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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 18

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]


After Damini left my office , I laid on the chair with nothing but frustration .

I was slowly loosing it .

What do I do if Jackie finds out ? Should I tell her myself ?

I bowed my head on the table and heard my door flung open as Kate ran in breathing like a goat .

” What’s wrong Kate ? Who’s chasing you ? I asked worriedly as I stood up to run if the world was ending or something dangerous was happening outside ?

” Sir wahala ” she said with a crying face .

” Did Damini tell Jackie already ? I asked almost getting an heart attack .

” No sir …your Dad called ….but you weren’t picking up so he called me, your mom and miss Jackie are in custody of the police ” she said and I looked at her with a crying face .

” Who did they beat up this time around ! Oh God who did I offend in this life ? I said with a crying face .

” Sir we have to go to the police station ” she said and I just walked in front leading the way .

I just sat on the back of the car as Kate drove me to the police station .

” Son ” Dad said immediately I got in and I greeted him .

” Your mother would soon send me to an early grave ” he said as he position his glasses properly .

” I know my sister does not look for unnecessary problem …” Aunt funmi said frowning and her husband raised his nose Making Kate chuckle besides me .

” What happened ? I asked aunty fummi .

” If you ask me who would I ask ? She asked dramatically.

” But didn’t you just say you know your sister is innocent ? Feyi asked immediately.

” Uga ….they beat me oh ….they finish me ” okon said with a crying face and I noticed our his uniform was upside down .

This is serious .

” They did this to you ? I asked .

” I already treated the punch injury on his head …those two are getting outta hand ‘ Feyi said arms folded .

He looked stressed.

” Madam it will not be well with you and your village people ! Mom cursed Making us turn .

” Don’t talk to my mother inlaw like that ! I heard Jackie’s voice and noticed them screaming at the female cop .

” Hey ….hey try and respect us here before I scatter this place ” aunt fummi added .

” Oh Jesus …fummi don’t join them now ha ” Aunt Timi adesua’s mom said Patting her back .

” Sir this is unacceptable ! The cop said and dad looked tired .

” Nothing in Nigeria is acceptable anyways ” mom said frowning .

We managed to plead with the cops and realised them .

” Okon you must be very stupid ! Jackie said pointing at him .

When did she turn like this ?

It’s Definitely mom influence .

” My love ….” Mom trailed .

” Just shut up bummi ! Dad Scolded .

” Ahh …not baby not honey …bummi my real name ? She asked dramatically .

” You deserve the be called the devil right now ” he added .

” The devil ? She asked .

” You’re saying this to me your toyin tomato ” she said and I made a face .

” Mom you’re supposed to advise Jackie ….” I trailed .

” Advice me ? Am I a child ? Jackie Asked .

” We where not doing anything bad now , we where just testing our bones trying to settle the matter between us ” mom said and Jackie gave a nod in agreement .

These two are disastrous .

” So chasing her around with a machete was the best way to settle the matter mom ? I asked mom in shock .

” She chased me first dami ”

” What the hell you chased me first ” Jackie spat immediately .

Dad looked from his wife to my girlfriend .

” Can you both stop arguing you just returned from jail” Dad spat in frustration .

” I can’t believe this ” I said in shock .

” What can’t you believe? Jackie asked.

” I told you ,your mom and I can’t tolerate each other…she keeps getting on my nerves and I’m gonna give it to her hot ! Jackie spat .

‘ you must be very stupid …Jackie …infact the two poles … guiding your empty brain ehn one must have fallen …I’m the one tolerating you …
! Mom spat .

” Ah ‘ Jackie gasped and Kate was a laughing mess ..

” Bummi that’s enough please infact let’s leave ” Dad said and mom turned to Jackie .

” You’re challenging me Jackie …we shall see …in this house we will burn Damilare’s mansion get ready ! Mom said as dad pulled her with him .

” This is too much …I can’t do this ! Jackie screamed as she stormed upstairs .

” Love it has not gotten to this please calm down now please ” I pleaded with her .

” I can’t dami …this is too much, your mom and I might just end up killing each other please” she said and I hugged her from behind .

” Okay I think what we both need right now is vacation ” I said and she looked at me .

” What …our wedding is coming up …” She trailed.

” We need a vacation …I promise just for two weeks and hopefully everything will come back to normal .” I said and she kissed me softly and hugged me .



” What ! I asked looking at feyi…..and Dad was a laughing mess on the couch .

” Ha ….what did you do feyi …? He asked .

” Dad you’re not supposed to interested in this mad conversation ! Feyi said embarrassed .

” You just admitted she saw you naked with the gbola and all ….” Dad said .

” You’re my father stop acting like Richie ” Feyi said and we both laughed at him .

” Who saw him naked with his gbola ? Mom asked coming in dramatically .

” Who saw my son’s Rod of Moses ! She asked dramatically .

” It’s nothing …” Feyi. Tried to cover up .

” ADESUA saw it ” I said and mom gasped.

