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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 13

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]

? Bummi ?

I watched in anger as Dami helped his girlfriend carry the bags as they walked out .

” I don’t understand this your craziness , bummi ! What did I do to you ? Who did I offend ” my husband Screamed dramatically .

” My love …it’s not my fault , I was on my own ….it’s that oyibo pepper o ….

” Her name is Jackie and you better accept the fact that they’re gonna get married ” he screamed .

‘” no o , she would not marry Damilare, I would only let her marry him when I know she’d last ! Remember all these foreigners believe in divorce ” i said hands on my waist.

” I’m not saying they don’t believe in divorce , all I’m asking is to give them space ” he said and my jaws dropped .

” What space , that girl is waisting her time ,if she thinks going back to Damilare Mansion will save her …I would show her tommorow say na only she waka come [ she came by herself ] I said the last part in pigin .

” Come lemme go and cook for you ” I said and he shook his head .

” I’m not interested, you better go and take your bath because seeing you like this might just make me have nightmares tonight ” he said Makin me laugh .

” Scared of ghosts huh ! I asked teasingly as he chuckled .

I grinned and walked away with one thing in my mind .


They have not seen anything .



I walked out of the airport as the guards pulled our trolley behind us .

” Dera c’mon ” I said and she glared .

I walked over to where she stood glaring and sent my hands to her waist .

” Remember you’re my pretend girlfriend for two weeks , you have to be romantic and not act like a boring old Grandmother ” I said and she just looked away .

” We’d see” she muttered under her breath .

I knew deep down that she was freaking out about everything .

I took her fancy bag from her hands romantically as fans at the airport started taking pics .

I flashed them a grin and kissed her forehead.

Our guards helped us escape fans and paparrazi as we got in the car and they drove off .

.” Where are you taking me Richard ? I want to go to my parents house ” she said immediately .

” Adjust your voice Chidera that’s not how you should be talking to your future husband … remember I’m your fiancee ? I asked and she smirked .

” My fiance right , of course you’re my fiance…” She said laughing and I swallowed down nothing .

” Dera don’t misbehave” I said and she gave a nod .

” Of course I’m not gonna misbehave, am I not your fiancee ? She asked smiling .

” Okay ….” I said and rubbed my neck .

Hope I’m safe ? I don’t like how she’s smiling , after all when the other gender decides to deal with you , even the devil sits and of course learns from them .

The driver drove into my father’s compound and I could see the , way the place lit up at the early evening .

The flowers ,the fountain and servants walking around in smart uniforms .

” welcome small oga ” they bowed and walked passed us .

” Dayo ” Nanny pat said as she ruffled my hair ,she was outside with the Gardner when we arrived .

” He’s grown bigger than the last time ..
” The Gardner said laughing .

” Good evening ma’am ” Chidera greeted

” Dera ….wow ” she said and pulled her into a hug .

” We’d just go inside and say hi to Mom ” I said and she looked at me with a teasing smile .

‘” you dating now ? She asked .

” She’s my fiancee ” I said and Dera forced a smile as Nanny pat squiled happily .

” I always knew there was something fishy between you two , especially those late nights in…..” She trailed and Dera looked away .

I swear I saw her blush .

” Oh let them be pat you’re making them feel shy , go inside and greet your parents Dayo ” he said and I chuckled .

I joined my hands with Dera and she pulled it off .

” You have no rights whatsoever to hold my hands like that Richards , I might be your fake fiance or whatever but that doesn’t give you the right to touch me , keep your hands to yourself ” she was and I sent my hand to her waist that instant .

” Fake fiancee Dera , get that stuck in your head , because I intend on doing a lot of public display of affection” I said and her jaws dropped .

” Remember we are crazy about each other and can’t keep our hands to ourselves ? I asked and she stormed in .

” The news is all over Feyishayo and you’re telling me you just hearing it from my mouth ?

” What happened to all your social media accounts ? How do you intend to find me the best daughter in-law then ?

” Wait feyi are you Gay …? Is that why you can’t see all the package in Adesua .

