MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 20


I got to her House, the gate man, recognizing
me didn’t Stall me.
She stood by the door waiting for me, she
hugged me, and dragged me in.
“What’s my Surprise?”, I asked, as she led me
to her room.
“What would you have me offer you, ave got
champagne, red wine and Myself ” she said
I laughed, I would rather have you, I replied,
still laughing
I didn’t meet her Mum, that day,
Grace had been standing, while I was sitting
on her bed.
She moved forward to where I was, pushed me
backwards, I lay on the bed.
She walked back, and turned on Music.
Took off her clothes while I watched, she was
left with just her Br@ and P@nties
She was dancing to the song, she turned
around and bent, her a$$ facing me.
I enjoyed every moment of it, my d!ck trying
break through my jeans, I can bet I wasn’t
even blinking.
She could dance, but dancing with just br@
and P@nties, made it eroti¢.
She was those type of Skinny ladies, with big
At a point all I wanted to do was to drill her
I stood up, approached her, and danced along
with her, my hands on her @ss
She led me to the bed again, laid me in the
same manner as she did earlier, she took off
my jeans and shirt, till I was completely n@
ked. my d!ck pointing upwards, she stood up
like she was gonna, give me a Cowgirl ride,
instead she sat on my d!ck and Cemented it
to my Belly, it hurt a little.
the she leaned forward and kissed me, the
pain from my d!ck didn’t allow me to focus on
the kiss.
so I wasn’t kissing her back.
“Are you a Virgin?” she asked
*If she knew where my d!ck had been and
what it had seen, the thought of asking that
Question, wouldn’t even cross her mind*
“You’ll find out” I replied.
I sat up, and in a swift, I unhooked her bra,
her b°°bs totally didn’t compliment her @ss.
She had Mini b°°bs. there was almost nothing
there to suck.lol
I s—-d on them though, and she moaned a
In a Snap, I just shifted her P@nties to the
side and slid my d!ck in
she gasped, I began lifting her f@t a$$ up and
down on my d!ck.
she pushed me backwards again, and began
riding my d!ck, she danced on the d!ck.
It was like nothing ave ever seen, she did it so
professionally and in resonance with the song.
5 Minutes later, I sat up and turned her
around, to switch to missionary.
I took off her p@nts completely .
And began thrusting, she moaned really
loudly, with her legs wrapped around my
The Unthinkable happened, Her Mum just
Barged in
“Grace where ar……..” she paused.
she turned around and locked the door.
My Urge disappeared entirely, my d!ck became
Grace tapped my a$$, meaning I should
I slid my d!ck again, and began thrusting,
slowly, because, while at it, I was thinking
about the mess I just got in.
If Grace doesn’t consider it a big deal, then i
shouldn’t bother, I thought.
I picked, up pace, and smashed her @ss, she
was moaning, squeezed her mini b°°bs as I
Funny enough! the collision was producing
weird sounds.
A different music was playing, so i decide to
have a different style.
I lay on the bed just behind her, raised her
right leg up, and slid my d!ck.
I began thrusting, from the side.
Few minutes later, I pulled my d!cked and eja
¢ulated on her laps.
I lay on the bed, with my back this time
Sweating Profusely, both of us.
she made a move to give me a b.lowjob and
awaken my d!ck for a Second round.
“You think we should have a second round?” I
her hands were already on my d!ck.
“Yeah! why not” she said.
I laughed,
“Please, maybe another time, your mum just
walked in a few minutes ago, and am worried.”
She looked sad, but I was serious, I dressed
up, she and I walked down the Stairs.
I met Grace’s Mum in the Sitting room.
I didn’t know if I was suppose to apologise, or
I expected her to be really furious, especially
at Grace.
Instead she smiled at me and we Greeted.
Fair enough!
Grace, walked me out!
“You must give me my second round” she kept
I left her house, I called The Company man, he
was Somehow furious, and Unhappy, because i
delayed the call.
I arrived home, everywhere was silent, i got to
my room, took a shower, when I came out, i
heard Moanings and Sounds of Ecstasy
coming from without.From Ibro’s room
Actually. who could he possibly be having S€x
with now?
From the way the babe Moaned carelessly,I
knew he was back to his Old ways.
I Dialled Jennifer’s Number the Following day,
I asked her to meet me at the School’s
Cafeteria, I sat there waiting for about 30
minutes, she didn’t show up.
I was about dialling her number, when I
noticed her walking in, No doubt she was
Freaking hot!
I waved at her, so she could Sight me with
“Good Morning Jeff, why did you ask me to
see you in School on a Saturday”
she asked, still standing
“Sit down please” I said, pointing to the chair
with my palm.
She pulled a chair and sat.
“Jennifer, did you really Love my Friend?”
She kept Quiet
“I love him so…”

