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Melting her cold heart ❤️
(She doesn’t want men)?

Chapter Two

Chinaza Godwin ?️


(Two days later)

Daisy has been busy with her work, she hasn’t been able to manage her work or give herself some time to rest.

“Good morning ma’am ” her secretary greeted, with a due respect.

“Good morning Rita. I hope the files are ready” she said.

“Yes ma’am. I have the files with me” she said, bringing out the files, she kept it on the desk, she looked up at her and smile.

“I have a business trip tomorrow morning and you will be going with me and you don’t have to worry it’s within the country” Daisy muttered.

“Okay ma’am. I will make an arrangement for the hotel room and the place of the meeting” Rita said with a smile.


“You can leave now” Daisy said she left her office.

Rita has been her secretary for three years now, she trust and believe in her, since she the was given to her by father, the company belongs to her to mother, her mom has her name signed on the documents of the company and house, while she was still alive, Daisy grew up with her father and her nanny.

After her work at the office today she headed home, she arrived at the gate, she horned for the security guard to open the gate for her, “what the hell is wrong with these security guards” she thought and get down from her, she began Knocking on the gate, the security guard opened the gate, she met this guy in her father’s house, he seems new to the environment, he was just staring at her as if he hasn’t seen her before, actually thing is that, he hasn’t seen someone as beautiful as she is.

“Good afternoon madam” he greeted.

“Open the damn gate” she said, without replying his greetings or smiling at him, he quickly opened the gate.

She was boiling, she stared at him disgustedly and sighed before driving into the compound, she came down from the car.

“With this this behavior you’re going to lose your job” she said with a serious face.

“I’m sorry madam” he apologized for his mistake.

“You better be careful or else you will lose your job” she said and left.

She entered the big mansion, the maids bow there head slowly and greeted her, she didn’t respond to their, already the security guard had spoiled her mood.

After freshen up, she headed to the study room, which is filled with a lot of things, like her laptop, which were perfectly settled on the table and the couch, the expensive office chair and other expensive furnitures.

She sat down, comfortably, operating her laptop when her nanny came in, she turned and looked at her and smile.

“What’s up with you nanny?” She asked and place her look on the laptop.

“You are just coming back from your work place. You should be resting now” Miss

“Com’on nanny. I’m okay. Staying alone makes me think of my past life and am trying to get over it, even though I can’t no matter how hard I try. It’s just too much for me” she said, sadly.

“It’s fine honey. I know how you feel and I don’t want you to think about your past life. I want you to move on in life” Miss

“I just hope so nanny. I really hate my life” she said, blinking her eyes, tears were pouring down like rain.

“Com’on honey I don’t want you to cry over this issues, it’s all in the past. Huh! Stop crying” Miss Pat said, patting her back slowly.

“Have you eaten yet?” She asked.

“No I haven’t….I don’t feel hungry” she muttered.

“Alright then…… you need to rest now. Enough of this shít. You can do it some other time” Miss Pat said with a smile.

Daisy sighed softly and stared at her, she had been like a mother to her, she has no choice but to respect her decision.

“Alright nanny” she mumbled and dragged her feet to her bedroom, she laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling, her nanny quickly arrange the room, before she left for Daisy room, she met her looking at her ceiling.

“Are you okay” she said, walking close to her.

“I’m fine” she muttered and sighed.

“Com’on I will sing a song for you. Just for Iike used to do when you were a kid” Miss

She smiled and nods her head like a baby.

(Hours later)

Her father accept a guy as a cook, despite having other maids in the house.

“What’s the meaning of this madness” she asked, her father who was busy with the laptop.

“What are you talking about honey” he asked looking at her, since that incident happened she hated everything about men, she hates them, the only man she loves is her father, now he’s betraying her by accepting a man.

“Why would you get me a male cook. There are so many female out there” she said.

“Honey there’s nothing wrong with him. He really wants this job. I can’t say no to him. Am not heartless” her father said.

“You’re not heartless. I’m the one that’s heartless right. He’s not staying here” she said.

“Daisy you need to understand that he needs the job” he yelled at her.

“Listen Dad he’s not staying here. You better send him out or else I will do that myself” she said and left, Henrywatched her leave her father’s room in anger.

“Will I be safe here” he thought.

“It’s okay young man, please don’t be disturb by her bad ways, she’s just a kid, you know what to do” he said with a smile.

“It’s alright sir. I definitely understand, I promise I will make sure she’s fine” Henry mumbled.

“What’s your name again?” Mr Fredrickson asked him.

“My name is…….” He thought of a name.

“Larry” he said with a smile.

“Okay Larry……”

“Just give me a seconds I will get the maid, to take you to your room” he said, and place a call, the maid quickly grabbed the phone, he told her everything, some minutes later she arrived at the door, she knocked before coming in.

“Take him to his room and get him something to eat” Fredrick mumbled.

“Thank you Mr Fredrick” he said and bow his head slightly.

(I will be using Larry, who’s also Henry)

Larry smiled at the maid as she directed him to his room, he thank her, soon she left, he sat on the bed thinking about his life, how he will cope up with her and also the reason why she’s like this.

He’ll be staying his work tomorrow morning, he picked up his phone and called his brother Kelvin.

“Hello bro what’s up” Kelvin said with a smile.

“I’m good. What about you?” He mumbled.

“I’m just good. Leaving a single life” Kelvin said laughing, Larry joined him.

“You kept fvcking bíitches” Larry said with a smile.

“No. I’m done with that, I want a lady that’s really good to settle down with” Kelvin said with a smile.

Larry chuckled softly, “someone’s son is acting like a good child” he said laughing.

“Com’on bro I’m good you know” he mumbled.

“Alright I’m glad you want to get a woman, so who’s she” Larry said with a smile.

“I haven’t found her yet, but I just hope I find her” Kelvin mumbled.

“Alright…. please tell me when you find her” he said.

“Yeah. Mom called” Kelvin mumbled.

Larry looked away and sighed softly staring at the ceiling, “what did she said?” He asked.

“What else? She wants me to come over to the house” Kelvin said.

“She’s right. You need to come back at least to help me with my company” Larry said.

“What’s up with your company?” He asked.

“Remember that lady I told you about….. you mean Daisy” Kelvin said cutting him off.

“Yeah!” He mumbled.

“Are you at her house right now. I heard that she hates men” Kelvin said.

“Yeah!” Larry muttered.

“How will you get her? She’s really difficult and different” Kelvin said.

“I know she’s different, that’s what makes her special” Larry said with a smile.

“Awwn I can tell that my big brother is in love” Kelvin said.

“Chill bro….yes I’m in love with her, but it’s left for me to get her and change her mind set” he said.

“Alright bro I wish you good luck” Kelvin said.

“Thanks. So when are you coming back, for my company” Larry asked.

“i might come back home when am chanced” he said.

“Tomorrow morning” Kelvin added with a smile.

“Is that a promise?” He asked.

“Yes” he muttered.

“Alright do call me when you get home” Larry said and quickly hang up, when noticed that someone in the room, he stood up.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you. I wanna tell you that you will start working from tomorrow” she said with a smile and left.

TBC ❤️


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