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She doesn’t want men

Episode twenty nine

By: Chinaza Godwin ?️

“What are you scared of sweetheart” he asked her again.

“I’m scared of….the pain and … your….” She muttered and paused, she couldn’t say it.

“My díçk” he said, looking at her, she couldn’t find the courage to look at him after saying what was on her mind, he raised her chin, their eyes met.

“My díçk right…..” He said again, she nods her head like a child, he scoffed and smiled.

“Babe I promise…..I understand everything you just said, I’m not going to hurt you” he muttered.

“Are you sure that you won’t hit it so hard” she said, looking at him, he bite his lips, this question she just asked it’s a little bit difficult for someone like him to answer.

“..I promise I will be gentle with you…” He said, he kissed her lips slightly, she went for his lips again, the kiss went on for some time, she opened her eyes, the door opened revealing the maid, she pushed him slightly, he wondered what happened, he looked at her eyes, like she was directing him, he looked at the door, he saw a maid, he looked at Daisy who looked away, shyly.

“Good morning boss” the maid greeted.

“Good morning how may I help you” Kelvin asked.

“I’m sorry for interrupting, actually breakfast is ready” The maid muttered.

“Alright thank you” he replied with a smile, they walked out of the room.


Hours passed, Daisy was in her room with Henry, they kept talking about their wedding, when the maid came in telling them that someone was at the house, since she doesn’t know that her boss has a child. Daisy knew that she was talking about her daughter and her sister.

“Tell her to come to my room” Daisy said with a smile, “alright ma’am” the maid muttered and bowed her head, before leaving, Daisy was in the room waiting for her.

“Mommy…….” Ava yelled happily and hugged her mother, Daisy kissed her forehead.

“How are you honey” Daisy mumbled.

“I’m good…..Hi Daddy” she said with a smile, ” hi how was your stay with your grandparents” Henry said.

“It was great, grandma got me a lot of sweets and chocolates” Ava said, smiling.

“Hi sister….” Anna muttered as she walked into her bedroom, she sat on the bed.

“I will leave you guys alone” he said smiling and left, Anna hit her sister, she looked at her and wondered what’s wrong with her.

“Did you do it?” Anna asked, raising her eyebrows, she smiled and hugged her sister.

“Stop my baby is here” Daisy muttered, Anna looked at Ava and smiled.

“Mom I will be right back” Ava mumbled.

“Why are you going to, honey….” Daisy said.

“I’m going to stay with my Dad” she said.

“Alright…… have you eaten something” Daisy mumbled.

“Yeah…. grandma gave me a lot of food, am not hungry right now” she said and ran out of the room.

So tell me did you do it. Was it painful…. com’on girlie just say it… Don’t be shy” Anna said smiling.

“I didn’t do it” Daisy mumbled, Anna looked at her, “why?” She asked staring at her.

“I couldn’t do it….” Daisy muttered.

“You don’t want to give it to him…. com’on girlie this man has been waiting for you all these while and now you are saying that you can’t do it”

“Are you for real” Anna said and looked away.

“Anna it’s not as if I don’t want to give it to him…. I’m just scared” Daisy mumbled.

“Scared of what honey….. he’s your husband….” Anna mumbled and looked if someone is looking at them.

“I know……” Daisy muttered.

“Anna I don’t know how to walk to him and tell him that I want him again…we wanted to do but the maid interrupted” she said.

“Oh..I see …I know my sister is shy but this one I don’t know what to say” Anna said smiling, Daisy rolled her eyes.

“Stop making me feel bad” Daisy mumbled.

“I’m not, am sorry..I will tell you what to do” Anna said, with a wink.

“Tonight after freshen up, you can put on a transparent gown, it should be your favorite color or maybe his, then you walked to his bedroom, he might just be coming out of the bathroom, you walked to him and give him a little touch on his wet chest, make sure you give him a smile and a wink…. trust me he will understand”

“Okay…. what if he doesn’t fall for it” Daisy said.

” He doesn’t have to fall for it, he knows that you want it.Just do it girlie, trust me it will definitely work” Anna said with a smile.

