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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 4

[Newyork city ]



I snuggled into his arms with a beautiful smile on my face ?

I wasn’t the type to sleep with a man I just met , hell the only man I’d ever slept with in my life was my ex who of cause didn’t end well .

And last night was special for me …Dammy was crazy and he knew exactly what he was doing .

” You’re smiling so early in the morning ” I heard him say softly and burst out laughing .

” Weren’t you supposed to go home last night ? I asked and he chuckled .

” I’m not in Nigeria or my mom would be the one calling ten million times” he said and I raised my eyebrows .

” Oh ,did I just sleep with a mummy’s boy ? I teased and he burst out laughing .

” I love my mom and my Dad , they’re one of the reasons I’m who I am today Jackie ” he said playing with my hair and I smiled .

” Only child” I teased .

” Yup ” he said and we both fell quiet as my heart squeezed with hurt .

” You’ll be leaving already right ? I asked trying to mask the pain in my eyes with a nervous laugh .

” Yes …” He said staring at my face and I gave a nod .

What was I thinking , it’s definitely a one night stand I mean …. He leaves far away in Nigeria and we’ll I’m here .

My life is here , I thought sadly .

” But I don’t want this to end ” he said pointing from me to him and I looked at him .

” What….? I asked shocked .

” I don’t want this to end , I’m single you’re single let’s see where this leads us … C’mon date me Jackie please, let me be your boyfriend ” he said and I looked at his face .

“I ….. dammy we just met ” I said with an are you crazy look in my eyes .

” So ? He shrugged .

” It’s not as easy as it looks okay , I have my flaws you have your flaws ” I said pannicking .

” Every human has flaws Jackie and sometimes years doesn’t even guarantee a relationship that’ll last ” he said camly .

” Dammy this is crazy …c’mon we already fucked … like …that’s very bad way to start a relationship …” I said confused .

” Seriosely now ? He asked hurt .

” Okay I didn’t mean for it to come out that way …” I said rubbing my forehead .

” I understand if …” He trailed

” Dammy don’t …. it’s just I don’t know anything about your world …I’m lazy …I can’t even cook and I always have maids at my beck and call …plus I’m always busy and I’m not a fan of LDR [ long distance relationship ]. ” I said and he held my hands .

” I have a good feeling about this ….I know it’s crazy since everything seems to be happening fast …but just give me a chance ….

” I know I’ve messed up with the past women in my life …by putting work before my relationships but I wanna be different now … and I want that with you …” He said and I smiled .

” You’re so charming …it’s not fair that you make me melt with your words ” I laughed and he joined me .

” So ? He asked .

” Yes ” I said and he kissed my lips softly .

” I’d be in the bathroom girlfriend ” he said as he got off my bed and into the bathroom .

I can’t believe I’m hooked up already ?

Let’s see how this goes .

I got down from the bed and tied my robe .

I could hear the sound of the shower running as I made way outta the room after wearing my room slippers .

I got outside and looked in shock to see mom setting breakfast table .

” Mom ”

” Hey pumpkin sweety, how are you ? She asked smiling .

” Mom what are you doing here ? I asked and she smiled.

” Oh well I came to visit my baby girl , can’t a mom check on her baby ? She asked shrugging and I folded my arms .

” I don’t buy that act , mom did Rachel tell you anything ? I asked staring at her .

” Me ? Of course not I’ve not seen your cousin ….and I have no idea of the African hottie in your room …” She said teasingly and I groaned .

” Of cause you met her , if not how did you get the jist of the hottie ? I asked and she burst out laughing .

” Fine …I heard it and of course Rachel told me , I had to run Al the way here to see how my baby is doing …so how was it ? She asked rubbing her hands as I blushed red .

” How was what mom ? I asked embarrassed.

” How was the sex …is he good , if he makes you forget your name and he’s a good guy go for him ….they’re rare to find ” she said and I chuckled .

” You not mother material mom , you act like my big sis …who goes around talking to their daughters about sex ? I asked .

” So …..? She trailed .

” Fine it was fun ….he’s ….a wonderful guy and ….. we’re a thing now ” I said and she stared at me .

” So fast ? Are you sure about this Jackie. .what worse can happen if he has a wife and kids ? Or maybe a fiancee or ….” She trailed dramatically .

” He’s single … and dammy made me understand that a good relationship wasn’t determine on the number of years we spend together …but how right we are for each other the understanding between us and the trust …

.” Which we are willing to learn with each other ….I don’t know but I want this to be my last busstop …” I said sadly and she rubbed my arms .

” Of cause it’ll be darling ,now does this Damien guy …live here ?she asked .

” Dammy mom , he lives in Nigeria . .’ I said and she looked at me speechlessly .

” Long distance relationship ? 90 percent has failed woefully baby ” she said and I smiled .

” We’ve not talked about our setting yet , but my instincts tells me he’s the one ” i said and mom squiled .

” Anything that makes you happy sunshine ” she said and kissed my cheek .

” Jackie I ….oops I’m sorry ” dammy said smiling apologetically immediately he saw mom .

” Good morning youngman , he looks more hotter in person …’ mom said and dammy raised his eyebrows at me while I blushed at my mom’s craziness .

” I’m Tessy this minions mother ” she said and dammy smiled .

” Nice to meet you Tessy I’m Damilare her ….” He trailed staring at me .

” Boyfriend ” I said as we both stared at each other mom squiled .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]

8 : 00 pm

Some months later .

? Damilare ?

After I came back from New York that morning , my relationship with Jackie went smoothly .

Although there where we argued like every other couple ,but we did make things up immediately .

