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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy
family and relationships


? Episode 29

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]


” So you mean ….the Dozie guy is just trying to use my Daughter ? I knew it…..I knew it ” Adesua’s mom said immediately .

” I know you knew it …but I invited you to come and see the files …so my kungfu Queens what is the way forward ? Aunt funmi asked ..

” Which way are you still asking ni ? We will go to wherever he stays , and beat craze out of him … nonsense boy ” My mother inlaw said dramatically.

” Wait remember I told you guys that I invited Ade …over …so you guys should calm down …let’s give her the proof we have against her snitch of a boyfriend ” I said and they agreed .

“At least then we’d have free license to beat him black and blue …infact purple and orange ….he will smell his anus today ..! My mother inlaw said dramatically.

Such a drama queen .

” Hey Jackie what’s wrong …I thought ” she stopped talking when she noticed the kungfu Queens.

” Mom aunt’s ? Wait Jackie what’s going on here ? She asked immediately .

” Well huh ….we wanted to let you know something , I know this would hurt …since you probably thought he was a good guy ….” I trailed .

” I don’t understand …I mean I think I’m lost ” she said frowning .

” Here you go ” I said and handed her the files .

She looked at me in confusion as I gestured her to open it .

She shrugged and as she went through each file ,I could see the shock written on her face ….

” What ? She said hurt evidence in her voice …

” I don’t believe this …I mean what if this is a misunderstanding ? How could Dozie be this cruel ? She asked and the women looked at her like she’d lost it .

” Ah NANOWIE [ God ] What has this politician fed my daughter oh ….even with the truth staring at her in the eyes she’s speaking grammar for us ” her mom said and threw herself to the ground ….

” Mommy mom …get up this is not funny .” Adesua said camly .

” And you think you defending the politician is funny ? She asked immediately .

” I’m not defending him okay ….I believe Jackie …I just ” Ade trailed .

” If you have his personal number give it to me , let me show you yourself the kind of man you’re dating ” I said .

She handed me her phone and I typed the number into my phone …..

It rang the first time and he didn’t pick .

” Try it again ” My mom in-law said .

” Hello ” he picked and I made a gesture for them to keep quiet ,then put the call on speaker .

“Hello Dozie ” i said in a seductive voice .

” Huh …who am I .. speaking with ? He asked from the other end .

” Don’t you recognize my voice anymore ? It’s me …Jackie ..the girl from 2 weeks ago” I said and he fell quiet for a while.

” The one at the hotel ? He asked and Adesua looked at me in shock.

” Ya I miss you , can we meet up ? I asked.

” Of cause …I’d text you the place and time ” he said and caught the call.

” Ah he’s a chronic cheat ” her mom spat .

” He doesn’t even know me by face Ade because he sleeps around with different women…and you’re his next target …” I said and explained everything.

” But too bad we’d be showing him his place tonight ” I smirked and Adesua chuckled out tears .

‘ oh my God ..I can’t believe I trusted this guy , I kept feeling guilty for loving and letting Feyi kiss me when he goes about fucking anything in skirt ” she blurted out .

.” WHAT ! The three women said immediately .

” Feyi have kissed you ? Like mouth to mouth … hahahaha now I know he’s a true son of his mother , I said it that …those headmaster glasses where doing my son no good ” aunt fummi said immediately.

” I’m so proud of my baby ….” She whinned Making me chuckle at her craziness.

” So what’s the plan for tonight ? Adesua asked and we all burst into laughter .

” We’d see tonight and finish him off …after we’re done with him , we’d make sure he doesn’t go around sleeping with anything in skirt ” aunt bummi declared and we all hailed her .

” I have to go back to Feyi’s place ” Adesua said and we all looked at her teasingly.

” Aproko ” she said in pigin.

” We are not gossipers ” her mom chided and we all chuckled .

” I’d see you tonight ” I said and she left .

” Ha tonight is the last we’d see if Dosage ” aunt fummi said.

” Dozie ” we corrected her .

” Dozie. ..Dosage if he likes let him answer … Dustbin it’s his business …” She said.

These women are something else I swear ?



