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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

MAY I? – Episode 24



Later that night***

May slowly opened the door and let Ryder in. She turned her eyes to him.

“I think we are closed, no food for today. Come tomorrow” May said.

“…Do you work here?” He asked.

May blinked her eyes.
“Yeah” She lied, lowly.




“Hmm… Okay then,, goodnight”

“Wait,, you sleep here?”


“Don’t tell me, you sleep where you work? What of your place?”

“It’s not your business. Just leave, we are gonna talk later, okay?”

“You still have my phone number,, right?” He asked.

“Huh…yeah” She replied.

“You blocked me! I always called you but the line was was never available”

“Ah…Sorry. I’m gonna unblock you, okay. Now, goodnight” She said, quickly.

“Actually, I…I…can’t leave”

“What? I..don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“It’s late. I can’t go home. I’ve passed my curfew. My parents won’t let me in”

“So, what are you trying to say?”

“Can I stay here,, for just tonight”


“What? Its not my fault. You made me late by asking for a ride”

“You should have told me you were on curfew,, then, I wouldn’t have to bother you”

Ryder cleared his throat.
“So, you gonna let me in or let me out”

“You shouldn’t be telling me. I don’t have the audacity to even tell you to stay”

“So, who am I gonna ask?”

“You can’t stay” Raymond said, coldly after hearing Ryder’s statement.

Ryder groaned lowly.

“Just for tonight. Like I said before, I’m under curfew”

“Then, you should have left earlier”

“It’s my fault. Please,, let him stay” May said.

“He isn’t staying,, and that’s it. Hey, dude…go lounge at a hotel”

Ryder bit his lower lip in anger. He had only few cash with him. He couldn’t also go home. His dad, Mr Hart was one strict man. Ryder was way past his curfew. It was 10:45 pm. He was supposed to be home around 9,, on the dot. a second past 9 was definitely out of the question.

“Ray?” Coral called, gently. She had been standing behind Raymond who had his arms crossed with a cross look.

Raymond turned to her.

“He might be right. Please, let’s take him for only tonight. I know how kind and good you are” She said, slowly.

Raymond sighed. He turned to Ryder and May who stood beside him.

“You are leaving tomorrow as soon as it’s 6” Raymond said.

“Make it 7” Ryder winked.

“Get lost”

“Okay,, 6…6am”

Raymond nodded, and proceeded to leave. May quickly ran to him.

“Chef god” She whispered.

Raymond briefly looked at her and looked away. He continued walking while May slowly followed.

“Where is he gonna sleep?” She asked.

“Wait,, do you know that guy?” Raymond asked.

“Wh…at? No…no…I don’t. I don’t know him. Who’s he?” May stuttered,, blinking her eyes fast.

“You just said it was your fault he was late. What’s the heck is wrong with you? Stop being confused. I loathe lairs you know. It doesn’t pay a dime to be honest” He said, walking faster from her trying to give a large space between them.

“Hi” Coral muttered, walking up to Ryder.

Ryder was about to also greet her back but Raymond’s voice stopped him.

“Hey,, dude. You coming? You are spending the night in my room. Come on”

Ryder smiled, and ran to him, walking past Coral. He waved at May and finally followed Raymond into his room.

The Next Morning***

Sandra slowly walked into the agency, after waving to West,, who waved back with a smile.

She looked around and sighed deeply. She saw someone,, a male who was walking down the passage way so she ran to him.

“Hi,, sorry. a word please” She said, and tapped him.

The man turned to him and Sandra could agree he was so handsome and hot. His face glowed and his expensive clothings glittered.

“Hi…I’m…Sandra Flawn. I’m new in this industry” She smiled.

“I’m Carlos Strongs. I’m a little old here. Is there anything you want from me?” Carlos asked, politely.

Sandra smiled wider, and warmly.
“I’m actually in search of the meeting room-

“Oh,, That’s where I’m off to. Come on,, I could take you there” Carlos smiled.

“Thats a relief. Thank you”

“My pleasure. Let’s go” He said, and the both walked down together,, till the scene darkened.


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