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He shook his head and brought the duvet to cover her legs but she suddenly moved to her other side and his hands landed on her but.

Mason’s eyes widened as he stared at his hands in her butt, the sudden urge to squeeze it a little came to his head and he couldn’t resist, his hands gently squeezed on her little but floppy ass.

“Mason, what are you doing?” Skyler slapped his hands off her body with sleepy eyes.

Mason closed his laptop and kept it on the stool beside him before shifting closer to hug her from behind.

“I really want you now, can you wake up?” He whispered in her ears and began kissing her neck.

“What are you talking about?” She pouted in her sleep.

“I’m really hard Skyler” he whispered again.

“So? Help yourself out I’m sleepy” she scoffed and pushed his hands away from her body then relaxed on her pillow comfortably.

“Please just open your eyes, only one round I promise” he pleaded with her while bringing his hands to squeeze her boobs from behind.

“Mason!!” Skyler pouted but he kept playing with her nipples that were slowly getting hard by his touch.

While one of his hands was gripping her breast, the other began moving downwards till it got to their panties, he put his hands in and began rubbing her clint.

“Mason, what are you going?” Skyler’s eyes opened, she tried taking his hands off but he moved even faster.

“Mason you… Oh.. oh.. fuck” she couldn’t complete what she wanted to say when two of f his fingers entered her and he began fingering her really fast.

He turned her to face him and pushed his fingers then curled them inside hers really deep as he fingered her even more.

“Damn! Mason! I wanna cum!!” Skyler was moaning uncontrollably.

“Do it on my fingers,” he said breathlessly. He hasn’t entered her yet but it was getting really hard that pre cum were starting to stain his shorts just by looking at her reaction.

“Mason!!” Skyler screamed when his fingers went even more deeper inside her, she couldn’t hold it, she had to release her juices on his fingers.

Mason pulled away and stayed at his fingers for a while, he stared at Skyler who was looking at him breathlessly then he slowly put fingers in his mouth and licked slowly, not taking his eyes off her.

“Sweet” he muttered when he pulled away.

“I’m going to take your clothes off,” he said afterwards.

“Why?” Skyler’s eyes widened.

“I just fûcked you with my fingers, now I want to be fully buried inside you” he replied before taking off his trousers.

Skyler couldn’t look away from his dìck, it was big and hard.

“Don’t be scared wifey, I’ll go only one round I promise” he said and leaned closer to capture her lips.

They began kissing slowly for a while, Skyler didn’t know when Mason entered inside her but when he began thrusting, she had to break that kiss.

“Mason” she held his shoulders while he buried his face in the crook of her neck, fucking her really fast.

“Can you try to go slow please?” She pleaded with him.

“I can’t… You’re too good” he replied and knelt on the bed still inside her, he took her legs and placed them on his shoulders then continued moving in and out of her.

“Arghh… Mason.. shit” Skyler threw her head backwards.

“Will the doggy make you scream my name even more?” He asked and she stared at him confusedly.

Before she could reply or react, she already turned her over and made her kneel on the bed then went deep inside her from behind.

“Mason!!!! Arghh!!! Mason!!!” Skyler began screaming as he pounded her without mercy, her boobs were also shaking uncontrollably.

“I thought so” Mason muttered and grabbed her boobs from behind then moved even faster inside her.

“Mason.. please” Skyler help his hands. They were on her boobs, she didn’t know if she wanted him to take them off or squeeze them but Mason took the second.

He squeezed on her bóobs hard as he gave it to her from behind, enjoying every scream that left her mouth.

“You know I don’t fûcking you till the next morning” he whispered in her ears and before Skyler could reply, he suddenly stood up from the bed and carried her up, making sure her legs were wrapped around his torso.

Skyler was breathing heavily, her legs were already shaking but Mason was not tired.

“I want to hear you scream my name again, I don’t mind if everyone hears us” he whispered to her then entered her again.

Skyler wrapped her hands around Mason’s shoulders as he fûcked her and at the same time took her to sit on the table.

He placed her legs on his shoulders and continued going even faster than before, the poor table kept shaking violently.

