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When Skyler woke up, she saw Mason facing the mirror and knotting his tie.

“What time it is?” She slowly asked.

“9am” he replied before picking up a gel and head brush to style his hair.

“Oh” Skyler muttered and came down from the bed then began packing already loosed her to a single ponytail.

Mason was done dressing, he turned to look at her face.

“What?” She asked and he pointed the mirror.

She moved towards the mirror and her eyes widened. They were some dry saliva at the side of her lips and she immediately blocked her mouth with her palms.

“And I told you I wouldn’t have problem unless you jumped on me and you did so last night” he added as he picked up his perfume then began spraying his neck.

Skyler cleared her throat and wipped her mouth before turning to face him.

“You are done dressing already, are you still going to drop me off at my place today?” She slowly asked.

“If you can use thirty minutes to bath and dress up. I had a maid dry clean your dress yesterday, it’s over there” he pointed a white cloth stand.

“Oh okay” Skyler bit on her lips but did nothing.

“Twenty nine minutes more” he looked at his wrist watch.

“Can lend me your towel and turn around?” She cleared her throat before speaking.

A silent sigh escaped Mason’s lips but he did as told. Not like he was interested in seeing her body anyways.

Skyler took off her clothes and borrowed his towel, after showering she quickly dressed up.

“I’m done” she said.

“Shall we” he stretched his hands out to her.

She nodded and accepted it before they both left the room.



A middle aged man putting on glasses could be seen going through some files when a knock sounded on his door.

“Come in” he said and the door opened and Carson stepped in, dressed in his school uniform.

“Mr Brown, you asked for me, hope all is well?” He moved closer to the man’s table.

“Carson, you must be wondering why I called you here today” Mr Brown looked at him.

“Don’t tell me I failed my maths test” Carson folded his hands together as he spoke.

“You did” Mr Brown didn’t beat around the bush with his reply.

“No no no, my Grandpa will kill me for real, he won’t allow me do to music, Mr Brown please is there a makeup test for it?” Carson pleaded.

“I’ve been giving you lots of chance but you’re not still not good in maths so I’ve found a new solution” Mr Brown adjusted his glasses.

“You would forget that I don’t know maths and let me go?” He shined his teeth.

“No, I’ll get one of the most brilliant student to tutor you in maths” Mr Brown replied.

“Men I hate tutor who?” Carson frowned and Mr Brown showed him a picture.

Carson’s eyes widened as he stared at it.

“James Paul?” He gasped.

“What’s wrong with that?” Mr Brown gave him a look.

“I hate that dude” Carson pouted.

“But he’s a scholar in maths, if you want your grandpa to be happy with you then you’d have to work with him” Mr Brown leaned back on his chair.

Carson was still frowning. He didn’t like James, not just that he was a math genius, he was also really popular and Carson doesn’t like him somehow.

“Mr Brown I’m still not sure about this…” Carson muttered.

“You don’t have a choice Carson, it’s either you do this or fail maths and I tell your grandpa” Mr Brown shrugged.

“Fine, I will look for him then” Carson said dryly.

“Sure, you can leave” Mr Brown told him and he left the office.



“I will pick you up when later in the evening when you’re ready” Mason said as soon as Alvin stopped the car in front of the neighborhood.

“Okay” Skyler mumbled.

“Here” he stretched a phone back to her.

“I just saved my number in there, if you can’t reach me then call Alvin, okay?” He sounded calm but he still looked so cold.

“Okay” Skyler collected the phone from him and got down.

She nodded at them before walking away. Mason only just watched her leave before he faced Alvin and leaned his head backwards.

“Drive” he ordered and Alvin started the car.

Skyler took some deep breath when she stopped in front of her door. She breathed again and knocked the door.

It opened immediately and Kiara came out. The moment her eyes landed on Skyler, she pulled her for a tight hug.

“My baby, where have you been since yesterday” Kiara began crying.

Skyler patted her mom’s back gently.

“Let’s go inside first” she said and Kiara pulled away from her. She wiped her tears and escorted Skyler inside.

“Baby, how are you feeling now? Please sit down” Kiara led Skyler to sit on the couch.

“I’m fine mom” Skyler rubbed on her fingers.

“Hope you didn’t go too hard on yourself, you ran out of the venue yesterday and I’ve been calling but you didn’t pick,I was so worried.. I-

“I’m married mom” Skyler suddenly said and Kiara paused.

