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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 3

[Newyork city ]



” That’s a Good one gentle men , so it’s a tie ,the deal would be signed immediately ….I look forward to working with the Kings empire ” Mr Mark said and shook my hand professionally .

” The feelings are mutual ” i said with an understanding nod .

I walked out of the conference Hall with Kate not far behind holding my suit and brief case .

” Sir what are your plans for tonight ? Are you staying in or I should inform your mom that you’re still up for the blind date ” she asked excitedly and I frowned at her .

” Blind date ? No way …I’m escaping from Mom’s matchmaking skills and you want me to walk straight into the trap ? I asked and she chuckled .

” So ….? She trailed .

” I’d go out for a drink tonight then we’d go back to Nigeria tommorow morning” I said and her jaws dropped .

” You’re not coming back to your mansion tonight ? She asked.

‘ no. …” I answered and she just swallowed down nothing with a nervous laugh .

I checked my watch and gave her my suit jacket …

” I might come back but late ” I said and she gave a nod .

” Have fun sir ” she said and I rolled my eyes with a chuckle.

I got into my car and drove off .

I arrived at the club and as I drove in there wasn’t much space to park my car , infact there was this Lamborghini parked just before mine .

The owner had been so reckless so park so carelessly . I rubbed my forehead in frustration as I pressed on my horn .

” Fuck who’s that ? I wondered .

” Get your car out of the way ! I screamed in frustration and didn’t get a reply .

My jaws dropped at the effontry of the person , I swallowed down nothing and drove straight to park .

I knew I might have scratched the other car but didn’t give a damn .

I walked out and into the club .

” Welcome in sir ” the waitress said as she ushered me towards the Vip section .

I removed the first three buttons and rolled up the hands of my sleeves .

I sat down and ordered my choice of drink, as I drank the alcohol burned down my throat . I scrolled through my phone and noticed my guard’s outside check-in up on me .

I rolled my eyes and let it slide knowing it’s my Dad or worse mom that asked them to check up on me without my notice .

They’re all annoying .

” Ma’am you can’t go in there ” I heard someone say outside and frowned as I saw the bouncers trying to stop someone from coming in .

What’s going on ?

” Let me go in there I need to see that bastard ” I heard a female voice and raised my head to see who it was.

Not long someone dodged the bouncers and walked in ,before I could react she immediately picked the glass infront of me and..

Splash ?

I looked in shock at the angry little devil in front of me .

The guards held her bound as she made to slap me across the face .

” Hey ” i said still in the shock .

” Sir please forgive her … It’s just a big misunderstanding.” Another girl said standing next to her .

” It’s not a misunderstanding I know why I slapped him and I’d repeat it if I have to ” she spat .

I didn’t know why at that point instead of getting angry , I just found her very amusing .

” Escuse us ” I said to the others and they Frowned .

” What ? Sir …I don’t think she’s mentally okay …” Frank my most trusted bodyguard trailed and …

” Escuse me ? I’m not okay ? It’s your I’ll mannered boss that goes around ruining people’s cars that’s definitely not okay ..he needs brain check up ‘ she spat .

” Ouch ….” Frank trailed as the others laughed .

” I said escuse us ” i said and Frank held the girl that came with the angry queen .

” Let’s go ” he said and the girl turned .

” Have fun Jackie ” she said and the girls jaws dropped .

” Rachel what the hell you can’t leave like that ” she spat as they left .

” I can’t believe this ” she muttered under my breath and turned to me .

” I …” She trailed .

” First of all I’m sorry , I’m not the kind of guy that goes around ruining the cars of beautiful girls ” I said and her face softened .

” You ruined my car ” she frowned .

” I’d get you a new one but my face still stings ” I said and she rubbed her forehead .

” I’m sorry …I just …that was a gift from my Dad and you ruined it .’ she said arms folded .

” I’m sorry ” i said again and she smiled .

” It’s okay…I’m Jackie …Jackie may and I’m from America ” she said and I smiled .

” You’re dark skinned ” I said and she chuckled .

” Dad’s dark so …” She said making me chuckle .