” I want your mom in my wedding …I keep telling you that ,have you even told her ? Bervely asked hands on her waist .

” I huh ….” I opened and closed my mouth immediately .

” What you didn’t tell her ! She spat angrily.

” Sorry …! Don’t worry I’d tell her and she’d come …ask Clark …”

” Clark ‘ I called and everyone laughed at me.

” At least ask my girlfriend ” I pointed at Dera .

” The number you’ve dialed is currently switched off ” she said smirking.

” You can’t be switched off right now darling , tell Bervely that I’d make it up to her , I’d invite mom ” I said and she laughed .

” Call her now ” bervely said hands on her waist .

” Fine …” I said and dialed the number .

.chai …if mom comes over for claverlys wedding , she’s start forcing me to get married again I don’t even think Dera and I are ready for any of that .

” Hello mom ” I smiled .

” Hello Dayo are you ? She asked as she position her phone well and continued what she was doing .

” Is that a Chinese outfit ? I asked curiously .

” Yes it’s the uniform” she said and I frowned .

” Why do you have a Chinese outfit ? Clark asked joining the conversation whilst Preston was already laughing .

” It’s the uniform for the kungfu Queens , we just got it this afternoon …” She said and Dera laughed .

” We found out that Dozie guy is up to no good …can you believe he’s with Adesua to dupe her …he just want to chop and clean mouth …but he’s joking because by the time we finish with him. ..his Ancestors would cry … their graves ! She said dramatically .

.” How would they cry ? They’re dead ” I frowned .

” Shut up ” she said and everyone laughed on my face .

” So you guys are going to beat him up ? I asked .

” Is Dad even aware ? I mean he told me you and aunt where almost jailed and now this ? He asked.

” Let us beat this guy …save your advice for later ? Why did you call me ? Do you want to send me money Richard ? She asked excitedly .

” So money is the only thing that gets you excited mom ? I asked .

” Ah …of cause what should make me excited ? She shrugged.

” I wonder what made you fall for Dad ? I asked curiously.

” He outsmarted me you know …I was not like this oh …it’s your Dad that spoilt me …”she said blushing .

” Plus the ….” She trailed.

” Please save my sanity I don’t wanna hear what goes under the covers with my parents …the reasons called is because Clark and bervely are getting married and they’d like you to be present ” I said and she gasped .

” Ah …” She said dramatically ….

” Bervely dear , Clark Bobo , I’d definitely be present on that day infact id bring Bummi with me …” She said excitedly.

.” Should I be scared of the results of you bringing aunt bummi with you ? I asked .

” You better Do and get married , your friends are all getting married …don’t shift our daughters womb before you think of marriage” she scolded

” Mom …..” I whinned and she grinned as everyone laughed.

” Your mom is Funny ” Lucas said immediately I cut the call .

” Don’t shift her womb before you tie the knot Rich” Preston said and I glared at him as everyone laughed at me .



I walked into my home and heard laughter sounds coming from the kitchen which made me chuckle .

I strolled towards the kitchen and what I saw made a smile grace my lips .

Jackie and Quincy Making Dinner .

” That’s not how you do it Quincy and you’ve almost finished the fish …is that how you cook ” Jackie asked laughing .

” It’s only one I ate ” Quincy said grinning and Jackie chuckled .

.” Good evening my loves ” I said as I walked into the kitchen .

” Dami ”

” My love ” they both called in unison .

” What are you making for dinner ? I asked ….

” Where cooking. …..these ” Quincy said excitedly as he raised one plantain. …

” Quincy you’d stain yourself ” Jackie scolded .

” Sorry Jackie …” He said cutely and she smiled at him …

I can’t believe they’ve both bonded this much .

” Can I go upstairs …Jackie ? He asked her .

” Of cause Quincy ” she said and he ran out .

” I love him Dami …” She said and I looked at her emotionally .

” Now don’t tell me you wanna cry ” she chuckled .

” I’m not …it’s just …” I trailed as my emotions caught up in my throat making me cry .

” Hey …Quincy is a nice kid and if I love you , I’d love your son too. didn’t cheat on me to have him , Dami …it happened before we met …Quincy is my son too ” she said and kissed her lips softly .

