MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 31


My Heart skipped a beat, when I saw the gun.
“I had never been this threatened, and for what
reason? Because of a woman, a woman I
don’t even love”
They left, but looking at their disposition, they
were hardcore thugs.
One of Yemi’s men, must have noticed my
affair with Yemi. Or maybe it was the Gateman
who disclosed me to someone else? Whichever
way, my life was in danger.
I instantly deleted Yemi’s number.
A lot crossed through my mind as I left for the
I found a chair in the restaurant, I sat there
for about two hours, thinking and evaluating
my life.
“What kind of dangerous life am I living?” I
asked myself.
I felt a tap on my shoulder.
My mother and her three employees were all
“What are you thinking about? i called you
thrice” my mum said.
Instead of giving her an answer. I just
Half an hour later, Daniela walked up to me.
“Hey what’s wrong with you?” she asked.
“I’ve been thinking” I replied, wiping my face
with my right palm.
“Thinking about what?” she asked
I smiled at her
“I’ve been thinking about what it will take me
to win your heart”
I said.
She stared into my eyes, for some seconds.
she looked away trying not to let me see the
blush on her face.
“Come on Daniela, you can’t say you don’t like
me too”
“I like you Jeff,” she said and walked away.
Daniela was very pretty, am not sure I would
be able to certainly describe her looks, I had a
lot of times seen many customers request for
her number, which she continuously denied
While I was busy having a crush on Daniela,
Queen had her eyes on me, and she wasn’t
scared to show me.
She stared at me, even when she knew I was
“Am very sorry I left my wallet at home, I will
bring the money to you, as soon as I get
home. I promise.” A man said from the corner.
“Sir, am sorry we do not allow such” Daniela
replied him.
“He continued begging”
“Am sorry sir I’ll have to call my Boss” she
She left and came back with my mum.
I stood aside, Observing.
“Yes, what is the problem?” my mum asked.
“Madam, I truly apologize, I left my wallet at
home, I’ll get your money to you as soon as I
get to my apartment”
My mum, was about to let him go. When I
stepped in
I love and respect her a lot, so most times, I
let her make her decision first, before I chip in
my suggestion.
When I walked up to them, the girl he was
with saw me, she began putting her hand in
her bag, like she was going to get the money
out of it and shave off this display of shame.
I winked at her, meaning “She shouldn’t pay”
My observation paid off, this guy is a

He had two plans, either to make an excuse,
forcing the girl to pay, or beg to be allowed to
leave, never to return.
The expensive suit he wore, still had its label
at the back of his collar, only a careful
observer would notice it, meaning it was either
a borrowed suit or a hired suit.
“Sir you forgot your wallet?”
He turned to me.
“Yes sir!” he said.
Sorry about that.
“can we have your phone as eco lateral?”
he kept quiet for a moment.
He couldn’t possibly deny having his phone
too, because his date, I believe, knows better.
“He brought out his android phone and
handed it over to me” then they both left.
I smiled at his lady, she smiled back.
when I told everyone else, what I observed,
they all broke into laughter.
Guess what, that dude didn’t return till a week
Yemi called me, a few days later, “Hello, who
am I speaking with?”
“Is this a joke? Jeff you deleted my number or
what?” she said.
“Am sorry Yemi, I can’t be with you anymore,
not when it has turned into a life and death
issue” I said
“What do you mean by life and death? she
I just hung up.
And I didn’t see her for about a week.
On a Thursday, I decided to walk home, I was
walking with both my hands in my pockets,
and lost in my thoughts.
I got a call from Linda, i stopped and picked
the call.
“Hey Linda”
“Turn around” she said.
I turned around and saw her waving.
I walked to her
“Linda whatsup, whatsup, what are you doing
“Going home, I visited my aunt, she owns that
Super market” she replied, pointing across the
“Your Aunt has a super market? Why don’t
you work for her then?”
“I don’t like her”She said
I laughed.
“Follow me home”she said
“What? No i can’t do that”
“please” she pleaded.
“What about your boyfriend?”
“He’s at work” she replied.
“So you want to cheat on him with me?”
She eventually convinced me to follow her, i
wish I didn’t.
We got home, she hurriedly took off my
clothes, pulled my trousers down, and began
giving me a b.lowjob.
I supported her head, pushing it up and down
on my d!ck.
“Linda open the door” A masculine voice
called out.
A voice I was familiar with. “The Voice of her


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