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Skyler just stepped out of Edna’s office, she brought out her phone and began calling Alvin.

After a ring, he picked.

“Hey Miss Skyler, What’s up?” His voice sounded from the other end.

“I’m done in Edna’s company, can you come pick me to?” Skyler replied as she came down from the elevator.

“Okay some minutes” Alvin replied before he hung up.

Skyler stepped out of Jiggy and almost immediately a car stopped in front of her. Alvin’s call came again.

She switched her lips placed it on her ears.

“Your ride is here” after that, he hung up.

Skyler looked confused but she got over it and stared at the ash colored car in front of her.

“So fast” she muttered before moving forward.

The door of the car opened and a strong leg covered with black jeans stepped down followed by a stoic face and a hefty man putting on glasses.

He looked at a picture before looking at Skyler’s face.

“Are you miss Skyler Delgado?” He asked, his voice sounded like he swallowed a loud mic.

“Yes” Skyler looked unsure as she stared at him from head to toes. He was not Alvin so who was he?

“I’m your new bodyguard, you can call me Trent” he replied her question as if he knew what she was thinking and Skyler almost rolled her eyes.

She thought she told Mason not to bother getting her a bodyguard, even if he wanted to then why was he so fast in doing so?

“Mason told me about you” she muttered.

“I’m glad ma’am, I promise to protect and stay by your side everytime even if it means risking my own life” he replied before going to open the door for her to get in.

‘He did not just call me ma’am’ Skyler said inwardly as she entered the car.

He closed it and went to the driver sit then began driving. Skyler’s phone beeped and her eyes widened with what she saw.

Edna just sent her money for the materials of doing the dress and if Skyler was not wrong then it can cost to pay the price of her and her mom’s house and expenses for more than five years.

‘Just the way rich spends’ she rolled her eyes before facing Trent.

“Uhm.. can you please drive me to the local cloth markets? I want to get something” she said and he nodded before taking a u turn.



People were seated in the audience chair and chanting James name as he was swimming.

“Why is James always cool?” Simon thought foolishly. He could already see the image of James pinning him to a wall and leaning close to kiss him.

“Wipe your imaginations off, James is into hot guys like me” Fred kissed the muscles he didn’t have before staring at Simon again.

“Not into nerd guys with glasses” he eyed him.

Simon gasped and faced Fred.

“I’m not a nerd, I just happen to put on glasses which makes me looks sexy” he tried using his hands to arrange his hair backwards but there was nothing to arrange because his hair were gelled together.

“Really you just happen to wear glasses, then explain this hair style!” Fred pointed his hair.

“And the way you knotted your tie oh and explain why I saw you reading in your toilet on Sunday afternoon” Fred added and Simon gasped.

Carson was sitting in their middle with a frown on his face. He was wondering where he got this people from and called them his friends.

“When did the both of you resumed in crushing on James? I thought you were all over Gracie this morning?” He said.

“It’s not our fault that James is so hot” Simon replied and Carson looked front to see James arranging his wet hair backwards as he just won the first lap.

He scoffed and looked elsewhere.

“Even my poop is hotter than him” he muttered then his eyes caught Gracie sitting alone and pressing his phone and a smile appeared on his face.

“A minute guys, I have an assignment to do” he dipped his hands on his pocket then brought out a tiny mouth perfume and spray in his mouth.

He stood up and excused himself before coming to sit beside her.

“Gracie?” He called and she looked from her phone to him.

“Hi” she smiled at him then arranged her hair backwards.

“I don’t know if you remembered my face but I came to your cousins house.. my name is Carson” he tried to remind her.

Her eyes widened a bit and she nodded.

“I remembered, my cousin’s new boyfriend, how are you doing?” She replied and Carson’s eyes widened.

“ no,I’m not..” he was trying to explain when a musuclar guy dressed in all black came to sit beside her.

“Princess” he wrapped her arms around her shoulders and she turned to him, next thing she slammed his lips against his and they began kissing eachother.

Carson blinked twice and shook his head as he stared. Gracie pulled away from the guy and stared at him.

“Sorry, this is my boyfriend Ryan and Ryan this is my cousin’s boyfriend Carson” she introduced them to eachother.

Boyfriend? Carson looked shocked.

“Sup!” Ryan nodded at Carson who only forced a smile and nodded his head at him.



“Boss” Alvin stepped inside the office and Mason looked up from the files he was going through.

