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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 16

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]


” Mom ” i said in suprise and she chuckled .

I was emotional about the fact that she pulled me into her arms .

We where always having this big fight about my choice of career and dress sense .

Seeing her at the bamidele’s Mansion was just a total shock .

” ADA” she said as she kissed my forehead emotionally .

” Good evening aunty ” Richie said and she chuckled .

” Richie Bobo you’ve grown so much , thank you for bringing this Stubborn girl to Nigeria with you ” she said
Smiling before she smacked my head .

” Mom ” I said emotionally .

” Don’t mom me … Chidera …do you know how much I worried about you ? You stubborn brat ” she scolded emotionally and I cried .

I just burst out crying badly , I couldn’t bear it at all anymore …the emotions I was bottling up a while ago just made me cry untop of what just happened .

” Hey darling it’s okay …my Ada ” she said and everyone chuckled .

” Mama Dera , I thought you said you’d flog her with your designer slippers ,what happened ? Richie’s mom teased .

‘” Her boyfriend is here now ,I wouldn’t wanna spoil there romantic evening ” mom said gushing and Richie rubbed his forehead .

” Moooooom ” he trailed .

” What she deserves to know ” I heard aunt fummi whisper back to him .

” You’re beautiful Dera …” Mom said and we both sat down as we did a lot of cashing up .

What suprised me was the fact that the tears and closed the distance between us .

She was extremely impressed by the fact that Richie and I where a thing infact she even told me she always knew we would become a thing someday .

I felt bad because I knew we where just lieing .

I looked at where he was sitting and he was laughing crazily infact I looked away and mom Chuckled .

” You’re so inlove with him ” she squiled excitedly and I chuckled .

” So how’s Dad ? I asked .

” He’s out of the country Dera …your poor mom is all alone princess ” she said pouting and I chuckled .

” He’d definitely shop for you on his way back ” I said smiling .

” How’s nonso ? Has he found a wife ? She asked curiously .

” Wife ? I asked as I burst out laughing .

” Ha let him not waste all the sperm he’s supposed to use in impregnating women in condoms ” she said and my ears nearly went deaf at her choice of words .

When did my mom turn this crazy ?

She was super strict …infact very very strict .

It’s definitely aunt fummi influence ! I thought with a chuckle

” Dera can you help with dinner ? Aunt his mom asked and I gave a nod .

” What should I make aunt ? I asked .

” Egusi soup …we’ve already done the shopping” she said and I got up .

” Mom I’d just go prepare it ” i said and left for the kitchen as they chat amongst themselves .

I got into the large kitchen with servants as wore an apron over my head .

I began the preparation with the help of the maids and not too long someone walked into the kitchen .

I heard the servants greeting and realized it was Richie .

What is he doing here ? I wondered as I washed the vegetables .

From the corner of my eyes I could see he was busy scrolling through his phone and I I couldn’t help but stare at him .

I looked away immediately he raised his face .

” What are you cooking ? Are you sure you still remember how to cook Dera ? He asked and my jaws dropped .

I ignored him as I cut the leaves Angrily .

” Don’t cook potty Dera ” he said and I glared daggers at him as he laughed .

This Yoruba demon is surely getting on my nerves .

” Fine …just leave me alone to cook my rubbish in peace Richard , what’s your problem with me ! I snapped angrily and he laughed as he walked away.

” He thinks I’d cook rubbish ? I’d show him ‘ I thought angrily .

After preparing dinner I The maids to serve whilst I removed some quantity of the soup in a new dish server and smiled .

I’d show him who cooks rubbish .



” You saw who ?Nanny what’s wrong with you ? Why didn’t you leave the restaurant immediately you noticed Damilare around ? You just fucking ruined my plans damnit ! I scolded angrily .

” I’m sorry I went to get Quincy his favourite dish ,I didn’t expect him to bump into his dad” she apologized .

” Damilare would hunt for Quincy …I wanted to Tell him about Quincy a day to his wedding … Then he’d feel pressured and Marry me … ” I said in frustration .

I swear this is not gonna end well now.

What if Dami tells his fiancee … Aaahr ” I screamed in annoyance .

” Mummy are you okay ? Quincy asked coming into the sitting room with his toy car in his hands .

” I’m fine sugar …did you have dinner already ? I asked smiling .

” No momma ” he said cutely .

” Can we have dinner already I’m starving ” he said and held my hands .

” C’mon nanny ” he called excitedly .

I took a deep breath to handle my frustration .

Calm down Damini just calm down .

You have the upper hand , that Jackie girl has no chance ,she’s foreign ….

I have dami’s heir …I thought with a smirk .

I washed as his nanny tried to feed him but he stubbornly ate on his own

” Mummy do I have daddy ? He asked curiously and my jaws dropped .

” What ….? I asked shocked .

” It’s nothing ” he said and I smiled it’s definitely about Damilare .

Quincy is a smart kid and might have definitely seen the resemblance between him and Damilare .

Oh I can’t wait to have my man back .



I watched in amusement as The maids served Dinner .

” This smells nice ” mom said and her mom chuckled softly.

I felt her glare and didn’t dare look at her after all I knew I’d annoyed her in the kitchen and she’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to revenge on me ?

WaHaLa .

She joined the maids to serve and then placed another special one infront of me .

I hope I’m safe .

Dad smiled at me ,whilst I sang my burial song in my heart ?

We all joined our hands for prayer as she sat next to me .

Dad prayed and everyone started eating .

” Dayo start eating already or are you waiting for fork and knife ? I hope you’ve not fully turned to oyibo ? Her mom asked as she ate .

