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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 20

[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” I’m going home ” I said immediately I served the dishes on his table.

” You’re not staying for dinner ? He asked and held my hands .

” Feyi …just let me go home ok ,I don’t wanna stay here please ” I said my voice breaking at the edge .

I’d cried a lot while Making dinner …I just realized how much I cared and Liked him .

But I wasn’t the type of girl to say it out loud …I wasn’t gonna force him to accept he liked me or anything .

It was better to stay with someone who loved you more anyways , if Dozie or another guy proposes to me I’d just go with them .

” Ade it has not gotten to that I thought we talked about this ? C’mon ” he said and I lossed it .

” Feyi what do you want from me ? I can’t do this okay , this bestie stuff isn’t just working anymore okay …..I can’t stay when I’m just gonna end up getting more hurt than I already am ” I snapped .

” Hurt ? Because I care about you and said you shouldn’t date dozie ,I’m now the bad guy ? He asked .

” You’re selfish Feyi …you’re the most selfish person I’ve ever met ….you don’t want me and …you don’t want anyone near me niether ….! I said and his jaws dropped .

” You sound ….” He trailed .

” Stupid right ? You’re just …..” I trailed as tears rolled outta my eyes .

” I’m done feyi … would never realize this thing between us …so just go ahead and look for another bestie .

” You’re kidding me right ? Ade I can’t do without you and you know it ….” He said .

” I’m not your mother feyi ….! I snapped .

” You’re not walking outta that door ” he said and tears rolled outta my eyes .

” Stay away from me ” I snapped pointing at him and he just looked so shocked about everything as I walked outta his home crying .

I just wanna close his chapter in my life ,I’m just giving my self more hurt than good .

He’d never see me as a woman ….


[ Paradise Island ? ]


I stormed in through the glass doors frustratedly .

” Jackie may ” someone called and it was my college friend Antonia gurero .

” Oh my goodness Tonia …” I said as we both hugged .

” Wow you looking so beautiful …babe …” I cooed .

” You too jackie ,how are things with Jeff ? She asked .

” We broke up after college girl …the guy was doing drugs … couldn’t continue the abusive relationship …”

” Oh I’m so sorry about that these are my friends .. daniella , Nicole , Benita Jenny Jessa and badass celine ” Antonia pointed at the girls behind her .

” I’m Jackie …a Victoria secrets model…” I said and Antonia smiled

” Jackie are you okay …? The Danny asked about the way i stormed in .

” HELL NO ….!!! I’m sorry I screamed like that it’s just my boyfriend’s mother is hell on Earth …the woman is crazy …….! ” I said Angrily.

” Oh that sounds serious ” the other girl chuckled .

” Of course it’s Serious …I’m dating an African guy from the western part of Nigeria his name is damilare Kings he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever dated and I love him so much ….but his mom ….she’s on a mission to seperate us ….”i said

” What Seriosely ? Nicole asked.

” Ya … like she’s something else some weeks she stopped the water in the shower from coming out right when I was naked in the bathroom , and a week ago we chased each other in an open market , we chased each other with machetes some days ago and …the case ended with her son bailing the both of us from jail ” I spat and the girls burst into laughter.

” What your mom in-law is badass ” one of them said laughing .

” Have you tried bonding with the woman ? Danny asked

” Oh heavens knows I’ve tried but she nearly killed me …..said she was training me to be the best daughter in-law that have ever existed ???? there’s no way I’m going through that again …no…..” I added and the girls where already a laughing mess .

” If you want you can join us tonight we’re having a girls night … ditching our partners ” Nicole invited .

” Oh yes I’m so ditching dami and his witch of a mother ” I said as the girls chuckled .

We all later retired to our rooms.

Damilare watched I pull my hair in a pony and pick my phone .

” Babe where are you going ? He asked confused and i Frowned .

” And what’s your business with where I’m going ? I asked arms folded .

” Jackie last time I checked ,we weren’t fighting right ? He asked and i rolled my eyes

” Of cause we aren’t , you seriously think things are okay between us ? When your mom left her business and decided to stalk us to this island ” i snapped angrily .