Skyler’s loud moans and scream filled the whole room.



Carson was laying on his bed while throwing a ball up and catching it back when a knock sounded on the door.

“Who?” He asked and Emily came in.

“Mom” he quickly sat up as he watched her come closer.

“Here you go” she dropped his phone for him and began leaving but he quickly called her back.

“You saw what I was browsing right?” He asked out loud, making Emily pause. She slowly turned to face him.

“How do I know if I’m gay?” She said what he was browsing and Carson looked down.

“Why were you browsing that?” She asked afterwards and when Carson didn’t say anything, she came to sit on the edge of his bed.

“You know I already know who you were, when you were little, I knew it would be like this but I was afraid of this reaction from you” she muttered and he stared at her confusedly.

“What are you talking about mom?” He narrowed his eyes a little.

“When you were small, you loved guys more than girls, you’d always talk about handsome guys and hang out with them. I’ve tried to hook you up with girls secretly but you don’t pay any attention so I accepted you would figure yourself out when you grow up and I’m hoping you can accept it and don’t be too hard on yourself” she held his shoulders gently.

Carson’s eyes turned misty and a teardrop fell from it.

“But.. How do I accept it? What would grandpa even say? I’m not from this family,I’m not a real Delgado and I can feel it with the way some people treat me here but I’m not saying anything and if they find out I’m gay then what would they think of me?” Carson burst out into tears.

Emily sighed and moved closer to him then hugged him tight.

“I just told you not to be too hard on yourself, listen, do whatever your heart and body wants and when you’re ready to tell everyone, I’ll be by your side” she told him softly.

Carson sniffed and dried his tears and Emily pulled away from the hug.

“Look at me, you’re not the only gay in this world, there are many and they are proud of it. I know most people are against it but you can try joining the LGBTQ community to bond and feel better with people like you” she said with a smile.

Carson just nodded and Emily kissed his face before leaving the room. When she left, Carson’s eyes went to his laptop and he grabbed it, turned it on and began searching for something.

In the laptop screen it had a rainbow flag that said welcome to the ‘LGBT’ community, click here to join.

He stared at the click box for a while before moving his arrow to accept it.



The little celebration was over, there were over ten empty bottles of beer on the table and almost everyone was drunk.

“Come on, let’s go outside” Blake was dragging Ivy away from the chair but she was still pushing herself forward to lay on the chair.

“I want to sleep, Blake!!!!” Ivy pouted.

“It’s not your house, let me drive you home, I wonder why you drank so much if you can’t handle it!!” He rolled his eyes and kept dragging her but she jumped on his back instead.

“I love piggyback!!” She chuckled and hugged his neck tight.

Blake just rolled his eyes and took her outside, he was surprised to see drunk Daisy sitting on the driver’s seat.

“Daisy, what are you doing?” He looked a little surprised.

“Patrick over there said he knows how to drive faster than me so we want to do a car race” Daisy replied in a drunken state.

“Where’s Patrick?” Blake looked around and a car horn sounded.

Blake turned to his side to see Patrick sitting in his car, getting ready to drive.

“Patrick, what do you think you’re doing?” Blake’s eyes widened.

“Sorry boss, I’ve got to show this bitch how to-”

“Bye loser!!” Daisy shouted and drove off before he could finish talking.

“What the.. that’s cheating!!” Patrick yelled and drove after her.

Blake was left standing outside with Ivy at his back.

“I guess we’ll have to trek back to your family Mansion, will you behave?” He told her.

“Yas!! I love piggy, hey Blake do you know I’ll make a good singer? Tried singing but I heard I wasn’t good enough, do you wanna hear me sing?” She asked as they began walking.

“Okay” Blake nodded.

“I love you like a love song baby and I keep hitting repeat peat peat peat!!” She began singing “Love You Like I Love Song” by Selena Gomez and her voice sounded horrible.

Blake almost fainted but he kept enduring.

“Don’t I sound great?” She asked when she was done.

“Yes you did, I didn’t feel like dying when you were singing” he replied with sarcasm in his voice.

