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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 11

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]



” Quincy darling stop picking on your food … remember I need to drop you off at school ? I asked my son as I dropped his lunch box on the table .

” I’m almost done Damini ” he said and I Frowned .

” Sorry momma ” he said with a big grin .

He always calls me Damini to tease me , besides that’s what everyone around calls me .

” Be fast ” I Scolded and he got up .

” I’m done ” he said and got down from the chair .

” You look handsome my prince charming…who knows your preety classmates would crush on you now ” I said and he rolled his eyes.

” Na ,I don’t even like anyone of them , the girls in my class are so eeeew mummy they like to ruffling my hair like those women you hang out with it’s annoying ” he said and I burst into laughter .

” C’mon I’d just drop you in school ” I said and pulled him with me .

We got outside and I opened the car for him to get in .

Ever since I came back to base in Lagos Nigeria, I came with the motive of getting my man back .

Dami has to choose between Quincy and that good for nothing girlfriend of his .

What does she have that I don’t have ? I’m a good cook , he knows what I can do in the bedroom …I already have his heir …

That Jackie is a looser in this game ,I thought with a smirk .

” What’s with the evil smile momma ? You look like Lucifer ” he said his American accent showing in each words .

” It’s nothing baby ” i said embarrassed .

I can’t believe he just called me Lucifer .

” Mom I’m late ! He said and I drove off not wanting to infuriate him more .

I dropped him off at school and as I waved at him , I brought out my phone and looked at my phone .

Time …just a little time and we’d be one big happy family …


I can’t wait to be in your arms again Damilare. ..Kings … I can’t wait to be your wife .

Damini Kings .



I frowned as Dami’s mom poured detergent in the bucket and smiled at me .

” Iyawo at least you’ve made me proud this week , look at ,you woke up quiet early this morning hehehehe I didn’t need to ring the students bell ” she said smiling at me and my jaws dropped .

” Well you didn’t need to Mother in-law , because I can hear the Bell now even when I’m awake ” I said and she grinned sheeplessly .

” That was the intention ….now c’mon these are your panties …right at least you should start with them ” she said and my jaws dropped .

” That’s not possible ma’am …I use the washing machine for …” I was saying .

” Ah Oluwa oh …! ”

” You are definitely joking ….” She said dramatically .

” Why do I need to do anything ? There are maids around and ” I trailed .

” Kilode ? Jackie are you normal ? She asked sending her hands to my neck .

” Do I need to call the prophet to conduct a deliverance on you Jackie ? These are your own underwears for goodness sake …” She scolded .

” How did my son end up loving you ? It’s definitely the sex ” she said and I felt hurt .

” You have no right to ….” I was saying and she laughed .

” You don’t know how damaged you truly are Jackie , this is not about being rich or poor … Those maids are also humans …

” Even the most laziest girl probably knows how to wash her undies ” she scolded and my eyes watered with tears .

” I don’t wear them twice anyways ” I said and she smiled .

” You have pride Jackie but what you don’t understand ehhn is that you’re dealing with a typical Yoruba woman …if I show you pepper …you’d change .

” Even your mother in America cannot talk to me ” she said with confidence .

” Leave my mother out of this , she wasn’t this rude the dami when she met him …you’re imposing your decisions on me ..
” I cried .

” I’m not imposing anything on you ! If you really love dami you’d wanna learn the things that makes him happy ….! She said and walked outta the bathroom .

I Frowned as I glared at the bucket with my underwears .


I’ve never worked house chores my entire life , …. The maids do it ..

All I’ve done , is look beautiful and take pics …my Ex didn’t care about this …the relationship was toxic because he was abusive .

My life with dami has been amazing so far at least not until Nigeria and his evil mother came into the pictures .

” So you’ve not started ? She asked as she walked in with another bucket that had two panties in it .

” Hold her down ” she said to the maids and I gasped as they held me down .

” What are you doing …
! Let Go of me ..! I screamed in frustration as his mom tied my hair in a pony tail and started removing my artificial nails .

I kept screaming in frustration as anger cursed through me .

” Keep quiet …how can you wash your own underwears when you carry these Willi Willi [ chicken nails ] fingers everywhere you go ?

” Are you a witch ? She asked and I scoffed out tears .

” Look no matter how an okro grows tall ,the owner bends it down and plucks from it fruits ..ask Damilare how he grew up in my house …! She said as she put the Bucket in front of me .

” This is not fair ….I won’t tolerate this ” I kept saying as more tears rolled outta my eyes .

” You want me to sing cry cry baby for you ni ? She asked

” No …” I shook my head .

She sat opposite me and put detergent in the bucket she brought with her .

” Start ….Jackie ” she said and picked the first pant on her bucket .

” Can’t we just throw them away ? I asked and she looked at me .


” Pant sellers must love you a lot, but No …” She spat and began washing.

I followed her lead as I tried to do it .

” Good …wait …turn it left …when wash this under very well …” She said and removed my engagement ring .

I noticed she stopped washing and focused on me .

Thank Jesus this woman is not my real mother .

Infact if this is how Nigerian mother’s behave , I thank God I was not born by a Nigerian mother

Especially Dami’s mom .

” Before you Walk around and show the world how beautiful you are , at least make sure you’re useful to yourself .

” It’s not everything you call a maid ” she said and I just ignored her .

I just hope it doesn’t get to the day we kill each other soon , because this woman is freaking me out .

I swear .




” That’s not what I asked you to do Richard ” the choreographer said frustratedly .

And I rubbed my forehead .