” Damilare Kings ” I offered my hand for a shake .

” Dammy ? Cute name ” she said as she shook my hand.

She looked extremely gorgeous in her black sexy dress and gosh …if being beautiful was a person …

Jackie is a complete diva ..

” You’re staring too much ” she whispered making me chuckle .

” Can’t help it you’re gorgeous ” I said flirtly and she burst out laughing .

” You can’t say that about a girl who trashed you with alcohol ‘ she said staring into my eyes with her preety Hazel eyes and I laughed .

” As long as she makes it up to me with a mouthwatering dinner ” i said and she looked at me amusingly .

” Well to bad she can’t cook ” she said referring to herself and my jaws dropped .

” No problem I can cook ” I said and she got up .

” Let’s go ” she said and I raised my eyebrows .

” Isn’t that risky ? I mean do you normally invite strangers to your house ? I asked licking my lower lip and she chuckled .

” Do you normally follow strangers to their houses ? She fired back clarverly .

” Beauty with brains ” I said and she chuckled .

” Are you coming or not ? She asked .

” Lead the way beautiful ” I said and she chuckled softly as she walked infront .


? Jackie ?

” This is your place ? Dami asked immediately we drove into my compound .

” Yup ….” I popped with a chuckle .

” And before you ask me if I’m the daughter of a president. .well my Dad owns one of the best law firm and my mom owns a fashion line …I’m a Victoria’s secrets model ” I said and he stared at me speechlessly.

” That’s …a lot to take in ” he said with a chuckle .

” Welcome to my humble abode ” I said as we both walked in .

” You’ve not asked me about myself ” he said staring at me.

” Damilare Kings …son of one of the Wealthiest business men in Africa .. won business man of the year award thrice ,a player …a billionaire…heartbreaker ” I trailed and he chuckled Making his sexy blue eyes shine .

” Now I feel like the devil , Did you Google me ? You just sounded like the media ‘ he said as he removed his Italian shoes .

” Should I add the fact that you’re cousins with the Richard bamidele 3rd member of the Royals boy band ” I added as I raised my phone .

” When did you ….” He trailed

” Immediately we got in the car , remember you told me your name and surname ?

” You’ve got quiet an history with women ‘ I said as we strolled into the kitchen and fuck ….

I could feel his eyes on my ass ?

After Jeffrey I’ve not gone out with anyone else , but tonight There was something about dammy that makes me think dirty .

The urge to ….do bad things .

“I won’t lie and say I’m not a player , I’ve …had my share of women …” He said as he switched on my gas .

My maids where already on leave …I didn’t like having them around …accept the guards outside , they normally stay outside the Mansion at the servants quarters .

Watching him chop the onions just made me feel kinda bad for not knowing how to cook .

My busy schedule as a model doesn’t let me …?

And as a child .I didn’t really fancy spending too much time with mom …but my dad ..

Soo .

” Interesting …so I hope I’m not having somebody’s boyfriend in my kitchen Making dinner ? I asked and he flashed me a sexy grin which made me chuckle .

” Nah …..I’ve not had a girlfriend for sometime now …., My ex kinda cheated on me ….We planned on getting married buh …it’s okay … maybe I wasn’t good enough since the one before her did the same thing maybe I’m lacking somewhere ” he said and I could understand the look in his eyes .

” Hey it’s okay , maybe you both weren’t meant for each other , I also just got out of my relationship of four years ….it was toxic and abusive …” I said as my voice broke at the edge .

” I’m sorry Jackie you didn’t deserve that ” he said and I smiled at him .

” It’s okay ” I said with a chuckle .

He finished making the dinner and looked at me expectantly as I put a spoon of the rice in my mouth .

” Mmmmm this is so good ” I said and he chuckled .

” Ya I know I’m a pro ” he said Making me roll my eyes .

” Would you like to huh ….bath ? I asked immediately we where done with dinner .

” If you’d join me” he said Making me choke on the water I was drinking .

He burst out laughing .

” You’re suggesting ….” I trailed in shock .

” I’m a straight forward guy Jackie , I can’t keep pretending like I don’t want you when all I’ve thought of since I walked into this mansion with you is how to make you moan my name ….’ he said softly and my jaws dropped in shock .

