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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 22

[ Paradise island ?]


Things in the island have been fun this past two weeks and it’s funny how I got to see brighter side of aunt fummi .

Dami and I haven’t really … reconciled fully but we’ve not equally talked about the break up either and it’s two days to the end of our vacation here .

” Do you think I did it right ? I asked aunt fummi as I dished out the fresh fish pepper soup for her to taste .

” Ah …you see what I was saying ….that oyibo pepper is now our 10000 yards of wife material ! She hailed and everyone gave me teasing looks .

I got emotional at the way she’s opened up to me .

” This is tasty and so hot …” Danny said as she and the girls took their plates and escused us .

” This pepper water soup of life …is Amazing ! Manuel screamed and the whole hall filled with laughter .

” Manuelopoop you need to shut up already it’s called pepper soup ! Marco said .

” Of cause Marcoroni ” he said and vincenzo laughed at the duo .

” Your crazy …” Marco said and I looked around and couldn’t see Damilare around .

I wonder where he is .

” I’d be right back ” I said to the others and walked towards our room .

I remembered the previous night and a smile graced my lips …we’d celebrated to the late hours of the night and ended the night romantically .

I chuckled softly .

Maybe I should just make up with him already , after all I love him .

And after our unprotected encounter …. anything can happen .

I thought with a bright smile on my face .

I love Dami ?

I made to enter the room and stopped wondering why the door was open.

” Damini …you can’t stay in my mansion and you know it Dammit ” I heard him curse .

Damini ? Who the hell is that ? I frowned .

” I know he’s my son , I’m not arguing the fact that I’ve missed seven years of his life ….! He trailed and I froze .

” Son ”

” Son …!

” Son ….” The words echoed in my ears and my jaws dropped and I felt a sharp pain in my chest .

” Leave my mansion please ! Jackie shouldn’t find out ” he added and left the door .

I didn’t let him see me as I took slow strides to the island .

I sat on the sand as the wind blew …I clutched my legs close and cried .

Dami lied ….

He lied to me and if I didn’t walk in on him ,he wouldn’t have told me ” I thought as I cried bitterly .

I tried to call mom and she wasn’t picking up …

” Jackie are you okay ! I heard his mom’s voice and quickly wiped my tears .

I turned and she was with a bowl .

” I’m fine ” I said and she walked over to me .

” Fought with Dami ? She asked concerned.

” No …aunt bummi ” I said and she sat next to me .

” I noticed you guys where having issues because of me , and huh you called off the wedding … ” She said and I chuckled .

” Ah that’s not the reason …ive realize we both just misunderstood each other …” I said smiling and she smiled at me .

” I agree I was kinda … being to hard on you …but trust me I consider you my own daughter …if I didn’t care about you ,I wouldn’t have interfered in your life with Dami ….behind my scolding is my care for you … and you made me proud today with this ” she said gesturing to the bowl and I smiled .

” I’m sorry for calling you my wahala mother inlaw ” I chuckled .

” Hahahaha it’s okay my wahala daughter in-law” she said and we both chuckled .

” I …won’t go back to Nigeria ” I said and she looked at me …

” Why ? She asked.

” I found out Dami has a son ….? ” I said crying .

” And it looks like he’s known for quiet sometime now …it hurts so much ” I said crying and she looked shocked .

” Son ? Who told you that rubbish , even if he has a son , who cares ? He loves you and if you don’t want the son in your house fine the so called magic son can stay at my place …even if I’m clueless about this son of his ” she said frowning .

” You don’t know about the son too ? I asked

” I’m just hearing it from you there , you should know by now that Dami can be an idiot sometimes …” She said Angrily .

” I don’t understand why a son would decide to pop out at this time of your life … ” She said frowning .

” I need to go to Nigeria and see that woman. ..” she said and I chuckled .

” Aunt bummi …I just want sometime to myself …I don’t think …I want to face that now ” I cried .

” It’s okay …. ” She said and pulled me into a hug .

That night I just ignored Dami and continued for the remaining days .

I’d told Dami the morning of our return that I wasn’t going to Nigeria and we ended up having a big fight which didn’t end up going unnoticed by the morreti’s and elites .

His mom scolded him and I just felt so bad about it .

” Hey Jackie ” Danny said as we both walked towards the boat .

” Danny it’s been nice getting to know you guys I have beautiful memories of this place ” i said with a bright smile.

” And bad ones too , I noticed you and dami Haven’t really been on good terms ….” Danny said and I smiled sadly

” I love him so much Danny ,buh this thing between dami and I can’t work …I’m going back to newyork from here ” I said and she looked at me sadly .

“Jackie that guy really loves you , just give him a chance to make things right , look Marco and I passed through a lot together same thing with all the other couples …what really matters is how you stand during the test of time ….don’t give up on your relationship Jackie ,you might regrets it at the long run ” Danny said and I wiped my

” Do you know dami has a son ? ” I asked and Danny froze .

” Wait what ? She asked .

” He doesn’t know I know he has a child …I love damilare but she its not his mom that’s making me quit …i just need to get out for a while .” I said

” You’d come to my wedding right ? Danny asked.

” Ya of cause I’m coming ,I won’t miss Marcella union for the world ” I said as we both
Laughed .

