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( ??????? )

Skyler still couldn’t believe her eyes as the door went open leading them to the main room. A mansion was an understatement, it should be called a villa instead.

“You should try to close your mouth so flies won’t enter inside” Mason’s voice rang in her ears and her mouth went shut immediately.

She took her hands from his and gave him a slight glare but as usual, his face was blank.

“Where’s grandpa?” He asked a maid.

“In his study room sir” the maid replied and he nodded before looking at Skyler again.

“Come with me” he said and began walking away.

‘Must he always sound so bosy?’ Skyler mumbled inwardly as she followed him.

The both of them were finally out of sight and the maid from earlier still peeped to make sure, seeing that they were actually gone she began wondering.

“Who’s the lady with him? She’s pretty” the maid stood akimbo.


In old man Mario’s study room, he was with Dylan and Maya when the knock sounded on the door.

“Who’s there?” He asked.

“Mason” his voice sounded behind the door.

“Come in” Grandpa Mario replied and the door opened, Mason entered with Skyler, he was holding her hands again. Maya looked shocked as she stared at the both them.

Grandpa Mario’s eyes went to their hands and Skyler’s face before settling his gaze at Mason.

“Who’s she?” He asked.

Mason looked at Skyler and he could see how nervous she looked then he squeezed her hands tight.

“Grandpa, dad, mom, meet my wife Skyler”.

The moment those words escaped from his lips, Maya stood up looking surprised.

“Excuse me?” She asked in shock.

“Meet my wife grandpa, I told you I would get married today” he kept straight face to his grandpa as he ignored his mother.

Maya didn’t know what else to say so she faced Dylan.

“Won’t you say something about your son? He’s married without even introducing his woman to us and telling us things about her or even having our blessings. He just came back from Paris and now he’s married?” She didn’t look happy.

Dylan didn’t even say anything.

“I don’t need to ask your approval before I do anything mom” Mason looked annoyed.


“Leave Maya” Dylan Interrupted her.

“Excuse me?” She looked shocked.

“I told you to leave” Dylan repeated and Maya looked at Grandpa Mario, he didn’t look to happy with her.

“Who else can I talk to in this house!” She groaned in a frustrated way before storming out of the study room.

“The both of you should sit” grandpa Mario pointed extra two seats and Mason sat, Skyler had no choice than to sit.

Grandpa Mario gave the both of them some long stare. He stared at Skyler and notice how nervous she looked, she was even rubbing her fingers together.

“So tell me a bit about yourself? How did you met my grandson?” He asked and Skyler almost coughed her heart out.

‘I met him few hours ago outside, I just found out my groom was cheating on me on my own wedding day and I felt like dieing. He almost hit me with his car but I ended up telling him about what happened then we arranged a marriage. He promise to help me get back at my ex while he gets a dum company’ she said inwardly.

“We met from Paris two years ago and-”

“I wasn’t talking to you” Grandpa Mario cut Mason off and Skyler grabbed immediately.

“Yes.. yes, we met at Paris two years ago at an event planning party. I was presenting a project over there about clothes and designs and we kinda linked up” she said immediately.

Dylan just stared at the both of them without saying anything.

“An event party? You must be someone from a big family” he said and she shook her head immediately.

“No no no sir, I’m… Actually, it’s a bit completed but I’m average. I’m a graduate from Clifford university, I studied fashion designing and I work at glamorous designs, I draw and design clothes that is why Mason and I got along” she explained her lies.

“Hmm” Mason nodded.

He was a bit impressed, he only just gave her a little clip and she was making a lot of meaning out of it.

“Impressive, I’m glad you and Mason understand yourself well. I already had the maids rearrange Mason’s room since I knew you were going to move in or else the both of you were planning to sleep in a different room?” Grandpa Mario narrowed his brows.

“Not at all dad, we are okay sleeping together, we’ve done it countless of times” Mason replied and Skyler forced a smile.

“Alright, Skyler you are very beautiful and I’m glad my grandson has a good taste of man. The both of you can leave now, I’ll introduce you to the whole family this evening and I’ll love to meet your family” Grandma Mario said with a smile.

“No problem Grandpa and I’ll come see you this evening” Mason stood up and Skyler did the same then the both of them left.

Dylan kept staring at the door.

“I’m sure we both know what is happening, Mason just married that woman to get the company I promised him” Grandpa Mario spoke up.

Dylan stared back at old man Mario before nodding his head.

“But it doesn’t matter right? At least we will be cleared from the thoughts about him being gay” Grandpa Mario smiled and Dylan nodded again.

Looking at Dylan’s behavior, Mario could tell where Mason inherited his cold look and character from.



Mason stepped in before Skyler followed him from behind.

“Why did you tell him that it was okay to sleep together in one bed?” She almost yelled at him.