“No you don’t!” I interrupted her
“You know nothing about Love! Jennifer”
“I have known Ibro since the day I came to
write post utme, you were the first lady he
opened his heart to, and you stabbed it. He
gave you his everything and spit on it like it
was nothing.
Don’t you have a conscience? I have never
seen Ibro more happier than he was when he
fell in love with you”
She Stared at me without blinking, then broke
in tears.
“Can he ever forgive me?” she asked
“well i don’t know !” i replied her and paused
But we can find out!.
I called Ibro to find out if he was still home, I
asked him I was coming over.
Jennifer and I walked to my house, I knocked
on Ibro’s door.
I asked Jennifer to wait for me outside, I went
it met Ibro.
“Ibro, there’s something that want to talk to
you about”
“What’s that? he asked, Curious”
“Its about Jennifer, she is really sorry, she
wants you back, and this time its the real
“Well, I don’t want her back!” he replied, as he
looked away.
the topic instantly changed his mood.
Jennifer barged in, she must have been
She was in tears, she went on her knees,
“Ibro please Forgive me” she said as she held
unto his leg,
“I never knew I meant so much to you” she
Ibro crossed his Arms, and raised his head to
the ceiling, probably to stop gravity from
Making his tears roll.
I believed Ibro would do the right thing, I
excused them.
I walked into my room,
“I dialled Amarachi, who had been
complaining of late, about me not giving a
d–n about her.”
She wasn’t picking up…
So I called Sandra, we talked and laughed.
After the call, I got a message from Ibro.
He asked me to come over.
I knocked on the door, I only met, Jennifer
lying on the bed, with a Big Smile on her face
Ibro who was in the kitchen, brought food
which we all ate, we laughed as we ate And
joked Around.
I had that Great feeling of Fulfilment, the
satisfaction you get for Fixing something that
got bad, Especially when it involves people.
We later both accompanied, Jennifer, Ibro and
Jennifer kissed and hugged before she left, she
waved at me too.
we were walking back home, my phone
beeped, it was a message from Jennifer.
I didn’t read it, while I was with Ibro I walked
in to my room, Ibro followed me,
“Guy why are you following me I asked,”
“Jeff, thank you for what you did for me, I
won’t forget it” he said, as he extended a
hand and we shook and tapped our Shoulders.
“Its nothing” I replied.
He later left to his room.
I had almost forgotten about Jennifer’s
message, I wanted to check the time, when I
saw the “Unread message”
it reads.
“You’re a Good Man, Jeff, God bless you”
I had an Appointment with the Company Man,
whose name was Johnson.
the appointment was Scheduled the following
I wouldn’t be having lectures on Monday, till
so I had to meet Mr Johnson and be back to
class before 11.
I traced the Address on the complimentary
card, i dialled his number to inform me of my
He came out, and shook me, his Grip on my
hand was really firm, he had big Fist.
“You might be wondering what all this is
about, We sell Phones and laptops from
streets to streets, your job will be to entertain
the crowd, and to make our presence known”
he said and smiled.
I wasn’t Smiling along,
“Am very sure you’re a Student, and maybe
thinking you won’t have enough time for that!”
I nodded
“Well, we operate only on Saturdays,8- 4pm,
you’ll be well paid, 6000 every Saturday.”
My eyes widened! I liked what i heard.
“N6,000 just for dancing, a day?”
“Am in!” I replied.
He began laughing, after noticing my Sudden


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