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She doesn’t want men

Chapter fifteen

By: Chinaza Godwin ?️

“What could be wrong this time?” She asked, herself and left the living room.

She headed upstairs, she searched her room, but she didn’t see anyone, she quit came out, she was heard Ava laughing so hard, she rushed to her bedroom and the both of them playing, he paused and looked at Daisy, who couldn’t stop smiling.

“Hi Mom”

” Honey seems like you’re enjoying your day” Daisy said with a smile.

“Yes Mom” she said, happily and jumped on Henry body, he caught her immediately, she was on him, his hands were round her Jody

“Mom is the food ready. I’m so hungry” she said, staring at her mom, who couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

“Yes honey. Food is ready. I came to let you guys know that food is ready” she said and left, they followed her, but met her at the dinning, Henry took a seat, Ava was sitting close to him, she doesn’t want to leave his sight, Daisy dished out the food, Henry folded his arms, watching her as she did this things, he couldn’t believe his eyes, soon she was done, everyone grabbed there plates and napkins and spoons, they began eating.

“So how’s the food?”

“It’s really good. I love it” Henry mumbled, Daisy glance at him and then back to her food, she smiled at herself, she thanked God that he likes the food.

“I told you that my mom knows how to cook. Why don’t you just get married to her” Ava mumbled, Daisy looked at Ava and then her eyes went to Henry.

“Have they been discussing about marriage, when they were in the room” she thought, she knows that her daughter loves Henry so much, she also loves him, but she doesn’t know what the future holds for her.

“Please Mr cutie……. Ava table manners” Daisy mumbled, cutting her off, she frowned her face and looked at Henry, he pat her hair, slowly.

After eating, Daisy carried away the dishes, while Ava was in the living room, Amelia was in her room after eating her food, Daisy was in the kitchen, she was trying to wash the sheets when Henry walked in, she was surprised to see him here in the kitchen.

“What are you doing Mr Henry?” She questioned, looking at him.

“Well, you should know that kitchen has always been my place” he said, with a smile, he moved closer to her.

“You never told me that you can cook, such delicious meal” he said, smiling.

“Hmm! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you…..” She mumbled.

” So who taught you how to cook and clean up the dishes, I love the way you did them” he said.

“Actually… nanny taught me how to cook and clean after eating” she said with a smile, she remembered everything.

“Really?” He said.

“Yeah. She’s so good and sweet” Daisy mumbled.

“Yeah I know”

“So do you have any other questions…. Mr Henry” she said with a wink, she hit his chest playfully, he smiled.

“Nah. But I wanna have the taste of your lips, please” he muttered, Daisy looked at him.

“Please……..” He pleaded, he brings his face closer to hers, he was about to kiss her, when Ava came into the scene, Daisy quickly looked away as if nothing had happened, though nothing happened.

” Mr cutie. …. I have been waiting for you all these while” Ava mumbled with a frown.

“Oh! Sweetie I’m sorry, but I’m busy with your mom. Just give me some minutes I will be right there with you” he said.

“Okay… I’ll be waiting” she muttered and left, Daisy turned and looked at him, he smiled, she did the same, he helped her to resin the plates, she kept them properly tried stepping out of the kitchen, he grabbed her hand, she landed on his chest, she looked at him, with confused eyes.

“I’m sorry” was the only words, he said and claimed her lips immediately, she shocked but later respond to his lips, he kissed her as if his whole life depends on her lips, he deepen the kiss, making her back rest on the wall, to make her feel a little comfortable, he unlock from the kiss, leaving her battling with her breath, she was breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry” he said, she didn’t say my to him, she left the kitchen and headed to her bedroom, she sat down on her bed, thinking about what happened some minutes ago.

Henry wasn’t feeling good about what he did, he was in the kitchen, he wondered if she is angry with him, since she didn’t respond to him, he left the kitchen and went to the living room, he sat down with Ava, who was watching a cartoon, he smiled at her.

“Did you talked to my mom about the marriage” Ava asked, looking at him.

“Not yet. She’s always busy with work. You know……” Henry muttered.

“Okay…..” Ava muttered, Shrugged her shoulder and shook her head, though she wanted to say another word, she couldn’t, Henry was with Ava, his mind wasn’t at rest, he regret doing that to her.

It’s been an hour since Daisy left for her bedroom, she isn’t back to the living room yet, he still regret his actions, he brought out his phone, he dailed he number, her phone was ringing but she wasn’t picking up his calls, he continued this about four times, but she didn’t pick up, he quitely kept the phone on the couch.

“Are you worried about my mom?” Ava asked, as she looked at his face, she noticed that he was sad.


“Don’t worry Mr cutie. She is fine” she said, smiling, he nods his name.

“If only she knows that I did right there in the kitchen. I shouldn’t have” he said to himself.


Mr Harrison came back from the trip, Rose was happy to see her husband again, she welcomed him, she prepared for his bathe, he quickly freshen up and came downstairs to eat.

“How was it?” Rose asked, concerned.

“It was fine.

“Did you get to see Henry?” She asked, Harrison glance at her and looked away.

“I didn’t. But I talked with Mr Fredrickson, you should know him”

“Yeah. I know” Rose muttered.

“We talked about the marriage. Henry is doing well, Mr Fredrickson told me that he was at his house” Mr Harrison said.

“Oh! That’s a goodness” Rose mumbled.

“Yeah it is. Henry and Daisy were good friends, before we left the country for Canada” Mr Harrison mumbled.

“Yeah….I know I could remember that, though he doesn’t like me” she said and shrugged her shoulders.

“Rose please stop saying this. I just prayed that one day he will understand” Harrison mumbled.


“When Harrison? When?”

“I have been leaving this way. I have been leaving with this hatred for the past 24 years. When will this be solved”

“When will he understand that I didn’t k*ll his mom” Rose said, crying, Harrison moved closer to her, he loves his first wife Amanda, he did this because of her, but he didn’t know that it will turn out this way.

“It’s okay honey. Please don’t cry…. it’s gonna be alright… please” he said, he opened his arms for her, she went into his arms, he pat her back, slowly, just to calm her down, some minutes later, she was calm, he helped her to her bedroom, she freshen up and went to bed.


Henry waited a little longer, but Daisy isn’t showing up, he stared at Ava, who was already asleep, he carried her to her bedroom, he covered her properly and kissed her forehead, before leaving her room, he went to Daisy room, actually Ava showed him each room and told him the rightful owner, he arrived at the door of her room, he knocked on door, he waited a while for response, but he didn’t get anyone, he knocked again, no response, he became scared and worried.

He was scare that she might have hurt herself, he opened the door and looked inside, but her room was scanty, there was no sign of Daisy in the room, he walked in and headed to the bathroom door, he placed his ear if maybe he can hear any sounds of water, but he didn’t hear anything, he quickly opened the door, he scan the bathroom with his eyes, but no one was there.

This is time he became more angry at himself, he hit the door repeatedly, he hit the wall, until he hands were red, he fell on the floor, tears came down from his eyes.

TBC ❤️


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