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( ???? ????????? )

“Are you looking for someone?” Her smooth and tiny voice rang in his ears and Carson’s eyes widened. He immediately turned around to arrange his hair before turning to face her.

“Hey, my name is Carson and it’s nice to meet you. I’m actually.. I’m actually..”

As Carson was talking, James appeared behind her back. A smile appeared on his face the moment he saw Carson.

“I was waiting for you, come on in” he made space for Carson to enter.

“Oh you two are together?” The girl asked and Carson’s eyes widened.



The both of the said at the same tight and Carson gave James a glare.



They said again and while Carson was still glaring at James, the girl turned around and left.

“Who was that anyways?” Carson then asked as he came in.

“My cousin, she just came back from Canada two days ago, care for some milk tea and cookies?” James was walking towards the kitchen as he asked.

“No” Carson scoffed.

“Then suit yourself, my laptop is over there” he pointed the couch and Carson began walking towards it.

“I hope you have fun learning from me, handsome!” James winked afterwards.

“Disgusting” Carson squeezed his face.



Skyler was sitting on a long bench and waiting when a familiar car stopped in front of her.

Recognizing that it was Mason’s, she stood up and watched Alvin came down from it.

“Boss said I should I should take you home, he also got you breakfast” he passed food wrapped inside carton to Skyler.

She collected the food and followed Alvin to the car.

“Why can’t I just meet him in the company?” She asked when she settled at the back seat.

“He’s busy with lots of work and hates being disturbed. Just go home and try to get along with his family, they might look problematic but they are actually nice” Alvin told her as he drove.

“His sister doesn’t seem to like me” Skyler muttered but it was not like she cared thou.

“Ivy? Don’t worry about her, she just wants to spend more time with her brother, you know she haven’t seen him for seven years” Alvin smiled.

“Seven years? What happened?” Skyler asked.

“Oh, boss went to Paris to further pursue his career” Alvin replied.

“Seems pretty serious, what about his mom?” She asked again.

“Maya has always been a troublesome lady along with lady Rosa. You should try not to annoy them especially lady Rosa” Alvin rolled her eyes as he thought of Rosa.

“Hmm, the old man seems nice” Skyler said.

“And very disciplined same with sir Dylan and Antonio, the don’t have any problems so you don’t have to worry about them and I forgot to tell you that ma’am Emily is an angel” Alvin said and took a u turn.

“Ma’am Emily is Carson’s mother?” She asked.

“Yeah but she adopted him since she can’t give birth to her own child and Hudson is cool, Jacob is cool too but a little shy also you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Ivy and Edna fighting, they does that all the time” Alvin added and finally stopped the car when he got to the mansion.

“No one might be at home or maybe you might meet few but if you’re tired of staying alone you can feel free to ask some maids to show you around or watch TV or anything, if you’re hungry, the maids will give you food to eat” he told her.

Skyler nodded and came down, she knows the password to Mason’s room so she didn’t have any problem.

“Thank you, I’ll see you in the evening then” she said and Alvin nodded at her before leaving.

After she was out of sight, Alvin drove off.



There were many reporters and fans waiting in front of the building. Some Fans were holding some sticker of Ivy and were holding some sticker of Blake.

The white van stopped and the bodyguard came down before helping Ivy and Blake down. Almost immediately the lights from the reporters started bleeping on their face and their fans were screaming their names.


?️We love you Ivy!

?️Blake you’re so handsome!

?️Can I get a picture please!

?️When is your movie coming out!

?Can you help sign my book!

?️We love you!!

Screams from their fans were heard as they stepped down from the van. Ivy waved at them with a sweet smile and so as Blake as they found their way in.

When they got in, some securities were patrolling back and forth. A woman dressed in a purple gown and black heels walked up to them.

“Good afternoon Mr Blake and miss Ivy, please this way” she said professionally before turning around and leaving.

Ivy and Blake followed her and they got to a room.

“These sweaters were specially printed for your movie love and bridges, you should try them” she smiled at them.

Ivy took one of the sweater and placed it on her body.

“Looks good” she said with a happy smile.

“You should try it, this way” the woman pointed a door and Ivy went in.

Blake also took a sweater and went in. After some minutes,they both stepped out of the dressing room in the matching sweater.

“Wow, looks so good,I almost mistook the both of you for a cute couple but I remembered Blake has a girlfriend” the woman said and all of them laughed.

Deep down within, Ivy knew she wasn’t happy.

“This way please” she turned around and began leaving then they followed her.

She led them to a fresh room, a man and woman dressed professionally were sitting with a microphone with them.