” I’m cooking Mr …keep your hands to yourself ” she teased me .

” Baby ” I called.

” Hmmmn ” she called .

” Can we…huh …fix a date for our wedding again ? I’m serious this time around I promise ” I said and she chuckled .

” Sure ” she said and I hugged her from behind excitedly …..

” I love you Jackie ” I said and she kissed my forehead .

” I love you too Damilare.

Hey phone rang and she picked up .

” 8 : 00 sure I’d be there …I can’t wait to see you ” she said making me frown .

” Who’s that ? I asked immediately she caught the call .

” It’s Adesua’s boyfriend … we’re setting him up …” She said and I gasped .

” Wait why ?

” He’s a chronic cheat who goes around hurting women , by the time we’re done with him he’d respect himself .” She said and my jaws dropped .

” This is serious ”



” You’re going out ? Feyi asked as he watched me pick my purse .

” I won’t stay out long ” I said and he frowned .

” Dozie ? He asked and I chuckled .

” You sound so jealous right now ‘ I laughed .

” Well because I’m fucking jealous , I’m so jealous to the point I feel like doing not so innocent things to you … but I’d let it slide ” he said and I chuckled .

” See you later ” I said and walked out of the house .

Jackie had texted all of us that Dozie said he’d see her around 8 : 00

The funny thing was it was the address of one of his penthouse he gave to her .

.such a dirty pig

I can’t believe all those innocence he showed me was nothing but a charade to get on my pant .

” How do we get in with the kungfu Queens ? I asked Jackie and she laughed .

” You call them kungfu Queens too ? She asked laughing .

” Hehehehe”

” He doesn’t have guards around , because he likes his nights wild and might decide to get at it in the swimming pool …” She said and I gasped .

” How did you ….? I asked.

” Trust me I’m not as innocent as I look girl …I’ve been through cheat …I was dating a guy ten times worser than Dozie ” she said which made me feel said for her .



I Smoked and drank from my table as I waited for bitch to arrive .

It wasn’t suprising when I got a call from one of the flings I’d F*cked some weeks ago .

I can’t wait for her to show up so we can have fun …

I walked out and moved towards the swimming pool as I imagined what I’d do tonight .

My security man at the gate called and I told him to let the person in .

I positioned myself in chair and gasped in suprise as I saw a very beautiful and dark lady walking towards me .


Did i really sleep with such a gorgeous and I didn’t remember her again ? Am I drunk or something ? I asked myself as my eyes wondered around her curves .

“Jackie ” she said and I Smiled

” Dozie my angel ” I said and kissed her hands as I gestured her to sit down .

” So before we go on at it …” I trailed as I walked over to her and ran my hands on her shoulders .

” Wait …” She said and I frowned .

” What do you mean by wait ? Didn’t you come here for this ! I asked and made to yank her dress off .

” DOZIE ! I heard her voice and froze in shock .

” Adesua oh my God ” I muttered under my breath .

” Wow ” she said as she clapped her hands .

” My love I can explain it’s not what it looks like right Jackie ? I asked the girl on the couch .

” Shut your trap you bad shaped fool ” I heard one of those evil women voice from the restaurant the other day and gasped .

Are they Chinese ? I wondered as they strolled from behind Adesua in style .

“Adesua it’s ..not what it looks like it …” I trailed and she slapped me hard on the cheek .

Gosh I think I just tasted blood .

” You’ve meet your Waterloo today Dozie for all the girls you’ve used …I can’t believe you wanted to add me to that list ” she spat and I felt a knock on my head .

” Ouch ” I screamed in horror.

” Jesus ” I screamed in shock as I saw the motar pistol on the woman’s had .

One of them was holding a frying pan .

” It has not gotten to this , it was a mistake ” I pleaded .

” Bam ” I felt the frying pan on my head ..

‘ this your gbola ehn you’d learn to control it today ” Adesua’s mom said and I gasped .

” Mummy ! ” I screamed as I felt a slap on my head.

I could see Adesua and Jackie drink from my glass of wine as the women beat me up .

I was no match for them .

I’d never try to use anyone after today … Please save me Lord ?

I’d repent


He wants to repent ?


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