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( Love After Heartbreak )


THEME: His Bride From NoWhere.

Written by; Rhema J.



( ???? ?)

“Actually there are two problems” Daisy took her lips in from where she was.

“Can you just talk already? Is it that serious to disturb my sleep?” Ivy rolled her eyes and squeezed her face due to the headaches she was having.

Daisy sighed and nodded.

“First thing is your car.. your car got seized by the police and I was arrested for drunk driving but don’t worry about me because Blake bailed us out, I’m talking about Patrick and I” she said immediately.

“My car is with the police?” Ivy was starting to get angry because it was a new car.

“You haven’t heard the second one yet” Daisy muttered and Ivy sighed before standing akimbo.

“Just talk but let it not be anything about my car” she muttered.

Daisy wanted to talk when Maya barged in angrily.

“Ivy!!” She screamed her name and Ivy phone fell from her hands.

“Ivy what is happening with you? What is all these I’m hearing about you online? You’re trying to steal someone’s boyfriend? Is that how I fucking raised you!!” Maya shouted.

“What are you talking about mom?” Ivy looked confused but Maya opened her phone and showed it to Ivy.

The news of Regina and Blake break up were everywhere and that ice cream picture had gone viral.

Ivy was shocked as she stared at it, the medias were already bringing up stories that didn’t exist.

“I..” Ivy wanted to talk but someone knocked on the door.

It was the old man’s butler.

“Miss Ivy, ma’am Maya, old man Mario family requests for a family meeting right now” he informed them before leaving.

Ivy and Maya exchanged looks among themselves.



“Thank you for booking us and I really hope you had a good time” the receptionist passed a check pass to Skyler.

“We had, thanks” Skyler collected it with a smile.

They were both leaving the hotel already, Mason was putting on his sun glasses and a free button top while Skyler was just dressed in a baggy shirt, jeans and canvas.

“We hope to see your faces here again, bye” she waved at them.

“You wouldn’t because I will be taking my wife to a better place next time” Mason replied and left with Skyler.

The receptionist smile slowly turned to a frown and she blinked twice.

Alvin was already waiting for them in the parking lot, there was a smile when he saw Mason’s cold face again. He knew there was nothing to miss about Mason but he still does.

“Boss, ma’am Skyler!” He ran to take the bags from Mason’s hands.

“Welcome back, how was your weekend?” He asked with a smile.

Mason just removed his glasses and stepped inside the c popar, it was Skyler who replied him.

“Our weekend was fine, I hope you had a good time to?” She asked back.

“I’m fine” he smiled at her as she entered before he entered the driver’s sit then began driving.

Skyler suddenly thought of something then raised her head up to talk to Alvin.

“Alvin can you please stop at the pharmacy?” She asked and Mason turned to look at her immediately.

“Are you sick?” He asked looking a little worried.

“I’m not sick, I just want to get a drug” she replied.

“Why do you need drugs?” Mason frowned at her.

Skyler stylishly looked at Alvin before looking Mason, Mason sighed and leaned his face closer to her.

“Tell me in my ear if you don’t want Alvin to hear” he said slowly.

“I need to get plan B” Skyler whispered to him.

“What’s plan B?” Mason cluelessly asked out loud and Skyler hit him immediately.

Alvin’s eyes widened from where it was but he dared not say anything.

“Don’t you really know anything” she muttered to herself before staring at him. “It’s for protection since we didn’t use condom” she told him and he nodded.

Alvin did as told when he saw a pharmacy and Skyler came down from the car and went in.

“How have the company been?” Mason asked Alvin while be waiting for Skyler.

“The company is going well boss, there was no complaint or anything of such, everything are the same way they are as I updated you online” he replied and Mason nodded.

Skyler came back with a white pharmacy nylon.

“Okay let’s go, can’t wait to greet everyone” she said and Alvin continued driving.



“Ivy can you explain all that is happening between you and this Regina girl?” Grandpa Mario started by asking after all of them were sitting for the family meeting.

The only people absent were Carson, Emily, Antonio, Mason and Skyler that weren’t currently present.

“Grandpa it’s obvious, Regina is jealous because I’m more successful than her so she’s trying to bring me down by using Ivy and the family’s name” Edna scoffed and shook her head.

