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She doesn’t want men

Episode twenty eight

By: Chinaza Godwin

“There’s no way he will wanting it tonight” she said to herself, immediately the door opened, revealing her man standing in front of her, with a towel around his waist, he walked closer to her, she moved back a bit, he held her waist and kissed her neck, she release herself from his grips.

“I wanna go freshen up” she muttered, she walked away from him, he rushed to her and held her hands.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine……” She stuttered looking away from him, he smiled and touched her face slightly.

“Go freshen up, I guess the dinner is ready, I know you are worried about Ava, she will be here tomorrow morning” he said, she nods and gave him a little smile, if only Henry knows what’s going on her mind.

“Good” he muttered she tried walking to the bathroom, realized that was still on her wedding gown.

“You haven’t taken off your gown” he said, she freezed and the ground would open up and swallow her, she turned and looked at him.

“Why didn’t I take it off before now” she said to herself, but Henry didn’t hear her.

“Here. Why don’t you use my towel” he muttered and brought out a new clean towel, she collected and waited for him to leave the room, but it was in vain, he only look away, she removed the gown by herself covered up her body with the towel, she walked into the bathroom and removed her towel before turning the shower.

Ten minutes later she came out and wondered what she will wear, since it’s her first time in his house and she didn’t come with any clothes, she walked to his closet since he wasn’t in the bedroom, she grabbed one of his shirt, Henry walked in she looked at him.

“I was just looking for a shirt….. ..I have found one but I didn’t see any pant.. and I can’t put this with a pant” she stuttered, he came closer and searched for the set of pants for her, he kept this ones in his room.

“Here….” He muttered and handed the package to her, “thank you” she said with a smile and opened the package she was thinking it was a gown, she opened it and looked at him.

“Any problem” he mumbled.

“No. No problem” she muttered and shook her head.

“Alright honey dinner is ready, I will be waiting for you downstairs” he said, he knows she wasn’t comfortable with the new place, but with time she get used to the place.

“How did he get to know my size?” She asked herself, staring at the pants in her hand, she picked the red one and wore it, she wore his shirt and came down for dinner.

“Maybe I should just ask him how he gets to know my size. Oh no that’s not right” she said to herself.

“But how come” she mumbled and walked to the living room, “I’m done” she muttered.

“The shirt looks good on you sweetheart” he said with a smile, “thanks” she muttered, he stared at her thighs and legs, he blinks his eyes.

“Let’s go…..” He said with a smile, Daisy lead the way, she arrived at the dinning room, it was beautiful, she stared at the room and the chairs, yeah she’s rich but she hasn’t spend money this way.

“Please seat….” He said, smiling he pulled out a chair for her to sit, she sat down and thanked him, he couldn’t help but smile, her eyes couldn’t stop staring and admiring the room, her eyes fell on a large picture that was on the wall, she quickly recognized that it was Henry’s mom, her was one in million she would say that Henry inherited that special smile from his mother, the maids dished out of door, but her attention wasn’t there, until Henry touched her hand, she looked at him.

“The house is all yours. Please eat your food, before it gets cold” he said smiling.

“Alright….” She muttered and began eating, he stared at her as she eats her meal, he was interrupted by a call, he struggled to bring out the phone, he stared at number calling him, it was his brother, he sighed and ended the call, Daisy looked at him.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s Kelvin”

“Why didn’t you picked up, maybe he wants to know how you are doing” she said with a smile.

“Yeah I know. But it’s our first night I guess we don’t need disturbance” he said and wink at her, she chuckled softly.

“Anyways you’re right. I think that’s the reason why my sister hasn’t called me yet” Daisy mumbled.

“I think so” he said and wiped his lips with the napkins, Daisy did the same, they stood up and walked away, Daisy went to his bedroom, today has been a happy and stressful day for her, she lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, when Henry walked in and sat on the couch, she looked at him.

“Henry please come lay on the bed” she mumbled touching the space on the bed.

