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( ??????? ??? ???? )

“God look at that long dîck! Fuck me baby!!” Felicia moaned crazily.

“As you wish, princess” Felix replied and adjusted her properly on his lap then began moving as fast as hell inside of her.

“Ahhhh!!! Felix yes!!”

“Don’t stop… fuck!!!”

The sounds were coming from the projector that was supposed to show the picture of wedding flowers but it was replaced with Felix sex scene with Felicia.

Skyler’s eyes were getting welled with tears as she stared at the video. That was Felix, the man who was supposed to be her husband with her work mate Felicia.

She was not enemies with Felicia but they were not friends either and she even invited Felicia to her wedding.

Kiara stood up from her chair the moment the video began playing, even Felix looked shocked.

Skyler stared at Felix and a tear drop fell from her eyes.

“Tell me it’s edited, that is not real, we are going to get married and someone is just framing you to break us apart” she was really hoping deny it but that would be her lying to herself.

“The video is not real, it’s edited” Felix shamelessly denied it.

“Damn you!” Skyler’s hands flew to his cheeks, giving him a resounding slap.

“I loved you Felix, I gave you everything but this is how you repay me?” Her tears didn’t stop flowing from her eyes.

“Babe I’m sorry, I was drunk and didn’t know when this happened” He tried to plead.

“Oh so I’m stùpid? I’m the stùpid one Felix!!” Skyler yelled at him with so much exasperation.

Kiara was already crying from where she stood. She knew how much Skyler has planned for this day only to get this?

“I’m sorry” Felix muttered but was inwardly cursing Felicia who was secretly smiling at what was happening.

“Save your sorry Felix, we are done!” Her eyes carried so much rage before she took off the wedding ring on her finger and threw it on the marble floor.

The glass diamond broke off the ring but she didn’t care. The next second, she was raising her dress up a bit and running out of the venue with tears in her eyes.

“Skyler!” Kiara, Ashely and Wendy went after her but she ran so fast, they couldn’t find her around the venue.

“My baby” Kiara burst out in tears before going back to the venue to meet Felix while Ashely and Wendy went to look for Felicia who had already run away.

“That bitch” Ashely muttered before they looked at Felix who was already moving backwards.

“Aunt, I promise you it’s just a misunderstand..”

Felix was not done when Kiara took off her one of her shoe and threw it on his face.

“Fûck” he cursed silently.

People were already murmuring among themselves while some were leaving the venue already.

“My daughter loved you with everything she has and was even ready to get married at the age of twenty four, she had a lot of plans for you!!” Kiara shouted.

“I’m sorry aunt, human makes mistakes, please forgive me” he replied, feigning a sorry look.

“Aunt don’t talk to this bastard, let’s just beat him up” Wendy moved closer to him but he dodged her and took his heels.

“Let’s go after him” Wendy wanted to chase him but Ashely held her back and shook her head.

“Just let him go, dìcks will always be dìcks but the most important thing making sure Skyler is okay” she said.

Kiara was already calling Skyler’s number but she wasn’t picking.



A bugatti la voiture noire was the only car on the road. A man dressed in a dark blue blazer with some white linings on it, putting on glasses could be seen driving.

Behind him was Mason with a disappointed and angry look on his face as he had his phone on his ears.

??? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ??????. ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ?????, ????? ???!

He dropped his phone on the empty space beside him, looking frustrated.

“Alvin speed up to the airport and book an immediate flight that would take us to Paris” he looked at his personal assistant.

“Understood boss” Alvin stepped on the break and brought out his phone.

He was looking at the road and the phone at the same time as he dialed a number but failed to notice someone on a wedding dress, crossing the road.

That person was Skyler, she had her white heels in her hands, her tears were black probably because her mascara were washing off.

She wasn’t running, she was walking in barefoot like a lost person and when Alvin noticed her it was almost too late, thank goodness he was quick to step on the break.

The force he used made both him and Mason jerk forward.

“What the hell Alvin!?” Mason exclaimed angrily.

Skyler didn’t care that she was about to get hit, instead she stopped and faced the car then spread her arms wide open.

“Keep driving, I’m ready to die” she said.

Alvin hit on the horn twice but she didn’t move then he came down.

“What the hell is wrong with you are you planning to die!” He yelled but Skyler scoffed, black tears were still rolling her eyes.

“Of course I want to die, I found out my groom was cheating on my on my own wedding day, what do you expect me to do!!” She yelled back.

“You should pull this stunt elsewhere, we have a flight to catch up right now so leave!” Alvin said angrily.

Mason whinned down his glass and called Alvin over, Alvin went to him.

“What’s happening with her?” He asked calmly.

“She said her groom cheated on her on their wedding and she wants to die” Alvin rolled his eyes.

“Interesting” Mason muttered to himself before opening the door and stepping down.

He arranged his suit and moved towards her while Alvin watched him from behind.

“Miss I have a proposal for you” he said calmly and she turned to look at him.

“You see we are actually the same, I was supposed to get married today but my fiancè stood me up and your groom betrayed you” he gave her a calm look.

“What are you trying to say?” She asked.

“Let’s get married” he replied and she stared at him for a while before bursting out into laughter.

“Marry? I just got betrayed by my groom and you came from no where, asking for marriage? What a joke” she turned around and began walking away.

“Are you going to look for another car to kill you or will you marry me and help me take over my grandma’s company while I help you get back at your ex” he said making her halt.

A slow smirk appeared on his face as he moved closer to her then stopped at just few centimeters behind her.

“He cheated on you, you loved and gave him everything but he threw it all away. Don’t you want to see him suffer for the pains you’re going through now? You want to die so he’d feel nothing and continue to cheat on you?” He didn’t intend to whisper but that was how his voice came out as.

