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She doesn’t want men

CHAPTER twelve

Chinaza Godwin ?️


Daisy freshen up and grabbed her phone, she was laying on the bed, when Larry came in with a tray of food.

“I have eaten” she said, without looking at him.

“Okay……” He mumbled, he stared at her for a while, she glance at him and noticed that he was still standing there an his eyes were on her.

“Thank you…..” See mumbled and kept her phone on the other side of the bed.

“For what?”

“For the other day… thank you for bringing her back…I was worried about her” Daisy mumbled, she stared at her fingers, she began playing with it.

“Is there something you want to tell me” Larry asked, looking at her, he sat on the bed held her hand.

“Yeah….. it’s eating me up…. I can’t forget it no matter how hard I try to…..I have tried some many times to take my life, the other night you save me, it was the sixth time that I’m doing this” she said and sighed softly.

“Because of my past experience I had some many nightmares, I hated my life, but I’m alive today it was my father and nanny, they have been there for me and I know that my father wants the best for me.

“I dream of someone, I love him so much, but everything is ruined now, I don’t think he will still want me back….”

“It happened on my 18th birthday, that evening I was in my bedroom, after the whole party. I was about taken off my gown when a guy walked in, he has been asking out, he wants me to be his girlfriend, but I didn’t agree with him, he wasn’t the one I want, he locked up the door, I was shocked, he came closer to me, I tried pulling him away but he was stronger than me, as he pinned down on the bed he tore my gown, I tried struggling with him, he gave me a slap, I was hopeless, it was as if the whole world is coming to an end, indeed it came to an end. this is the way I’m going to lose my Virginity to the guy I hate…..he took advantage of me he ráped me, he made feel useless” she muttered and paused as tears flow from her eyes, she blink her eyes slowly, Larry stared at her.

“I will come for more sweetheart” he whispered to my ears, I wept all night, he left the house, Anna my cousin came in she saw me in pain, I told her everything that happened, she quickly place a call on my father, he came to my room with my nanny, he was very angry, he yelled at Ms Pat, he threatened her that she will lose her job, but he stopped when I explained everything to him.

I was taken to the hospital, the doctor attended to me, Dad kept coming to the hospital, to check on me, Anna was there with me and Ms Pat, she never left my side.

Two weeks later my father called the police, he arrested, I was at home when I get a call from my sister that Gabriel was arrested I was happy and sad.

I was happy because he will be facing the law and I was sad because I lost my pride, it really hurts…..I can’t forget it, it’s difficult for me to forget it…. those words he whispered to my ears keeps hunting me… I feel like he’s close to me….I don’t want to my daughter to have such encounter with any man” she mumbled sobbing, Larry felt pity for her, he pulled her into his arms, she kept crying, she held his shirt tightly.

“Please save me from him……” She said, sobbing.

“He told me that he will come back again and this time there will be no mercy” she said between her sobs.

“It’s okay dear… you are safe with me… I promise you that nothing will happen to you” he said, she nods her head like a little girl, normally do.

She pulled out from his arms, she stared at him, she wiped down the tears that about to fall, he stared at her eyes, she was also lost staring in his eyes, he moved his face closer and kissed her lips slightly, she blinked her eyes, he realized what he has done.

“I’m sorry” he apologized, immediately.

“It’s okay….” She muttered and looked away, she looked at her mother’s picture.

“I didn’t get a chance to meet my mom….she died after giving birth to me” she said, Larry knows about that.

“I’m sorry” he muttered, she stood up and walked to the window, she shift the curtains, the moon and stars were shining brightly.

“The stars and moon are fully awake this night” Larry mumbled, he stood beside her, she glance at him and then back to the sky.

“Indeed….” She muttered, staring at the stars.

“What are your wishes?” He questioned, staring at her, she looked at him and gave him a little and sighed softly.

“I wish for a better man ….” She muttered, he smiled and slide his hand on his pocket.

“Why don’t you just go to your bedroom. It’s late” Daisy mumbled and left him staring at the stars, she sat on her and picked up her phone, by then he has left the window, he walked closer, she purposely lay on the bed, pretend to be asleep, she doesn’t want further questions, he moved closer to her, she dragged the duvet and covered her properly, before leaving the room.

When he left her bedroom, remembered that he didn’t ask about Ava, she would have told him if she was pregnant after the incident, he wanted to go back, he didn’t he realized that she has to rest.

The next morning, Larry was in the kitchen, he was done with the meals, he was just having a few words with the other maids, Daisy was coming towards the living room could hear their laughter, she moved closer to see what’s happening, she standing beside the door, she was actually peeping to avoid being caught.

“You’ve got a nice tattoo” one of the maid said with a smile.

“Yes Mr Larry…. she’s saying the truth and we love you” the other muttered, Daisy was upset, she doesn’t know the reason why she’s been that way before of what the maids were saying.

“Seems like you guys don’t have anything important to do this morning” she said, looking at the maids, in a disgusting way.

“We’re sorry ma’am” they apologized and left, she left in the kitchen with Larry, he smiled and fold his lips, she turned to leave the kitchen, when he said something that made her stop and looked at him.

“Are you jealous?” He asked.

“Jealous” she said and chuckled softly, “why should I be jealous?” She said and looked away.

“I don’t know…….. have you eaten something this morning” he said smiling.

“Nah. I will do that later since I will staying at home” she said and left the kitchen.

Some hours later….

Larry went to his bedroom, he quickly freshen up and came out of the bathroom with a towel on his waist, he stared at the mirror and smiled, Daisy was still thinking about what he was discussing with the maids, she has a guy with tattoos but this one seems to be something else, she has this feeling that there’s something especially about this man, called Larry, she went to the door of his room, she held the door knob, she slowly open the door, she peed in and saw him on towel, she kept staring at his bare back, he turned and noticed that she was looking at him, he smiled and moved closer to her, she turned running, he was too fast, he caught her by her waist, he wink at her and made come in.

“How may I help you Miss?”

” An if I may ask what are you doing in my bedroom ….” He said, looking at her lips, she doesn’t know what to say, she was just staring at him.

“I’m asking you a question Miss Daisy Fredrickson” Larry said, she fold her lips and release it..

“I don’t need anything…..I was just…. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to come in your bedroom….I didn’t know that you were just coming out of the bathroom” she stuttered.

“You didn’t know…..quite alright”.

“Why didn’t leave when you saw that I wasn’t putting on clothes” he asked, looking at her, her mouth were opened, he touched her lips slightly, she saw the tattoos on his chest it was a name written on it, “Amanda who’s said to be his Mom,” she looked away.

“I’m sorry…… please” she said, moving backwards as he kept moving forward to her, she glance at her back, which close to wall, she has no other option than to let her back hit the wall, he look into her eyes, he ran his soft hands on her waist, she was shocked.

“Tell me that you weren’t jealous when you heard me and the maids talking and laughing” he mumbled.

“Huh!” He mumbled, he moved her close to himself as her lower abdomen touched his.

“I wasn’t….. Fine I was” she said and looked away, tears were already building up in her eyes, he turned her face and touched her face slightly, he wiped out the tears and kissed her cheek, she closed her eyes and opened them.

“I’m sorry…… I didn’t mean to hurt you” he said, he left her and went to the wardrobe to get his wears, she looked closely and saw a tattoo of her name on his back, she knows of only one person, but he left her, while he was in high school.

“Could he be Henry” she asked herself and decided to give it a try to know if he will answer her.

“Henry” she called, he turned and looked at her, he wondered how she managed to know he’s name.

TBC ❤️


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