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She doesn’t want men

Episode twenty seven

By Chinaza Godwin ?️

The next morning, Daisy quickly arrange for breakfast, Ava was walking around the kitchen.

“Honey please please please go set the table” Daisy said.

“Okay” Ava said and pick up her mom’s phone.

“Oh my goodness I am so fúçking late for work” Daisy mumbled to herself.

“Amelia please …. … alright ma’am” Amelia replied, cutting her off, she because she knows what she was about to say.

“Honey go Amelia will bathe you” she said and looked at her, she was busy with her phone, Daisy sighed softly staring at her daughter who isn’t listening to her.

“Com’on honey she’s waiting for you, remember she’s going for a class by 8 in this morning” Daisy mumbled.

“What?” Ava mumbled, she glance at her mom and then to the phone.

“Go freshen up she’s waiting for you what’s wrong with you honey you’re becoming stubborn these days”

“I haven’t done anything” Ava mumbled.

“Seriously I have been talking to you but you were busy with the phone, aren’t you going to school today” Daisy said, looking at her.

“I’m sorry Mom…..” She apologized and stood up.

“Go freshen up, Amelia is waiting” Daisy said tiredly, she quickly dished out the food and headed to her room, she removed her gown and walked náked to the bathroom, she showered and get ready for work.

Amelia will be leaving her house today, she doesn’t know what to give her to thank her for everything she has done for her, since she brought Ava in her house, Amelia was the one who has taking care of her baby, Ava doesn’t know about this yet.

Today will be a stressful da for her, she has to reduce her work schedule for tomorrow and Monday, she will be going for shopping for the wedding, though her wedding gown and heels are ready, she just wants to get some other things from the store, Henry hasn’t called her yet, she tried calling him but he wasn’t picking up.

Some minutes later, Ava was done with her meal, she was in the living room waiting for her mom, Daisy couldn’t finish her meal, she picked up her bag and come over to the living room, but Ava isn’t there she rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Ava…….” She yelled.

“Oh God please don’t do this to me…..” She mumbled and was about to go upstairs when she heard Ava calling her.

“Mom I’m in the car” Ava yelled, she dragged her legs to the garage and opened the door she kept her bag and moved to the front seat she sat down and start the engine, Amelia was in the car too, she arrived at the college and drove her off, Ava waved at her, Daisy drove off

“What about auntie Anna, I didn’t see her this morning” Ava said.

“Anna went for something important” Daisy mumbled.

“Like what?” Ava asked, looking at her mom.

“I don’t know, that’s what she told me before leaving, maybe you should ask her when she gets back” Daisy mumbled, she slow down and honk the horn, the security guard opened the gate she drove in Ava looked at her mom and sighed.

“What’s the matter with you honey?” Daisy asked, looking at her.

“I forgot my lunch at home” she said, Daisy looked at her feeling frustrated already, she was thinking that after dropping her off, she will go straight to the company and adjust something before going to the store.

“This is getting worse than I thought. Why would you….. … You know what just go to your class I can’t go back home but I will get snacks for you at the store…I hope that will be fine” Daisy mumbled staring at her daughter, she nods her head and get down from the car Daisy drove out, five minutes later she came back and gave Ava her snacks before leaving, she arrived at the company.

“Get me the files and other stuff…I don’t have much time” Daisy said, walking towards her office.


Hours passed, Daisy arrived at the store, she grabbed some stuff, she bought some things for Amelia though Ava doesn’t know that her nanny will be leaving, she drove home and work a little, before going back to her daughter’s school, she picked Ava up, Ava kept smiling, they arrived at home, Daisy helped her out with her uniform, she freshen up before going to the kitchen with her daughter.

“Nanny will be leaving today” Daisy muttered.

“What? Why? Why?” She asked, staring at her mom, who was busy preparing for lunch.

“What about her school? I thought you said she will be staying here with me, with us forever” Ava mumbled, sadly

“Honey it’s not my fault. It’s an agreement between I and Amelia, I tried to talk to her but she promised to come see you, remember she has a mother too” Daisy mumbled.