Tears came out of Skyler’s eyes, yes she would do anything to make Felix pay for what he did to her today, she would do anything.

She turned to face him.

“And how am I sure you won’t go back on your words?” She asked, staring into his eyes with the sudden look of determination.

“Marry me and you would see for yourself” he replied, staring back into those ocean blue eyes.

“Deal!” Skyler’s lips moved.

She knew what she just did, she just agreed to marry a stranger on the same day she found out her has been ex cheating on her. If someone asks her for the most stupidest decision she has ever made then she would have this story to tell.

“Wise decision” he replied then faced Alvin who was just looking in surprise.

“Alvin, cancel the flight to Paris and drive us to the county clerk” he ordered.

Alvin nodded and Skyler followed Mason to sit at the back before Alvin entered and resumed driving.



A black limousine stopped in front of the studio and the moment Ivy put her feet down, the lights from the paparazzi were already bleeping.

?Ivy we heard that your co star got involved in an accident, are you going to postpone the movie or are you finding a replacement?

?The dress looks good on you Ivy, was it Mason who designed it?

?How do you feel about your new movie?

?Are you still shooting or are you going to wait for your co star to recover?

A normal person who was used to this would have been blinded by the aggressive bleeping lights from the camera but not Ivy.

She was putting on her sun glasses and a black strap dress that looks really expensive, she was also holding a red bag and wearing a silver heels.

Her bodyguards blocked the paparazzi from getting close to her and Ivy successfully entered the studio.

“Ivy, we’ve been waiting for you” a middle aged man that looked a bit old and was putting on glasses walked to her.

“Good morning director James” Ivy smiled at him.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the news about your co star, he got into an accident yesterday and broke his legs but Ivy the movie must go on so we decided to bring another person willing to star for the movie” James said.

“No problem director, who is this person?” She asked and almost immediately some noise started.

?Blake Andrews!

?How are you doing today sir?

?You look good!

?I love your blazer, where did you get then from?

A handsome man with a well sculpted face and body dressed in an ash colored blazer, his hands were dipped his pocket as he approach them.

Ivy’s heart skipped a beat. That was Blake Andrews one of the most handsome man in the world. She had always admired him as he modeled for various magazines but who would have thought he would be one thousand percent handsome in person.

“Miss?” His voice brought her back to earth and she could see he was stretching his arms out to her for a handshake.

“Blake Andrews, you might know me already but I feel like it’ll be nice if I introduced myself” he smiled at her.

His smile looked so charming, even his voice was as deep and sexy as a smooth melted chocolate. Ivy was carried away again, she could keep her eyes off his handsome face.

When James saw that Ivy wasn’t saying anything, he cleared his throat and she came back to her senses for the second time.

“Ivy.. Delgado” she stuttered a little as she accepted his hands, it felt really warm and smooth.

“Nice to meet you Ivy, I hope we bond well so we can make a good co star” he smiled and withdrew his hands.

Ivy smiled even though she felt a little disappointed about his warm big palm leaving hers.

“I’m glad the both of you are cool, that shooting starts two hours from now so revise your script and get ready to start filming” James instructed the both of them.

“Alright see you in two hours then” Blake smiled at her before living with his male manager.

He was long gone but Ivy was still staring with a smile until a lady in small stature came to stand in front of her.

“Ivy, let’s go to that van to get you ready and dressed up” her tiny voice rang on Ivy’s ears.

Ivy came back to earth for the third time.

“Right let’s go” she mumbled and left with Daisy, her manager.



Alvin opened the car for Skyler and Mason, Mason was in his sun glasses thou, even if he wasn’t putting his shades on, no one would recognize him cause he has never been to the spotlight.

This time people’s eyes were on them probably wondering why Skyler was dressed in her wedding gown and was in the county clerk.

Isn’t she supposed to be in the church or something? Were the thoughts going through people’s minds.

Mason ignored their looks as he stepped inside the office with Skyler. They went to the judge, she was a strict looking woman, anyone would fear her at first glance but not Mason.

She looked at Skyler for a while before looking at Mason.

“And if I may ask, why are the both of you here?” She asked calmly.

“It’s not polite to keep us standing” Mason replied instead and she pointed the sit.

He sat with Skyler beside him then crossed his legs with so much pride.

“We want to register our marriage” he replied to her question earlier.

The woman looked at Skyler again.

“Are you sure?”

“Do we look unsure?” He knitted his brows. The aura around him made the woman limit herself from all the things she was about to say.

“Marriage isn’t a joke, the both of you have to think twice before getting yourselves inside it. Once I register the both of you, there are various responsibility to face, are you ready?” She faced Skyler this time.

Skyler only nodded. She don’t care how her life would be after this but Felix will definitely pay for what he did to her.

“If it’s so then may I see your rings?”

Skyler looked at Mason who brought out a box containing two rings, it was supposed to be for him and Linda but he guess not anymore.

He took her hands and wore the ring on her slender third finger, she took his and wore it for him.

The woman brought out a file and passed it to them.

“Sign here, here and write your names here” she gave it to Mason first.

Mason signed all he was supposed to sign and gave to Skyler, she stared at the number for some few seconds before signing it.

The woman took the file and stamped it. She took the telephone and made a call then a man came in with a camera.

“I will need the both of you to sit close to each other” the photographer said.

Mason took Skyler’s fingers and intertwined with his then pulled her a bit closer to him.

Click! The picture was taken.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Delgado, you are hereby pronounced husband and wife!”

Skyler’s eyes widened. Did she just hear Delgado? Is it the famous Delgado family or maybe another one that’s not related to the powerful Delgado family.

But if she’s really getting married to one of Mario Delgado’s grandson then who was he?



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