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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

MAY I? – Episode 21




☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“Why are you crying?” Ryder asked, worriedly.

May sniffed and broke the hug. She wiped her upper lip and shook her head.

“Thank you for the free hug. That was exactly what I needed. Anyways, Have a nice day”

“I asked what’s wrong with you. Why were you crying?”

May chuckled.
“If I told you,, you wouldn’t be able to help. All you would do is to sympathize with me”

“Do I look I sympathize with someone? I’m cold blooded… Harsh minded” He said.

“How am I suppose to know how you look like when you are wearing this” She said, and hit the teddy head.

“Owww…Easy, lady” He said, and held the huge head firmly.

“I’m going to take my leave now,…my hugger. Thanks a lot” She smiled and bowed down.

May raised her head slowly and took a step but her arm was swifted collected by the huge teddy bear hand. She quickly turned her head back causing her long hair to swerve.

“What’s it?” She muttered.

“I’m not gonna ask you what happened. Just tell me what you want…What do you want now?”

May laughed briefly.
“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t be able to give me half of it. Have a nice day, hugger”

“…You forgot to add “my”…You should that”

May widened her eyes in confusion.
“I don’t understand”

“Earlier, you called me “My hugger”,, The later one you called,, you didn’t include “My”…Add that”

May blinked her eyes fast. She wondered what kind of teddy bear was that. She wondered who was under the costume. Why was the person behaving familiar with her.

To avoid any problems and with the will to leave fast, She said;
“Thank you, my…hugger”

Ryder smiled under the mask.
“Now, tell me what you want”

“…No…I don’t want anything. I’m…I’m fine” She stuttered, blinking her eyes faster.

“I insist. Because if you don’t tell me, I won’t let you go” He said.

May noticed his manly and cool voice. She immediately knew he was gonna be handsome. She slowly took her eyes to his hand which was still clenching onto hers.

“….I want….lollipop” She whispered.

“What?” He was surprised.

“I wanna lick lollipop. I love it,, I want the biggest size” She chuckled.

Minutes Later***

Ryder watched May lick the lollipop. She looked at him and he quickly took his face away.

May shifted to his side on the bench and Ryder shifted away slowly, clearing his throat.

“You…Do you know me?” She asked, licking the lollipop thoroughly.

“…No,, I don’t. Who are you?” He asked.

“Hmm…If you don’t know me,, Why do you care about me? Why did you ask why I was crying? Why did you ask what I wanted? See…you even bought a lollipop for me” She said, showing the lollipop to his face.

May quickly took it into her mouth and continued licking it.

“So, answer me. Why do you care about me?” May questioned.

“….Bears care for people” Ryder answered, slowly.

“Stop kidding me, human. Let me see your face by the way” She said, looking at him straight in the eyes.

Ryder gulped hard as his eyes met with her face which was directly in front of him.

“You don’t wanna answer? Aiish! By the way, I thought you were a hugger. Why aren’t you hugging anyone else?”

“You called me a human. Don’t you think human needs to rest? I’m just tired” Ryder replied.

“Oh…” She nodded.

“Where do you stay?” He asked.

“What?…Why…Why do…. you ask?” She asked back.

“If you don’t wanna tell me, say so”

“Sorry, my hugger. I can’t tell you”

“Okay then. If I can’t be your new neighbor,, I’m gonna ask another”


“So, you gonna tell me where you work?”


“I wanna work where you work”

“I don’t understand. Why do you wanna know? And why do you wanna even work where I work?” She asked.

“I wanna wipe your tears in case you cry there. Also, I’m your hugger,, I’m gonna hug you whenever you need it”

May said nothing. With the lollipop still in her mouth, she kept looking deeply at the teddy. It was so strange and weird.

“I…I gotta go” She stuttered, and stood up.

Ryder stood up quickly.
“Can you wait for me? I’m gonna ride you ba-

“No, please. I…I don’t need your help. I’m thankful though. But I can do great on my own. Thank you so much” She said, bowed and slowly began to take few steps.

Ryder quickly turned her around with his arm on her hand.

“Tell me where I can find you” He said.

May became scared. She felt a huge lump in her throat.

“I think I’m making you scared. I only wanted to see you. I’m…so sorry” He shook his head and took his hand off her arm.

Before Ryder got look up at her, May quickly ran away with her both legs flying like a bird. It was so sudden and unexpected.

“What the hell?…Anyways, who am I kidding? I was expecting that. She always run away anytime we meet” He chuckled.

“Hey, dude. We’ve handed out our pamphlets” One of his colleague voiced from behind.

Ryder quickly turned and pulled the teddy bear head away from his own head. He was sweating hard already. And it was cause of the heat. His hair below was also wet, thanks to the sweat.

It made it curly in the process and it glued right on his forehead, allowing his handsome face stand out the more. His fresh, and fair face glowed also.


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