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Mason kept biting on Skyler’s earlobe which made her hands trembled and she accidentally dropped the bottle of mustered she was holding on the floor.

“Hey what are you doing? I thought.. I thought were having an online conference?” She stuttered at his sudden behavior.

Mason stop biting her earlobe and he rested his chin on her shoulders.

“Where do you want us to go out today?” He asked.

“Uhm.. I don’t know, I still have to work on Edna’s dress and we can take a walk after then go for dinner or something” she suggested with an unsure look.

Mason stayed quiet for a while before nodding.

“Fine by me, I’ll leave you to do your thing” he left a short kiss on her neck before adjusting his nose mask properly on is face and stepping away from her.

After his presence was out of the kitchen, Skyler slapped her cheeks a little for the sudden redness before bending to pick the mustered.

“Get a control of yourself, we just had a night together, it’s nothing, you’re probably just shy” she told herself and nodded before she continued making the sandwich.



Maya tiredly climbed down the stairs and went to the kitchen. She opened all the pots but they were empty.

“Matilda, isn’t there any food, even if it’s half a plate?” She gave Matilda who was washing the dishes a pleading look.

“I’m really sorry ma’am, ma’am Rosa said I should pack up the remaining food for her to share with the workers in her company” Matilda replied with her head lowered.

“Can I just have it, let me take a little and I promise you Matilda, if dad opens my account then I would personally double your salary” Maya pleaded.

Matilda was surprised to see that Maya could look this pitiful and helpless, she pitied her so much but she didn’t want to get into any trouble with Rosa since Maya was no longer in control to do anything.

“Ma’am I’ll love to help you but I-”

“If you’re so hungry Maya why don’t you just cook something, grandpa didn’t forbid you from using the kitchen” Rosa climbed down the marble stairs with her glass heels making annoying sounds.

“You’re really jobless Rosa, I don’t deserve the way you’re treating me and I swear once I get out of this I will make you see blood!” As Maya talked Rosa only just smirked at her.

Maya scoffed and opened the cupboard, she took out some knifes and some vegetables.

“I don’t know why I need to beg any of you! I can do it all on my one!” She gritted her teeth and began chopping the tomatoes but she accidentally cut her fingers.

“Ouch!” She screamed and dropped the knife on the floor.

Rosa burst out into laughter while Matilda gasped worriedly.

“Ma’am, are you okay?” Matilda covered her mouth with her palms.

Maya fingers were hurting so much, she wanted to cry but she couldn’t do it in front of Rosa.

“Why don’t you just swallow your pride and beg me, you didn’t eat well for two days and it’s showing in your face already, your eyes and cheeks has entered inside and oh” Rosa let out a fake gasp.

“Is that wrinkles on your forehead? Have your beauty cream or tea finished” Rosa feign a worried look.

Maya was really fuming.

“You want to hear sorry right? I’m sorry!” She shouted with her eyed turning red.

Rosa eyes widened and she moved closer to Maya.

“Didn’t your parents taught you how to plead with someone you offend the proper way? Get on your damn knees and apologize to me!” She said harshly, her looks were cold, deep and heartless. She was really enjoying all that was happening right now.

Maya eyes were misty as she stared back, she refused to go on her knees while Jacob who was coming from behind just watched with a displeased look on his face.

“You’re not ready yet, Matilda pack all the food and follow me” Rosa wanted to turn around but Maya immediately went on her knees.

Rosa froze and a smirk slowly appeared on her face.

“I’m sorry for calling you a bîtch, please forgive me” as she said that, tears came out of her eyes.

Rosa started at Maya speechlessly for a while before she suddenly burst into laughter. She laughed so hard that tears came out of her eyes.

Maya felt totally humiliated, she couldn’t control it, Rosa was laughing at her and she broke down in tears.

“Matilda hand over a plate of food to me” Rosa stretched her hands out and Matilda immediately unpacked some of the food inside a plate then handed it to Rosa.

Rosa smirked and poured it on Maya’s face.

“There you go, only dogs kneel and beg for food and that’s what you are! When you apologize to Skyler, we will plead with dad to forgive you” Rosa smiled at her before walking away.

“Ma’am Maya” Matilda immediately rushed towards Maya who was still kneeling on the floor and breathing angrily.

