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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy
family and relationships


? Episode 31



” Bervely dad knows I’m pregnant ” kendie said and I squiled .

Kendal is my stepsister ..we hadn’t really started well …I mean she used to Date my husband and well the story is long .

She’s my father’s foster daughter and used to hate me ..but things changed and we’re now in good terms .

And well she’s pregnant for her boyfriend .

” Seriosely awwwwwwwwn” I cooed .

” How was his reaction ? I asked .

” He got emotional but he wasn’t mad infact Vincent proposed …I said no because I thought he wanted me as his wife because of the baby , he made me understand he was already planning on before I broke the news .” She said smiling nervously .

” Don’t worry we patched things up already and we’d be getting married ” she added making me squil excitedly .

I made to hug her and had the urge to throw up immediately.

I ran into the bathroom and she walked in with me as I emptied my stomach .

” Hmmmnn” she said teasingly and I rolled my eyes .

” I’m not pregnant ” I said as she laughed .

” I didn’t say anything ” she said and I rolled my eyes .

” I know your plans but it’s not gonna wo…..” I ended up throwing up again .

” Love are you okay ? Clark asked joining us .

” Baby are you okay ? You’re throwing up ? He asked with concern .

” I’m fine ” I said tiredly and he looked at Kendal who shook her head .

” You’re not fine bervely we’re seeing the doctor ” he said and I glared at the both of them as they chuckled .

I won’t be suprised if I’m pregnant well because my husband had it in mind to knock
me up already considering the fact that he refused to use any form of protection during our honeymoon .

We both sat patiently whilst waiting for their family doctor .

” Congratulations Mr and Mrs Blackstone ….” She said and Clark looked at her then immediately opened the seal .

” She’s 3 weeks gone ” she said and I smiled out tears as Clark kissed my hands happily .

At that point we both couldn’t help but feel so emotional .

When we got to his parents mansion , everyone was already around and I can’t believe they even got us a cake.

” Oh come here baby ” Selena said as she hugged me his dad Patt my back .

Dad hugged me and mom cried as she hugged me too .

” Hey man congratulations ” Lucas said as he and the guys where all over Clark which made us chuckle .

” Sharp shooter … hehehehe you didn’t waste time to score the goal ” Richie teased and everyone burst into laughter.

” You should get married too … and stop using protection let’s see what happens ” Clark teased .

” I’d be proposing soon ….” He said loud enough for us to here .

” Really when ? Please I wanna be present when it happens” Caden said and I rolled my eyes.

” You’re crazy ” .

” I know right ” he laughed .

He’s Clark younger brother and a younger version of Clark .

” I’m definitely gonna go to Nigeria , I can’t miss it for the world ” he said and we laughed .

” Miss what ? Dera asked joining us …she didn’t have an idea of his plan to propose it’s so cute .

” We’d be attending the burial ceremony Before the wedding ….then I don’t know …just don’t be surprised ” he trailed.

” Richie don’t do anything crazy ” Dera scolded .

Wait is he planning to marry her whilst we’re in Nigeria …?

I won’t be suprised with Richie’s nature though.

But I can’t wait for the trip … it’ll be fun .




” What ? ” I asked my wife and she looked at me pleadingly .

” Please just let Nicole and I play matchmaker in Nigeria please ” she smiled .

” Matchmaker ….? Babe Franco just came out …” He pleaded .

” So ….? He loves her and she loves him dont you see the way they look at each other ? She asked and I rubbed my forehead.

” You’re dead ” Vincenzo laughed from the other end .

” What other matchmaker do you wanna plan …I thought they’re already dating ? I asked .

” You say it like he hasn’t told you the problem ” Nicole supported her team mate .

” What problem ? Vincenzo added .

” That he can’t you know …..” Nicole said giving us the knowing look .

” Oh that ? Isn’t that the job of their councelor ? He’s already seeing one ” I trailed.

” Ya …but can’t touch his girlfriend ? Do you know how he acts ? Danny attacked.

“Wait how do you know how he acts ? I asked.

” Katleah told us of course …that’s why we agreed to go to Nigeria before the wedding ,at least without the kids …they’d have time to set the fire …. hehehehe” my wife said grinning .

” What the hell ”

” You sound evil …” Manuel said laughing .

” You’ve not seen anything …we’d show you just how dubious we can get when we reach Nigeria.

” Are the Elite’s going with us ? Vincenzo asked .

” Yup ….”

” And Celine ? I asked almost getting an heart attack .

” Yup ” she popped.

” A pregnant Celine love ? Do you wanna kill all of us and Stefano ? I asked.

” it’s not my fault anyways Jackie invited her remember ” she laughed.

” We’re dead ” Manuel said and we all burst into laughter .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” Love it’s just your parents ,it’s not like we’re going to pick up strangers ” Damilare said and I turned to him .

” It’s like you don’t get it , mom is a handful …very serious one and now she’s here two weeks before the wedding and drag Dad all the way here ? That’s crazy ” I said and he chuckled .

” I love your mom ”

” Aaahhr ”

” Isn’t that your mom ? He asked pointing and I saw mom catwalking out of the airport in style .