I turned around and when my eyes met damilare , I looked away .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” I’m not staying I’ve finished my shift for the day ” I said to my colleague as he looked at me brows raised .

” So ……I’ve not seeing you and your … beautiful bestie lately ,what happened ? He asked smirking .

” Nothing ” I said and he laughed ..

” Are you kidding me Clinton ? The normal you would have called her 3 times to check up on her …I’ve noticed you’ve been keeping your distance these days and you look gloomy .” He said and I rubbed my forehead .

” Ahmed ..I’m just stressed okay ..” I said and he chuckled .

” Okay fine We fought …we had a huge fight which is doing a lot of damage to thinking ability right now …I miss Ade so much , she won’t pick my calls and she’s told her security guards not to let me in her company or office , what did I do to deserve this ? I asked sadly .

” You’re being very stupid Feyi …you seriously like that girl a lot …can’t you feel the connection ? He asked .

” I do okay …!

” I know I can’t live without Adesua …I just mistook what I felt for friendship ..but having her avoid me these few days has made me realize…how much I want her.

” I haven’t slept a good sleep since we fought ” I said and noticed Ahmed grinning like an idiot .

” Why are you smiling at me like that ? I asked .

” Ha I’ve waited to hear that for years man ” he said and Pat my back .

” Ya call me a fool I’d accept it ” I said Making him laugh .

” How’s your fiancee ? I asked as I removed my gloves .

” She’s good ” he said and I chuckled .

” So what are your plans on getting your girl back .

” Ade is a very stubborn girl …but don’t worry …I know what to do ..” I said and he pat my back before walking away .

I tried her number again but it rang and she didn’t pick up .

I walked outta the hospital and drove towards her apartment …

I parked my car and walked towards the gate where I knocked .

” Ade ! I called softly …but there was no reply .

Not too long I heard another car horn at me from behind .

I turned with a frown on my face and shifted for the person to drive in then used the opportunity to walk In .

” Hahahaha that was pure cheating Dozie ….fine …I’d show you who makes the best chicken sauce …” I heard her laughter as she walked out of the car .

” So … Friday night ? I heard him ask .

” Sure ” she said as they both exchanged cheek kisses and he noticed me standing behind .

” Guess you have a visitor…I’d call you later ” he said and placed a kiss on her forehead before getting in his car .

Then drive out .

” What are you doing here …? She asked arms folded .

It was already 8: 00 so I didn’t need someone to tell me where she was coming from .

She was clad in black mini dress and red heels …she looked different tonight …

Good kind of different though .

” You sound like I have no right to visit you anymore Adesua ” I asked and she sighed .

” Feyi I’m just coming back and this is not what I need right now ….! She said which made me flame up immediately .

” This is not what you need right now ? You’ve been avoiding for days …since our argument and this is what you say to me ! I fumed .

” Feyi what do you want from me ? …she asked and my jaws dropped .

” I….” I trailed .

” See what I’m saying ? You don’t even know what you want …then why don’t you just live me alone ? This is beginning to hurt me okay ” she said pointing from me to her.

” The signs where there feyi ….but we’ve both ignored them for too long … and now I’ve met someone who accepts what he feels for me ….” She trailed .

” ADESUA ” I interrupted her .

” Feyi …I can’t keep crying for you okay …do you know how I’ve fought and ignored these feelings especially when I had to get over the fact that you’d never see me as a woman …!

” You wouldn’t even let me date …” She cried .

” Ade….” I tried to stop her .

” You’d always find faults in the guys I tried to like ….feyi …what do you want from me …!

” Ade that’s ENOUGH OKAY ! I thundered .

” Do you think this is easy for me …! I couldn’t understand what I felt at first okay …I’ve always seen you like …a …friend …I didn’t know when those feelings changed and I needed time to understand myself …” I said and she laughed out tears .

” Time ? Days ,weeks , months years ? Feyi ! She said and my eyes Stung with tears .

” I’m sorry ” I said and she removed her hands from my grip .

” I ….can’t keep seeing you Feyi …please ” she cried .

” Why ? Because of that guy ? I asked and she cried ..

” ADESUA I FUCKING LOVE U ! I said and she covered her mouth as she cried .

” I already said …yes to him ” she said and I felt my heart cut into pieces .

” You can’t do that Adesua ….you know I can’t live without you ….you know it ! It’s hurting not having you around ” I said as tears rolled outta my eyes and she cried .

” I’m sorry Feyi … please leave ” she cried .

” You can’t send me out like this ,even though I’m nothing to you ! I said and she looked away.

” I waited for you feyi … and you know it …I just can’t be selfish and choose you over …” She trailed and I slammed my lips on hers .

She froze in shock as she moaned softly,I pulled her close to deepen the kiss .

” Feyi ” she screamed immediately she pushed me away .

” You can’t do this for goodness sake …I just told you I have a boyfriend ” she screamed in shock .

” I don’t Care okay …he’s not your Husband …” I said and her jaws dropped .

” This is madness Feyi and you know it …” She said pointing at me .

” I made the mistake of not realizing what I felt for you ontime Adesua , but I won’t let you walk away from me this time around without a fight. …” I said and her jaws dropped .

” You’re MINE get that into your head ” I said and walked out of her compound in anger .

I’m not letting her go without a fight !


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