“Learn to talk in your own time, dad was clearly asking my daughter so don’t make everything all about you” Maya glared at Edna.

While they were arguing, Ivy wasn’t even listening to any of them, she was thinking of herself, now everyone was seeing her as a boyfriend stealer.

“Tell me something Ivy, are you interested in that young man who’s Regina’s boyfriend?” Grandpa Mario then asked.

“Yes grandpa” Ivy muttered.

“Wow, what do you teach your daughter Maya? How to get interested in someone’s man?” Rosa shook her head.

Maya angrily faced her.

“So what if she is interested in him, does that mean she was planning to steal him? I know Ivy so well and she would never do what that media are accusing her of doing!” Maya was fuming as she complained.

“Aunt Maya and aunt Rosa, you guys are making things scary for Ivy, can’t you just behave like a family for once!” Hudson rubbed on his forehead tiredly and Edna nodded in agreement.

Maya twitched her lips and faced front but Rosa had a smirk on her face.

“I swear to you Grandpa, the media are saying it all wrong and making me look bad, I would never try to be that shameless and ruin our family’s name” Ivy sniffed as she explained herself.

Rosa scoffed to herself.

“You’d never try to ruin our family name? Did you asked what your mom did in other to marry your father?” She suddenly said and Maya stood up from the chair.

“Rosa you..

“Don’t sweat it Maya, just go upstairs!” Dylan who had been like a ghost in the family meeting all along.

Maya was fuming angrily, she gave Rosa a really hard glare before storming out of the family meeting.

“Rosa you can also follow behind” grandpa Mario looked at Rosa.

Rosa just smirked stood up and left.

“Grandpa, dad, I’m freaking out! I’ve never been involved in a social media or internet drama or even cyber bullying about things I didn’t do, I don’t know what to do grandpa” Ivy began crying.

“Listen, don’t say anything because I believe if you talk more then you’ll be fueling it more” Jacob suggested.

“So are you saying she should say nothing and let people dictate her life for her?” Dylan raised one of his brows.

“It’s all social media uncle, it will pass sooner or later when they finally see a bigger story to be concerned of” Jacob added.

“Yeah bigger news like when I win the best dress of red carpet and hottest woman in LA” Edna flaunted her hair proudly.

Hudson just shook his head and pushed her off before standing up and leaving.

Grandpa Mario sighed and called Ivy over.

“My dear” he said softly when she stood in front of him and took her hands. “We believe you so don’t worry about what the internet says, I promise we’ll do something about it okay?” He gave her an assuring look.

Ivy just nodded and Grandpa Mario gave her a kiss on the head before leaving.

“Hey Ivy” Edna stood up and walked towards her.

“You know Regina started this so let me help you teach her a lesson” she smirked.

“You want to help me? You don’t even like me” Ivy scoffed and dry her tears.

“I don’t like you but I don’t like Regina more and besides I’m not doing it for free, you’ll take me to that new bag store that JJC just launched to get me one of their latest brand” Edna said and proudly crossed her arms under her breast.

“And how will you help teach Regina a lesson?” Ivy asked and Regina let out a devious smile.

“I’ll just toy with her emotions” she whispered and winked.

“Tell me more” Ivy replied.



The class was as silent as a graveyard as the students were busy with mathematics test again. Carson was staring at the paper with no clue of what to write, he looked at the left and right to see the people writing on their papers.

“No side looking!” Mr Brown hit a stick on his table that made him face his book.

After two hours, the text was over, Carson sighed as he stepped away from the class.

“How was it man?” Fred walked up to him and asked.

“The usual, you know they were all looking like chinese to me” Carson replied.

“Sorry man, next time” Fred tapped hid shoulders twice before leaving.

Carson began keeping some of his books inside his locker when Gracie and Ryan walked past him, giggling and holding hands. He just sighed and shook his head before dropping his book on his locker.

“Hey” a familiar male voice sounded behind them.

He knew it was James and his heart skipped a beat. This would be the first time he would be seeing James after finding out that he was gay.

He immediately cleared his throat before turning to face him.

“Hi” he avoided eye contact.