As she was talking, he was unbuttoning his suit jacket, he took it off before he turning to face.

Seems like the undershirt did justice into hugging his muscular frame together but that wasn’t Skyler’s problem.

“We are married, isn’t that what we are supposed to do?” He raised his brows up.

“You… You know we are not for real” she whispered to him.

“It’s nothing to worry about really, the bed is big enough for the both of us to sleep and I don’t really have any problem except you are going to jump on me” he shrugged his shoulders.

Skyler’s eyes widened, this man don’t just have a cold face, he was also full of himself but she can’t blame him, all reach people were like that.

“And when will I get to go home to talk to my mom and friends and explain all these to them?” She asked.

“Tomorrow should do, few hours to go and my family would be home from work. Tomorrow on my way to the company, I’d drop you home” he replied and Skyler nodded.

“Also if you feel uncomfortable in that dress then you can take it off. I have a big hoodie over there” he pointed his drawl.

“You can put it on and by tomorrow new clothes for you will arrive” he added before taking a good look at her body with made Skyler slightly uncomfortable.

“What is the matter?” She squeezed her face at him.

“You should be like size 2-4, we have that” he replied and her eyes widened.

“2-4? I’m not that skinny!” She argued but he ignored her and took off the undershirt he was putting on. His well defined eight packs and brody shoulders came to view.

Skyler immediately turned away.

“Hey don’t you have any shame?” She shouted, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“I’m going to hit the shower, if you feel hot you can use it after me” she heard him talking before she heard nothing again.

She turned back to see the bathroom door closed with the running sound of shower then sighed and sat on the bed.

A lot of things has happened on her wedding day that she don’t even have the strength to cry about being cheated on anymore.


Time went so fast that it was already evening. Everybody were back already, some were in their room and some were in the living room.

Ivy has been sitting on the couch with a gloomy expression on her face as she munched on a popcorn and fixed her eyes to the TV of fashion models runaway.

Carson was sitting beside her, he looked drained from all the school works he has been through so he was just watching to keep his eyes busy.

The main door opened and Edna rushed in with her heels making annoying noise, she grabbed the remote from Ivy and changed the channel.

It was replaced with a commerical of her face trying skin care products from Reynolds empire.

“Can’t you see we were watching those models?” Carson gave her an angry look.

Ivy didn’t even mind that the channel was changed, she kept munching on her popcorn like a lifeless person.

“Well I’m just blessing y’all with something more better to watch… Me” she pointed herself with a satisfying smile.

“Regina Wilson is prettier and hotter to watch than you” Carson replied and Edna gasped.

“Take that back!” She held her chest.

“Never” Carson sticked his tongue out and she took a pillow from the couch and began hitting him with it.

Matlida rang the bell, Interrupting all of them and before they knew it the table was getting full.

“Grandpa, is Mason not going to join us for dinner? Maybe he has forgotten, let me call him” Ivy wanted to stand up but the footsteps was heard from made her look up.

Mason was descending the stairs and holding hands with a pretty woman putting on his hoodie and slippers.

Ivy’s smile slowly turned to a frown, she was the only one allowed to hold his hands.

“Bro, who’s that?” She asked, feeling jealous.

“I’m glad everyone are here, let me introduce you guys to my wife, Skyler” Mason announced and Skyler forced a smile at everyone.

“What!?” Ivy stood up, even that others looked shocked with the news they just received.

“When did you marry?” Carson asked with his eyes widened.

“Today” he replied and walked with Skyler to sit in two empty chairs.

Ivy looked at the both of them before giving Maya a confused look.

“Mom did you know about this?” She asked.

“I’m just as shocked as you sweetheart” Maya replied with an annoyed smile on her face.

Truth was she has always planned for Mason to marry her best friend’s daughter who was about Ivy’s age. Even Ivy liked the girl for her brother.

“Ivy sit down, your brother is married you should be happy for him” Grandpa Mario said.

Ivy didn’t look happy as she sat down.

“Hey, welcome to the family Skyler, you look pretty by the way” Edna smiled at her.

“Thank you” Skyler smiled back.

“Welcome too, my name is Carson-

“The baby of the house” Hudson Interrupted and Carson glared at him.

“Anyways, I hope Mason is not too cold with you? I’m his cousin by the way, you can call me Hudson” he smiled at her.

“Okay” Skyler nodded and looked at Ivy who was already glaring at her but she took her eyes away.

They were so many people on the table, didn’t even know where to start from in talking to anyone.

“Welcome dear, I’ve always hoped for Mason to marry one day,I’m glad he finally found some time for that” Emily smiled at Skyler.

Rosa only just looked at her and rolled her eyes, her son Jacob didn’t bother saying anything.

