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She doesn’t want men

Chapter eight ❤️

Chinaza Godwin ?️


Daisy wiped down her tears when her nanny came back to her bedroom, she acted as if everything was fine, Ms Pat stared at her eyes, she knows that something is wrong.

“What’s the matter honey?” She asked, staring at her, Daisy tried to look away.

“It’s nothing serious. I’m fine” she mumbled and looked away.

“Daisy please talk to me” Ms Pat muttered.

“You have been crying all these while” she said, she held her hand and rubbed them softly.

“Your baby is okay…. don’t cry again, if Larry comes back don’t try to argue with him” she said, Daisy looked at her, this is one thing she can’t do, but she has to do because of her daughter.

“Plead with him, he will let you go. He’s not heartless” Ms Pat mumbled.

“Okay nanny” she said and wiped down her tears, Ms Pat left the room.

She was left left in the bedroom, thinking of how to tell him to let her go, she can’t tell him that she has a daughter, it has always been a secret, even the maids doesn’t know about this, only her dad and nanny are aware, she walked out her bedroom she was in the living room.

Larry arrived at the house, he entered the house, he smiled when he saw her, she looked away and tried walking away, he held her hand, she looked at him.

“Please lemme go ….. please” she said in tears, he moved his hand to her face and wiped out the tears.

“You can leave… but promise me that you will come back on time please…. I’m doing this to keep you safe” he said, staring at her, she nods her head.

“I promise” she mumbled and went outside, Larry called the security guard, he gave them instructions to open the gate for her, she drove out of the compound, she call the school principal and asked her about her daughter, she told her that she wasn’t in the school.

“Did she left with the school bus?” She asked.

“No ma’am, she said that you would be here to pick her up” the principal mumbled.

“What the fúçk are you talking about? How could you let a little girl walked out of the school just like that? You didn’t bother to call me” she yelled at her on the phone.

“I’m sorry ma’am” she apologized.

“Sorry…?I swear to God if I didn’t see my daughter… your school is gone” Daisy said and hang up.

“Where the hell would she be now…oh God please protect my baby” she prayed, silently, soon she arrived at her house, she opened the door, on a normal time her daughter would be in the living room, but she’s not here.


After taking the stuff he bought inside, he headed for the kitchen, he quickly prepared a nice meal, he smiled as he remembered the pretty face.

“She’s so cute and sweet” he muttered with a smile.

“Hi Mr Larry” one of the maid greeted with a smile, he returned back the smile.

“What’s up?” He mumbled, his hands were on the cabinet.

“I’m cool. You need help” she mumbled.

“Hmm yeah..” he mumbled, she help him, arrange some of the things and they engaged in a few discussion.


“What’s up honey” Kelvin said and his mom on the cheek, Mr Harrison glance at him, he apologized immediately.

“I’m sorry Mr Harrison” he said with a wink, Rose hit his head slightly, she eyed him.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled again and took a sit.

“You better go get a wife” Mr Harrison said, smiling.

“I know about that Dad, it’s just a matter of time” he said smiling, he remembered the girl he met at the store, she was a little bit harsh but she’s sweet.

“Such a drama queen” he mumbled to himself, his mom who was sitting close to him, overheard him, she looked at him, he smiled and continue eating, the dining room were silent but you could hear the noise of the cutleries.

“Honey have you heard from Henry?” Rose asked, she stopped, she looked at her husband who also drop his cutleries.

“I haven’t called him, but I have something to discuss with Mr Fredrickson” he mumbled, Kelvin looked at his parents.

“What’s the discussion all about?” He asked himself.

“Seems like Dad doesn’t know that he’s son working there” he thought.


“Good afternoon ma’am” Amelia greeted, politely, Daisy gave her a little smile.

Good afternoon Amelia. Where’s Ava?” She asked, Amelia was about to say something when Ava came out.

Mommy…. ” She yelled, happily, she came running to her, she hugged her tightly and kissed her hair, she thanked God that her daughter is safe.

“You didn’t come to pick me up from school” Ava muttered and look away.

“I’m sorry honey. Something came up” Daisy mumbled.

“That’s what you keep saying” Ava muttered.

“Honey mom is sorry, please I promise it will never happen again” Daisy mumbled.

“Okay……” Ava said and hugged her.

“So tell me who brought you home” Daisy asked, staring at her, she smiled

“Someone did, he’s so handsome mom” Ava said, smiling.

“He?” She questioned.

“Yeah” Ava mumbled, she just can’t stop smiling.

“A stranger?” She questioned, staring at her, Ava nods her head slowly.

“Mom he’s not a stranger” Ava replied.

“Are you okay? Did he touch you or say anything to you?” Daisy asked, touching her face and arms.

“Mom….. he’s not like that. He’s a good guy. And he’s handsome” Ava said with a smile.

Daisy looked at her in a funny way….” What?” Ava asked, staring at her mom.

“Nothing” Daisy mumbled.

“I would like him to be my dad” Ava said with a smile, Daisy looked away, she acted as if she didn’t hear her say anything.

“Honey what are you saying?” Daisy mumbled.

“Mom you heard me” Ava snapped.

“But I don’t even know the guy….” Daisy said.

‘Fine I will ask him where he’s staying when I meet him” Ava said, smiling.

“No you don’t have to….. he’s just a stranger” she said and left for the kitchen.

“Mom….mom… he’s not a stranger” Ava said, running after her Daisy.

“He’s not a stranger. He’s gonna be a good Dad to me” she muttered, Daisy looked at her and sighed softly.

She never thought having a daughter would be this stressful and awesome, she’s just a talkative and would always want you to obey her.

“Alright. Whenever you see him just ask him where he’s staying” Daisy mumbled, she only wants to see her daughter and she’s not ready to have any man, her hatred towards men is so raw.

“Okay Mom” she replied, happily.

“Oh God please let me see my Dad again” she prayed, Daisy could hear, she rolled her eyes and sighed softly.

TBC ❤️

Ava is ??
Daisy your baby girl is really good ?

What’s he going to discuss with Daisy father ?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.