“Hudson is waiting outside, should I allow him to come in?” Alvin asked.

“Sure” Mason nodded and Alvin stepped out, few minutes later Hudson stepped in.

He was dressed in a cooperate jacket, a t-shirt, jeans and canvas. As he stepped in, he took the chair opposite Mason.

“Who gave you the permission to sit?” Mason looked at him with a frown.

“But you understand, we are family” Hudson smiled but when he noticed Mason wasn’t smiling back, he immediately stood up.

Mason arranged the file he was holding and dropped it one side then faced Hudson.

“So what are you here for?” He gave him a blank look.

“What do you mean bro? You know why” Hudson laughed nervously.

“I don’t know why” Mason shook her head.

“Grandpa said you should give me a good position once you get into the company, come on don’t pretend!” Hudson frowned at him.

Mason sighed and stared at him.

“So which position do you want?” Mason then asked.

A smile appeared back on Hudson’s face before he began talking.

“I want to handle the general manager of the cloth development factory” he shines his teeth.

“General manager of the clothes development factory” Mason muttered in a way that only him could hear before nodding his head.

He began searching for something under his desk and when he did, he passed the file to Hudson.

“So fast?” Hudson smiled and began opening the file. His smile turned to a frown and he pointed at Mason with widened eyes.

“What the hell is this? Me? A driver? Come on” he looked like he had really given up.

“Isn’t that the way you dressed? Even if I have a driver then he would dress better than you” Mason shrugged.

“You’re unbelievable! Grandpa would hear of this!” Hudson squeezed the file on hands and angrily walked out of the office.

Mason didn’t even look remorseful as he checked his wrist watch before he stood up. Alvin also entered the office with his book.

“Boss it’s time for your meeting with..”

“I know” Mason strolled past him.

Alvin only dropped his hands down in defeat before following him from behind.



The car stopped, Skyler was about to come down but Trent was fast enough to come down and open the door for her.

She sighed and stepped down.

“You can wait here, I’ll just go get some materials I will be needing” Skyler told him but he didn’t reply her.

She took it as a yes and began going in but on hearing the footsteps behind her, she turned back to see Trent following her.

He stopped walking the moment he stopped walking.

“I told you not to follow me” Skyler glared at him.

“It’s my job to ensure that you’re always safe” he simply replied and Skyler felt speechless for a minute as she stared at him.

“Dude, it’s just clothes materials nothing can possibly happen to me” Skyler glared at him.

“Boss paid me to look after you and I will do just that” he replied.

Skyler knew there was no need in arguing with him so she just sighed and nodded.

“Fine, let’s go… Watch over me it’s cool” she forced a smile on her face and began going walking forward.

Trent followed her.

Few minutes later, Skyler was holding some blue clothes fibers, she was pricing some design when someone stood behind her.

The person kept looking at her face and she looked to see a not to familiar guy or maybe he was a bit familiar.

“I know you, you’re Skyler” he said and Skyler narrowed her eyes.

“Incase you don’t remember, I’m Jasper” he reminded her and her eyes widened.

Jasper used to chase after her two years ago but she chose Felix instead.

“I heard what happened to you and Felix,I knew that guy wasn’t really what he is! How could he cheat on you, he’s dumb” he shook his head and Skyler only forced a smile.

“Anyways if you don’t mind, we can try to hit up sometimes, you know I’ll help you heal your heart” he tried moving closer to her but Trent came to stand in between them.

He showed the Jasper guy a card that says at least, three feet apart.

Jasper let out a confused chuckle as he looked up at Trent.

“Skyler who is this guy?” He asked but Skyler ignored him, she took her clothes and began leaving.

After few steps, she turned back to stare at him.

“And Jasper, I don’t need you to try to fix my heart” she said and raised her right hand to him, showing him the ring on her little finger.

His eyes widened and she nodded.

“That’s right Jasper,I’m married” she smiled at him before leaving with Trent.

“Married?” He thought to himself.



“Okay Mr Jacob Delgado, you can come in next it’s time to see what you can do to this bleeding patient” the doctor said.

Jacob nodded and put on his nose mask before walking into the theater.

There was a man covered in blood, the only thing Jacob could here was his heartbeat but he was still forcing himself to move forward.

‘There’s actually nothing there’ he kept telling himself as he fixed his hand glove then opened his eyes.

The only thing he couldn’t see was blood then the image of a man feet hanging on a ceiling fan with blood dripping everywhere.

