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She doesn’t want men

Chapter thirty one

By Chinaza Godwin ?️

She’s fine…..” Henry replied with a smile, he bought a lot of stuff, he paid and they headed to their car.

An hour later, Henry and his daughter arrived at the house, he carried the stuff he bought to the kitchen and some to his bedroom, mean while Daisy was still in her room, she was busy with her phone.

Henry walked to her room, she looked up and saw that he was the one, she ran to him and hugged him, she kissed his cheek.

“How are you feeling today my love” he said smiling.

“Well I’m good…… what about Ava. I hope she isn’t mad at me” Daisy mumbled.

“Nah. You look hot on this outfit” he muttered, touching her face slightly, she smiled.

“Thanks…..” She muttered and walked her bed, he sat down beside her.

“I must confess you are indeed a champion of the game” he said, smiling.

She looked at him, she knows fully well that he was talking about last night, “I don’t understand what you are talking Mr Henry” she said, with a smile.

“Oh com’on sweetie I know that you really understand what I meant by that…. You’re a good in bed” he said with a wink, she laughed and covered her face with her hands.

“Oh com’on honey…. i was only performing my duties” she said, laughing Henry joined her.

“If course I love your performance….and i would like you to be in charge tonight” he said, smiling.

She looked at him, surprisedly. “Well your husband is ßex freak. Since you have given me your permission….. I would like to eat your food tonight” he said, with a smile and wink, she looked away, as if she didn’t know what he was saying.

“I will be going to my work place tomorrow morning” she said, changing the topic.

“Oh ….I know but it wouldn’t change the fact that you are my wife and my world” he said, smiling.

“So are you giving me a yes or no”

“Of course you can go to your work…. I’m not stopping you honey” he said.

“Mommy……… ..”

Oh my little angel”

“I can’t believe this you didn’t ask of me” Ava mumbled, folding her arms and looked away, pretending to be angry.

“No honey please don’t be mad at Mom”

“Okay. I promise I won’t be mad at you only if you would tell why you were sleeping peacefully this morning” she said, Daisy looked at Henry, he scratched his forehead slightly.

“Did you tell her anything?” She said, muttered, she shook his head slightly.

“Well actually honey I was stressed out and I needed to get some rest, so that I won’t fall sick” Daisy stammered, biting her bottom lips, she prayed silently that Ava won’t ask her another question.

“Okay…..” She said, smiling. Daisy sighed softly staring at Henry was also looking at her.

“I will be going to my room..” Ava mumbled with a smile and left.


Anna got ready for her graduation ceremony, they arrived at the place, Kelvin didn’t come with them, but he promised Anna that he will there.

Anna went to a quiet place, she sat down waiting for Kelvin, everyone is with their fiancee, she seems to be the only one who’s left out.

She has been calling him, but he is not picking up, she slammed her phone on the bench, angrily.

“He’s not keeping his promises” she said to herself, sadly, she looked away.

Some minutes later, Kelvin arrived at the event, the girls around can’t stop staring and daydreaming about him, he smiled at them and waved at the girls who really wants to touch him, his bodyguards managed to handle the situation.

He walked closer to his brother and sister in law, Daisy smiled immediately she saw him, she looked around for her sister.

“Hi bro….” Kelvin said.

“What’s up…..” Henry said with a smile.

“I’m cool…hi Daisy……” Kelvin said with a smile, he went to her side, he high five Ava who couldn’t stop smiling.

“What about Anna?” Kelvin asked.

“I don’t know…she was here some minutes ago, when you walked in I couldn’t find her” Daisy mumbled, looking around.

“It’s okay I will go look for her….I guess she’s angry with me” Kelvin said and put his hand in his pocket and left, he asked some of the security guard, if they had seen someone like this, showing them her picture.

“Did you see her?” Kelvin asked.

“Yes Sir. She’s right there” he said, pointing at the place, she was sitting.

“Thank you….” Kelvin said with a smile, he headed to the place the security guard had told him, he saw her sitting alone, he walked closer to her.

“Hello….” He muttered and sighed softly, she turned and looked at him, she looked away immediately.

“Assh! … I’m sorry for being late on your special day” he said.

“Are you done flirting with those girls” Anna said, he chuckled softly and looked at her once again.

“I’m too handsome honey, they can’t stop staring at me…I can’t stop them either” Kelvin said.

“I still apologized again…. I’m sorry” he said, smiling, she stood up and hugged.

“I’m glad you came… I’m sorry if I overreacted” Anna said.

“No sweetie… you’ve every right to be mad at me….” He said, patting her back slowly, she unlock from the hug, he kissed you lips slightly.

“Your sister has been looking for you… please come” he said with a smile.

He held her right hand, everyone kept staring at them, some were whispering to themselves, Daisy looked around and saw them coming closer.

“Where have you been? It’s obvious that you don’t care about me…I have been looking for you” Daisy mumbled.

“I’m sorry… sister I was a little busy with something” she said, holding her ears, Ava chuckled softly and ran to her Dad.

?️”…oh my goodness I can’t believe this…” The first girl said.

?️”….. maybe she is his fiancee ….”the second muttered

?️”I didn’t see it coming….he is so hot and sexy.. I wish I could just get a night with him..” the third girl, giggling.

?️”Oh my he is every woman’s dream….” the first girl said.

?️”What will you say about his brother…. he’s so cute and so fúçking good… but he’s married” the other girl said.

?️”You guys stop daydreaming about this young man. She is his fiancee and secondly they’re childhood friends” the second girl and walked away.

Two hours later, everything was over. Everyone retired to their various houses, Anna and Kelvin were together, they chatted and laughed about the girls who couldn’t stop staring at them.


“I’m glad you are done with your education. What else” Kelvin mumbled.

“Well… Dad promised to give me one of the company..and I promise him that I will do everything to make sure it stands” she replied with a smile.

“Of course…. I could tell that business runs through your vein. Just like your Dad and your sister” Kelvin said.

“Yeah…..I just want to see my Dad happy everytime… just like today” Anna said, smiling.

“Can I tell you something” Kelvin said.

“Yeah. Sure. What is it?” Anna said, blinking her eyelashes.

“You are so beautiful and gorgeous…the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one I have been waiting for. I didn’t know that you were that crazy bully” Kelvin said, laughing, she hit his arms playfully.

“Same here…I keep wondering why we always have to be meeting up everytime” she said, smiling, he kissed her passionately, he unlock from the kiss, she was shocked.

“I love you Anna. Please give me a chance to prove my love for you…I promise I am do anything to make you happy” Kelvin said.

TBC ❤️


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.