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Regina turned angry the moment Blake called her Ivy’s name.

“How many days or weeks of shooting did you spend with that girl before you forgot my name!” She said angrily.

Blake’s eyes cleared immediately and he saw Regina’s face, he scoffed and looked at the window again.

“You didn’t answer me!” Regina angrily stump her feet on the ground.

“What do you want from me?” He turned from the mirror to face her.

“You called me Ivy earlier, are you in love with her?” She asked while clenching her fist tight.

Blake only stared at her without replying.

“Answer me!” She shouted at him.

“Yes!” He shouted back and Regina fell speechless.

“W-what?” She slowly asked.

Blake’s eyes softened up a bit and he stood up.

“I’m sorry Regina, I don’t know how it happened” he muttered.

Regina shook her head and tears fell from her eyes. Before he could blink, a sounding slap landed on his face and before he could react, she snatched the glass of whiskey from him and splashed it on his face.

“I knew it, it wasn’t only about the movie! How could you? After everything I’ve done for you, you’re such a traitor!!” She yelled at his face while crying.

“Excuse me what did you do for me? We were both successful before at started seeing eachother and I loved for the time we were together but not anymore” he lowered his voice when he said that last part.

“You’re so heartless!!” She shouted and tried hitting him but he caught her hands.

“Don’t act like you didn’t dump your ex so you could be with me too so can we not make this weird, I’m not in love with you anymore, I’m telling you now so I don’t cheat on you in the future. Try to understand and never forgive me” he said and released her hands.

“Were you ever in love with me Blake? You know what, fuck you asshòle, you will need me back in the future when you realize there is no one else as pretty and better than me” she smirked and picked her coat from the floor before storming out of the room.

Blake just sighed and fell back on his couch.



Mason didn’t need to wear nose mask as he came down from the car. This was the type of people life he loved, where reporters won’t be there to point their annoying light on his face.

He helped Skyler with the door and she came down before he went to the boot to carry their bags.

“Can you stop doing everything? I have hands” Skyler looked frustrated as she followed him from behind.

He didn’t even reply her until they got to the receptionist.

“Hi, my wife, Skyler Wang, booked for a room for the weekends” he said and Skyler narrowed her eyes as she stared at him.

When the hell did she book for a room?

The receptionist did some things on her laptop for some seconds before looking at them with a smile.

“Skyler Wang, found it” she said and did somethings before bringing out a key.

“Here’s your key, enjoy your weekend Mr and Mrs” she handed it to Skyler since Mason was holding two bags.

“Thanks” Skyler smiled at the woman before leaving with Mason.


The room was nice, the space was okay, there was a bed, a sofa, a study chair and table a bathroom and full equipped kitchen.

“How’s the room?” Mason stared at her when he asked.

“I love it, especially the bed” Skyler replied happily. She was about running to the bed but he grabbed her back by the forearm.

“You can’t just sleep, you have to shower and eat or aren’t you hungry?” He raised one of his brows up.

“I’m hungry” Skyler pouted and rubbed her stomach.

“Okay, what do you want to eat? Let me make the orders” Mason began walking towards the nightstand to take the telephone.

“It has been long since I’ve eaten pork chops” Skyler was mumbling to herself but Mason heard it.

“Hi, yes we will be having some pork chops, room 35, thanks!” He hung up and turned back only to meet Skyler looking at him.

“What?” He raised a brow.

“I didn’t even say I wanted it yet” she replied and he sighed before grabbing the telephone again.

“Hi, cancel the orders!”

“No need to cancel it, I was gonna eat it!” Skyler said immediately.

“Hi, don’t cancel it anymore” after saying that, Mason dropped the telephone back on the nightstand.

Skyler shook her head before going to take out her clothes from the bag.

“I’m going to hit the shower first” she told him and he nodded then she headed to the bathroom.



“That brat! How can he leave without informing me first!” Grandpa Mario angrily stabbed his fork on his plate.

They were actually having dinner.

“Hey Dad, what is the name of Mason and Skyler’s hotel?” Rosa asked.

“Redlock, heard it’s really good, the space is okay so I think Mason and Skyler would enjoy their weekends together” Edna replied Rosa’s question with a smile.

While they were all talking, Carson wasn’t eating, he was just using his fork to play with his food which Emily noticed.

“Carson dear, what’s wrong? You’re not eating your food, are you okay?” She gave him a worried look.

“I’m fine mom” Carson looked at her with a smile.

“Anyone else noticed how the table is peaceful because of Maya’s absence?” Rosa said with a smile.

Speaking of Maya, the door just opened and she stepped in looking rough and tired.

“Dad!!” She rushed over to the dining room.

“Dad please forgive me, I can’t do this anymore. I didn’t have breakfast this morning and I had to trek to work, a lot of people were looking at me even the reporters and I’m sure they will be making headlines about me tomorrow” Maya gave the old man a pleading look.

“But you know what to do Maya, just apologize to me and Skyler” Rosa said with a smirk.

Maya did as if she didn’t hear and continued staring at old man Mario.

“Mom, look at you, you look like a mess! Why can’t you just apologize to Skyler and aunt Rosa and end all these!” Ivy rolled her eyes, feeling tired of her mom’s stupid pride.

Maya turned to glare at Ivy.

“I’m your mother, I’m from this family and you want me to just beg a girl from no where?” She widened her eyes in anger as she spoke.

“You know you aren’t from this family, you just happened to marry Dylan, if he divorces you, you’ll no longer be a Delgado so the only person that has right to claim this name is me” Rosa said with a smirk.