” Ah of course not ” I said as I washed my eyes whilst crying in the spirit .

I put the first mold on my mouth and Jesus ?

My tongue burned as it passed through my throat .

I drank water immediately and washed as everyone ate and smiled at her happily .

” Hmmn ” mom moaned from the sweetness ..

” Am I dreaming ?

” How is this possible ? How did my own plate of food suddenly taste like the pepper of life …

” Dayo you’ve not eating anything and you’re drinking too much water …finish that food ” mom scolded and I started eating as my eyes dropped tears .

I drank another glass .

” What is it ? Dera asked rubbing my back with her soft hands .

” Love are you okay …? She asked whilst our moms squiled at the love overdose .

Are they blind ? Can’t they see she’s planning to end my life ? This girl is insane she’s trying to kill Me?

” Dayo it’s ok if you can’t finish it ” Dad said and I gave a nod as I went upstairs .

My stomach ached with overdose of water .

I sat on the floor and increased the AC as I opened my legs like pregnant woman .

I’d removed my clothes and stayed in just my shorts.

She walked into the room and burst out laughing .

” Ekwensu …!

” You’re a big Witch Dera …! I said pointing at her as she laughed crazily .

” What happened to you my love ? Do you need water ? How about some more soup hahahaha ” she laughed and I watched her laugh .

Making me join her .

This girl is crazy …

She nearly killed me .

Dera 1 Richie 0 at your face playboy ” she said shaking her butts and I chuckled .

” You know what ,for someone with big round butts you shouldn’t shake it like that infront of Me ! I said and her jaws dropped whilst I burst into laughter .

” At your face princess Dera 1 Richie 1 …” I said and she glared at me …

” Hmmn ” she said arms folded .

” We’ll see ” she said and stormed out .

Hope I’m safe ?



” No , I want the dress in colour Red , black and Royal blue …we’d think about other colors as time goes on don’t stress me ! I scolded my assistant and she looked at me sadly .

” I’m sorry ma’am ” she said and I rubbed my forehead .

” Please just leave I’m stressed ,I don’t wanna end up being more rude ” I said and she smiled at me .

” Sure ma’am ” she said and left .

I’ve been stressed out lately with a fashion show coming up and right now I’m even in my office .

I’m planning on staying late …but seeing how stressed out everyone looked , I think letting us just go home was gonna be best .

My phone rang on the table and I noticed it was Feyi .

A smile graced my lips as I picked up .

” Hey bestfriend ” I said and heard him chuckle .

” You sound stressed ” he said and I leaned on the chair as I signaled my assistant to leave .

” I’m stressed ….” I said and heard him sigh .

” How about I come over and relief you of the stress ? Is cook if you want ” he said and I laughed .

” Nah …I don’t wanna die with your bad cooking skills ” I laughed .

” I make the best noodles”

” Where are you ? I asked .

” Just getting out from the hospital ” he said and I chuckled .

” Then you must be stressed ” I laughed .

” we’re both stressed out then …” He said and I looked at my watch .

” I’m still in the office feyi ” I said and he chuckled .

” I’d pick you up ” he offered .

” I have my own ..
.” I was saying and noticed he’d end the call .

Bossy ” I muttered under my breath .

I got outta my office with my bag and my phone rang .

” Hello ” I said with a chuckle .

” Hello angel how are you ? He asked .

” Dozie you and your sweetness ..don’t flatter me tonight ,you said you’re coming soon ” I asked.

” I promise I’d be in Nigeria very soon …work as been super stressful especially being …” He trailed ..

” I don’t understand anything about politics Mr ” I said and he laughed .

” I love you for that ” he said and I noticed Feyi drive into the compound .

” You’re quiet , what stole the attention of my queen ” he asked .

” Thought I was your angel ? Now queen ? I wonder what you call the other women you court ? I said and he got speechless .

” It’s only you darling ” he said and I looked away .

” You’d have to work harder those lines do not flatter me ” I said as Feyi raised his eyebrows .

” Bye goodnight ” I said and cut the call .

” Suitor ? He asked looking away .

” Yup ” I answered as I got in the car .

” The politician guy ? You never liked politicians ,well accept my Dad ….I’m still suprised ..are you into this guy ? He asked and I frowned .

” So ? I asked back

” Guess you’re Into him then ” he laughed and focused on driving .

He doesn’t care ? Who I’m into …why should he anyways .

Stupid ” I muttered under my breath .

” Did you say anything ? He asked .

” NO” I answered with a frown .

He’s always like this when i give my attention to guys , he doesn’t drop support …but I’m his biggest supporter when he sees girls .

” I know what you’re thinking , but I need to meet the guy first Ade ” he said and I glared at him .

” That’s what you always say ” I scolded him .

” Then I wouldn’t say anything this time around trust me ” he said and I rolled my eyes .

We got to my place and i went for a shower immediately …when I came out about 30 mins later .

The TV was on and I could smell dinner set on the table .

” Where’s Feyi ? I wondered .

He ate without me ? The nerve of this guy , I guess he must have been really hungry .

I decided to check the guest room .

Since I had only one .

” Feyi ” I called and there was no answer

I noticed the door wasn’t lock and decided to go in .

That’s when I noticed his clothes on the bed and the shower running .

Oh he’s in the bathroom .

I shrugged and before I could leave , his phone rang out it was his mom .

I sat on the bed and made to pick it and he walked outta the bathroom right that moment .

My eyes widened in shock and jaws literally dropped .

” Fuck ” he cursed as he made to cover himself with the towel and I looked away with my heart beating crazily .

” I’m sorry I’d just …” I trailed as I ran out of the room .


????? WaHaLa


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