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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy
family and relationships


? Episode 32

[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” Oh my God this is heaven …” I moaned as I licked my lips whilst she chuckled .

” You know what my peace ? Only your cooking is enough reason for me to fall inlove with you over and over and over again ” I said and she blushed red .

” Really ? …And you don’t want to weave my hair …” She asked.

” You act like an Igbo woman Adesua …, You too like money ” I said in pigin .

” Who doesn’t like money ? She asked as she sat on my lap .

” Wait ….do you want me to choke ? I asked as she smirked.

” Why ? She asked feigning innocence.

” Adesua …you can’t go sitting on me with that backside of yours …now is it fair ? I asked .

” Backside …feyi … Remove the Ashewo [ prostitute ] in your eyes immediately ” she said and I burst into laughter.

” Ah …for you I can be a very good male Ashewo …infact …you can call me the Ashewo of Lagos ” I said and she laughed crazily .

” Feyi ….when did you start talking this much , I know you used to be a talkative when we’re alone but seems like it’s gotten worse ” she said as I drank water and cleaned my mouth with a savet .

” Since …you started pressing my Mumu buttons” I teased and she chuckled .

” What ? I asked as I noticed her staring at me cutely .

” You’re just too handsome …. sometimes I wonder how many girls crush on you in the hospital, Nurses and patients ” she pouted .

” Seriosely …and what am I supposed to do ? You’re surrounded by good-looking models everyday and extremely attractive …designers in your company ,I’m the one who’s supposed to be protecting you 247 ” I said and she laughed .

‘ they’re my employees” she shrugged.

” The girls that like me …are my colleagues too ” I smirked and she smacked my head Making me chuckle .

” I can’t wait to marry you ….” I said and she kissed me softly.

” C’mon feyi …” She pointed at her hair .

” Okay how about tomorrow …I’d call the hospital ..I don’t have any suggeries scheduled for tommorow by the way ” I said and she hugged me .

” I love you my king ”

” I love you too my Queen” I said and smacked her bum.

” Feyi …you naughty ” she trailed and chased after me as I made her run around the house whilst laughing.




I stared at my brothers and frowned . ” Why ? I asked pouting .

” I mean I don’t know the couple getting married ” I shrugged.

” You talk as if , you’ve ever had a friend ….” Vincenzo teased and my jaws dropped as Marco served a bottle of our favorite wine and glasses in front of us .

” So we’d be spending one month in Nigeria ? But I just joined the company some months ago …” I said and vincenzo laughed.

” Franco I’m your boss and I’m giving you the leave ” He said and I smiled .

” Now stop smiling like that , you look like you’re inlove with Vincenzo …..I’m almost getting an heart attack ” Manuel said and Everyone burst out laughing.

” So…… how’s your relationship with Katleah …now …have you guys …? Marco trailed.

‘ I ….” I trailed speechlessly .

My relationship with my brothers …well was very complicated .

I’m the bastard son of their father and we all went through shit before finally leaving in peace .

I’d spent the Quiet sometime in jail due to some crimes I’d committed in the past and Katleah …

She was a victim to my anger …I’d raped her and well …our relationship didn’t start as a bed of roses …with me in jail and Katleah keeping the pregnancy of the man that ruined her life .

The love she showed me plus my brothers made me realize there was still hope for me ….

We’ve been dating for sometime now and our daughters Anne and Anna have helped in bringing us together Quiet well .

The problem is I pannick …it had taken a lot of Relationship councilors and Therapist …they help me pursue what I felt for her without guilt .

But the problem was I couldn’t…be intimate with her …I loved her so much,but anytime we try getting sexual …I’d pannick … memories of the night would hunt me and the guilt comes rushing right back .

That has been a major problem for us in our relationship .

” Franco ? Have you ….. hhhhjjrrr” Manuel said as he cleared his throat .

” No ….” I said looking everywhere but them .

” It hasn’t stopped one bit ? Vincenzo asked .

” It’s like it gets worse …I just….I think I don’t deserve her okay …it’s just ” I trailed as tears rolled outta my eyes they instantly became Seriose.

” Hey …Katleah loves you , Anna and Anne loves you , don’t you dare think you don’t deserve them Franco … everyone deserves love ” Marco said and Manuel hugged me .

” C’mon group hug ” he called and we all hugged each other.

” Love …I …” Danny said and stopped talking .

” Awwwwwwwwn you guys so cute ” she cooed .

” There’s nothing cute about this Old men with bears …!” Manuel teased .

” Manuel ” everyone called .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” Mom that’s enough already okay ! I snapped angrily and she stared at me .

” DAMINI there must be something wrong with you ….Ah ” she said in Yoruba .

” What Is wrong with you ni ? As if pretending to be an orphan and leaving outside Nigeria wasn’t enough …you have a son we know nothing about ….! She thundered .

” What now haba ,stop being an hypocrite mom , if I’d come with a child seven years ago would you have accepted me ? I asked Angrily .

” Accept you? Didn’t I accept you when you went about aborting children didn’t I accept you Damini ?

” Now you have a son out of wedlock , you packed you things without shame and went to his house to scatter his marriage ! She thundered.

” Mom he’s not married … okay …” I snapped.

” And the upcoming wedding ceremony all over the internet is what ? She snapped .

” The wedding would not work out mummy ,let him have his fun for now when I get ready he’d have to choose between Quincy and his rechered Fiance ” I said angrily .