He couldn’t take it anymore,he turned around and ran out of the theater.

“Hey Jacob where are you going to?” The doctor shouted after him.

Jacob got back to his car and shot the door hard, the next second, he burst out in tears.

“Why am I so useless? Why can’t I be good at anything for once!!” He cried out.



“It was really nice doing business with you Mr Mason, with everything I’ve seen so far then I can tell your company will be worth my money and time” a fat man dressed in a neat suit exchanged hand shake with Mason.

Although Mason was still putting on his nose mask but one could tell that his face was still straight as usual.

“My pleasure Mr Orleans” he replied.

“I will take my leave now, good night” the man left with his personal assistant.

Mason faced Alvin.

“Let’s go, I have some other things to do in the office, get the car ready” he said and began leaving.

Alvin hurriedly went after him and they both gasped with what they saw. The wind screen of Mason’s car was broken, it looked like someone purposely did it.

“Boss..” Alvin was speechless as he stared at Mason.

“I want you to speak to the owner of this restaurant and I want to know how this happened to my car under their premises” he didn’t look angry as he spoke but he was upset.



Carson couldn’t take his eyed off Ryan as he openly flirted with Gracie in the cafeteria.

“How dare he?” He muttered to himself and angrily drank his smoothie with his straw.

His table moved and he saw James sitting opposite him. He rolled his eyes and began eating his fries, still watching Gracie and the Ryan guy.

“You should give him those looks with style, Ryan might see you and plug your eyes off” James smirked.

“Then he can come and try, I’m ready to put him on my shoulders and flip him to the ground” Carson scoffed and eyed Ryan again.

“You’re just wasting your time, Gracie is into bad and expensive boys” James rolled his eyes afterwords.

“Luckily I’m expensive” Carson replied.

“Yeah but you still need grandpa to do everything for you just the way he allows someone to drive you to school everyday. You see Ryan drives his car himself” James told him.

Carson scoffed and shook his head.

“But you see I’m not selective. I’m into boys they fails maths and can’t drive their own car” James said and Carson looked at him but he wiggled his brows.

“Jesus you make me sick, don’t talk to me until we have maths lectures” Carson stood up and walked out of the cafeteria angrily.

James only just watched him with a smile.



It was evening already, some were back from work and some weren’t but Skyler was in her room, putting on her glasses and painting the drawing of a dress in her sketchbook.

They were so many materials beside her, the pieces of clothes and a sewing machine was beside her also some rumpled paper were on the floor.

The door opened and Mason stepped in, he was frowning before but he frowned even more.

“When did you turn my room to a tailor shop?” His voice made Skyler looked up.

“Oh, hi Mason, how’s work?” She asked before looking back at what she was doing.

She groaned and rumpled the paper then threw it on the floor.

“Make sure you clean my room when you’re done” he rolled his eyes and began taking off his tie and suit jacket.

He also took off his shirt and Skyler stylishly looked up but faced her sketchbook immediately.

‘Why is he undressing in front of me?’ she thought as she resumed drawing.

Few minutes later, Mason came out from the bathroom dressed in some casual t-shirt and shorts.

His legs were fine and hairy but Skyler shook her head. She shouldn’t be getting affected by his good looks and perfect features.

“It’s time for family dinner, will you come downstairs with me?” He asked.

“Can I skip, I have lots of things going on here” she replied.

“At least eat, have energy and work again, come on” he urged and she sighed before standing up and moving towards him.

He suddenly began leaning close to her which made her a bit confused. She stared at him, blinking slowly but his face was blank as usual.

She felt his hands on her hair then he showed her a piece of clothing he took off from her hair.

“Bet you didn’t know that was there” he said afterwards.

Skyler sighed and left the room and he followed her from behind. Everyone were already eating.

“Why are the both of you always late for dinner?” Maya looked annoyed.

“They are husband and wife, I’m sure they were enjoying each other’s company alone” Emily said with a sweet smile.

Mason rolled his eyes as he climbed down the stairs with Skyler beside him. They both joined the table.

“Sister in-law, you look stressed,is it because of my dress? Please eat this” Edna dished some food in Skyler’s plate.

“Where’s Ivy?” Mason asked.

“It’s her normal routine to always skip dinner” Maya rolled her eyes and he sighed at her behavior.

He helped himself with some food and began eating as so as Skyler.

“Right, Mason when will I be receiving my first great grandchild?” Grandpa Mario suddenly asked and Skyler began choking on her food.



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