Dad knows about our relationship and so far he has nothing against it .

I didn’t tell mom that I had a girlfriend , well because I didn’t want her to scare Jackie with her drama .

I’d proposed to her last Sunday and since she was planning to spend some months with me before the wedding I decided to make plans to tell my mom .

I asked advise from her younger sister fummi who’s no different from mom …only to get different calls from both my cousins brothers and see my mom badging into my office angrily .

Right now we are in my dad’s mansion having a huge dramatic family meeting .

Well accept my cousin Richie who couldn’t make it due to his busy schedule .

We all sat down quietly as mom paced around the parlour from left to right .

” Sister bummi I think you need to calm down first … maybe she’s a nice girl ” my aunt said and everyone gave nods in agreement.

” Nice girl huh ? And dammy didn’t find any reasonable reason to tell me his mother that he has found a wife ?

” Did anybody tell you that I am a witch ? She asked dramatically .

” Jesus , mom c’mon you know I love you ? I asked going close .

” You don’t love me …. because of this new oyibo pepper of yours that you’re planning to marry , that’s why you regected all the beautiful girls I prepared for you to marry , you went outside the country to find a wife ” she said and I rubbed my head .

” Mom ” I said and she glared at me .

” I’m sorry okay , this is why I didn’t tell you about Jackie , I knew you want me to marry from Nigeria and my choice of bride wouldn’t please you ” I said and she looked at me hurt .

” So she has turned you against your own mother ? Mom asked hurt .

” Aunt calm down first ..that’s not what dammy is saying ” Feyi tried to make her understand .

” No problem …. ‘ she said and walked away .

Everywhere fell silent as we all stared at each other .

This is so ….not good

I could already imagine the big disaster that’s about to take place in my life .

” This one bro is a big WaHaLa ” Clinton said and I gave a nod as dad laughed .



The past months have been hectic lately especially with my new schedule .

I have a new student and she’s currently the center of attraction in this department .

She’s innocent but has good moves .

The crazy thing is , the lead Vocalist from the Royals boys band is into her .

” That was a really awesome performance bervely ” I said as the girls surrounded her asking questions about her shyness which made us laugh .

It was preety late when practice ended and I decided to walk her
out .

As we strolled out together she asked she asked me about my country and i laughed .

” I’d tell you some other time ” I said and nod .

” Sir Richie said he’d take me with him for his cousins wedding ,his mom invited me” she said and I raised her eyebrows.

” You know Richie from the Royals personally ? I asked asked amused .

” Ya ” she said and I smiled at her , I wasn’t suprised I mean it’s in his habit to know beautiful girls anyways .

” You know him ? She asked staring at me.

” Ya. ..We did hook up once …it didn’t end well though …I kinda .. dumped ..him ” I said and she looked at me amused .

I wasn’t the type to filter my words anyways , and when I’m wrong I accept it .

” What ? She asked .

” We fucked …” I said rubbing my neck nervously .

” Seriosely ? Why did you dump him ? She asked sadly .

” He wanted me …not just for sex …he wanted
more and I knew it had no future ,they’re under a no dating policy …I didn’t want to end in heartbroken so …I dumped him …we stopped being Friends after that ‘ I said and she smiled .

” You where friends ? She asked teasingly .

” Ya …we where good friends. Richie’s dad is a politician and in the leading party dad is a medical doctor and we’ll they’re best friends . ” I muttered under my breath as the feeling of hurt spread through my chest .

I miss Richie a lot .

” So you’ve both known each other since childhood ” she squiled excitedly.

” Yup …but after I told him off , he changed …he became a total man whore ” I laughed with sadness in my eyes.

” You broke his heart Dera ” she said smiling .

” Nah …he moved on , and I’ve fucking moved on too ” I said as I smiled at her .

We both laughed and that’s when we encountered Kendal Wilson on our way out .

She was the jealous ex of Clark , that was so obsessed with the guy she could even kill to get him back if necessary.

She tried to humiliate bervely and we ended up having a big cat fight at the gate .

If I was bervely , I’d have dated Clark so she can die for all I care .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


I stared at feyi then burst out laughing immediately .

“Ade laughing isn’t helping matters , my cousin is in hot soup ” he said and I controlled myself .

” I’m sorry it’s just …Dami did wrong …I mean ,it’s okay that he fell inlove with a girl from another country but c’mon he hid it from his mom to the point she hears it from someone else ? That must have hurt a lot …

” That’s the problem , now aunt wouldn’t let that relationship go smoothly now because she’s angry” he said as he set his glasses properly on his nose .

I chuckled as I set a bottle of his favorite wine on the table and set dinner on the table .

” How was your date with the model ? He asked changing the topic as he opened the plates and I glared at him .

” Remind me why you’re my bestfriend again ? I asked and he burst out laughing .

” Because you can’t trade me for anybody else ” he said laughing and I joined him .

It wasn’t a secret that Feyishayo was one of the most handsome men .

Infact he’s a doctor but the media stalks him like a celebrity due to his height and looks .

The only problem is he can’t do without his glasses ?

I’ve forced him countless times to drop glasses for lense ,but he’s smartly refused .

” Is there something on my face ? He asked and that’s when I noticed I was staring at him .

I looked away embarrassed .

” No no there’s nothing on your face ” I said and he looked at me cluelessly then looked away .

I need to stop hanging out with his mom and aunt because they’re Making me think nonsense when I’m around feyi .

Besides he’s taken and very much Inlove with Rose .

I refuse to be a third wheel…

We’re Best friends and nothing else .


Hey lovelies ?


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