“How was your maths oh don’t bother answering, I saw the way you sulked on your way out of the exam hall” James shook his head.

“Sorry James, you took your time to teach me but I still ended up the same, I’m sorry” as Carson talked, James notice he was avoiding eye contact.

He brought his hands to his chin and made him look up at him, where their eyes contact to meet.

“You’re avoiding to look at me?” He asked.

Carson stared at James eyes and couldn’t look away or say anything.

“Don’t be too tensed, it’s just me” he smirked and Carson foolishly nodded his head.

James chuckled and Carson’s eyes widened, he immediately slapped James hands away from his face.

“Since our tutor continues then I’ll see you in your next meeting, bye” he turned around, forgetting his locker was behind him so he hit his head on it.

“Oh!” James winced like it was his head that got hit. “Are you okay?” He asked afterwards.

“I’m perfectly fine” Carson faced him with a smile before excusing himself out.

James just turned back to look at his retreating figure with a smile on his face.



The car finally stopped in front of the garage and Mason came down. He helped Skylar down before they took their bags.

“Bro” Hudson spread his arms and began moving to him but Mason dodged him and he ended up hugging the air.

“That’s not fair, you haven’t even seen me for three days, don’t you miss me?” Hudson pouted.

Mason didn’t mind him, he knew Hudson was doing all these because he would come tomorrow to beg him for a post since his week suspension was already over.

“It’s Grandpa in his study?” He asked Matilda who was washing the dishes.

“Yes sir and welcome back home sir” she immediately greeted him.

“Okay, let’s drop our bags before we go to see him” he told Skyler who nodded then the both of them went in.

After greeting grandpa, Skyler excused herself because the old man wanted to see Mason alone.

“So have you heard about what is happening with your sister online?” He asked.

“The rumor that came up? I thought it already went down” Mason creased his brows.

“It came up again, your sister is devistated and we have to do something about it” he said worriedly.

“Don’t worry dad, they just need a bigger news and I have that to give” Mason rolled his eyes.

“What?” Grandpa Mario asked.

“D•S will be opening a competition show for upcoming fashion designers, I’m sure a lot of people will be excited once I make the announcement” he said.

“Good plan and Skyler, have you told her about it?” The old man asked again.

“Yes and she’s interested, I’m sure she would do well” he shrugged his shoulders, his eyes suddenly caught grandpa’s phone wallpaper.

“Grandpa where did you get that from?” His eyes widened because it was the picture of when Skyler poured flour on his face.

“Oh, Skyler sent it and I immediately used it as my wallpaper. It’s a really rare picture and I have sent it to your mother and sister” grandpa Mario smiled.



In Maya’s room, she was sitting on the chair and looking at her family pictures, pictures of Mason when he was a baby, Ivy and Dylan and her.

Her phone rang and she checked to see an unknown number. She narrowed her eyes and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Is this Maya?” A female voice sounded.

“Yes and this is?”

“Agnes.. it’s me Agnes Cassandra” the woman replied and Maya’s eyes widened.

“Bestie? OMG where are you? Why did you change your number!” She immediately stood up from the chair.

“I got robbed recently so I had to get a new phone” Agnes replied.

“Robbed? I hope you’re fine” Maya face turned worried instantly.

“Don’t worry, I’m not hurt, I wanted to let you know that I’m back to LA, I just arrived last night” she said and Maya turned happy immediately.

“I miss you so much Agnes, I’ll come visit you later, are you free?” Maya asked happily.

“I’ll be free in the evening, I’ll see you”

“Me too” Maya smiled and hung up.




Skyler stared at herself in the mirror before taking the plan B she bought earlier. She had sex with Mason twice without protection, she still has lot of things to do and getting pregnant is not her plan.

“I hope I’m not too late” she muttered before opening the tablet and putting two pills in her mouth.

The door opened and Edna happily stepped in. When she heard that Skyler was back, she couldn’t wait to greet her.

“Skyler, I missed you” she shouted happily and out of fright, Skyler dropped the plan B on the floor.

“I’m sorry” Edna apologized and hurriedly grabbed the tablet before Skyler could take it.

She looked at it and her eyes widened.


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