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Felix looked shocked to bump into Skyler and even more shocked when he saw her hugging another man’s arm where by he was doing the same with Felicia.

Mason looked at Skyler when he saw she was looking at them but with the look in her eyes, he could guess who she was looking at.

“Let’s just go in” Skyler whispered to him and tried moving in but Felix suddenly block their part.

“Felix!” Felicia whispered and shook her head trying to tell him not to cause a scene but Felix ignored her.

He stared at Mason from head to toes before looking at Skyler.

“Who’s this guy?” He asked with an angry look.

Skyler really wanted to punch him, the audacity he has to ask her such questions. She gave him two years of her life and he cheated on her, no remorse to even try to win her back but he was still having dinner dates with the person he cheated on her with.

A thought suddenly came to her head and she smirked.

“You want to know who? He’s my husband” she replied and hugged Mason’s arms tighter.

Mason didn’t say anything, he just kept a straight face as he watched them. Felix stared at Skyler speechlessly then brought his eyes to Mason and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Felicia can you hear this? Husband? She said he’s her husband, she’s married” he looked at Felicia as he laughed.

Felicia didn’t say anything because she was too ashamed to stare at Skyler or the handsome man beside her and people were passing, she was embarrassed.

“Come on Skyler you’re really funny, just admit that you were stalking me and when you found out I’d be here, you hired this guy from no where and act like you two are married just to make me jealous” he laughed so hard again.

Skyler was gripping on Mason’s hands, trying to control her anger and Mason brought her hands to her knuckles and rubbed it gently. It seemed to calm her down a little.

“Are you done? You’re scaring my wife with your strange behavior?” Mason then gave Felix a look that portray no emotions.

“It’s like you don’t know something, this woman here was supposed to be my wife but she..

“She ran away from you because you cheated on her with that” he said ‘that’ by using his head to point Felicia before he continued.

“Then I continued from where you stopped, this beauty can’t go to a waste, it’s your loss” he shrugged before looking at Skyler.

“Let’s go in?” He asked.

“Hmm” Skyler nodded at him and they began moving forward.

“Skyler!” Felix left Felicia and went to block the door with his hands.

“I’m only one call away, when you’re tired this bullshit then you can come back to me, I will always accept you” he ignored Mason and faced Skyler.

“You really wish, I’m about to have a dinner date with my husband so how about you let us go in and continue fucking Felicia’s hole like you do?” She gave him a kind of look and without waiting for his reaction, she pushed him off her way.

“Thank you” she smiled and began going in with Mason.

Felix hurriedly went after them, he saw a waitress carrying an empty tray of drinks and he snatched a glass from her.

He aimed at Mason’s head and threw but Skyler was quick enough to noticed.

“Mason duck!!” She shouted out of fright. Mason did as told and the class flew pass him, crashing on another person.

Felix gasped in shock and without waisting time, he took his heels.

“Security don’t let that guy putting on a green suit run past the exist” the waitress brought out a walkie talkie and announced to a guard.

“You okay?” Mason faced Skyler with a worried look.

“I should ask you that!” Skyler asked looking at his body to see if he was hurt.

“I’m fine” he muttered before looking out at the guard waiting outside for Felix.

The guard caught Felix before he could enter his car and in seconds the police came and Felix was shackled.

“Wait don’t take only me, I came with my date!!” Felix shouted as the police pushed him to the car.

“We don’t see any body, get in” the police men pushed Felix in.

Felix peeped out to see Felicia driving his car out of the restaurant.

“That bitch” he muttered.



This was another restaurant where Ivy and her teams were celebrating. They could be spotted sitting together in a round table.

“Hey why don’t we make this fun, who anyone can eat the spiciest food in this restaurant?” director James suddenly asked.

“Why are you asking director?” Ivy replied with an eye roll.

“Well” Director James cleared his throat before bringing out two tickets. “I’m not holding the last two tickets of John Walker play” he added and almost everyone jumped from their table.

“Director where did you get them from?”

“Wanted to get one earlier but it was sold out!”


They were bugging him already.

“Hey that’s why I said let’s play a came to get it, we’ll just go with two levels and the lucky two people will make it to John Walker’s play and he’s acting live” director James smirked and everyone began screaming again.