” Mom is this why you invited me for dinner ? I heard my brother say frustratedly .

” What should I have invited you for feyi ? Last supper ? Who do you this thing ? She asked the last part in pigin .

” Mom ” I said and she gasped .

” Dayo …. Chidera ” she said excitedly as she ran into us .

I opened my hands to welcome her but she dodged me and hugged Dera who smirked at me .

I stood with my arms wide-open

” Mummy this is not fair , I swear it’s like I was adopted ! I said and she turned .

” Ah did we forget to tell you ? Your father and I picked you up from the gutters when you where just a baby ” she said and Dera burst into laughter .

” My iyawo , don’t mind this idiot oh ,I prepared your favorite dishes ” she said and took Dera with her .

” What kind of family is this ? I screamed dramatically .

” You can go to your mansion Richard, stop making noise in my husband’s house ” she said and feyi laughed .

” Wow you managed to bring Dera with you , what did you do to that girl Richie ? He asked naughtily .

” You sound nothing like the boring headmaster” I said and he smacked my head .

” Richie …I’m preety sure there’s something you’re not telling me , what’s it with you and Dera she didn’t look happy , I know that girl ” he said and I laughed .

” It’s nothing bro c’mon ,what did you do ? I heard mom scolding you as we walked in? I asked .

” Well aunt bummi and jackie made the headlights for fighting in the market , they caused a lot of damage though ” he said laughing .

” This is crazy ” I muttered whilst checking the internet

” How’s your wife material bestie ? You fucked her yet ? I was it ? I asked and he choked .

” Richie I’m your elder brother , there are something’s you shouldn’t advice me like that it’s embarrassing .

” What’s embarrassing about giving some serious tatatatar ,what’s life without it ? I asked and he chuckled .

” You and Dami should be twins actually , how did we end up sharing the same womb ? Or do I need to get the both of you checked ? He asked .

” It’s you we are supposed to check Feyi , especially your …Rod of Moses to see if it’s still functioning properly! I said and he burst out laughing .

” Rod of what ? I missed you Richie you’re just so crazy ‘ he said and got up .

” Where are you going ? I asked , home of course where should I have gone to in the first place ? He asked .

” Who do you this thing ehhn ,do you bad ” I said in pigin and he threw a cushion at me making me laugh .

” You better just go ahead and you know shoot your shot at Adesua …let it not choke you when you realise she’s taken ” I said and he laughed .

” You’re insane” he said and picked his car keys .

” Tell mom I’ve left ” he said and strolled out .

My mind went back to Dera and I swallowed down nothing .


? Damilare ?

I stared at Jackie as she walked out of the bathroom in her nightwear and twirled in circles .

” Freedom ….!

” Freedom ….I’m free indeed ! I’m free ” she said dramatically dancing in ballet and I chuckled .

” Love are you being serious right now ? I asked .

” Of cause I’m serious , do you know what I passed through in the hands of your mom ?

” I wake up before six everyday , she’s the …worse thing that happened to me ,no offense okay” she said hands raised .

” But you joined her to beat up the road transport driver ” I asked eyebrows raised .

” That’s a different case dami ,c’mon We argue a lot I agree ,but she’s your mom … and basically my mom too.

Even if we don’t like each other …no one gets to talk to her like that in my presence ” she said and I chuckled .

” That’s ma girl ” I hyped and she laughed .

” I missed you , a lot ” I said as she climbed up the bed .

” I missed you too pookie bear” she said as she kissed my lips .

” Pookie bear huh ….I’m too rough to be called pookie ” I said and she laughed .

” How rough ! You know I like you rough ” she said playing with my hair .

” Naughty are we ? I asked as she trailed kisses on my neck .

I chuckled softly and took over as our lips met , we kissed crazily .

” Gosh I’ve missed this ” she said laughing as I kissed my way down her cleavage .

” Oh Dami ” she moaned .

This is gonna be a long night .

? DERA ?

” How are you Dera ? Aunt fummi asked immediately we got to the the kitchen .

