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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

MAY I? – Episode 19




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“What do you mean she left?” Raymond opened his eyes widely in surprise.

“She just washed her mouth, rinsed her face and ran off” Coral said again.

“What time did she leave?” Raymond asked.

“She left as early as 5:00am” She replied.

“And she didn’t say anything at all,, even a one syllable word to you?”

“Not even an alphabet”

Raymond sighed heavily and looked around the room.
“She didn’t take her bags?” He asked.

“Yeah. Did you yell at her? Did you ask her to leave?” Coral asked, with her eyes twitching.

Raymond looked blankly, at space.
“Darn it. I told her to leave…but I didn’t mean it”

“What if she took it personal and decided to leave without taking her things. I noticed she was crying too. I tried to talk to her but she waved me aside. She didn’t even sleep a wink after midnight” Coral explained.

“Sh*t!! Do you have her number?” Raymond asked.

“No. Even if I ask, she might not give me”

“It’s my fault! I never wanted to be so rude”

“I know you well, Ray. You are the kindest person I have ever meant. I know you never meant those words. I also pray she understands and comes back”

Raymond sighed and looked down. He was feeling guilty and his eyes were sad.

“Should I go down and, open the restaurant?” Coral asked.

“We are talking about May and you are asking me if you should open the restaurant!” He half yelled.

Coral blinked her eyes.
“I’m…sorry” She muttered.

“…Coral, I didn’t mean to yell. I was just upset at myself. Sorry for letting my anger on you” He quickly apologized, with his voice trailing down.

“No, I…I understand. Its fine. It’s my fault. We should be more worried about May than the restaurant”

“Yeah. Let’s open the restaurant when she comes back” Raymond said, and turned to leave.

However, Coral quickly held his arm and he simply turned his neck over to look at her.

“What if she doesn’t come back today,, we won’t open the restaurant tomorrow…right?” She said, slowly.

“….Then,, I’m gonna look for her if she doesn’t come back” He replied in a whisper, took his arm off and went out.

Sandra’s Apartment,, 7am***

Sasha slowly opened her eyes and sat upright on the bed. She shook her head.

“What happened last night?” She asked herself, outwardly.

“I’m gonna tell you” She heard Sandra’s cold voice say.

Sandra screamed lightly and looked in front to see Sandra staring back at her with her arms crossed. If eyes were bows,, it would have shot out a lot of arrows by now.

“You came into my bedroom, jumped on my bed with Marcus and had raw s*x with him” Sandra said, firmly.

Sasha gasped and looked at her side. Marcus was still sleeping by her side. She saw he was only wearing underwear.

She noticed she was wearing only singlet and a small short.

“….I can…explain. I don’t know how. I don’t even know that happened last night”

“Leave!!” Sandra hollered.

Sasha quickly woke Marcus up, took her clothes from the bed and wore them. Marcus also woke up and wore his clothes swiftly.

“I’m really sorry, Ma’am” Sasha looked down.

“I’m sorry for causing a mess I can’t even remember” Marcus said.

Sandra scoffed.
“I’m just worried you for guys. Don’t forget to invite me to your baby’s naming ceremony” child dedication

“Whhh….aatt?” The both stammered in unison.

“Now,, Out!!” Sandra screamed allowing them to flinch and run out.

Sandra smirked after they left. She brushed her hair to the back of her ear.

“Nice work, Sandra” She giggled.

The Bank, 8:13am***

May was the first to rush into the bank the instant it opened. Banks always opened every 8am but she stayed outside the bank since 5:30am.

She was cold and scared but bared with it. She hardly slept that night.

After few minutes, a bank staff attended to her. In tears and while stuttering helplessly, May explained what happened.

The staff shook his head.
“We are sorry Ma’am. You were frauded” He went straightforward.

“Huh? I…I don’t understand. Mr Jimmy K. called me just yesterday telling me there was an interference in my account. He asked for my-

“And you shouldn’t have given him. No one interfered with your account. That man, Jimmy K. doesn’t have a role in our banks at all. He’s an hacker and he was the one who took all your savings”

The tears flowed down her eyes the more. It was bitter and hot.

“Wh…at should I do now? It’s…It’s my life savings…ple…ase” She stuttered, helplessly with her finger vibrating on the table.

“Your bank is empty as you can see” He said, showing her the computer screen on his table.

“There’s no way we can move the money back. It’s absolutely not possible”

“No…no…please…I’m begging you, help me, sir. What should I do now?” She cried out.

People around looked at her. Some heard her words and began to pity her. Her face was now red and her eyes weren’t exceptional.

“The only thing you can do is to see the cops so that the person will be caught. I advice you not to give anyone those personal and bank info ever again”

May slowly stood up. It was over. It was gone. She didn’t say anything nor look at anyone. Saying anything else was useless.

She slowly walked outside, wiped her tears and touched the bank security outside.

“Sorry but excuse me,, Do you know where the nearest police station is?” She asked, calmly trying to hold her tears.

“Oh…There is one just down the road… It’s called Everest lane” He replied, politely.

“Thank you, sir” She bowed and left.


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