” Baby I’ve told you …she doesn’t hate you …mom is just ….” He trailed .

” Just what ? Dami do you hear yourself ? Your mother has been frustrating me for months …she she wants me to change my whole life when we’re not even married ….then what happens when we get married ….she dictates the do’s and don’ts ? I added

” Love calm down …I love you okay , I love you so much and I love my mom so much too ,I can’t bear to see both my favorite women fighting like this …do you know how much it hurts me ? He said sadly .

” Dami ….I don’t hate your mom ….hate is a strong word , but understanding her is difficult …” I said as she got ready to leave .

” I have a girls night outside …” I added and he got down from the bed .

” Wait what ? Baby c’mon you can’t live me in such a cold night ” he said pulling me close with my back touching his chest

” I’m late …dami ” I said teasingly as he trailed kisses on my neck i pushed him .

” I’d see you in the morning ” I said and walked out but he followed me.

” Girls night out ? Babe you don’t even know anyone here ….Jackie ” he called as i walked passed him .



I walked out with Jackie immediately and noticed some good-looking guys staring at his in the big sitting room .

” Isn’t this a best time to bond with your mom ? She asked teasingly .

” Mom ? Jackie don’t punish me like this ….”

” Marco I think that’s one of our brothers in the horny guys squad ” I heard someone laugh.

” Baby you don’t know anyone here …Jackie …” I called after .

” Don’t bother man …she’s ditched you ,they’re having girls sleep over tonight ” Another guy said .

” They ? I asked confused .

” By that he means our girlfriends …I guess she’s joining them for the sleep over ” another good-looking guy said.

” By the way I’m damilare Kings’ i introduced himself .

“I’m vincenzo morreti and these her my brothers Marco and Manuel …” He said introducing everyone .

” I’m from Western Nigeria ” i said smiling .

” Wow nice to meet you man ” another said .

” Eh …na the island I dey now ….the place beautiful oh sister ” Mom said screaming over the phone definitely to aunt fummi .

” Jesus who’s that ? Manuel screamed .

” My mom ” I said tiredly .

” Mom ? What’s she up to ? Marco asked .

” It’s a long story ……” I added .

” We have time…” Marco said as he dropped his phone .

” Wait what ? Vincenzo said as he burst out laughing badly with his back on the floor .

” You just officially made my night ??” Marco laughed .

” Ya that’s everyone’s reaction when I tell them …” I said laughing .

” Damilare …come here …I no dey see my face for the camera video again ” mom called out …she’s something else .

She’s never been good with Android phones .

” It’s video camera mom ….” I said frowning .

” So na because oyibo pepper dump you , na make you do face like wet bread abi ? ….na konji dey …..” She was saying in pigin .

” Mom …..” I said as he took the Android from her .

” Jackie is a nice girl …you know we love each other …” I trailed .

” The same way you said you loved shade .? If that girl ….” His mom was saying .

” Wow she speaks English ? ” Manuel interrupted and we both turned to him .

” Yeah I speak English …so ? She said and Manuel shook his head .

” Nothing ma …” Marco interrupted .

” Back to you damilare know why i don’t like Jackie , that girl is so proud acting high and mighty ….” She fumed.

” Mom ….you also never got to know her , you’re thinking she’s acting like that because you’ve concluded .” I said

” ehn I’ve concluded , and that is how I will continue to conclude ,that girl is annoying …. ” mom said pouting cutely .

I know it’s because of what Jackie said earlier .

” Mom wait don’t tell me it’s because she’s not Nigerian ? I asked .

” Hey I’m not that heartless you know , the thing is she doesn’t like me …? She said and i
gave her a knowing look .

” I want the best for you damilare” she said and the guys cooed

” By the way mama my name is Marco ..that’s my brothers vincenzo and manuel .. and my bestfriends

Andrew Nick and Chris

Followed by Stefano ‘ he said and she rubbed her ears .

” Marco ? Abi macaroni ? Is the full name ? She asked curiously and everyone burst into laughter.

” No not you too … there’s no short form the full name is Marco …not marcoroni…” He said and Manuel was a laughing mess by now .

” God you’re the queen Mrs….”