” I’m fine ” I said and she smiled .

” Those pictures on social media do not justify just how much you’ve changed over the years .

” Wow ” she said and I chuckled .

” You always flatter me aunt ” I said as I helped her set the things to serve on the dining .

” It’s through …you’re the definition of gorgeous , dear ….I’m so glad Richie finally decided to man up ” she squiled excitedly.

She looks so happy thinking Richie and I are together that I felt bad it was all fake .

” Ya …” I said sadly and she frowned .

” Are you okay ? She asked and I gulped down nothing ,infact I felt bad lieing to her .

” Aunt I ….” I trailed and before I could talk I felt someone snake his hands around me and kiss my neck from behind as his mom and the maids squiled .

Richie is such a good Actor , anyone would actually believe this was real …

This is not gonna help me in anyway and I refuse … Letting him win this time around .

I thought and purposely stepped on his feet .

” Hey ouch …

! Jeez ” he screamed angrily .

“Richard Be careful what if you hurt Dera by mistake ? His mom scolded and he opened and closed his mouth as I chuckled he glared at me and mouthed .

” Igbo witch ”

” C’mon girls let’s Serve Dinner ” his girls called the maids and they joined her and they moved out .

Richie held my hands and caged me to the counter .

” What was the minute of that ? He thundered .

” Meaning of what ? Richie I asked smirking .

” Don’t test me Dera ” he said and I played with his shirt coller seductively .

” Did it hurt ? I asked and he sent his hands .. downwards .

” Richard ! We heard his mom’s voice and he let me go .

We had dinner together with his parents , his Dad and Mom where still so lovey dovey with each other after 20 something years of marriage.

I admire them .

” Richie where are we sleeping ? I asked and he walked in front whilst scrolling through his phone .

” In my room , you’re my fiance remember , plus my parents are not strict ” he said and I rolled my eyes.

We walked into his room and it was just as I remembered .

I saw a picture of us in highschool on his nightstand ..he had his arms wrapped around me whilst I laughed .

I felt hurt on my chest remember the happy days .

His eyes followed mine and when he noticed what I was staring at he walked over and removed it .

I smiled and looked away .

” I don’t have clothes to change into ” I complained .

” I kidnapped you with an efficient team , my dear fiancee , I’m sure Phoebe and nonso did a clean job ” he said and my jaws dropped .

” I’m so gonna deal with them ” the walked into the bathroom and took a shower .

Richard had taken his bath before dinner anyways so he didn’t care how long I stayed .

He’s acting so cold towards me and although it hurts , I’d made up my mind to teach him a lesson for kidnapping me .

I checked the walk-in closet and smirked seeing my nightie .

I remember buying this some months ago , and I’d not lunched it yet.

I took a bath and put it on .

This is sin …I thought with a smirk as I wore my room slippers .

I walked out and smirked , I could feel his eyes on my every move .

” Dera what are you wearing ? He asked as I put pillows in the middle .

” Nightwear , are you blind ? I asked .

” What, you can’t possibly wear that and slip besides a full blooded make Chidera must you show everyone that you’re the devil’s daughter ? He asked rubbing his face in frustration .

” Leave Me alone Dayo …stay your stay ,let me stay my own …is it your body ? I asked and he just shut his eyes .

” This is not fair Dera ….what if I grab your ass in the middle of the night …?

” What if I shift the location of your womb ? He asked .

” That’s if you can get in between them …in the first place ” I fired angrily and he laughed .

” You talk like you have memory loss Dera’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before ….I’ve seen and touched even got in ….do you need me to remind you ! He asked and I could feel anger cursing through my veins .

” You’re insane Richie ..fine you’ve fucked Me ….but that was years …” I was saying and he chuckled .

” It still doesn’t change anything if I want I’d still ” he said and I looked at him .

” You’re so full of yourself Richard , you make it sound like you used me …. should I remind you who used who ? I fired and I saw hurt flash in his eyes .

He stood up and walked into the bathroom .

I hugged myself close and sniffed back the tears that threatened to fall .




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