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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships

? Episode 14

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]



I woke up the next morning and groaned on the bed , I was having a terrible headache from the crying I did the previous night .

Richie didn’t come back to the room the previous night , I’d slept alone crying my eyes out over the fact that I still loved him .

I love him so much that it hurt , I know I acted stupid selfish and careless back in the past , but I was young and just I didn’t know what want , but now when I wanted him in my life ,Richie was showing me way too much attitude .

He keeps saying hurtful things to me each time I try to mend the bridge between us ?

Last night ,the way he said he’s seen touched and fucked me made me feel like a dirty slut ?

I didn’t mean to hurt him , but the selfish part of me just wanted to break him at that moment again .

That’s why I gave him those hurtful words .

I got up from the bed and wore my slippers .

He walked in right that moment ,clad in jogging clothes .

He looked so sexy and hot as the sweat made his plan white Polo shirt hug him tightly s, showing off his abbs and all .

I bit my lower lip and looked away .

” Good morning ” i said and he ignored me . Infact he just drank from his coffee and walked over to the bathroom ,after placing the cup on the table.

” Arrogant ” I cursed under my breath as I walked into his walk-in closet and skimmed for what to wear .

I knew just how much …our African mom’s can be and decided to keep it decent , I wasn’t the normal girl when it came to my choice of clothes .

I had pekky boobs and preferred going without a bra and well panties wearnt exactly my favorite things in the world .

I go commando most of the times or put on tights if necessary .

I walked out of the closet with a designer shirt and khaki shorts .
I dropped them on the bed , picked my phone and walked out to the balcony .

I stared at the whole estate

It was not just beautiful but the most amazing sight to look upon .

I took some cute selfies and made to post online , just to see different news ,the internet was on fire about the pictures taking at the airport .

I rubbed my forehead and decided not to post anything for now .

I walked back to the bathroom and Richie wasn’t out .

Is he doing this on purpose ? I’ve been out here for more than 30 mins .

” Richard ! I called with a frown on my face .

” Dayo ..! Dayo c’mon I need to take my bath please” I said knocking on the door .

” Stop making noise Dera , can’t you see I’m still busy ! Do you wanna shower untop my head ! He snapped and I rubbed my arms softly .

I walked back to the he’d and sat quietly.

Is he fir real right now ?
Is this some kind of revenge for last night .

I checked my time and it was late .

” Richard I swear if you don’t come out now I’d break this door ! I screamed angrily and he walked out .

Properly dressed .

Did he even take a bath ?

” Where you really taking your bath or doing all of this to spite me ? Richie I’m trying to be nice to you …
” I trailed and he didn’t say a word .

Infact he just strolled out of the room , I gritted my teeth in anger .

This Yoruba demon is trying to act like a king , no problem …I’d show him .

I took my bath and got dressed .

” Good morning Mr Dele ” I greeted his father and he smiled at me and pat my back .

” Dera you woke up late today , you’re always early ” he said and I saw Richie smirk .

Ha so he did this to make me look bad in front of his parents.

I can’t believe this .

” I was worried if you’ve changed this much …you’re always up on time , I remember when you’d spend the weekends with us during highschool days …you’d be the first to wake up …

” You even used to make breakfast with me ” his mom said placing the slice bread on the table .

I felt bad because they were having late breakfast because of me .

” Actually ….Richie and I kinda slept late last night … and …” I trailed .

” Ooooooooooooo” his mom said teasingly and his dad patted his back Making him choke on his cup of coffee .

He looked at me like are you crazy ?

” Don’t go about depriving her of sleep Richard ,she’s not your wife yet , tell us if you want the Marriage immediately…don’t finish somebody’s daughter ” his Dad said and I chuckled.

” Dad I love her remember ” he said faking a smile and I felt my heart skip a beat .

I knew he didn’t mean it ,but I just felt …it when he said he loved me .

I’m going insane, coming to Nigeria isn’t healthy for me especially staying in the same room as Richie , he was acting so cold and it hurts .



” You’re looking …sexy Mr Kings ” I said to my fiance as I stood on my toes and kissed him .

He chuckled as I helped him knot his tie .

” I can’t wait to get married to you ” I said and he chuckled .

” You want it early ? He asked pulling me close and I chuckled .

” Why do you ask as you’re not waiting for it ? I asked smiling and he kissed me again .

” Of course I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you , I love you remember? He said and I laughed .

” How much ? I asked smiling .

” More than you can ever imagine princess ” he said and I smiled .

” Big madam wait first ? We heard and my jaws dropped .

” Please God No ” I said and Dami looked confused .

” What is it love ? He asked holding my hands .

” Dami I think your mom is here ” I said and his eyes widened .

” Mom ? He said again still suprised .

” How dare you say that to me ? Did Damilare ask you to chase me out of his house if I visit him !

” Ah … …” She said dramatically .

What the hell….Dami walked out and I went with him .

” You white winch …so you have succeded in brainwashing my son Jackie ? I have not done anything to you , I only tried to restructure your laziness and you’ve stopped me from coming into the house of my son ! She said dramatically .

‘ mom there’s nothing like that ….! I asked them to not let you in at least until you and Jackie sought things out ” Dami said and I smirked at his mother as her jaws dropped .

” Dami you asked you your guards to throw me out …… ehhhhhhhhhhhhjhhhh ! Somebody hold me ….! I’m about to collapse ” she said and sat on the tiles floor .