” Ah my name Bummi …but you cannot call me that …I’m older than you …where I come from you must respect your elders ….who knows I might senior your mother ,so …call me mama damilare …” She smiled .

” Ahhh no mummy ..let them just call you aunt bummi ” I said immediately .

” Dami is it your name ? I chose the name I want you can’t say no ? She asked attacking me

” Mom …” I whinned

God how can she even say my new friends should call her mama dami …

Jesus in a foreign place ?

Who does that ?



” Richie if you put your hand in that bowl of fish again I’d cut of your hand don’t dare me ” I said pointing at my boyfriend and he burst out laughing .

” Seriosely now Dera ? You wanna murder me ? He asked grinning from ear to ear .

” Don’t you dare think I don’t notice you picking from that bowl like a little thief ” she said and I snaked my hands around her .

” Rich…..” She trailed and I laughed.

” It’s so fascinating how much effect I have on you ya know ” I said and she raised her nose .

” That’s cheating , you’re not supposed to ….seduce me like that ” she said and I chuckled .

” Seduce you huh ? Well I plan on doing just that tonight Dera … because you’ve tempted me throughout these years we spent apart and I need to teach you a lesson ” I said and she opened and closed her mouth like a fish .

” Since when did you turn to a headmaster that teaches people lesson …Richard ! Mom asked entering the kitchen .

” M….om ” I said suprised .

” Mom ko mom ni ….can’t you postpone your romance to the bedroom,. You have to keep my kitchen holy ” she said and Dera laughed .

” Mom I wasn’t doing anything wrong …now I was just …” I trailed and my phone rang .

Feyi ? I wondered as I picked the call .

” Hey bro ” I said walking out of the kitchen .

” Can you come over please ” he said and I frowned at the sound of his voice .

” Mom I’m going out ” I said loud enough for her to hear and left .

Hey ” I said immediately I got into his sitting room .

” You look …… like a mess ” I said and he rubbed his forehead .

” I know ” he said as he leaned his head on the chair .

” What happened ? I asked .

” It’s Adesua man ….we fought okay …I mean she thinks there’s something between us …. like there’s this connection that we are both playing blind eyes to …..

” I told her there was nothing like that and….” He was saying .

” Wait you said what ? I asked .

” I told her she was thinking too much and that there was nothing like that , she got mad after a series of arguments and walked out on me .

” Adesua has never raised her voice on me but last night she fucking flamed up …just because I told her not to date that Dozie guy …what does she even see in him ! He asked jealousy written all over him .

” She sees what you saw in rose ” I said and looked at me .

” And what’s that supposed to mean ? He snapped .

” It means you’re an idiot and you don’t know what you want , because If you knew you wouldn’t have let Adesua walk out of your life ” I said pointing at him .

” Don’t you want her in your life ? I asked .

“I …..don’t know okay… This is just too much for me ” he said and I kept quiet .

” You’re not saying anything Richard ” he Frowned .

” What am I supposed to say Clinton , you clearly don’t know what you want , so let her live her life ” I said and he sighed .

I pray Ade dates that Dozie guy , let him run mad , I wanna see him run mad .

He needs to run mad .



Mummy where are we going ? Quincy asked me as I pulled out our trolley and put our stuffs in the car .

” To Daddy’s mansion ” i said and he gasped .

” Really mummy ? He asked clapping excitedly.

” Yes my love ” i said and ruffled his hairs .

” I can’t wait to meet my Daddy ” he said and I chuckled .

” Daddy is actually not in town love ,but immediately he gets home , we’d be at home to give him a big suprise my love ” I said and he jumped .

” Yeah ……! He said smiling as he got in the car .

” Dad’s Mansion is so big mummy ….can we stay here forever ? He asked cutely ..

” Of cause my love …your the rightful owner and the heir to everything your father has …..” I said smiling .

” Really mummy ” he asked.

” Yes darling .

” Madam …. Damini welcome …” Okon greeted .

” How are you okon …” I asked smiling . I knew Dami wasn’t in town , and also knew ….Dami and Jackie where on a vacation .

Hehehehe let her go and have her fun , I’m right here waiting for her to return ….

I’d give her the shock of her life …



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