” I did not train you to be like this , why would you pour sand into another woman garri ! She asked.

” She poured the sand first mom …so she should be prepared for the sand I’d pour her !

” That Jackie stole both my son and Dami from me …she’d never be happy ! I declared .

” I hope you don’t regret your actions when you end up losing everything Damini” she said and went upstairs .

” I love you Dami …I swear …that’s why I can’t let someone else have you ….!

” Even if it means dropping blood …I’d drop it … Damilare must be mine .



I watched Jackie as she walked to and fro in our room , she was really pannicking about the whole meeting each other thing .

” JACKIE ! We heard her mom call and went out to see her petting a big black Cat .

Infact I nearly got an heart attack when I saw it .




Hehehehe is she planning to go to my mother’s mansion with that black Cat .

I’m not sure she wants to go to my parents mansion with the cat .

” Mom do you wanna go with her ? Jackie asked immediately she saw the cat.

” Of course LuLu goes everywhere with us darling” she said and Jackie gave me a crying face .

Oh God who did i offend ? I hope this cat doesn’t become the reason my wedding is called off ?

” Can we get going Already Jackie ? She asked as she catwalked in front .

.” Your mother ….is a Handful “her Dad said as he laughed .

As I drove towards the mansion , all I had in mind was how I would reduce the tension of LuLu in my mother’s house .

My mother is this superstitious believer that feels animals like Cat are witches .

Infact she and her sisters dare not mistakingly see a poor lizard .

They’d kill it and tag it a strong witch .

Everything Witch … ordinary insects like cockroaches and Mosquito …are the proffessional ones .

” This place is beautiful ” her mom said immediately we came down from the car .

” Damilare ” I heard and it was mom .

” Damilare….Jackie ” she said excitedly as she welcomed us .

” Welcome mama Jackie ” she said smiling .

Ha she’s obviously not seen the Cat …

But I’m glad she’s nice .

” Welcome to our humble abode Mr and Mrs May ” Dad said as he exchanged hand shakes with them .

we made our way in , Jackie tried to convince her mom not to take the Cat with us but she didn’t agree .

” So far I think the place is beautiful ” I heard her father say as he and Dad talked about the place .

” Welcome oh ” aunt fummi said from the dinner table .

” Welcome to Nigeria … Jackie’s mom you’re looking beautiful” aunt fummi said and I was suprised .

I mean they didn’t sound like they’d be this welcoming over the phone …but here they where being the nicest women on Earth .

” Lulu …” Jackie’s mom said excitedly as she put the very black cat on her lap .

I heard the sisters gasp and Jackie facepalmed herself .

” Madam cats are not aloud in my house at all … please …you can bring in Dogs parrots whatever but cats …no ” mom said immediately .

” Mommy …. Please Endure for me …” I said in Yoruba .

” Damilare cats are not what I can endure now …What is the difference between such a black horrible Cat to an Aje ? She asked .

” Why would people when use such things as cats …these are the witches that move from generation to generation ” aunt added .

” Fummi ” her husband scolded .

” Escuse me ! What sought of wack mentality is that ? Lulu is a pet not a big Witch …! How can you even find it in yourself to emotionally abuse my pet ? Jackie’s mom thundered .

” madam no offense ..I’ve told you I don’t want a cat in my mansion ..I’m a cat hater …cat abuser …call me whatever you want but please …send it out …” Mom said.

” This is no way to treat a guest Mrs Kings…..first you made my daughter’s life a living hell now you wanna hurt Lulu ! Her mom accused .

” Mom that’s enough ” Jackie said getting up .

” What ? As much as I’d like to talk about the past , I’ve come to love Jackie so I’d let your … Broom stick self get away with that ! Mom thundered .

” Ah ….this is pure bodyshaming …first Lulu now me ! …you are so full of yourself … Dammit ” Jackie’s mom spat as she pointed fingers at mom .

” You’re the annoying pest here …I told you I didn’t like cats …if I where in your country and you didn’t like my pet I’d kindly leave it in my car …you don’t expect me to bend to your decisions this is my country …my mansion ” mom yelled .

” MOM I SAID that’s Enough …! ” I screamed.

” You definitely don’t know how to treat a guest …” Jackie’s mom said and mom shifted from the table and stormed towards the stairs .

” Mom I’m sorry …ma …! I tried going after her .

” Don’t you Dare follow me ” mom said as she pointed a finger at me .

Oh God ?

This is not how I wanted this to end .

“I’m sorry ” Jackie mouthed and I gave a nod .

” Stop glaring at my Cat ” her mom attacked at aunt funmi .

” I Refuse to answer you …dear …I’m afraid your too fragile ” she smiled at Jackie’s mom who’s jaws dropped .

” This is Enough Jackie …! I refuse to stay here and get insulted further !

” Aunt Please it has not gotten to that ..

” Mom ” Jackie and I tried talking to her as she catwalked outside .



” Now what ? I asked my mom as I checked the pot on fire .

” I’m sorry …” She said pouting .

” I knew you where only being a drama queen there …but cmon …” I said and she chuckled .

” It was fun Riling your mother inlaw up …and I intend to keep it going ” mom grinned .

” That’s madness and when did you even get That Lulu whatever ! I asked .

” Immediately ..I knew she hated Cats ” mom grinned .

” And who told you that ? I asked .

” Her Husband Did ” she grinned .

.” What ! I said shocked .


The fun time officially begins in the next episode .


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