“Ready?” He asked and they nodded then a plate of the most spiciest chicken was ordered for each of everyone of them.

“In there, two, one.. go!!” He clapped his fist and they began eating, some were already crying.

Blake was about to finish his, he looked at Ivy and saw she haven’t eaten much and he smirked before some from her plate and adding on his.

Ivy stared at him and he winked at her, director James saw them but didn’t say anything.

Only four were able to eat, they were Ivy, Blake, Daisy and Blake’s manager named Patrick.

“Okay now to cool your spirits I’ll be going with the romantic deserts, I’ll be ordering two big ice cream Sundays and the rules is that, a male and female will eat from a cup without straws and the first to win, wins the tickets” director James announced and people were clapping.

Two giant cups of ice cream Sundays were brought to their table.

“Oh no director, I can’t eat this, I’ll gain so much weight!” Ivy looked scared.

“You don’t have to worry about your weight anymore, you’re done shooting” director James replied.

“And whether you look thick or thin, you’re still very beautiful” Blake added and people began gushing.

Ivy cheeks burnt red but she just nodded.

“Okay I’ll eat with Ivy, Patrick you eat with Daisy” Blake said and Patrick nodded.

“You want us to eat ice cream together? What about Regina? Won’t she get mad?” Ivy looked a little worried.

“Uhm, actually Regina and I broke up” Blake cleared his throat a little when he said that.

“Huh?” Everyone looked surprised.

“Is it because of me?” Ivy slowly asked.

“No! Trust me, really” he shook his head immediately before facing everyone.

“Please let it remain a secret, I don’t need any attention on my private life and decision” he pleaded.

“Don’t worry Blake, you know Regina is too clingy, I don’t even like her” Patrick rolled his eyes.

Ivy stylishly stared at Blake, she felt happy that he was finally single, she can actually try getting close to him but at that same time she felt fear with the thought of people hating on her if she dates him.

“Let’s start eating, the ice cream is melting!!” Director James yelled and they eating competition started.

Blake was sitting opposite Ivy and they were eating from their side without using the straw likewise Daisy and Patrick.

“I’m team Blake and Ivy!! Eat fast eat fast!!” Some people were cheering.

“I’m having brain freeze here” Ivy pulled away from the ice cream and began complaining.

“Come on Ivy let’s do this, think of John Walker’s play” Blake reminded her and Ivy nodded before eating again.

The ice cream separating their lips from eachother suddenly fell off and Blake lips accidentally brushed with Ivy’s.

It felt like time froze for the both of them, Ivy slowly brought her gaze to Blake’s face and she met him staring at her, he also looked shocked.

“We won!! Yes!!” Daisy shouted, bringing Blake and Ivy back to earth.

“What?” Blake looked shocked.

“Sorry boss” Patrick smiled and shook hands with Daisy.

“It’s not fair, Daisy give me your tickets or I’ll fire you!” Ivy stood up and stretched her hands out.

“No way!” Daisy struck her tongue out and began running.

“Daisy, I am your boss so listen to me!!” Ivy yelled and began chasing after her.

Everyone were just watching them and laughing but Director James was secretly typing something on his phone.

“I got a new information about Blake, Ivy and Regina. Blake and Regina has broken up and he’s getting close with Ivy” he typed to a number before sending a picture of the accidentally kiss Blake had with Ivy.



A waitress just dropped some food on the table where Mason and Skyler were sitting.

“Thank you” Skyler smiled at her and watched her leave before staring at Mason who was already pouring some wine in the class.

“Here you go” he stretched the glass to which she accepted with a smile.

They began eating but Mason was just starting at her. Come to think of it, how they met and married was quite funny, he met her from no where and proposed to her and she agreed, they married the same they she was about to marry that freak.

Skyler slowly looked up when she felt some gaze on her, she caught Mason gaze but he didn’t make an attempt to hide.

“What? Do I have some food on my face?” She slowly blinked at him.

Mason chuckled a little with surprised Skyler.

“I just want to know more about you, I mean it’s been close to a month, we should know more about ourselves” he told her.

Skyler thought he was saying making sense and she nodded.

“You’re right, what do you want to know about me?” She asked.

“Your last name is Skyler Wang, are you a Chinese?” He started his first question.

