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“Larry I want to tell you something”Mr Fredrickson mumbled.

” I’m all ears” he mumbled, staring at him, hoping that, there won’t be any problem, because he wasn’t sounding good.

“What’s the matter Mr Fredrickson” Larry muttered, his gaze were still on him.

“I have taken you as my son, I want to go for a business trip” he said, Larry’s eyes were opened wide, he can’t believe what he’s hearing, he’s leaving him with his daughter.

“What?” He yelled.

“Listen Larry….. all am asking you is that you should protect her, she’s still a kid, she has a lot of things going on in her mind, if you can get closer to her. You will understand that she’s just a simple person with a lot of problem and sad past” he said, calmly.

“What’s the secret?” He asked, concerned.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t tell you. I’m not in the right position to tell you anything” he said.

“It’s okay. I will do what I can to keep her safe” he managed to say.

“I will be leaving tomorrow morning” he said, Larry nods his head and left Fredrick’s room, he went to his he sink on his bed and sighed softly staring at the ceiling and walls.

Next day

Where are you heading to Dad

I’m going on a business trip

What business trip

It’s a business honey….. seriously dad

Oh my goodness……I can’t believe this is happening again. You are doing this shît again” she said with tears, pouring out like rain.

I’m sorry Daisy. But I have to leave” he said, she ran out of the living room in tears, he doesn’t want to leave, but he had to and he trusts this man right here that’s the reason why he’s leaving her, he left the house.

Every other person disappeared, he was the only one left in the living room, he sat down quitely, he realized that Daisy was in her room, he rushed to her room, he knocked on the door, but got no response from her, she’s angry with her father, for leaving her despite his promises, she’s still angry with this man called her cook.

“Miss please open the door” he yelled, Knocking on the door.

“Get the fúçk of my door” she yelled at him, angrily, he left the door, at least he heard her voice, which made him believe that she’s still alive.

“Just watch me play my games I will make sure that you leave this house” Daisy said to no one in particular.

“Daisy…… Daisy…… Daisy…” Ms Pat, came Knocking on the door, as the other maids explained what happened.

She opened the door and look away. She walked back to her bed, Ms Pat close the door.

“What’s the matter Daisy?” Ms Pat, asked staring at her face, she doesn’t like see her baby been sad.

“He left. He promised me that he’s not going to leave me alone, but he didn’t keep his promises” she said, crying.

“Shhhh….! It’s okay honey… there’s a reason for all these please stop crying” she said.

“What could be the reason?” She asked, in between her sobs.

“Honey will get to know about it sooner or later….I don’t want to see you cry” she said.

“What reason nanny. I just hope that this shît won’t happen again, nanny I don’t want such thing to again” she muttered, sadly.

“No. Honey not like that will happen, he’s a good guy” Ms Pat muttered, wiping her tears.

Larry prepared the food, Daisy stared at the food on the table and sighed, she returned her look at him, he gave her a little smile, she eyed and stood up.

“What’s the matter honey” Ms Pat asked, staring at her.

“Nothing nanny. I’m not hungry” she mumbled and was about leaving the room, when Larry stopped her.

“What are you going to do? Huh!” She yelled at him.

“Please eat” he said, but was cut off by a laughter, Daisy release.

“There’s nothing funny Miss. You need to eat” he said, calmly.

“This is my house. You don’t have any right to tell me what to do” she said, bluntly

“I know that this house is yours, but I was given the authority to take good care of you Miss” he said, smiling.

“What kind of man is this?” She thought.

“He’s not even angry with me” she thought.

“Daisy Please come sit down and eat, you don’t have to starve yourself” Ms Pat, muttered, she nods her head and walked to the room, she sat and began eating, she doesn’t find the food delicious and she didn’t finish up her meal, this is the second time this is happening, she walked out of the dinner, she went to bed room, she quickly took her clothes and walked to bathroom, she turned on the shower, the cold water touched her soft and smooth skin, she closed her eyes, the images of the night keeps flashing to her memory, she was now filled up with fears, she quickly turned off the shower and walked out of the washroom, with a towel on her body.

Larry and Ms Pat, discussed about some many things but he didn’t tell her about himself, he’s always on glasses.

“You got promise with your eyes” Ms Pat asked, staring at him, he smiled and nods his head positively.

“I’m sorry. Hope you have been going for a check up” she said with a smile.

“Yeah….. that’s why I’m on glasses” he said smiling, he living room was silent after there little discussion, Ms Pat decided to talk to him about Daisy.

“I’m sorry about the way she behaves. She’s just a kid” Ms Pat said and sighed.

“She’s really nice” he mumbled, as remember how she paid off the maid, he brought last time…

“Yes. She is. She is good at heart too, just that she has a lot of things going on her mind, she’s not free. This is one thing that she will not be able to forget” Ms Pat muttered, he realized that Mr Fredrickson told him something like this before leaving the house.

“Why did she changed so much?” He asked.

“I’m not in the right position to tell you that” she mumbled, he wondered why everyone keeps saying that.

After their discussion, he helped Ms Pat back to her room, she lay on her bed.

“Thank you” she mumbled.

“You need massage” he said smiling.

“Oh my son…… please don’t stress yourself…. I’m fine” she said with a smile, he kissed her forehead.

“Good night Ms Pat” he mumbled and left her bedroom, he went to his room, he laid on the bed, smiling.

He kept thinking of what happened and how he will change her, after thinking much about her, he slept off, it wasn’t up to an hour when he began hearing noise, like someone who was crying for help, he rushed down from his bed and headed out of the room, he moved closer to Daisy room, the sound was coming from there, he pushed the door, which opened wide, he walked in and turned on the light, he saw her screaming and shouting for help.

“Please don’t do this to me. Please am begging you…… please…I have always loved you….. please don’t….. please…. please… don’t hurt me….” She screamed, Larry moved closer to her, he held her as she wakes up breathing heavily and crying.

“It’s just a nightmares….. you will be fine” he muttered.

“Stay away from me” she yelled and pushed him, he hit his ass so hard on the floor.

“Ouch!” He winced in pain, she looked at him, tears kept pouring as her body were shaking, he stood up and sat beside her, he make sure that he head was on his chest, he pat her back slowly and carefully, soon she stopped crying.

“Are you okay?” He asked, she couldn’t say anything but nod, he smiled.

That night he managed to get her back to sleep, she slept off on his thighs, while he pat her back slowly, he stared at her once again before leaving the room, this time he didn’t turn off the lights, he went to his room.

“What could be the matter? Who was talking to”? He asked, himself.

It’s just an ordinary nightmares, you shouldn’t think much about it” his other mind said.

“It’s not just an ordinary nightmares. Whatever….I will go see her in the morning” he muttered and lay on his bed, but got up, he went back to her bedroom and find her sleeping peacefully, he smiled and left.
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