Dera wasn’t around she’s gone to her mom’s and would be back late.

” Jesu ….” Mom said hands akimbo as she twerked on Dad .

” Mom ! Feyi scolded .

” What where you waiting …for then ? Should I be expecting a grandchild ? Mom asked grinning from ear to ear .

” This is not one of those boring Zeeworld daily soaps mom …! Feyi said arms folded .

” At least it’s not R rated like Ade seeing your Rod hehehe this is a big news that deserves a huge celebration ? Mom said smiling.

” It’s so embarrassing that you feel a woman seeing my …..” He trailed embarrased .

” Your firewood hehehehe” mom grinned.

I burst into laughter immediately .

My parents are just the best I swear .

” I don’t know why you guys are like this , your Dad was a smart shooter for goodness sake ” she said frowning .

” Mom. .” Feyi Frowned .

” I don’t know what’s wrong with the both of you ,even Richard is pretending not to be crazy about Dera ?

” You think I don’t know if you both fake dating ? She asked hands on her waist and dad chuckled .

” Mom at least this is not only about me ” feyi said laughing and mom flames in anger .

” Richard is stupid …he has not taken after me at all and you feyi is the greatest and the biggest idiot ahh…oluwa o where was I ? Where was I when they where sharing sons with brain ? Mom said and we all stared at her like she’s lost it .

” Mom that’s how you made me attend your 48 birthday last year just to say this , now you’ve started again ? I asked suprised .

” Of cause …are my words not important ? Aaah …did you hear your son ? She gestured
At Dad .

” My love please calm down” he said tiredly .

‘ don’t tell me to calm down ?

” My enemies would laugh at me , they’d gather in crowds and laugh at me with their rotten teeth’s ! She said dramatically

” Mom you’re over reacting ” Feyi said and she turned to him .

” What ! Me funmilayo daughter of baba jide over reacting ? I must meet up with my sister bummi , she was right when she said our sons need Seriose deliverance ” she screamed .

” I don’t need deliverance I’ve told you time again mom I’m not inlove with Adesua we’re just bestfriends ” feyi said tired .

” You’re only saying that because you have not opened you’re eyes to look at her ….well ….

” Look at her shape …her….” She said demonstrating with her hands as I burst into laughter.

” Hey you …” She said and I straighten up .

” Ade is not your friend feyi … didn’t your rod of Moses …get excited when she saw you …? Mom asked curiously .

” Jeeez mom this is too much ! He screamed in shock .

” What ? Mom asked and Dad facepalmed himself .



Mom wasn’t around when I went to visit her so I decided to stop by Adesua’s place .

We where pretty close and still keep in contact but I haven’t seen I arrived so I decided to pay her a visit , especially since she hasn’t come over the bamidele’s .

” Susu …..” I said immediately I got in and she screamed in excitement .

” Omg Dera you’re in town and didn’t tell me ? She asked and I chuckled .

She looked like she was just coming in too .

” C’mon in ” she said and we both walked in .

” This place is as good as the last time I saw it ,infact it’s even better ” i said smiling .

” Oh thanks love ” I smiled .

” How’s Richie by the way ? She asked .

” Well .. Remember what I told you the last time ? I asked .

” Yup and remember I told you to apologise ? Girl you fucked him up .. I’d be heartbroken if I we’re in his shoes ” she said sitting down as she placed a wine in front of me with clean glasses .

” I know ….I just …Richie keeps pushing me away ‘ I pouted .

” Put effort ” she smiled .

” Hhhhjjrrr” I cleared my throat and she rolled her eyes .

” What ? She asked .

” How’s Mr Clinton Feyishayo bamidele ? I asked .

“We haven’t seen called or texted each other for a while ” I said .

” Why ? I asked .

” I saw him naked ass ….. dick and all okay ….we can’t face each other ! She said and I burst into laughter.

” It’s your first time of seeing it ? So you guys have Seriosely not been doing the do huh ? I asked .

” You’re crazy Dera I swear ” she spat .

” I know girl but trust me there’s no need to be akward …it’s normal …” I said smiling .

” It’s not …it’s definitely not because I fucking had a wet dream about him … it’s ? not normal ” she bursted .

” You’re into feyi girl admit it ” I said smiling .

” I …..I….don’t know ” she said shyly .

” Huhhun ?….! I teased .

” Okay fine …I like him …. okay I’ve been fighting it but I like him …”

” I’m not supposed to feel this way Dera it’s so embarrassing that I’d actually dreamt of him in such a situation …

” I hate Myself right now ” she said and I chuckled .

” Then what happens when you guys F*ck ? I asked .

” We are not having sex with each other Dera please ” she said immediately

” You’re so whipped girl …you fucking dreamt about him …. hahahaha ” I laughed and she tossed a pillow at him .

” Was he huge ? I asked.

” Dera ! She screamed immediately in embarrassment .

” You’d both fuck sooner or later …I’m here to spoil you rotten girl …it’s my job ” I said and her jaws dropped .



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