Skyler stood up from the couch.

“I don’t know how to tell you,I don’t know how it happened either but I’m married” she explained further.

“With Felix?” Kiara’s eyes widened and Skyler shook her head.

“Then with who?”

“I don’t know mom, it just happened, I just want to make Felix pay for what he did to me” she replied.

“Skyler what are you saying? You got cheated on, on your wedding and yet you still went ahead to marry someone you don’t know? Does marriage look like a joke to you?” Kiara yelled and Skyler wiped the tears that fell from her eyes.

“At least what’s his name?” Kiara then asked.

“He’s from the Delgado family, don’t tell anyone mom but his name is Mason” Skyler replied and Kiara nearly fainted.



Alvin stopped the car in front of the beautiful skyscraper company building. The moment Mason pushed his door open and placed one of his foot down, lights began bleeping on his face.

Luckily he was putting on a black thick nose mask and a sunglass.

?We heard old man Mario would be giving the company to his eldest grandson Mason, are you Mason?

?Please can you take off your mask for a second?

?How are you planning to improve D•S styles?

?Are you really Mason Delgado?

?We heard you’re already married, who’s your wife?

?Mason when will you open an Instagram account?

The reporters were there with their mic and cameras, bleeping aggressive lights as they bombed him with questions.

Grandpa Mario was smart enough to have bodyguards waiting for Mason’s arrival and as Mason found his way in, they made sure to block him from reporters.

They successfully got in, the employees were hawking at him and murmuring but he ignored as Alvin followed him to his office.

It was clean, the space was enough for him and there was a coffee on his desk already.

“Good morning sir, my name is Sunny and Grandpa Mario picked me up as your secretary. You don’t have to worry, I’m trusted and I’m really professional, I live for my work!” A woman dressed in a descent way came in.

Mason only stared at her before nodding.

“If you need anything boss, I office is opposite you and I’m one call away” she bowed and walked out.

Mason stared at Alvin.

“You’re sure Grandpa selected all these workers himself?” He asked.

“Yes boss, Sunny is a really trusted person and the workers takes their work seriously, there’s nothing to worry about” Alvin nodded at him.

“Good I guess” Mason adjusted his tie before going to sit on the president chair.

“Let’s start work shall we, let me have the company statistics” he said and Alvin nodded.



“Hey, where’s James Paul?” Carson stopped a girl he saw coming out of a classroom.

“Swimming pool” she replied and walked away.

Carson sighed and changed his direction of walking to that of the swimming pool. When he got there, the pool was empty.

“Don’t that guy ever stay one place?” He rolled his eyes and almost immediately a sexy male figure ascended from the pool.

He was shirtless, his six packs and muscular body came to public, his eyes were ocean blue and hair wet and curly.

“James” Carson mumbled hatefully.

James came out of the water, he picked up the towel on the lounge chair and dried his face before moving closer to Carson.

“Mr Brown told me that you needed help in maths” he said with a smile but Carson was just frowning.

‘Why must be always try to act so perfect’ Carson said inwardly as he glared at him.

“Yes” Carson rolled his eyes.

“I’d be glad to help but not here, I’ll paste my house address in your locker and we can practice at my place” James winked at him.

‘Disgusting’ Carson said inwardly but forced a smile.

“Yes then, I’ll see you later” James hanged the towel around his neck and walked away.

The most annoying part to Carson is that James was gay. He has hit on his friends and despite girls knowing he was gay, they still trip for him.

“Luckily I’m not gay, I hate that dude” Carson shook his head and left.



Skyler came down from the taxi, she was dressed in a buttoned shirt, pencil jeans and white canvas with a little make up on her face.

Everyone kept staring at her as she walked in. She was sure the news about Felix cheating on her has spread out and she wasn’t wrong.

?️I feel so bad for her?

?️Is she still going to work here?

?️How’s she doing now?

?️I heard what happened to her yesterday!

?️It’s sad for one’s wedding to get destroyed,I hope she stays strong!

People were already murmuring but Skyler ignored as she found her way to the boss’ office.

After knocking twice, she opened the door and stepped in. The CEO wasn’t that young or old either.

“Skyler” he called and she flashed him a little smile.

“I’m sorry I heard what happened, how are you feeling?” He asked and she nodded.

“I’m fine sir, trust me” she replied.

“Good, have a sit” he pointed the empty chair beside him.

“No need sir,I won’t take long” she muttered before putting a white envelope on the table.