They both smiled as they sat down on the empty chair meant for them.

“Ivy Delgado and Blake Andrews, it’s so glad to have you here” the man smiled at them.

“Thank you” Ivy smiled and crossed her legs, a mic each was given to them.

“The matching sweater looks good on the both of you, I’d have mistaken the both of you for a couple if Blake don’t actually have a girlfriend” the woman said and they laughed again.

“You’re actually the person to say that and I think Ivy is very pretty it won’t be bad of we date someday” Blake replied with a simple shrug and Ivy tried her best to hide the blush forming on her cheeks.

“Awwn that’s cute, hope Regina don’t hear this!” The woman laughed and Blake laughed along with her.

“So how do you feel about the shooting of your new movie love and bridges?” The man asked.

Ivy smiled and put the mic on her mouth on her mouth before speaking..



Skyler just finished explaining to her friends about being married through video chat but she didn’t tell them the name of who she married.

“Skyler what do you think you’re doing? Marriage is not something you can decide on over night, you see what Felix did to you!” Ashely face didn’t look happy as she scolded Skyler.

“Ashely I know what I did was stùpid but it’s to make Felix pay for what he did to me” Skyler muttered.

“Then you decided to marry a stranger? Do you know what he might do to you?” Ashely slapped her forehead.

“The difference between him and Felix is that there is no love in this marriage we are helping each other out so I’m fine” Skyler assured Ashely.

“Well, is he handsome?” Wendy asked.

“Erh… He’s not bad, he’s good looking” Skyler shrugged.

“In him and Felix, who is more Handsome?” Wendy asked again.

“Why the hell are you asking…” Skyler wanted to complain but on a second thought, she just sighed.

“He’s a thousand more handsome than Felix and no, I’m not talking out of anger” Skyler muttered.

“He must look like a Greek god, can you send me his picture, even if it’s unaware?” Wendy gushed.

“I’m sorry no can’t do, he doesn’t like pictures” Skyler said in a dry tone.

“Please.. for me..” Wendy gave her a puppy eye and Ashely pushed Wendy’s head away.

“Don’t mind her, so does your mom know?” Ashely then asked.

“She does, she’s speechless to be honest but she will be fine” Skyler shrugged.

She talked to them some more before she hung up. Looking at the clock it was past five, she has been in Mason room since she got there and she was bored.

“He said he’d fix some clothes for me, let me check” she stood up from the bed and went to the wardrobe.

A loud gasped escaped her lips, they were actually plenty clothes of her size, gowns, dresses, t-shirt, sweaters, casual wears even shoes and accessories.

“When did he do all these, I should thank him” she took the phone he gave her earlier and went to his contact.

She did not want to call so she sent a message instead.

Skyler: ?’? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ??????? ??? ??’? ?????? ???? ????. ? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ???.

She sent the message but she didn’t get a reply on time. She sighed and was about put her phone away when it vibrated.

Mason just replied.

Mason: ???’? ???????.

Even his texts sounds as cold as him. Skyler rolled her eyes and began typing again.

Skyler: ???? ???? ??? ?? ????? ???? ???? ?????

His reply came almost immediately.

Mason: ???

Skyler: ??!

Truth was she didn’t know who to talk with except from Mason but she can’t stop him from doing his work so she decided to step out.

There was light as usual so she went to the empty couch and stwitched on the TV. It was taken to a documentary TV were doctors were talking about how to treat patients illness and she began watching.

Jacob climbed down from the stairs, he wanted to watch the TV but seeing Mason’s wife made him turned back.

“No no don’t go,I’m not really into the channel, you can come sit if you want!” Skyler stood up immediately.

Jacob turned back, he sighed and walked over.

“It’s actually my favorite channel,I was watching it but I had to turn it off and do something” he muttered and sat down.

“I heard last night that you wanted to be a doctor” Skyler sat beside him.

“Hmm, I think it’s cool to be able to save lives” he nodded.

“If you seem interested then you should be working in a hospital?” She asked.

“I’m not working, I actually fail all my test to work despite having a high degree in medicine” he replied.

“Why?” She asked again.

“I’m afraid of blood” he mumbled and her eyes widened. “I know you might be wondering why someone with a passion of being a doctor is scared of blood but it’s a wrong story” he mumbled.

“If you want to talk about it then I don’t mind, I’m your relative now since I’m married to your cousin” she faced him.

“I don’t like talking about it” he said sadly.

Skyler sighed and held his shoulders.

“When my father was still alive, he use to tell me that if you’re afraid of something then you should actually walk into it and you will see that there’s actually nothing there” she told him.