“I just wanted to make sure you are not feeling bad, I’m comfortable here on the couch” he said.

“No. You can’t sleep on the couch, we’re now married. Please come to the bed” she said, he smiled at himself and moved to the bed, he lay down.

“Tell me something”

“What honey”

“Your house. It’s so big and beautiful”

“It’s our house and I bought a week to our wedding, specially for you and Ava” he said.

“I must confess that it’s really beautiful” she said with a smile, Henry returned the smile.


The room was silent, but the song was playing from the background, Henry kissed her lips slightly, but she opened up for him, meaning that she wants more of his lips, he didn’t haste to give her want, the kiss was passionate, he was on top , he raised her thighs and immediately she stopped kissing him and looked away, her heart was racing, she was breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry I can’t do it. I can’t do it tonight please” she said, almost in tears, Henry closed his eyes and lay on the bed again, this time she was crying.

“It’s okay honey. I understand. I’m not going to force myself on you, whenever you’re ready just tell me” he said.

“I’m sorry……” She pleaded with both hands together, he used his thumb to wiped down the tears and kissed her forehead.

“Please don’t cry again. I’m not mad at you sweetheart” he said and hugged her, but that didn’t stop from crying, she poured her tears on his chest, she still scared, she doesn’t want to feel that pain again, that incident that happened five years ago are still coming to her head.

He calm her down, she slept off on his chest, he smiled and removed the hair that was on her face, he stuck it behind her ear, he stared at her pretty face and smiled.


Next morning, Henry wake up early and headed to the kitchen, since his a cook, he didn’t waste any time to prepare for breakfast, tea and bread, he placed it on the tray and carried it to his room.

“Good morning sweetheart” Daisy greeted with a smile, Henry stood there staring at her, it’s the first time she’s calling such sweet name.

“Why are you staring at me like that” she asked.

“I’m just surprised, you haven’t called me such name before” he said, walking close to her, she kissed his right cheek and collected the tray, she kept it on the table.

“How was your night” he asked, walking to the bed to take his phone.

“It was good…..” She muttered, they began eating, Henry went to washroom, he quickly freshen up and grabbed the keys to Daisy’s room.

“I want to freshen up, but I don’t know what to wear” she said, staring her husband.

“That’s not a problem, just freshen up I will be back soon” he said and left, she did as he said and waited for him to come back, he came in and met her sitting on the bed.

“You’re done” he said.

“Yeah” she muttered and stood up.

“Let’s go” he mumbled.

“Where are we going?” She asked, looking at her, he slide his right hand in his pocket.

“You wanna know” he mumbled.

“Yeah I’m still on towel” she stuttered.

“I know. Okay let’s do this hmm! Wear my shirt and shorts like you did last night let’s go” he said.

“Okay” she mumbled and quickly wear the shirt and shorts, they left, he opened the door to her bedroom, it was close to his, they walked in, her eyes can’t stop staring at the room, she saw her picture on the wall.

“This is your room, here is the closet and your clothes are right there and….

I’m sorry for last night…you might be embarrassed because I got you panties” he stuttered.

“I’m not….. I’m just surprised how you managed to get the sizes”

“You should have known who would get the sizes” he said, laughing.

“Ava?” She said with a smile, he shook his head, still laughing…”don’t tell me that Anna was the one who…..” She muttered.

“What….why you are laughing, be serious who gave you the sizes” she asked, looking at him.

“Ava” he said smiling.

“Ava?” She questioned looking at him..

“Oh my goodness what the fúçk…. anyways thank you” she said with a smile.

“You like it here” she said.

“Com’on like is an understatement, I love it, thank you so much” she said and kissed him, he smiled and grabbed her waist, she looked at him, he kissed her again.

“Let’s do it” she said.

“No. You told me last night that you can’t do it” he said, looking at her.

“I can do it Henry but I’m scared” she muttered.

“Scared of what honey” he asked looking at her.

“Scared of……..”

TBC ❤️


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