“That reminds me, who thought you all these things” Daisy said, staring at Anna.

“Sister… com’on it’s a free world… Everyone knows how to turn their men on” Anna said, laughing.

“Expect you” Anna said.

“How old are you?” Daisy asked.

“I’m 21 Mrs Henry any problem” Anna said, laughing.

“No problem at all Ms Anna” she replied with a little smile, “oh my goodness I can’t wait to get married, i will stripped him and give a blowjob….” Anna said, smiling and hugged her sister, Daisy pushed her slightly and stood up.

“You talk too much” Daisy said and shook her head.

” Anyways Thanks for your advice I hope it works out” Daisy mumbled and left

“Of course it will” Anna said smiling.

Two hours later, Anna left the house, she headed to her father’s house, Kelvin has been calling her but she wasn’t picking up the call, she got her father’s house, she went to her room, she brought her phone out of her bag, she saw that she missed his call, she called him back, he didn’t pick up a first, he later did, when she called for the second time.

“Hello Kelvin…..” She said.

“I missed your call, I was with my sister” she added.

“I know… I only wanted to know how you are doing and if you’ve got there” Kelvin said.

” I’m really sorry.. for not picking up” she said.

“It’s okay…. where are you right now” he said.

“At home….” She replied


After dinner, Henry carried Ava to her room, before heading to his, he went to washroom and freshen up, when he came back to the room, he saw his wife walking to the room, he stood right there, he took a good look at her night gown, he hasn’t seen her on such, she walked closer to him and touched his chest, she smiled and winked at him, he returned the smile.

He grabbed her waist and kissed the hell out of her lips, he carried her to his bed, he lay her down, he was on top his eyes can’t leave her lips, it was calling him for more, he doesn’t want to rush things, he needs her permission before penetrating.

“I’m ready for it” she muttered.

“Are you sure?” He asked, staring at her.

“Yeah…..I want you” she said.

“Are you sure you want to do this” he asked.

“I’m sure I want you, please don’t make me look like a fool here” she said.

“Alright……” He said and kissed her lips, down to her shoulder, he circled his mouth on her nípple, he used his thumb to tease her left nípple, she wanted more than this.

He left her nípples and stared at her pretty face, he touched her face, and went down to her V area, he stared at it for a while and lick his lips, he brought his head up, this time he was staring at her, he slowly insert his finger in her clít.

“Ahh……..” She muttered as he pushed in, she winced in pain, he stopped and looked at her, he added another finger making it two, he claimed her lips and began moving his fingers in and out.

“Ouch…. please….” She said in pain and looked away, she wondered how penetration would be like, since she is already crying because of his fingers.

“I’m sorry…… sorry my love” he said, he removed his fingers and then get back to business, he began to lick and suck her clít, lick every corner of her clít, she began moving her body, she couldn’t control herself, but he managed to get her down, she cummed, he smiled, he saw her breathing heavily.

“Are you sure you still want this. I want to penetrate right now…” He asked her again.

“Just do it…… I’ve given you my permission” she said, he penetrate into her wet púßßy, she winced in pain, it was painful than the first time, he used his fingers, she held his chest and looked away in pain, he began thrusting slowly, but he didn’t stop her from shedding tears.

“Are you okay……” He asked looking at her, “I’m fine please don’t worry about me” she said, he nods his head and began moving his díçk slowly and carefully not hurt her, he got to a point where he couldn’t get hold of himself, he began moving faster and faster, going deeper into her V, she began pleading with him.

“Please Henry…. please stop…. I’m tired already….” She pleading, he wasn’t listening to her.

He continued thrusting until he reached the climax, he pulled out of her, his Cummins were on her thighs and legs, she closed her eyes, while he fell on the other side of the bed, he cuddle her.

“I’m sorry……… for hurting you” he whispered softly to her ears, she closed her eyes and tears came down, she wants to put every sad thing behind her back, she doesn’t want to think about it anymore.

She managed to talk to him, but the pain in her legs and clít, was something else, she couldn’t find the courage to look at his face, even though he wanted her to do so, he moved closer and kissed her cheek, he laid back and felt sorry for her.
TBC ❤️


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