“Really?” He asked and she nodded with a smile.

“Thank you” he smiled at her before facing the TV.

Skyler just smiled, she felt happy that she finally found herself a friend in Mason’s family.



The tailors were busy on making some clothes when Mason walked in. He was putting in his nose mask as he looked around.

“Good evening sir” the workers began greeting but he did not bother responding.

He walked towards a woman and touched the cloth she sewing.

“What kind of material is this? Too soft!” He knitted his brows.

“I’m sorry sir, I’ll look for a better one” the woman bowed her head but he walked past her.

She began admiring him from behind. Even in his mask on, he still looked so handsome.

“Can I have the drawings of these designs?” He asked out loud.

“Here boss” a man rushed over to him with a sketch book.

He collected it and went through it then shook his head.

“Who drew this?” He asked afterwards.

“I did sir” a man with chubby face and glasses came to view.

“You’re fired!” He kept a straight face as he said that then threw the sketch book on the floor.

People were startled but dare not talk, the aura he carried with him made it hard for people to stare.

“We need people with better drawing skills, red carpet will be starting next month and lots of celebrities will need clothes with rare designs, we should be working in a way to drag them to or side” he kept his hands on his pocket as he moved around.

The man he fired earlier already left.

“Alvin” he called and Alvin came to stand by his side.

“I need a professional artist by tomorrow and the rest of you, carry on” he ordered before turning around and walking away.

The employees began murmuring among themselves immediately.

?️Boss seems like a no nonsense man!

?️The pay here is really good, I don’t want to lose it!

?️I think he’s cold behavior just made him more attractive!

“Are you slacking off!” Sunny walked in.

Their eyes widened and they immediately got back to business.



It was almost eight now, Skyler and Jacob were still watching TV and she was getting bored already.

‘When is Mason coming back?’ she sighed inwardly.

“I feel so tired! It’s like my whole body is being beaten up!!” Carson whined like a baby as he came downstairs.

When he came back from from James place, he went straight to bed and even after sleeping, he was still feeling so tired.

“What’s the matter kiddo?” Hudson also climbed down the stairs after him.

“I failed maths again and my teacher assigned a personal tutor to me. I hate the tutor and I hate Maths, I really am going to die!!” He complained as he matched to the dinning table.

“Matlida, is there no food yet? I’m hungry!” He complained.

“I’m sorry, it’s still on the heater, just few minutes and dinner will be ready” Matilda smiled at him.

Skyler thought she should help Matilda in the kitchen so she stood up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen.

“Mind if I help you, you’re cooking a lot of dish and it won’t be easy to do it all alone” she said politely.

“No you shouldn’t, trust me I can handle it” Matilda refused.

“But I insist” Skyler replied and walked in. She grabbed an apron from the stand and tied it on her waist.

“What are you making?” She asked.

“Beef soup” Matilda sighed knowing there’s no way she can stop Skyler from helping anymore.

Skyler nodded and began walking towards the freezer.

“Actually I’m really good at cooking, I would make a great chef but cooking isn’t my passion” Skyler said as she took the raw beef from the freezer.

Matilda only just smiled at her.


Ivy just came back from work looking very tired.

“Is my brother back?” She asked Carson who was munching on an apple and looking at the TV.

“No” he didn’t spare her a glance.

“What about his.. what about that woman?” She rolled her eyes as she asked.

“If you’re talking about his wife Skyler then she’s in the kitchen helping Matilda to make dinner” Carson replied and Ivy began going to the kitchen.

Before she got there Skyler was coming out with a plate of soup. She saw Ivy and her face brightened.

“Hey Ivy, are you tired from work? You came right on time, I made this soup, does it smell nice?” She asked cheerfully.

Maybe if she shows Ivy that she means no harm to her brother then Ivy might like her.

“I’m not allowed to drink soup or anything that would make me gain weight” Ivy glared at her.

“Luckily this soup has a lot of nutrients in, it won’t allow you to gain weight but you won’t loose weight either, it would make you look fresh and healthy” Skyler smiled at her.

“Haha, I still don’t want it!” Ivy rolled her eyes and looked elsewhere.

Skyler sighed and looked up only to see Mason coming in from behind.

“Mason” she called and Ivy turned back immediately.

“Bro” she happily rushed to hug him. Her eyes caught the rose milk chocolate he was holding and it brightened.

“Is that mine?” She wanted to take it but he raised his hands up.

“You said it yourself yesterday that you didn’t want to gain weight so I bought it for my wife instead” he said and Skyler’s eyes widened a little.

Ivy gasped and turned to give Skyler a glare.



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