“Don’t touch me!” Maya rushed her off before standing up and staring into space.

“I swear to God Rosa,I will personally make you regret this!”

Rosa was happily walking to her car when Jacob ran after her.

“Mom, hold on for a second!!” He shouted and Rosa stopped then he came to stand beside her.

“Mom I saw what you did to Aunt Maya, it’s not fair” he said and Rosa laughed before turning to look at him in anger.

“Who do you think you are to stop me and tell me what to do when you can’t even do anything useful in your life” she glared at him.

Jacob wanted to talk but he didn’t find anything to say, he just looked down.

“Thought so” Rosa scoffed and walked towards her car.



“And it’s a wrap!!” Director James shouted and everyone began clapping.

They just finished rounding up the movie they have been acting.

“Susan, post it on our platform and later we will work on the release date” director James turned to a young woman dressed in a cooperate way, she smiled and nodded before bringing out her iPad.

“What do we do next director?” Ivy asked.

“We wait for the release date and before that, the two of you need to get yourself in any scandal that can help in promoting the movie even more” director James replied.

“But I’m old man Mario’s granddaughter, isn’t that enough?” Ivy rolled her eyes.

“It’s enough but not all, some days ago you and Blake were involved in a dating scandal, a lot of attention was on your side so why don’t you spice it up” director James smiled at them.

“No thank you, the last time that shit happened Ivy was really down because she was up with lots of hates, we don’t need anyone to cyber bully anyone before we extra promote our movie” Blake shook his head.

“I agree” Ivy nodded.

“Fine, I’ll look for other means and oh, dinner tonight for everyone and it’s on me!!” Director James announced and everyone began clapping.

Blake stylishly looked at Ivy who was clapping along, he smiled and faced his front.



Skyler just finished working on some part of Edna’s dress before covering her book and stretching her hands.

The telephone began ringing, she looked at Mason and he was still walking, she sighed and went to pick up the phone.


“Mason” Maya voice sounded.

“Mason your mom” Skyler faced him with the phone.

“I’m busy, tell to tell all she has to say to you then you’d tell me later” Mason continued pressing his laptop.

“Don’t worry, Skyler it’s you I want to talk with, please forgive me, I’m sorry for calling you jinxed and when you’re back, please plead with my dad on my behalf” Maya said in a hurry, without waiting for her Skyler to agree or disagree, she hung up.

Skyler just shook her head and put the phone back on the stand.

“What did she say?” Mason closed his laptop and stood up.

“That she’s sorry for calling me jinxed and I should plead with grandpa on her behalf” Skyler replied and Mason scoffed.

“That’s not how an apology is done, I’m not accepting it” he shook his head.

“But she’s your mother, just let it go” Skyler pouted at him.

“Look at all the fûcks I give” he replied and Skyler just sighed, not knowing what to say.

“So ready for the walk?” He asked and she nodded happily.

He stretched his hands out for her which she accepted before they both left the room.



Carson just rested his head on his table, looking at Mr Brown ( their maths teacher ) facing the board and solving some maths. He couldn’t understand or even hear what Mr Brown was saying.

His eyes were closing and opening,he was dozing and trying not to sleep off but it wasn’t helping.

Mr Brown turned to face them and he suddenly transformed to James. Carson’s eyes cleared immediately.

James smirked at him and threw the chalk away before walking towards him in slow motion.

“James what are you doing?” Carson looked confused.

James just smirked and brought his fingers to raise Carson’s chin up. He leaned closer to his face and smirked even more.

“Admit it Carson, you want me” he whispered, still leaning closer to Carson and Carson slowly closed his eyes.



“Carson!!” Mr Brown flicked Carson’s head this time and Carson woke up from his imagination instantly.

He looked around and noticed the class was laughing at him.

“You’re sleeping in my class and pouting your lips at me, are you kissing a girl in there?” Mr Brown said and the students laughed even more.

Carson felt his cheeks burn red in embarrassed.

“I’m sorry sir” he muttered.

“Sorry for yourself, it’s either you sit straight or leave my class” Mr Brown scoffed and went back to the board.

Carson began rubbing on his temple wondering why his moment with James won’t leave his head.

