** I stay with her and when she lets out a long whimpering scream, I know we’ve arrived.
“OooooooooooooooooooaaaAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!” she cries and I’m rewarded with a thick creamy release of Sekxy syrup that tastes just like heaven.
I retract my finger and lap at her p—y as she settles back down on the couch. Her n—–s look gigantic in their fully aroused state and I pinch them more gently than I did Alex’s. For some reason Alex invoked more aggressive s-x from me than Kristina. Kristina just exudes delicateness throughout her whole body.
By the time I sit up, Kylie is moving towards the couch. “Give her a minute,” I tell her. “Besides, I have to clean up first anyway.”
“Sorry,” Kylie says. She appears to be in such a state of arousal that any touch might set her off. I’m going to have to calm her down a little if I want her to have the same experience as the other two.
The question of Lauren is still on my mind as I head to the bathroom to wash up again.
Kylie is already in position when I get back but there doesn’t seem to be any of the chatter that followed my romp with Alex. Kristina is sitting on the floor, away from the couch and I’m wondering if she’s okay with what happened when she beams me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. “Thank You,” she mouths as she spreads her legs so I can see how much juice is still dripping from her flower-petal p—y.
I stop and kiss the top of her head on my way to the couch.
“I’m going to need a new tongue when this night’s over,” I joke.
“Can I have your old one?” Alex cackles, making us all laugh hysterically.
“Kylie,” I say, staring at her porcelain smooth p—y. “You’ve seen two different approaches to eating p—y. What about each one excited you the most?” I ask, hoping that by getting her talking in a more analytical way it will prolong her pleasure once we get started.
“I liked the way you had Alex moving around so wildly,” she answers as I run my fingers over her smooth pubic m—d. “But I also liked how long you took with Kristina and how overpowering her o—-m was.”
“Well, let’s see what we can do for you.”
I continue trailing my fingers around her bare p—y as I lean in to sample her scent. She’s like a cross between the other two girls. Not quite delicate but not as strong as Alex. “You have a very distinct aroma, Kylie. Enticing without being overpowering.”

“If you say so,” she smiles, clearly anxious for the main event. Her smooth p—y lips are shiny with her leaked juices and I run my fingers up and down the edges coating them with the transparent lubricant. She leans her head back and closes her eyes as I tease her lips open and slip a finger inside. Her p—y muscles clamp onto my finger pulsating around it as she rocks her a-s against the couch.
“I wish that was your d–k,” she says, raising her eyebrows at me. I hear my sister sU-Ck in her breath and she looks like she’s ready to speak. I beat her to it.
“I thought you wanted my tongue,” I say, enjoying the banter.
“That too,” she says. “We can start with that.” Hmmm. I bend my head down and attack her p—y in much the same way I did Alex. I sU-Ck and tease her back to her full arousal level before I push two fingers into her experienced p—y. I pump my fingers in and out as I’m nibbling on her engorged c–t, and trying to keep up with her as she bounces her a-s all over the d–n couch.
“God! You’re good!” she cries as my teeth gently tease her sensitive love button.
She raises her a-s off the couch as she screams my name.
“God! Brandon! F–k! Oh yeah! F–k me! Oh God!” Her body convulses and she jerks her p—y against my mouth as she twists her body and raises herself up on one arm.
“Ohhhhh! FUUUCK!” She shoots her love juices into my mouth as her body spasms with pleasure. F–k! I’ve never eaten a woman whose p—y erupted in a geyser like that! I sU-Ck and swallow her tangy cream, keeping my mouth locked on her p—y as she settles back down onto the couch.
Just like the other girls, I reach for her t–s as I continue licking her p—y. To my surprise her thin n—–s are jutting out from their protective cocoons and I pinch the sensitive tips, which causes another eruption from her wide-open p—y.
“I forgot to tell you, I’m a squirter,” she says, smiling coyly.
“What’s a squirter,” Kristina asks.


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