Lauren continues to tease. I’m not sure if that just comes naturally or if it’s a defense mechanism to keep me from getting too sappy. Either way, I like it. “Of course, that wasn’t boring.” I join in her banter. “You saw her at breakfast. She didn’t even get that you were teasing.”
“I know, right?” Lauren says, turning towards me and getting more animated.
“I couldn’t believe she was about to defend her choice in men,” Lauren laughs. She places her hand on my inner thigh, dangerously close to my c–k and leans towards me. “Do you need me to take the edge off before you see her?” Lauren mischievously asks while running her fingers up the length of my crotch.
“I’m fine,” I answer, “but I might take you up on that later.”
“See, even you don’t know when I’m joking,” she says, pulling her hand back.
“I knew.” I answer, not at all sure that I really did.
“Maybe I wasn’t,” she teases.
Okay, that’s why I’m not sure. Before I can think of a witty comeback, we pull up in front of Kelly’s apartment building.
“Thanks for coming with me Sis,” is all I say.
“I wouldn’t miss it,” she says, opening her door. “Maybe I’ll get to see some make up s-x.”
“Don’t hold your breath,” I say, taking her hand again as we walk up to Kelly’s door.
I had called ahead so that Kelly would know we were coming.
Kelly opens the door wearing the Vogue version of Sekxy outwear, a skintight skirt and lots of enticing cleavage. Lauren almost starts laughing and I sU-Ck in a breath to keep from joining her.
“Oh,” Kelly says, “I didn’t know you were bringing Lauren.” Maybe I forgot to mention that on the phone.
“She’s going to help me carry my stuff,” I say leading Lauren into the living room past Kelly.
The iHome is playing some of my favorite music and there’s a wine bottle open on the coffee table with two glasses.
“I thought we might be able to talk this through,” Kelly says, smiling at me while shooting daggers at Lauren. I start putting things in boxes as I respond.
“I’m sorry, Kelly,” I answer. “Let’s just take a break from the fighting for a while.” She’s looking around like there’s a better answer floating in the air somewhere.
“We were good together, Brandon,” she says, a single tear staining her perfect make up.
“Very good,” I admit, putting my hand on her shoulder. “But we fought like crazy.”

“And made up just as crazily,” she whispers, glancing at Lauren who is walking towards the bedroom with an empty box.
“Hey, let’s not fight about how we fought,” I laugh but she doesn’t see the humor.
“What will I tell Gwen and Steven?” she asks. “We are supposed to have dinner with them tonight.” This is what’s really bothering her; what will she tell her friends.
“Tell them whatever you want,” I answer, picking through the few CDs we have and taking mine. “Look, if you want to tell your friends that you caught me with another woman and kicked me out, it’s fine with me.”
“You arrogant b—–d!” she screams. “You think this is all about what I’m going to tell my friends?” I have to admit she really is gorgeous when she’s mad. “Fine! Just get your stuff and get out!”
It takes about twenty minutes for Lauren and I to get my clothes and the few meager possessions I have. Kelly just sits at the kitchen table flipping through a magazine without speaking, even when I tell her goodbye.
“That went well,” Lauren says as we put the last box in the trunk. I shrug as we get in the car and head back to our parent’s house. I’m not sure how long I’m going to want to live with my parents and I don’t have another good option available. HAPPY WEEKEND GUYS. And for the boys in the room if you feel bored 2moro jst let me knw and i will send one of my girls. And for my lovely girls am always here for you if you need my help with any biology pratical.


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