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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships.


? Episode 1

[ Lagos State Nigeria]

8 :00 am



Grrnnnn …. Grrnnnn ! I heard the sound of my alarm clock and groaned frustratedly.

I rolled to the other end of the bed and switched it off with my hand before closing my eyes to sleep again .

I groaned in frustration when I realized I was no longer sleepy .

My phone rang on the night stand and I glanced at it before rolling my eyes .

It’s definitely my personal assistant or worse mom …

I don’t wanna imagine the drama if it’s my mom calling .

I glanced at the caller ID and heived a sigh of relief .

” Hello Kate …” I said as I wore my bedroom slippers .

” I’ll be on time for the meeting with our investors from Ghana …I know ” I said as I walked into the bathroom .

” If my mom calls to ask you about my schedule , do not tell her ….” I said immediately .

” Sir you know that is not possible ….that woman is impossible ” she said in pannick .

” Did you just say that about my mother ? I paused .

” No sir , it was a slip of the brain , definitely a slip of the brain ” she said with a chuckle .

” Good …I don’t care how you manage the lies , but make sure she doesn’t invade my home this morning ‘ I said .

” Sir ….” She was saying something but I cut the call immediately .

My mom is crazy .. like she always does things that make me and my Dad think that maybe we should tie her down with ropes .

But she’s super caring and sweet ,just too sweet to the point she’s taken it upon herself to hook me up .

Who goes around playing matchmaker for their 25 years old son ?

Trust my typical Yoruba mother to do that …

I walked out of the bathroom after shower and saw my well ironed suit and shoes .

Guess the maids have already come in to do their job .

I got dressed and walked out whilst knoting my tie just to stop half way on the stairs .

Seeing someone dancing left and right …at the dinning area whilst setting the table .

” ….arabata..ribiti …….” She trailed singing in her native dialect .

I rubbed my forehead tiredly.

” Mom who let you in ? I asked and her hands immediately went over to her waist .

” And what do you mean by who let me in dami ? She asked as she walked over to me and helped me knot my tie .

” Okon of cause …” She said referring to the gateman at the gate and I rubbed my forehead .

” Isn’t it too early to invade my house ? I asked and she looked at me with the looks like .

Are you talking to me .

” It’s not my fault that I’m worried about my son who looks like what , market women call a bonga fish ” she demonstrated with her hands and my jaws dropped .

” What the hell mom …how do I look like a bonga fish to you ? I asked as she forcefully made me sit for breakfast .

” I’m perfectly fine fit and healthy …” I said and she raised her nose .

” I know the weight of the boy I carried for nine months …” She said dramatically .

” Oh God ?

There goes the generational story of every African mother ,the heroic tale of how they escaped the devil after carrying their child for nine months .

” What makes you feel I’m not healthy now ? I asked amusingly.

” Because you don’t have a woman around to take care of you …even the Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord ” she said .

” Wow since when did you start reading your Bible ? I asked as she poured coffee for me .

” Since you refused to settle down Damilare ” she scolded .

” It’s not like …I’ve refused to settle down , I just … haven’t met the right woman for me ” I said camly .

” And I’ve told you to let me find you a wife ” she said excitedly .

” And I can already imagine the disaster” I said and she smacked my head immediately .

” Ouch ….mom that’s what I don’t like about you Nigerian women you’re quick to …” I trailed .

” Quick to what ? Dami ? It’s all your fault that shade decided to dump you , that girl was a good girl and a perfect wife material ” she said shaking her head in self pity.

” Oh really and she cheated ? I asked arms folded .

” Damilare don’t make it sound like you had no fault in the relationship , no woman would wanna be in a relationship with a guy who’s married to his laptop ” she said sitting down .

” Mom …..what shade did to me was unforgivable , she dated someone else behind my back fell inlove and even got pregnant right before I could propose” I burst out angrily .

” She threw away what we had for three years mom …! What did that guy have that I don’t have ? He’s not even good-looking as I am ,

” He’s not even rich …he’s a personal assistant to the managing director of a company not even as big as my company’s branch in Abuja …yet she chose him …she chose someone else ” I bursted angrily.

” You know why ? She asked as she held my hand .

” Sometimes life and relationships isn’t all about the good sex money or material things you have to offer son …, But the attention …your time …the understanding ” she said camly .

” She chose that guy because of that ? I asked confused .

” I was working hard to ….” I trailed and my phone rang .

” I gotta go mom …it’s kate I’m late for work …” I said and she Frowned .

” You’d get their super late son …” She laughed as I turned to her .

” Ya remind me about the Lagos traffic again ” I laughed and she joined me .

” How about I set you up on a date on Friday night ? She asked smiling teasingly .

” I’d be in Newyork mom ,I have a meeting. ..” I said and she Frowned .

” On Friday night ? You and your dad are so boring she rolled her eyes .

” Maybe when I get back but it’s a big no for now …” I said as I kissed her cheek and made way outta the mansion .




” Left …..”

” Ya like that Jackie …a little bit …”

“Very good ” the photographer said .

I turned to the camera with confidence as I modeled the new fashion line for one of the well known brands in the world .

Immediately we finished the crew ran over and retouched my makeup

Gosh …I’m tired and it was showing on my face that I was .

