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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

MAY I? – Episode 20



The Police Station***

After several hours of waiting,, May was finally attended to.

She was called and she went straight up to the chair. She cleared her throat since her throat was now runny and croaky due to excessive crying.

“Sorry for attending to you late. I had to finish the case I had with someone else. Other cops are also busy” The cop explained

May only nodded. Her face looked pale. Her lips were dry and she certainly didn’t look like she was in the mood to say something out of the box.

“So, why do you want?” He asked.

“I was frauded” She said, dryly.

The cop sighed.
“Please, explain to me…everything”

After Explanation***

“It’s really hard to catch the fraudster but we are gonna try. He looks really good in the “scamming” business too”

“So, he can’t be caught? What about the money? Is it gone? There are millions in there. If not millions, a billion”

The cop sighed loudly.
“I can try…to help but if will be difficult. I would have tracked the number he used in calling you but it was a burner. He also looks like a big time computer literate and a hacker. Okay,, Just drop your phone number here…I’m gonna reach you if I notice anything” He said, giving her a paper, and a pen.

“Please, do help me me”

“I will try”

May sighed and took the paper and pen which she used in putting the number down.

“Also, put your address” The cop said.

“….Huh?” She muttered, looking up at him.

“I also need your residential address just in case”

May bit her lips and slowly wrote down Raymond’s address. That was her last option. She wasn’t gonna give her mother hypertension with her mess. She just wanted to clean it up, herself.

“Here” May uttered, giving him the paper and pen.

May slowly walked outside. She began to walk slowly to a bench close by. She sat down on it and looked down on her shoes.

“I have nothing now. Nothing at all” She sobbed as she felt tears falling.

She kept crying. Despite trying to let it stop, it remained adamant.

“How do I leave that place now? How do I go to Italy now? What do I tell my mum now? Who do I tell things to now? I can’t even tell my best friend anything now” She sobbed, crying relentlessly.

Ryder who was still handling his pamplets saw May sitting on the bench and instantly recognized her.

“Huh? Wait…Is she the one that owes me 120 million dollars after tearing my shirt?” He thought.

Ryder was wearing his teddy bear custome while his two other colleagues wore a mickey mouse and fox custome.

“Huh? Why is she crying?” He also noticed that. He even felt sorry.

Ryder sighed and ran to his colleague.
“Hey, hold this for me. I will be right back with you” He said, and gave his his pamphlets.

Without any more word, he ran to May and stood in front of her.

May noticed something,, or someone standing there right in front of her so she raised her head to see.

“Huh? A teddy?…Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m…a teddy bear and I give free hugs” He said.

“I…don’t understand” May shook her head.

“I saw you crying. Like I said before, I’m a teddy bear and I give free hugs”

May bit her lips trying to fight the strong stream of tears that was about rushing down.

“I can help-

“Can I hug you, please?” She sniffed.

“Yeah” He whispered, with a nod which vibrated the Teddy’s huge brown head.

May quickly stood up in a jump and clinged her arms around it. She broke down into loud and painful tears, hugging it more tightly.


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