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Chapter five

Next morning

He went to her bedroom the next morning, he couldn’t find her on the bed, he checked around the room and went closer to bathroom, he heard the noise of the shower, he wanted to wait for her, but he couldn’t he left the room and headed to kitchen, he dished out the food.

He carried the tray of food to her room, “this is the only way I can talk to her” he said to himself, the other maids dished out the food for Ms Pat.

He went inside her room, “good morning Miss” he greeted with a smile.

“Why didn’t you knock before coming in. And even you did, you would have waited for my permission before coming to my room” she said, giving him a dangerous look.

“I’m sorry” he said.

“Get out” she said, coldly.

“I wanted to know how you are doing this morning” he muttered.

“Stop acting nice. I know y’all. You guys are heartless, you’re all the same” she yelled.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know about your past but we’re not the same, our faces are different so is our hearts” he said.

“Oh! Please keep your preaching to yourself” she said, coldly.

“I’m not preaching Miss….am only telling you that….. … Get out” she said without sparing a glance.

“Remembered how he came to her room last night, if he wasn’t there last night, she would have ended up taking another sleeping pills that night” she thought.

She kept thinking how he did it, she slept off, withy having another nightmares that night.

He walked out of the room, feeling bad, on his way to the living room he met her nanny.

“How’s Daisy doing?” She asked.

“I heard her screaming last night” she muttered and lower her head.

“She’s fine” he muttered.

“I know she will be fine, I saw you going to her room last night, please take care of her” she said.

“Don’t worry nanny she’s fine and I will do my best to keep her safe and sound” he muttered.

“Nanny?” She questioned, he chuckled softly.

“Of course nanny. She calls you nanny…..and I would like to call you the same” he said smiling.

“Alright…. but I’m only her nanny….I hope she won’t get angry when you call me nanny in front of her” Ms Pat said.

“She won’t….. Don’t worry” he said, with a smile.

“Breakfast is ready” he said and left.

He came back to the kitchen, the maids were right there, they stared at him as he went to cabinet, they smiled.

“What’s up girls” he said with a smile.

“We are good”

“And you handsome” one of the maid said, smiling.

You’re so handsome and you look familiar” she said, his mind skipped,

You mean me ….. yeah…. you look like Henry” she said with a smile.

I’m sorry we look alike… I’m not Henry” he mumbled and adjusted his glasses and left the kitchen, they kept talking about the young man.

I swear to God, he’s freaky hot, imagine riding on his díçk, that will fun” one of the maid said.

“Please he’s my guy okay…..no one I mean no one should come close to him” the other girl said.

“Whatever” she muttered and left.

Where are you going to

Do i have to tell where am going huh!

You have to….. Am coming with you…am sure that you are not going to the company.

How’s that your business Mr……” She said with her hand on her forehead.

Can I have the keys

I’m sorry you can’t….. excuse me” she mumbled and was about to leave.

I’m sorry Miss but the security guard won’t open the gate, I gave the orders” he said smiling.

“Can you stop smiling….. you can’t leave… you are a bit rude to me” he said.

“Who the fúçk do you think you are….. you just came into my house and you are giving me orders” she said, staring at him, such thing has never happened before in her entire life.

You know what to do

Please I wanna leave, it’s really important” she said, calmly and in a sweet tone, he looked around to be sure if she was talking to him or some other person, she looked at him and wondered what’s wrong with him.

What did you say he asked, he heard perfectly but he wants her to repeat the same thing.

I said…. please I wanna leave, it’s really important… please” she said.

When are you coming back home?” He questioned.

I won’t take much time” she said.

Why should I believe that? He questioned, just to get her angry but sh me stand her grand.

“It’s a promise…..I won’t take long….. it’s okay if you want to come with me” she said, with a little smile.

“I’m not going with you, just go and came home on time'” he mumbled and put a call on the security guard, she stared at him from his head to his toe, he was standing up, he placed his phone on his left eye his right hand in his pocket, she wondered what kind of man is this, when he returned his gaze at her she looked away as if not happened, he smiled he knows that she has been looking at him.

“You can leave now” he said smiling, she didn’t respond to him, she left and got into her car.

“Idíot” she cursed at him, the security guard opened the gate for her she drove out of the house.

Soon she arrived at her own house, she got entered the house, she smiled sheepishly as the nanny greeted her.

“Where’s my baby?” She asked.

Mommy” her little angel called running to her, she smiled as she welcomed her in her arms.

“How are you honey?” She asked looking at her with a smile.

“I’m fine and you mommy” she said with a smile.

“I’m fine my love” she said with a smile.

I didn’t see you last, nanny told me that you were going to come, I was awake all night but I later slept off when nanny came to my room”

I’m sorry honey…. something came up .. but it’s okay now am here… mommy is here” Daisy said smiling.

What did you get for me

I bought a lot of things….

Like what. Chocolates. Teddy bears or you got me a new shoes”

Daisy chuckled softly as she stared at her little girl, “you have a lot of shoes

“I know I have a lot of shoes but did you get another teddy bear, I only have two and I need the pink one so that I can sleep with in my bed” she said, smiling.

“Guess what….. mommy got you two teddy bears, pink and blue” she said with a smile.

Oh my! She exclaimed covering her hands on her little mouth, she was surprised at her four years baby reactions.

“You mean you got me a boy teddy and a girl teddy” she said, smiling.

“Yeah…….” Daisy stuttered looking at her.

“Thank you Mommy” she said, happily and hugged her so tight, she pat her back slowly with a smile.

“Amelia please tell the security guard to the get things from the car” Daisy said with a smile, this is were her smile stays, she’s always happy whenever she’s with her daughter. Amelia has been Ava’s maid ever since she was brought into this world, Daisy makes sure she provide for her baby, thou she doesn’t stay with her always, but Amelia keeps telling Ava about her mother.

“So mommy tell me why you didn’t came last night” Ava asked, staring at her Mom, who’s lips were folded.

“I’ve already told you that something came up” Daisy mumbled.

“Something like”Ava asked, staring at her.

“Com’on sweetie” Daisy muttered.

Will you tell me…. because am so angry with you right now” “Ava said, faking a frown.

Daisy chuckled softly, “but I have apologized, you can’t be mad at your mom forever” Daisy mumbled.

TBC ❤️


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