” Mom that’s not what I mean …” He tried to explain .

” Then what do you mean ni ? You asked them not to let me in , because of a woman …..!

” They told me o ,they told me my son would betray me one day and today it has happened oh ….

” Damilare that used to suck my breast and make me slim like kwashiokwor …?

” Damilare that would cry immediately the breast is removed from his mouth ! He’s asked his guards to throw his mother out of his Mansion like a bag of dustbin ….!

At that moment I didn’t know if I should laugh or faint ,this woman just makes speechless .

” You’re just being dramatic ” i said and she got up ,but Damilare immediately hold her .

” Mom …” He trailed and started speaking to her in Yoruba .

” You’re very stupid Damilare , did I ever talk to your grandma like this when she was alife ? This girl deserves one of my brain resetting slaps ” she said and my jaws literally dropped .

” Dami did you hear that ! I asked as Dami stayed in our middle confused on who to support .

” This your mother is getting on my nerves ” I spat .

” Are you talking to me Jackie ? I’m not going anywhere o , for turning my son against me with that ya fake shape ,it shall not be well with your village pipo ….ah ” she said and Damilare was completely speechless.

” Well it’s not like I’m from any village my able mother inlaw ….” I said arms folded and she threw the pillows at me .

” A child that says his mother would not sleep , that child would also not sleep …go and ask from ibadan to Asorock ,they’d tell you Bummi is The kungfu queen ” She said and I just couldn’t control the laughter that escaped me .

” Mom that’s enough ‘ dami said petting her .

” No o ….leave me let me cry …….o ….I have been crying to my father in the spirit for this brat he brought to me as a daughter in-law !

” What kind of life is this one ooooooo Jesus ?

” Damilare kill me …
Kill me oo ” she said and grabbed his shirt

” Mom please…..” He said and I joined the pleading group .

” Let him go please ….it has not gotten to this ” I pleaded .

” No oh ,it has gotten to this o …go and give birth to your son and let him to marry a girl like you ….that Can beat up her own mother in-law ” she said and my jaws literally dropped.

” I’ve never laid my hands on you in my life ” i said and she ?

“But you’d beat me nah , one day you’d beat me up oh …and Damilare would join you ” she said and I officially gave the crown of the craziest woman on the whole world to her .

She’s nothing but a wahala woman , Infact if there’s another Nigeria word to call a problem queen , it’s definitely my mother inlaw I concluded as I watched the servant bring in her box .

That’s when I even took time to stare at what she wore .

Jesus , she was wearing a Chinese kungfu outfit with a scarf tied around her waist and hair .

She really came for war this time around ,I thought as I chuckled .

If I’m really gonna stick with Dami then this woman is gonna have to get used to me the way I am .



I knew my mom was suspicious about my relationship with Dera to be fake .

So to make it seem real , I had to at least show her love .

” Baby c’mon let’s go out together ” I said and smiled at her .

” I’m not ….in the mood ” she said faking a smile at me .

” Dera ….don’t you feel bored here , I mean his dad has gone out and I wanna meet up with your mother for shopping …just go out with Richie dear ” she said and Dera smiled .

” Sure aunt ” she said and frowned at me .

She wore her fancy slippers and made to walk infront but my eyes immediately met with her ass and how it moved .

I rubbed my face and mom chuckled besides me .

” Just date her and forget the past ” my heart said and I shook my head .

Dera is a player , she’d only end up ripping my heart and I don’t think I can survive it this time , I might die .

” Richie are you coming or not ? She asked frustratedly and I smiled .

” Where are you even taking me ? It’s okay for me to stay in doors ..,it’s better than taking me with you if all you’re gonna do is act cold and make me feel worthless ” she scoffed angrily .

” Dera ” I called .

” Hmmn ” she answered .

” Shut up ” i said and her jaws dropped.

” Go on your own Richie …I’m not going anywhere ” she said angrily .

” Dera get in the car ! I Scolded .

” Get where ? Richie I’m not going anywhere infact I’m going back inside it’s not by fire by force ” she spat .

” Are you challenging me ? Chidera I said fucking get in the car before I force you ” I said and she glared at me .

” You cannot do anything Dayo , what can you do ” she said Calling me by my native name .

I licked my bottom lip and picked her up .

” Jesus ! Richie drop me …
Richard ” she screamed

” Richard this is kidnapping ! I swear I’d beat you up if you don’t drop …” I was saying and felt a slap on my butts .

” Richard ! I screamed as my fancy slippers dropped he threw me in the car like a bag of beans .

I glared daggers at him and tried to come out but he locked the door and got in …

” Richie .. my slippers I’m barefooted ” I said and he chuckled .

” That’s your business ” he said and my jaws dropped .

” I brought down his windshield as we drove out into the streets .

” Help oh ….!

” Help me oh ….this bandit don kidnap me ! .” I screamed in pigin .

” WTF ….Dera are you high on alcohol or what ? He asked stopping the car

” Help me oh ” I screamed and his eyes widened as people ran towards the car .

” Just keep quiet please ” he said and I fold my arms .

” Open this door OGA ” someone said knocking his car door .

Some of the able youths where with logs of woods .

Richie swallowed down nothing .

” Ekwensu ! He mouthed at me as he opened the car door and walked out .


WaHaLa be like wetin again ? Feyi and Ade on the next episode and of course Damini .


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