“But that’s not fair. Why didn’t she tell me that she will be leaving, it’s just not fair” Ava mumbled.

“I’m sorry dear, Mr cutie will be here anytime soon” Daisy mumbled.

“Does he know that Amelia is leaving today” Ava asked.

“Yeah….we talked about it, we can’t force her” Daisy replied.

“Alright….I don’t have any money to buy things for her, I will give her one of my favorite teddy bear” Ava mumbled.

“Awwn…my little baby is so sweet… I’m sure she will love it a lot honey” Daisy said with a smile and kiss her cheek, Ava ran out of the kitchen as she heard the sound of a car, it was her father, she rushed and hugged him.

“Oh my sweetheart how are you doing today” Henry said with a smile.

“I’m good and you” Ava mumbled.

“I’m fine my love. How was your day” he said.

“I don’t know…” She said and shrugged her shoulders, she still feels bad that her nanny is leaving.

“What’s the matter dear?”Henry asked, staring at his daughter.

“Mom told me that my nanny is leaving the house. But nanny didn’t tell me about it. It’s not fair” Ava mumbled.

“Nanny didn’t tell you” Henry mumbled.

“Yeah she didn’t tell me, we have been together for many years now” Ava mumbled.

“Mom said that you are aware of this. You guys are so unfair to me” Ava muttered.

“No dear listen…. Amelia and your mom had an agreement, it’s now over, her stay is over, she wants to go back to her mom and also take good care of her” Henry said, to convince her though he was saying the truth.

“Okay.. but I don’t have any money for gifts. She’s a good girl” Ava mumbled, Henry looked at her and smiled.

“Of course honey. She’s a good lady, but don’t worry Dad got you something to give her and I’m sure Mom did her own shopping” Henry said with a smile.

“So where’s your mom?” Henry asked, looking around the living room.

“She’s still in the kitchen cooking” Ava said and headed to her room.


Henry walked in slowly and carefully held her waist, he relaxed his jaw on her shoulder, she turned and smiled, he used that opportunity to kiss her cheek and her neck.

“Good afternoon Mr Henry” she greeted with a smile.

“Good morning Mrs Henry” he replied with a smile, with his hands on her waist.

“How was your day” he asked.

“It was stressful and yours” she mumbled.

“Mine was good. Did you go to the company today”

“Yeah..I told you that I will be there to fix some things, which I did, after that I went to the store I came back home and went back to sleep to pick Ava ” she said.

“What a stressful day you had today” he muttered and kiss her cheeks, she smiled.


Amelia pack up her clothes and other things, Ava couldn’t stop crying, Daisy tried to console her but it wasn’t working out for her, Amelia came closer and wiped her tears, she told her that she will come around to see her, Ava nods her head and hugged, she gave her teddy bear, Amelia accepted it wholeheartedly, she hugged her again before walking to their boss, Daisy tried to control herself, but it didn’t work well for her, she cried on Amelia’s shoulder, Amelia pat her back slowly, she calm her down.

“I will be fine” Daisy mumbled and hugged her, ” please do take care of yourself and your mom and also remember what you are going for” Henry said, Daisy and Amelia hugged once again, before, Daisy’s driver drove out of the compound Ava kept waving at her until they left, Anna came back miss talkative couldn’t handle her mouth, she told Anna everything, Anna went to her sister to be sure that Ava is telling her the truth, Daisy explained everything to her.

Two days later, Henry and Daisy got married, everything went smoothly, Kelvin kept teasing him, Kelvin keeps telling him some crazy stuff. Henry took Daisy to his mansion, she haven’t been there before, she was surprised though he’s a billionaire but he really spent his money on this building, it was like heaven on Earth, he carried her in bridal style, he walked to his bedroom, he kept her on his bed.

“I want to go freshen up. In case you need anything and I’m still taking my bathe, please call the maids. They’re good at their job” he said with a smile.

“Alright……” She said, he left, she stood up and walked around the room, she went to the window and stared at the stars and the moon, something came to her mind.

“What if he wants it now?” Her inner mind said to her, she sighed softly and looked at the bathroom door, she wished it won’t open until the next day.

TBC ❤️


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