” Just one more Jackie and we’re done okay ” my manager said and I sighed softly as she touched my cheeks lovingly.

We went for another round of pictures .

And about 30 mins later it we where done .

We walked out of the company and my guards made sure the media didn’t come anywhere close to me as I made my way out .

?️ Miss Jackie may

?️ Please answer a few of our questions .

?️Is it true that you’re back together with your billionaire boyfriend Jeffrey Anderson ?

?️ Answer us Jackie ! They kept asking as I got into the limo and my driver drove off immediately my manager got in .

I looked outta the window as my eyes watered with tears.

I removed my shades and wore them back .

As if noticing my discomfort , kora rubbed my arms and smiled at me .

‘ I’m fine ” I said my voice breaking at the edge .

” You don’t have to be strong all the time Jackie besides Jeff didn’t deserve you ,let him go to hell ” she spat angrily and I chuckled out tears .

Jeffrey Anderson was my fiancee , we’d been together for 4 years and broke up ..due to his abusive behavior .

I’d tried to tolerate him because of how much I loved him , but things only got worse .

He’s a chauvinist

A monster

A selfish bastard who cares about nothing other than himself .

Jeffrey was a conceding bastard who felt everything he did and said was right ?

He wouldn’t support me , and if I ever tried leaving the relationship he’d change ….make me believe he’d changed only to get worse .

He was a jealous guy and so obsessed to the point he didn’t let me associate with male friends .

I only got outta the relationship when he physically abused me , I’d filed a case against him and also a restraining order .

We went our seperate ways and Jeff is nothing but a bad past I don’t wanna have anything to do with .

He’s been going on and on about getting back together , but I’m not that stupid to even think of a life with that beast again ?

That’s only if I’m looking for death , because this Time I might not live to tell the story .

I believed that somewhere out there , the right guy for me is around the corner waiting for fate to bring us together.

And I’d wait patiently for my Mr Right ?

” It’s your mom Jackie ” my manager said and handed me my phone .

” Hey Mom ” I said over the phone .

” What why ? I asked .

” I don’t think I have the chance ” I said smiling .

” You’re not supposed to set me up on blind dates it’s frustrating ” I laughed .

” Oh really ? Just last weekend you set me up with a guy who openly told me he liked my feet …..! I said in horror .

” What’s wrong if a guy like your feet Jackie ? He’s just been romantic ” she gushed .

” Mom …we basically talked about feet legs and science the entire evening ….he even went as far as telling me our next date we would go check out the largest foot that has ever existed …..” I said and she paused .

” Okay maybe you where right by running away ,I mean who goes around telling people about giant feets , no wonder he has an ugly nose …
” She said and I burst into laughter.

” You’re something else mom ” I laughed .

” I know my love” she squiled .

” Okay baby gurl , make sure you don’t stay idol , ? go out have fun ….spend the evening with cool guys …when last did you ….have ” she was saying .

” We’re so not talking about my sex life Mrs may ‘ I said and she burst out laughing.


She laughed as she threw her head backwards . I threw my suit jacket on the couch and walked over to my mini bar as I picked her favorite wine and two glasses .

” So …..you’re saying your girlfriend thought Richie was your other woman ? C’mon what’s wrong with her ? Adesua Asked with a chuckle .

” Are you supposed to blame her ? Which normal brother calls his elder brother my love ? I asked and she Chuckled .

” Richie of cause , c’mon I’d kill to have him as my younger brother the guy is full of vibes …good one and his looks and music …I’d be super proud ” she said and I sat next to her as I served her wine .

” at least call and apologize no woman would want her boyfriend talking to someone else in the middle of the night ” she said biting her lips to stop the laugh .

” Adesua are you kidding me ? It wasn’t a girl it was my kid bro ” I said and she laughed .

” He called you my love ” she shrugged as she laughed .

” You laughing at me right now is not helping anything ” I Frowned .

” Feyi. That girlfriend of yours is very insecure ,I mean don’t you see the way she glares at me anytime I’m around ? She asked with a chuckle .

” I’ve talked to her about it ….” I said looking away in embarrassment.

Adesua and I have been bestfriends since preschool ,she knows me as much as I know myself and I know her the same way .

People have mistaken us to be dating a lot of times …the media and all , even my parents and her parents thinks where secretly fucking around .

What the hell , I still remember the way we laughed on their faces .

Adesua Wellington she’s beautiful dark skinned and extremely talented ….she has the type of personality and actrativeness that makes a lot of people admire her .

Her Dad is from yoruba and he’s a lecturer in one of the countries best universities .

Her mom has a catering school and she’s from the southern part of Nigeria ..

The bayelsan woman cooks so well …and Adesua took after her in terms of cooking .

And she knows it too well .

She’s had a lot of suitors over the year , but well the problem is she’s quiet picky .

I’ve told her the dream guy…she wants is not in this lifetime ,infact arcording to my younger brother Richie the last of that kind of guy ,died Before Christ ?

” Why are you laughing ? She asked and I ended up laughing crazily .

” It’s nothing ,I’m going upstairs don’t touch take any of shirts I’m not your boyfriend ..” I said as I strolled upstairs .

” You never notice when I take them anyways , I’d still go upstairs and take what I want ” she said sipping her wine and I turned .

” Read my lips ”

” Don’t touch ” I said and she laughed .



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