‘If those guys didn’t open the door, would I have kissed him?’ he thought to himself.

“Hey Carson, are you really okay?” Fred moved closer to him and whispered.

“Who were up kissing? You almost kissed Mr Brown” Simon whispered and him and Fred laughed among themselves.

Carson glared at them before stylishly turning back, he saw James sitting somewhere there and giving him those dark smile, he immediately faced his front.



Mason stood in front of the mirror, arranging his tie in his well ironed suit properly, he picked up a perfume and spray on the sides of his neck.

Someone rang the bell of their room and he dropped the perfume before going to see who it was. A female attendance stood, holding a medium sized pox.

“This package came for you sir” he said and Mason collected it from her then closed the door.

The door by the left opened and Skyler came out pointing a blue dress on her body.

“Mason you’re a fashion designer too, how does this look on me?” She asked with a type of nervous smile.

Mason started at her from head to toes. “Hideous” he replied without beating around the bush.

“Excuse me?” Skyler widened her eyes and he stretched the box he was holding to her.

“What’s there?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Why don’t you first find out” he replied and she opened the box immediately. What welcomed her was the sight of a really good looking red designed dress.

She gasped and brought it out.

“Mason.. this..” she didn’t even know what to say.

“Do you like it?” He asked but she was still to shock to reply.

“I got it for you because I thought it would look really good on you, try it and see for yourself that I’m not wrong” he said proudly.

“I… thank you Mason” Skyler smiled at him before going back to the bathroom.

Few minutes later, she came back dressed in the red gown with some makeups, her hair was let down and few accessories on her body with silver heels.

“Well?” She asked nervously but Mason was just looking at her without saying anything.

He thought she looked really beautiful, if he had seen other women in the past including Linda but he was sure that they were no where compared to this woman standing in front of him.

“I look horrible don’t I” Skyler pouted her lips sadly and Mason came back to earth immediately. He cleared his throat and put his hands in his pocket.

“Sincerely speaking, you look really beautiful” he said with the most sincere look ever and if Skyler wasn’t wrong, she could see some sparkles in his eyes.

Skyler only just stared at him, not know what to say. That was the most sincere look she had ever seen, even Felix has never looked at her this deep to complement her beauty.

“Thank.. you” she smiled at him before taking her small handbag and moving towards him.

“So where are we going to for dinner?” She asked with a type of smile but Mason’s eyes were on her deep red lips, a little part of her lipstick stained her face and he brought his thumb the wipe it off.

“Surprise” he replied while Skyler just stared at his face without blinking.

“Let’s go” he raised one of his brows up and she blinked before nodding.

And they both left the room.



Maya was sitting on a chair in her room and looking at her face in the mirror when someone knocked on her door.

“Who’s there?” She looked from the window and the door opened before Ivy stepped in with a tray of food.

“Mom, here” she hurriedly stepped in and dropped the plate on the bed.

“Ivy” Maya stood up and hugged her daughter tightly.

“Ivy your mother is suffering, look at me I’m not eating well or using good skin products. I’m getting old and ugly” Maya cried.

“No mom, you’re not, Skyler will come back on Monday, just apologize to her and end all these” Ivy cupped her mom’s cheeks and dried her tears.

“Skyler again? Can’t you see she’s the cause of my problems!’ Maya cried out.

“Skyler is really cool mom, you should be glad Mason found her” Ivy replied before stepped away from Maya.

“I won’t be having dinner with you guys, my director is treating us for one so I’ll see you later. I already talked to Grandpa and he said I can go, goodnight and make sure you eat” Ivy waved at Maya before leaving the room.

Maya burst out in tears and fell back on the chair.



A big signboard with some shining light that says dine with me could be seen as Mason’s car stopped at the parking lot and he came down then helped Skyler with the door.

Skyler gasped on seeing the place.

“You brought me with dine with me?” Skyler looked surprised.

Dine with me was one that of the most biggest restaurant for rich couples to have dinner, she use to admire the place on magazines and YouTube but she would be coming here for real? What a life.

“Now is not the time to drool, let’s go” Mason should her his elbow which she smiled and accepted before they began going in.

The glass door opened automatically for the both of them but Skyler bumped into two unexpected people.



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