” I was tired ” i whinned with a cute smile on his face .

” You’re always tired …but never when it comes to girls ” Omar our manager scolded angrily ..whilst Lucas chuckled .

Ever since his fight with his parents he’s been a little different but okay .

His Dad the king didn’t want him dating a commoner and well Lucas being Lucas was going against the rules .

” How can I e tired when it comes to the Tatatatar” i asked and even the choreographer joined as they all . burst out laughing .

” How’s Preston ? He added.

” It’s his parents death anniversary today , but I don’t know if he’s out of his room ….he normally doesn’t come out till midnight ” Lucas said and Omar sighed .

” I just hope he’s okay ” Omar said and I gave a nod .

” Let’s take a break ” he said to the choreographer who left us for a while .

” Hey man how are things with Dera ? Clark asked me .

” Nothing …” I mumbled looking away .

I was already thinking too much about ,how to get that stubborn girl with me to Nigeria .

Mom has been calling a lot , she wants us to be there two weeks to the wedding .

” You haven’t asked her to go to wedding ceremony with you yet ? He asked .

” I’m not asking again when it gets close I’d just kidnap her she’d be in Nigeria before she even realizes it ” I saying what was on my mind and they all burst out laughing .

” How do you intend to do that ? Omar asked .

” Live it for the master of sense ….my humble children ” I said and Omar hit me with the drum sticks.

” Ouch Omar …that’s plain mean ” I said dramatically as the guys laughed .

” I don’t think you’re even romantic with ma’am Angela , small fight you’d just carry machete” I teased about his fiance and he laughed .

” Richie quickly fufil your mom’s wishes so we can you know …go over to Nigeria for the wedding ” Lucas said and I looked at him .

” Don’t make me open
my mouth , allow me run the race in peace ” I said and Omar laughed crazily .

” Guys I’m leaving I need to pick up bervely ” Clark said and we looked at him teasingly .

” Dating already ? Omar asked .

” No …I’m still waiting for an answer “he said and we all made teasing noises .

” I wonder how you walk around that girl sane …she’s a whole new level of temptation” Omar said and we agreed with him .

He chuckled and after he left , i got up and wore my room slippers .

I’d be going to Nigeria and well I need to draw a good plan on how to get Chidera

Through kidnap or whichever way possible .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” Honey …you’re too old to be playing matchmaker for your kids now ,don’t you find it embarrassing ? My husband asked as he hugged me from behind and kissing my neck .

I Frowned and turned with the big spoon in my arms .?

” And what’s that supposed to mean ? Ehn ? Feyi is being worthless by not knowing what he wants and well Richie is the biggest idiot ” I spat angrily.

” Calm down love , sometimes these things take time ” he said smiling .

” Ah I’m not a patient person please … I want a grandchild , your sons don’t wanna shoot the shot , haba you didn’t take time when you put it in ” I said and he laughed .

” Give Dami breathing space , you and your sister bummi are just big wahala… ” He said and I glared at him .

” And you and your pot belly liers in the government are not worse ? I asked and he looked at the door in shock then at me .

” Jezz love I was just joking ” he said shocked .

” I was just joking too honey ?” I said and he looked away .

” That’s not funny” he said offended .

” If that’s your trap to lovemaking this night , well I won’t fall into it just continue squeezing your face like Wet bread till tommorow morning I’d pet you ” I said smiling .

” You need deliverance funmilayo” he said as he burst out laughing .

And I couldn’t help but join him .

” Richie would be bringing Dera soon and I’d definitely need your help in making sure they hook up properly because I’m pretty sure Richie would force or blackmail her to come here with him …

” Hell they might even become a pretend couple ! I said dramatically .

” How did you know that ? My husband asked confused .

” That’s why you need the leave that laptop of yours and watch lots of romance with me ….” I said giving him the logic sign .

” You need my help ? You’d pay first …” He grinned and I fold my hands .

” With your bald head …since when did you bring politics in our love story ” I asked and he laughed crazily .

” I get what I want tonight fummi …and I’d help infact …I’d be the chief matchmaker ” he said smiling .

” You dirty minded …man. .. you’d soon be a grandfather for goodness sake ” I frowned .

” Yes or no ? He asked and I blushed .

” Fine …” I said and he grinned .

‘ good …” He said naughtily.

Richie took after him for sure .


8 pm .


I drove into her compound and checked my watch . I got down from the car and picked the shopping bag out .

” Oga .. good evening ” the security guard greeted and I smiled .

” Hassan how far ? How your wife ? I asked in pigin .

” She dey fine sir ..
! He said bowing and I smiled at him as I opened my car and brought out another bag .

” Tell her I said hi ” I said and gave him the bag with provisions .

” Oh thank you oga …! He hailed .

‘ it’s okay ” I said and walked in .

” I’ve been busy lately Dozie … okay maybe when you get back from the conference …” I heard Adesua say as she laughed .

” I don’t trust you politicians” she said and I raised my eyebrows as I watched her turn .

She noticed me and smiled .

She gestured for me to give her the bag .

She walked towards the kitchen and I found myself for the first time in years staring at her behind .

For a moment I was lost .

At how firm and sexy it looked ..

Why am I thinking about her like this all of a sudden ? Does it have something that do with the nonsense Dami said the other time ?

She walked outside and I noticed she was wearing a top with no bra..

I could see the drawing other pointed nipples …

” Feyi are you okay ?

” Why are you sweating ? Ade Asked worriedly .

” I need to use the restroom” I said and immediately I got into the water I splashed water on my face .

What’s wrong with me ?



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