“You know I love Selena Gomez, she’s flawlessly pretty” she said and Blake just nodded, not knowing what else to say to her.

They finally got to the mansion and he met a guard who immediately rushed up to them.

“I’m sorry, I’m Blake Andrews, Ivy’s co star, we were having a little party and she got drunk, her car is not available” he immediately explained himself.

“It’s okay, I better take her in” the guard took Ivy away from Blake’s back and Ivy began crying.

“No no no..I want piggy back!!” She cried and stretched her hands out like a baby but the guard took her in.

Blake just sighed before turning around and finding his way back to his house.



The next morning, Skyler was busy arranging the kitchen with an angry face. She was mad at Mason because he made her go extra four rounds, she was pleading with him to stop but he didn’t listen.

It was Sunday, there was no work today and Mason just finished showering, he was dressed casually before coming to lean on the counter.

“Hey” he called but she ignored him and continued doing the dishes, there were already some fresh pancakes on a plate.

“Morning” he greeted but no reply, he took a pancake from the plate and Skyler turned to give him a glare.

Mason sighed in defeat before going to hug her from behind but Skyler wasn’t surprised.

“I know you’re mad about last night, it’s just that I couldn’t control myself” he said but Skyler kept ignoring him.

“Fine, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone too hard on you last night” he apologized and Skyler turned to look at him.

“Is that how you do with Linda?” She asked with a straight face.

“Are you going to compare yourself to Linda? It’s that other way around, she actually begged me for it because she can’t resist me but I beg you because I simply can’t resist you” he replied.

Skyler scoffed and looked elsewhere.

“After you fell asleep last night, I was awake and I thought of some things. At first I thought it was because we were drugged and maybe it won’t happen again but I was wrong and after last night, you might be thinking I only want sex from you but I realized I want more than that, I don’t know how to explain” he sighed and Skyler was already looking at him.

“I know our marriage is not real but we can try to just make it work, you know treat ourselves normal and see how things would go” he added, waiting to see what she would say.

Skyler slowly smiled.

“Is it a yes?” He asked while narrowing his eyes.

“If you try to smile then I might consider” she smirked and Mason frowned his face deeply.

“I said,” smile not frown, how can we be normal if you don’t smile? ” You can smile for me alone even if you bone others” she gave him a puppy look.

Mason sighed before squeezing his face in a type of way that made him look funny. Skyler couldn’t help it and she burst into laughter.

“What’s funny?” Mason frowned at her.

“Your expression, okay listen” she sighed and stopped laughing before turning back to take some leftover flour with her finger.

“Smiling is easy, it doesn’t have to be forced, it’s like this see” she drew the flour stain on the side of his lips like he was smiling.

Seeing what she did, she burst out into laughter while Mason stared at her speechlessly.

“Look at you, you’re smiling now!! Oh hold on,I need to take a picture of this” she stepped away from him and wanted to run to get her phone but he suddenly grabbed her back by the forearm and made her sit on the counter while he stood in between her legs.

“Do you know what you just did?” He asked as he used his hands to pack some floors.

“Mason don’t” Skyler began laughing.

“You disrespected a billionaire and now it’s pay back time” he said and began rubbing her face with the floor.

“Mason!!” Skyler screamed and laughed, she took the whole plate and poured it upside down on his face.

Now Mason’s hair and face were extra white, he looked like a clown. Skyler puffed some air from her lips and escaped from him to take her phone.

She took a picture of his face immediately and he made the picture look more funny because he was seriously frowning.

“You think this is funny?” He looked at her blankly.

“Guess what is funny?” Skyler was really having a good time. “I just sent it to grandpa” she laughed and took her heels immediately.




Ivy was groaning and rolling round the bed, her head was pounding furiously and to make it worse, her phone kept ringing non-stop.

She finally opened her eyes and grabbed her phone only to see it was Daisy as the ID caller.

She angrily picked it.

“Daisy, why are you calling me so early, I can’t come to work now please can I sleep more!!” Ivy complained.

“Ivy, there’s a problem” Daisy replied with a nervous voice from the other end.



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