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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

MAY I? – Episode 22



Many girls were already staring at Ryder and talking all around. They were all crushing deeply. Ryder noticed it but paid no attention to them.

That means you’re leaving?” Ryder asked.

His colleague nodded.
“The foxy guy already left…He handed out his own quickly. I’m gonna be leaving then,, good luck. Oh here, your pamphlets. You asked me to keep this for you”

“Thank you. I guess I will be the only one here” Ryder collected them from him.

“You can hand the pamphlets right now and finish them before 5 minutes”

“Huh? And how are my gonna do that? Are you gonna help me? I have about 70 plus pamphlets here”

His colleague laughed.
“Look at everyone drooling and looking at you. They are even talking about you. Also, take off your bear costume”

“Huh? Why?”

“I’ve got an idea” The colleague winked.

Ryder sighed and pulled down the costume,, which exposed his white singlet which was now wet due to sweat.

It became transparent,, allowing his mighty abs to be seen. It was clear and shone brightly. Many gasped and stood there. They even began to take pictures. Ryder sighed deeply.

“Was this it? You wanted me to be noticed?” Ryder asked, almost getting angry.

“Sshh…Just watch”

Ryder sighed again. He looked up and saw lots of girls stretching their hand, pushing each other. They were all saying at the top of their voices;

👥 Oppa, I want one!

👥Oppa, give me one!

👥Me! Me! Me! Oppa

👥You haven’t given me, Oppa

👥Oppa, give me another! I wanna give my sister at home!

👥Oppa, what about me?

👥Let’s take one pic together, pleaseee

👥You are handsome!

👥Oppa, give the last one to me!

Ryder was able to share everything to them. However, most of the girls complained of not taking.

He took pictures to reach a compromise. Some even asked for his autograph and he simply signed for them.

He thanked his helpful colleague, waved him good bye, went to his power bike, wore his helmet, sat down and zoomed out of sight.

Most of the girls even pursued him but couldn’t keep up with the pace.

“What’s wrong with them? They are even ready to die for some silly pamphlets” Ryder thought, riding.

Sasha’s Apartment***

“What are we gonna do? What if I get pregnant? I’m too young! I’m just 19! What would my mum say? Darn it,, My dad is gonna kill me”

“I’m also too young to be a father. What…what should we do?” Marcus asked, stammering.

“That’s what I’m asking you. Why weren’t we careful!!” Sasha yelled, almost in tears.

“Aiish! What really happened last night. I can’t remember a thing” Marcus shook his head, and scattered his hair with his hand.


Coral opened the door quickly when she heard the loud bell sound. She opened her eyes widely and gasped.

“May!” She exclaimed, and quickly pulled her,, giving her a tight hug.

May quickly pulled away from her, terminating the hug.

“What happened? Why did you leave,, you made us worried” Coral said.

May said nothing. The next thing that happened was Raymond rushing down. He walked past Coral and faced May.

May smiled when she saw him.
“My chef god” She said slowly.

“…You…Where did you go to?! Where were you! Why didn’t you say a damn thing before you left!! Tell me what happened! Tell me everything!!” He thundered.

May blinked her eyes. She was frightened. She couldn’t even talk because words were just too hard to form. Coral was staring hard at Raymond from behind.

“Say something! Why did you make me sick worried! I thought something happened to you-

“No…She was safe because we were together. She stayed with me through out the whole day” A voice came from behind.

They all looked behind. Lo and behold, standing at May’s back was Ryder. May gasped in fear and shock.

“What is he doing here? How…did he find me. Aiish! I got no 120 million dollars to give” She thought.

Ryder looked at her and winked. He looked back at Raymond and Coral and smiled.

Coral stared at Ryder and suddenly felt her heart fluttering and racing fast. She couldn’t stop staring at him.

Then, Coral and Raymond’s eyes went to Ryder’s long manly arm which was now on May’s shoulder resting.

May quickly looked at him and Ryder looked back at her and smiled.

“Hi…debtor” He muttered.

May felt a hiccup leave her mouth.


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