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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

MAY I? – Episode 23




☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“Who’s he?” Raymond’s voice came.

May quickly took her eyes to Raymond, shook her head and looked back at Ryder who was still smiling.

May groaned lowly and quickly took his arm off her shoulder. She looked at Raymond again.

“I don’t know him” May said, shaking her head vigorously.

“Huh? You don’t know me? Did I probably get too handsome?…I’m the guy whom you-

Ryder paused after feeling May’s palm hold his mouth. She chuckled nervously and took her hand down.

“Let’s talk” May muttered to Ryder.

She grabbed his wrist and walked out. Raymond looked at them and shook his head.

“Look at who I was worried about? I was wasting my consciousness for nothing. She’s doing fine” Raymond said, wanting to leave.

Coral quickly grabbed his arm.
“Ray?…That guy. Who’s he? Do you know him?” She asked, calmly.

“No” He replied cooly and turned his head back. He looked back at her.

“Why do you ask?” He questioned.

“Nothing. I just…never mind” Coral said, and slowly took her hand off.

“Maybe he’s her friend or something” Raymond said, and left feeling less concerned.

Coral stretched her neck and strained her eyes. She caught them talking underneath the tree outside. She wondered what they were talking about and how they were related.

“Are you crazy? Why did you come here? What are you doing here? How…did you find me?” May asked.

“So,, you do recognize me?” Ryder smirked.

May looked down.
“I know you are upset about that day. But,, can’t you let it go”

“I should let 120 million dollars go?” He frowned.

“You don’t know how much I let go few hours ago, do you?”

“Huh? I don’t get”

“Never mind. What are you doing here”

Ryder sighed.
“I came to….,, His eyes met with the sign board on the restaurant and he quickly said;

“eat…I came to eat”

“Oh,, okay. Let’s go in. My chef god will prepare you something”

“What? Chef god?” Ryder was puzzled.

“Huh?…No,,I mean the chef…who prepares godly-like dishes” She smiled forcefully, and nervously.

“Whatever. I want the best meal…Wait,, It’s Italian?”

“Yup. Ray’s Italian Cuisines. Don’t worry, You are gonna love it” She smiled.

“No… I really love Italian cuisines! I’ve been looking long for it and now, I’ve finally seen a restaurant that deals with my favorite” He said, with all excitement.

“I don’t understand” May muttered.

“I lived in Italy when I was little. Since I moved to Korea, I’ve never eaten my best meal…Italy dishes. Come on, we have food to eat”

“Hey, wait!”

“I’m Ryder…not hey”

“Uh…Okay,, Ryder. I need a favor from you, please. Don’t say anything to them. Don’t let them know we know each other. I’m also gonna pay you back little by little. Only, if you can give me time” May whispered, looking down.

Ryder sighed and brushed her hair,, behind her ear.
“You are May,, right?”

She nodded quietly.
“You remember?”

“I didn’t forget. You told me that day. I wonder why you forgot mine”

“….Don’t worry,,I won’t. Ryder…Nice name. Nice bike, you got there too” May said, and glanced over,, from Ryder’s behind. She saw the power bike.

“You like it? Should I take you for a ride. The wind is cool tonight”

May smiled and nodded.
“I would love to…but you said you wanted to eat. You looked like you really needed Italian cus-

“Forget it. Let’s go” Ryder said, and held her hand. May blinked her eyes and quickly looked at him deeply.

She watched him led her away to the bike. Ryder hopped onto the seat, and wore his helmet. He gave her the other helmet. She wore it and sat behind him.

“I’m gonna start now” Ryder smiled.

“Yippee! I can’t wait” May was joyous.

“Yeah, so you gotta…hold me”

“What?” She whispered.

“Hold me tight. I don’t want you falling”

“Oh…Okay. So, where should I hold-

“Around my waist. Hold it f*cking it tight”

May swallowed hard and slowly wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Like this?” She whispered.

Ryder sighed, and looked down to her interlocked fingers resting on his stomach. He held her arm and tightened it around his waist. May’s heart beat increased and she became uneasy.

“That’s more like it. Let’s go!” He gushed and started the ignite.

They were now on the road. May kept laughing and smiling,, watching the scenes and ways around. Ryder was smiling,, he felt happy…really happy.

“By the way?!” May said, aloud feeling the hard but cool wind blow across her face.

“What?” Ryder replied.

“How did you find me?” May asked.

Ryder chuckled. He remembered begging and asking security men for the CCTV footage across the strests to find where she passed through. He even paid.

“Answer me” May’s voice came again.

Ryder smiled.
“It’s a secret” He replied.

“What’s this?” May mumbled,, and the bike drove faster.


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