“Hmm” Skyler nodded.

“Half Chinese half American, my father was a Chinese man and my mom is an American” she added.

“So you have a Chinese name, can I hear it?” Mason dropped his fork as he seemed more interested in this conversation.

“Yes I do, it’s actually Jingxue” she said.

“Jing xue..” Mason pronounced carefully, “Does it have a meaning?” He then asked.

“It means kind, a helpful person, someone always ready to assist” she answered.

“Interesting, so tell me about your dad” he asked and sipped from his wine.

Skyler sighed a little before smiling hurtfully.

“Well my father was just like me, his name is Chareen Wang, I should say he was a born legend in the fashion industry, his dream is to finally be known as one of the best and he actually worked for it.. you know he was selected to join this popular show of fashion designing, he won and was about to face millions of crowds to collect his reward but he had an accident and died on his way” she narrated to him.

“That sucks” Mason muttered.

“Hmm, but it’s the past, I’ve long accepted it and I promise to make a name for myself and make my father proud” she let out another smile and nodded to herself.

“I trust you, so your wedding dress, I noticed the design looked a bit unique, wanted to ask but I forgot” he raised another question.

“Oh I designed it myself, it took months” she replied.

“Really?” Mason looked a bit surprised.

“Yes but it was such a waste” she sighed afterwards.

“You really are very talented, you know D•S will he holding a design competition next week, how about you join, I’ll send you the link to register” he told her.

“I will love to but Edna’s dress?” She looked at him.

“Take it as your project there, if you become a worker there then it can help you” he replied.

Skyler smiled happily.

“Of course, I’ll love the join oh and I have questions for you too” she leaned closer and smirked at him.

“Shoot” he rolled his eyes.

“If you met another girl on the road that wasn’t me then would you actually marry her?” She asked, paying close attention to him.

“I was gonna go to Paris and drag Linda to marry me” he replied.

“Linda?” Skyler creased her brows.

“Hmm, my ex cause she stood me up but I saw you in a wedding dress and I had no patient so..” he shrugged his shoulders and cut a piece of meat then put in his mouth.

Skyler was shocked with his reply, she shook her head at him.

“Were you really born like this?” She asked.

“Like how?” He looked confused.

“Cold, emotionless, do you even smile?” She narrowed her eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just love my work too much that I don’t have the time to smile anymore” he shrugged again.

“You’re a workaholic then, why are you one thou?” She asked again.

“No reason, when I was in my junior high school everyone hated me because I was ugly and a dullard, I even asked a girl out and she humiliated me publicly but I decided to buckle up not because of her but everyone and I suddenly became better, as I was getting better I wanted more, I loved the respect and the fame and everything, I just loved it” he explained.

“But you should try to smile more, it’ll look good on you” she told him and he nodded before raising his glass up to her.

“Cheers?” He gave her a look.

“Cheers” she smiled and clicked her class with his.



It’s family dinner, Maya slowly climbed down the stairs and walked pass everyone to get a glass of water but Grandpa Mario called her back.

“Maya, sit and join us, Rosa told us you apologized to her” he said and Maya froze on her step.

She turned back and stared at Rosa who just ignored her and kept eating.

“Thank you Dad” she smiled and went to join them.

They were eating but Carson was busy pressing his son.

“Emily take the phone from your son” grandpa Mario frowned.

Carson heard and tried deleting what he was browsing but Emily snatched the phone from him immediately. She stared at it, feeling a little surprised before staring at Carson who slowly faced his food.

“Always obey the rules Carson, no computer in the dinning” She said afterwards.



Mason and Skyler already came back for dinner and this time they were getting ready to sleep.

While Mason was sitting on his bed and pressing his laptop, Skyler came out of the bathroom in her nightie.

She felt uncomfortable because it was transparent and short, she might have grabbed it by accident.

She ignored Mason and lay down, facing the other side.

“Don’t stay up late too much” she reminded him before closing her eyes.

Mason’s eyes were in his laptop, working for almost three hours before he turned to face her.

He was a bit startled to see her sleeping position had changed, she was now facing him, her blanket was off hey body and her nighties were exposing her fresh laps to his view.

He wasn’t drugged this time but he was begining to get hard by staring.



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