After Grandpa Mario led in the prayer they began eating.

“Brother this meat taste so good, you should try it” Ivy took the meat from her plate and added on Mason’s plate.

“My wife is too skinny, she needs it more” Mason transfered it to Skyler’s plate and Ivy glared at Skyler.

“I’m full I’m not eating anymore, I’m shooting for a new movie so I’m not allowed to gain weight” she rolled her eyes before standing up and going upstairs.

“She’s jealous again, anyways I’m going upstairs too,I have test tomorrow and I want to sleep on time” Carson stood and left.

“Me too, goodnight everyone, it’s getting past my beauty sleep” Edna also left.

All the girls are gone apart from Skyler and the parents with Mason, Jacob and Hudson.

“Almost everyone are leaving so I better announce that Mason will be in charge of D•S styles from tomorrow” grandpa Mario spoke up.

“What!?” Rosa stood up.

“Please sit down, your son is not capable so we don’t need your noise” Maya rolled her eyes.

“It’s not fair dad, you give your Mason and Hudson everything but you neglect Jacob!” Rosa said angrily.

“Mom I don’t want to be a fashion designer” Jacob muttered to himself.

“Then what do you want to be?”

“I told you doctor, I have a good degree in medicine” he mumbled and Rosa angrily pointed at him.

“Jacob you-

“Doctor pays aunt, let Jacob be” Hudson rolled his eyes.

“Jacob, the family is not in oppose of you being a doctor. We will always support you” Grandpa Mario smiled at him.

“Thank you Grandpa” Jacob muttered.

“You’re just! Urgh!!” Rosa walked out of the living room in an angry tone.

“Congrats Mason so what post will you give me?” Hudson asked with a smile.

“We’ll see” Mason replied and wiped his mouth with the tissue before looking at the old man

“Thank you Grandpa for your trust in me. I will make sure I take over and make the company better” Mason said and stood up.

Skyler stood up too, she nodded her head shortly at them before leaving with Mason.

Antonio slowly stared at him leave before facing his food.



Skyler was standing and folding her arms under her breast while Mason was pacing back and forth till a knock sounded on his door.

“Come in” he said and a slim tall man with no muscles stepped in.

He was known as the butler of the old man.

“Mr Mason, your grandfather said I should give you this contract to sign” he had a British assent as he spoke.

As they were both talking, Skyler was just looking at them.

“Pen?” Mason asked and a pen was given to him. He went through the contract and began signing.

When he was done, he gave the book back to the butler.

“Good night sir” the butler left and Mason turned to see Skyler looking at him, he raised one of his brows.

“Shouldn’t we talk about this marriage?” She asked.

“What exactly do you want us to talk about?” He asked back.

“You said you’ll help me get revenge on my ex and I’ll help you get a company which you just did so what are you doing for me?” She folded her arms under her breast.

“Your ex works at glamorous designs too?” He asked and she nodded.

“Then how would he feel when he finds out you’re married to Mason Delgado, the hidden billionare and public eyes everyone in the fashion industry has been looking for months?” He asked again.

Skyler began thinking. Felix had always want to see the Delgado family face to face because he admired them and wants to get in their good books for the betterment of his career.

He will be so shocked if he sees her already related with the Delgados’.

“So you will review yourself to the world?” She looked at him.

“Soon” he nodded.

“Alright” Skyler turned the couch at the side of the room.

“I think the couch is just big enough for me to sleep, you can have your bed to yourself” she muttered.

“Nonsense, here” he walked towards the bed and began arranging some pillows on the center.

He was dividing the bed into two with the pillows.

“I’ll sleep on this side and you will sleep there. Remember that I don’t have any problem only if you don’t jump on me” he told her.

“You’re so full of yourself, rest assured that I won’t jump on you” Skyler rolled her eyes before going to lay down on her side.

“I hope you’re not afraid of darkness or have any night mare at nights or anything?” Mason asked while walking towards the lamp.

“Just turn it off” Skyler rolled her eyes and he turned it off.

Where was dark, she felt the bed moved which was him getting on it and she sighed silently.

What was happening? What was she doing? Where the thoughts running through her head before she finally closed her eyes.



Mason’s eyes moved a few times as he was being disturbed by the ringing tone of a phone.

He opened his eyes only to see a slim leg wrapped around his waist and slim arms on his neck and he blinked twice before gently pushing them away from his body.

He turned to see his side to take his phone, it was Linda calling. He rolled his eyes and picked.

“Darling I’m really sorry, I wanted to come yesterday but I got a call from super bang studio. They needed me to model for their new bikini and you on I’ve always wanted to-

“We are done! Don’t look for me in the future” he didn’t allow her to finish blabbering before he hung up.

“And blocked” he muttered as he blocked her number.



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