” We just met ….I don’t … normally do …” I trailed as he walked over to me .

” Let me change your mind ” he said softly as he kissed my hands whilst staring at my eyes for permission .

” This is crazy ….” I said and he removed the first button of his shirt .

” Are you in or not ? He asked as his hands trailed into my thighs .

” Dami ….” I moaned softly and he chuckled .

His hands trailed to my panties as I felt him take them off .

He bent down and I moaned in pleasure as taught me the lyrics of sin .

” Dami ….” I cried as my hands trailed in his hair ….

This is so wrong ….he was playing too well with the strings of my emotions .

He’s from a different world …why then was I letting him pull me so well into sin , I’d never felt this much emotions …at once .

He raised his face and my jaws dropped as I stared at how sexy he looked …

” Here ? Or lead the way ‘ he said and I tried to stand but sat right back on the chair .

” I guess we’d stay here then ” he said and made to remove his belt .

This guy is crazy ?


[ Lagos Nigeria ]



” Feyishayo ….I’ve been in your mansion since 5 pm I made you Dinner , you didn’t show up ” rose said angrily .

” Babe I’m sorry …I had a surgery today at the hospital after which I had to attend this important stuff with Adesua …she really needed my help ‘ I said as I kissed her cheeks and she shifted her face immediately .

” Adesua again ? Feyi do I look like a fool to you ? She asked angrily and I looked at her cluelessly.

” What do you mean ? I asked as I removed my watch .

” You’re asking me that ? When all you think about every single day is Adesua Adesua Adesua all the time …! She spat and I stared at her in confusion .

” Babe is this some kind of lame joke ? Because trust me I’m not ready for any of this .”I said sitting on my couch .

” Oh really ? Now you’re telling me you’re not ready for any of this ? When are you ever ready for me ? It’s always your best friend feyi ” she said crying .

” There’s no use of feeling insecure , I love you ….rose c’mon ” i said and she laughed out tears .

” I can’t force myself to believe you , which girl won’t feel insecure when her boyfriend has Adesua as his bestfriend ? I feel like this because of how beautiful she looks …she’s a good cook your family wants the both of you together ” she said crying.

” They dont …they’re just catching cruise you should know that by now ” i said already feeling headache .

” Why can’t you just let go off Adesua ? She asked and I looked at her in desbilief .

” Why ? We already stopped our movie nights because my girlfriend feels insecure …, What makes you think Adesua and I are doing anything in secret …? She’s basically like my sister ” I said amused .

” Your sister ? Let God forgive you feyi. ….” She said dramatically as she walked over to the dining and picked her handbag .

‘ babe where are you going ? I asked.

” To my house … nonsense” she spat as she stormed out angrily .

WTF she’s just over reacting.

Immediately I leaned on the chair my phone rang .

I chuckled immediately I saw the video call from my kid bro .

” Hey Richman ” i teased .

” Richie ” he said Making me chuckle .

” What’s up you look stressed and bothered , you remind me of my friend who’s currently trying to win the heart of the girl he’s inlove with ” he said with a chuckle .

” Which one of them ? I asked amused .

” Clark he’s so whipped ” he said with a chuckle making me laugh .

” Hey what’s up that laughter didn’t reach your eyes ” he said and I smiled .

‘ you always know when I’m hurt ,but I can’t say the same about myself ” I said and he smiled .

” So ….? He added.

” It’s Rose , I don’t understand why she feels so insecure about Adesua …” I trailed and he burst out laughing .

‘ I don’t blame her man …have you seen Adesua … beyond those headmaster glasses of yours .that girl is the main deal ‘ he said demonstrating and I facepalmed myself .

” What ? I asked confused .

” If you can’t see Adesua as a threat to your girlfriend then you need Seriose deliverance man …she’s capable of making one have sinful thoughts and you seriously friend zoned her ? C’mon …who do you this thing ? ” He said the last part in pigin.

” She’s my bestfriend ” I said and he laughed .


He’s still in denial ?

No be ya Sha ?


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