The man looked at it then her.

“I want to resign sir, I’m really grateful to have worked here and I’ll be forever grateful for all the experience I had here with you but it’s time for me to leave” she said.

The boss wanted to argue but he just smiled instead.

“I respect your decision, you can meet the secretary for your payment” he said and Skyler shook her head.

“No need, I’m good, thank you sir” she smiled at him before leaving the office.

When she got out, she bumped into the last person she wished to see… Felix.

She ignored him and tried passing another way but he blocked her path.

“Skyler we need to talk, I tried calling you yesterday but you didn’t pick” he said.

Skyler felt like strangling him right here but she just controlled herself.

“I don’t have anything to say to you Felix, did anything happened yesterday?” She feigned an innocent look.

“Come on Skyler” Felix tried holding her hands but she stepped back.

“What you saw yesterday was not what you think. Actually I was drugged by Felicia and I didn’t know how that happened” he gave her a pleading look.

“Okay” Skyler shrugged and began leaving but he blocked her path again.

“You’re just going to say okay?” He looked a little surprised.

“What am I supposed to say? I told you I don’t know what happened yesterday, infact I don’t even know if something existed between us so let me be okay?” She rolled her eyes and began leaving.

Felix looked surprised but he still went after her. She loves him, she should be crying her eyes out not acting like she didn’t care.

“Skyler wait” he held her shoulders but she dipped her hands inside her purse and brought out a can of pepper spray.

She spray it on his eyes.

“Fûck!” He blocked his face and screamed.

“I told you not to bug me Felix, I don’t remember anything, I only remembered waisting my life with you for two and the half years so can you let me be!?” She rolled her eyes at him and began leaving.

“Skyler!! You’re such a fool to think that I love you! I just needed you because you make good designs so don’t be to full of yourself!!” He yelled out immediately.

Skyler came back to him and sprayed more pepper spray on his face.

“Arghh!!” He screamed loudly, blocking his face and Skyler walked away.

When she got out, she cleaned her tears then brought out her phone and checked for Mason’s number then called it.

After about three rings, he picked up.

“Hey” his deep voice sounded from the other end.

“I’m done here, please come pick me up” she said.



Ivy had a frown as her makeup artists fixed her make up.

“Ivy, your dressed are here, come try them” Daisy walked in with two men pushing a cloth stand.

Ivy’s eyes scanned the cloth and she pointed a sleeveless mini purple gown.

“Nice choice” Daisy smiled and removed the gown from the stand.

The make up artists left and Ivy wore the dress.

“You look good on it, you should smile a bit so you won’t look ugly in front of the camera” Daisy said after checking her out.

“I’m trying but I can’t,I feel so annoyed. First Blake has a girlfriend and my brother is married to an annoying woman that would just take over our relationship” Ivy blabbered.

“How does Blake’s relationship concerns you?” Daisy narrowed her eyes.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just crushing on him a little” she muttered.

“Well you and Blake look good together, he’s hot and it’s normal you’re crushing him but it’ll pass since you’re both just actors and shouldn’t you be happy for your brother?” Daisy gave her a smile.

“I know but what if my brother loves her so deeply and forgets I’m his only sibling?” She pouted.

“He can never, you should try to get along with his wife for a healthy sister in-law relationship now let’s go to the studio, Blake and the photographer are waiting” Daisy said and Ivy nodded.

She wore her black heels before working away with Daisy.

Some minutes ago, serval shots of Blake and Ivy were been taking for their movie ‘Love and Bridges’.

“And it’s done, have a look it’s perfect” the photographer showed them the pictures.

Blake came to look at it with a smile.

“It’s perfect actually, right?” He faced Ivy with a smile and she nodded at him.

A woman stepped in with a smile.

“Miss Ivy, Mr Blake, the van is ready to take you both to Me Time for the interview and game show” she reported.

“Thanks let me just change really quick” Ivy smiled and left.

“Me too, cloths feel so hot” Blake said and went to his van.

After the both of them were done changing, they stepped inside the white van that would take them to their destination.



The driver stopped in the compound and Carson stepped down from the car. He looked at his wrist watch then the driver.

“Come pick me up by 5pm” he said.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then” the driver nodded and drove off.

Carson rolled his eyes and moved to the front door. He knocked it twice and it opened.

He was expecting to see James annoying face but his sight was blessed with the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on.

“Oh…my… God” he muttered, absent mindedly.



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