” Why is she putting on shades …it’s not even sunny today ” I whinned

” She looks good ”

” And Dad is the servant holding her little bag .

” All those bags for a month trip ? He asked as he noticed the guys pushing the trolley behind .

” See she’s a total drama queen” I said frowning.

” It’s enough to open a boutique ” he laughed me .

” Has anyone told you you’re annoying ? I asked.

” Yup a lot ” he popped.

” Mom ….Dad ” I trailed as I made to exchange cheek kisses only dad kissed me …mom manovered and went to kiss Dami’s cheeks .

” Mom this is not fair ” I whinned and she grinned at me .

” By the way what’s with all the suitcases ? I asked.

” They’re not enough right ? Gosh I should’ve taken another bag …” She whinned and I looked at her in horror.

” Jeez what ! They’re too much .

” It’s not your daughter getting married but mine” she said.

” Duh I’m the daughter remember ? I shrugged

” You’re Making Dad look old ? I said and Dad chuckled.

” Is that true fred ? She asked her husband.

” Look he’s even more sexy than the time we dated ” she grinned.

” I refuse to die ” Dad said and we all burst into laughter .

We made our way towards the car .

” Can I meet up with Dami’s family today ? I need to know everyone before the wedding ” mom declared .

” JESUS” Dami whispered softly and I can imagine the disaster .

” Is anything wrong ? Mom asked .

” What ? No mom … nothing is wrong absolutely nothing ” I said and Dami focused on driving .



” Really your mother inlaw is in town ? What’s she like Damilare ? Does she act posh ? Bummi asked curiously .

” Just answer me , is she a slay Queen … lemme show her I’m a talented Slayer too ” she said and Feyi looked at the both of us .

He raised his eyebrows at me and I shoved him to mind his business .

He’d just returned from the hospital .

” This night …let her come to your father’s mansion ..”

” I can’t go to your house … she wants to meet me she comes to my house ” she said in Yoruba .

” I’m not troublesome Damilare …the thing is your mother inlaw should respect herself …I hope you told her I’m a chief executive director of the kungfu Queens …?

” You told her my head is touching abi .. because I don’t want a situation where she would come and do busy body for me …you know my own I’d not good ? My sister asked .

” No wahala ” she said and grinned.

” You women need deliverance” Feyi said as he got up .

” Where are you going ? I asked.

” To my girlfriend’s house where else ? He answered .

‘ now it’s sweeting you to call her your girlfriend ,when I was telling you she was the one …you where singing …she’s my bestfriend hymn … nonsense ! I finished him immediately.

” Ah mummy ….”

” Come on shut up , I don’t know why you youth of nowadays feel you know it all ..
Ask bummi when we we’re your age we say yes ma to everything our parents said” I said and feyi’s jaws dropped.

” Ah ”

” Are you calling me a lier ? I asked.

” Mummy am I mad ? He asked.

” Very good …Now remember to greet Adesua for me …tell her we are going for dinner at Damilare’s house ” I said pointing at myself to bummi .

” You’re going too ? He asked .

” If I don’t go who would go ? I asked and he shook his head .

” Of cause no one …chairlady ” he hailed .



” Wait Seriosely ? I asked my fiance as I stir the content in the pot .

” Ya …I pity Damilare and the upcoming Drama those women …are crazy and you know it ” he said laughing .

” Ya …. remember when your mom came to myself a week after we started dating and asked me to start going raw ? I asked and we both burst out laughing.

” She wants a grandchild immediately , she keeps forgetting were not married yet ” he grinned .

” I love her though’ I shrugged.

” I know you do ” he teased .

” Feyi ” I called.

‘ hmmn ” he answered.

” Can you quickly help me weave my hair ? Please …! I pleaded .

‘ you called me to come eat dinner …now you’re …wait is that why I saw …those Attachment in your room ? He asked suspiciously.

” So empty … plait my hair …you want me to beg you …it’s not like you can even plait it fine ” u teased .

” Oh Seriosely ….I’d Remember this when you start pleading…” He said smirking .

All this one because he got into …hair Making training when we we’re in highschool…but well no one would believe he hasn’t in him .

Hell ye doesn’t look like it at all .

He makes his mom’s hair sometimes and mine almost all the time , even when we’ve not started dating.

” Feyi ”

” What ? He asked.

” My complete husband material ” I teased and he burst out laughing.

” Feyi …I’m your soon to be wife oh , my love …my peace , my heartbeat …the king of my heart ” I said hugging him from behind.

” Women …..! He said out loud .

” What now ? I frowned .

” The way you’re petting me to make this your hair …later you’d forget oh and start asking for 20 thousand naira …for pot of soup …see the small pot soup you’re even Making” he teased .

” Feyishayo ….just 20000 I didn’t even bill you ….you’re rich oh …” I said and he chuckled.

” You’re rich too remember ” he shrugged.

” So …I shouldn’t ask my boyfriend for money again ? I asked.

” That’s not what I was saying …? He trailed.

” Then what are you saying … weren’t you giving Rose more …I’m not even billing you oh …Me that is planning 50 k per pot …” I grinned and he choked on the juice he was drinking and started coughing badly as I laughed.



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