and closed his mouth like a fish.

” Just tell your fiance to make. Good firsr impression on your mom , she has not joy for this relationship as it stands ” I said as I picked my hand bag .

” She’d come around son ” Timi said softly as we both walked out of the mansion .


[ New York ]

? Chi Dera ?

RICHIE had been quiet the whole time he joined us with his friends and I knew it was because of Me …

He’s always bubbly and happy when I’m not around , it’s like I’m the cause of his biggest pains .

And it hurts .

I’m currently sitted with bervely Megan and two of my other friends and ..Clark Blackstone was hitting on bervely again .?

” Sir Clark …” Bervely warned Clark as he put his hand on her shoulders and I looked shocked as he chuckled .

He was entirely different around her .

She pulled his hands off and he laughed .

They looked so cute together .

Preston and Lucas hadn’t come
back and Clark seemed to be saying something to bervely whose eyes widened .

She opened and closed her mouth like a fish …not too long he stood up and she stood up with him .

” You’re leaving ? Megan asked teasingly .

She looked at us helplessly and left with Clark .

I wonder how he managed to make her leave with him , he’s really something else .

As if planned they all stood
and left leaving just Richie and I .

” It’s quiet surprising how you can sit next to me and pretend like we don’t know each other ….” I said and he looked at me smiled and looked away .

A smile that didn’t reach his eyes ,that only ended up burning my heart .

” Rich” I called and he looked at me.

” What do you want Dera , haven’t you done enough ? He asked and I looked at him in shock .

” Richie …I said I was sorry already , we used to be such good friends all of a sudden things changed …..’ I trailed .

” Good friends ? You’re just someone I used to know Dera …and I want it to be that way …” He said and I stared at him hurt .

” That’s all you’re gonna say ? I asked .

” Dera let’s not pretend like all is well , you know what you did to me …we both know …” He said voice shaking at the edge and I looked around at how people turned at his outburst .

I pulled him out of the cafeteria with me as we walked out and towards the vip session .

He dropped his phone on the table and wiped his tears which kept rolling outta his eyes .

My God he’s crying .

” Richie …” i muttered as my eyes stungged.

” I’m sorry …” I said as tears rolled outta my eyes , I couldn’t keep on pretending like all was well when I knew deep down that it wasn’t .

” I’m so sorry …I just I was scared about how fast my feelings where growing ,I wasn’t ready ….” I cried .

” And you thought I was ? He asked and I cried .

” Dera …you told me it was

just sex …you stared at me in the eyes and told me to grow up ” he said and I cried .

” Do you know how that really made me grow up ? That’s the Richie you see today …I don’t do love anymore because of you ..I only fuck …

” The same way you thought me love didn’t exist that it was just mind-blowing sex ” he said sacarstically.

” That love is scam ” he added and I cried .

” Richie I’m sorry ” I cried and he looked at me .

” You’re sorry ? Dera stop coming in front of me ?, I want to feel numb when I see you …I don’t like the way you make me feel stupid ….I want to nothing you …I swear it’s not just working …it’s not working because I …I can’t pretend like you’re not Infront of me …!

” I smile and act care free like all is well with me but I know the truth …, I keep remembering those moments …

” ..there are times I wish we never met , you’ve brought me nothing but heart ache ” he said

My jaws dropped as I stared at him in shock .

” Have a nice Day Dera ” he said and walked out on me .

I sat on the chair as I cried bitterly….

He told me he wished we never met ?


My chest hurts

It hurt so bad I couldn’t breath .


[ Lagos Nigeria ?? [


I walked over to my Dad and sat next to him on the dining table as he ate silently.

” Dad say something” I said and he chuckled .

” What am I supposed to say ? He asked shrugging .

” Tell me how to pacify mom …she’s mad at me ” I whinned .

” Well I warned you remember,I knew how this would end up and I Told you to tell her about your relationship with the foreigner ” he said camly as he shifted his glasses .

” I know you warned me okay ….I just wasn’t ready for that yet …” I trailed .

” No one is ready for anything in this life son …you wouldn’t know how ready you are until you do it . We both know how your mom and I got married , I wasn’t ready for how things happened remember ? He asked wiping his mouth with a salvet and I chuckled .

” I met bummi on my first ever visit to my mother’s hometown in ibadan .. ” he said telling me the story over again.

” Whilst driving towards our family mansion , I saw her … Dark beautiful sexy …. Laughing with the most innocent face in the world .

I’d watched her chat with her friends and packed to watch her madness for a little while … ” He said smiling whilst reminiscing the moments .

” At that time I was a serious player …hell …I had the cash the looks ,I played through women and left their hearts in pieces …? I’d always laugh around my friends that got hooked because of love and say I’d only get married when I’m 40 and to a woman that’s educated …posh from a rich popular and respected family ” he said and looked at me.

” I wasn’t ready , my heart wasn’t ready when I met your mom , we where so different hell ….she was the exact opposite of me ….She was energetic ..I was arrogant …

” She’s dramatic ,crazy loving and of cause caring ,she wasn’t from a wealthy family and …she was not educated …she didn’t even know what kiss was dami ” he said and we both Chuckled .

” I still remember how I’d gotten do attracted towards her …I’d gone in through her friends and lured her to go out with me …I was new in the village and the girls saw it as a great opportunity .

” They’d managed to lure her to go out with me …dami …that evening …I took her to see my Dad’s mansion then my penthouse In the estate .

” That’s where I defiled her …You should have seen her scolding and telling me her mom would kill her … because I put it in ?

” She’d given me consent …but feared what her family would do to her …. I’d managed to convince her to go home …only to see her parents in my father’s house Angrily demanding my presence .

” Everything ended with me agreeing to marry your mom , I wasn’t ready then …but she made me fell inlove with her caring and humble nature …I got her homeschooled … and she refused to go to the higher institution instead she made me open an NGO under her name ….

” You know how many lives your mom has touched son … and you know how dramatic she gets when she’s angry …

” You and Jackie need to be ready for her madness …” He said Patting my shoulders .

” Dad you’re not helping ? She’s your wife for goodness sake .” I whinned .

” She’s your mother too ” he said laughing .

” Dad c’mon I need your help … Jackie is coming for the traditional marriage plans ..we need to be in peace with mom ” I said as he went upstairs .

” Dad ” I called after him .

” This is crazy ” I muttered under my breath .

” What do I do ? ?


Hehehehe ?


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