“I can’t deal with this right now” Carson shook his head and stood up before leaving the dinning.

“Maya you’ve done enough, apologize to the people you offended or you can just leave our dining” old man Mario kept a frown on his face when he said that.

Maya glared at everyone in the table, her husband and daughter were doing nothing to help her and she was even more mad.

“If I apologise for what I didn’t do wrong then meet me in hell!” She gritted her teeth and stormed upstairs.

“She’s stubborn” Hudson shook his head.



Skyler was dressed in a t-shirt and pajama type of trousers while Mason was also dressed in a t-shirt and joggers.

While Skyler was making some videos of herself, Mason was busy on his laptop.

The door bell rang and Skyler immediately jumped from the bed to get the door. A female hotel attendant was holding a cart containing their food.

“I’m really sorry for the delay, we were out of porks so we had to go get it” She gave Skyler an apologetic look.

“It’s fine, thank you” Skyler took the food away from the cart.

“Please enjoy it while it’s hot, I hope you really enjoy your weekend at redlock” the attendance smiled and left then Skyler closed the door.

When the hotel attendance got out of the room, she secretly brought out a phone and dialed a number.

“Hello ma’am, it’s done” she muttered.

“Good” the view of a red painted lips, replied with a smirk.


Back to the room, Skyler just arranged the food on the table before looking at Mason. He was busy on his laptop, she sighed and stood akimbo.

“I thought you brought me here so we could spend sometime together?” She asked out.

“If you’re hungry, you can just eat alone” Mason didn’t spare her a glance as he kept pressing his laptop.

“It’s not fair, can’t we just forget about everything for once and let’s have fun, all work no play makes jack a doll boy” she tried convincing him.

“I can’t afford to play, I have a lot of things to take care of in the company and I can’t do them while staying here and doing nothing” he rolled his eyes and kept typing.

Skyler nodded and moved towards him, she snatched his laptop within a blink of an eye.

“Hey!” Mason stood up and stretched his arms.

“Give it!”

“Make me” she smirked, Mason tried collecting the system from her but she raised her hands up.

“Who says you can’t afford to play? If you want your laptop then come and get it” she wiggled her brows at him then she began to run with it.

Mason didn’t chase after her, he only crossed his arms around his chest with a deep frown.

“Give it!” He said again.

“Come and get it” she smiled at him and he rubbed on his temples tiredly.

“Don’t make me do this” he sounded like he was warning her which made Skyler interested in seeing more side of him.

“Come on, don’t you wanna work? Come on” she showed him the system.

Mason moved towards her but she ran from the other side and sticked her tongue out at him. He moved to her side but she took the other side instead.

“You wanna play, fine” he nodded then suddenly began running around the whole room with her.

When Skyler climbed the chairs, he did too, they ran through the dining and kitchen before they got to the bed room.

“Gotcha” Mason held her forearm the moment he got to her but they suddenly lost their balance.

Skyler fell on the bed and he fell ontop of her. Her eyes widened as she stared at him, she could see his face closely for the first time she has been with him and damn he was really handsome, the grey eye alone can melt any woman.

She felt her hands moved, Mason already took his laptop from her.

“Thank you” he muttered and got up from her then sat on the bed. Skyier also sat beside him, she was panting but asked her question when she calmed down

“How do you know how to run?” She looked at him curiously.

“In school, both highschool and college, I had trophies of the most athletic student, I won race and swimming and all kinds of sports plus I work out a lot” he replied, more like bragging..l

“Wow, you are just too much” Skyler rolled her eyes and stood up.

“We still have to eat before the food..gets cold” she reminded him.

Mason nodded and stood up then also helped her up. He took his laptop and placed it on his study table.

“Let’s eat then” he said and she smiled before they both went to the dining.

Skyler opened the plate and the sweet smell of pork hit her nose.

“I missed this” she smiled and helped herself then helped Mason serve too.

“Thank you” he muttered and took the fork before having a taste.

“How’s it? Is it good?” Skyler was already chewing her food as she stared at him with a smile.

“Hmm” he nodded.

“I bet I will be able to make it more better than the hotel cooks” she smirked.

Mason only shook his head before opening the red whine he ordered for. He poured it on two glass and handed one over to her.

“Thanks and cheers” she stretched her glass to him.

“Cheers” he muttered and they both clicked glasses.

Skyler kept eating and looking at Mason with a smile. She notice he doesn’t smile that way and she began getting curious on how to see him smile one day, maybe he would look extra cute than he already looks.

Mason raised his head to look at her and she immediately faced her food.


In the middle of the night, Mason couldn’t sleep well, he was feeling hot all over his body and kept tossing around the bed.

“Hmm” a silent moan escaped Skyler’s lips and she left her position and moved closer to Mason then hugged him from behind.

Mason’s eyes went wide open.

“Why are you touching me Skyler?” He asked breathlessly.

“I feel hot” her hands went underneath his t-shirt and she kept caressing his bare chest.

“Shit” a low curse escaped his lips and he took her hands away from his body.

“Stop” he said breathlessly. He could feel himself getting hard it just her touch and it kept increasing and increasing, Mason could sense that something was wrong.

Skyler’s hands went straight to his bulge and she began caressing it through his trousers.

“Skyler!” Mason grabbed her hands and stopped her immediately then he turned to face her.

“I think we were drugged” his voice came out as a worse whisper.

“I don’t care, I just want you” Skyler looked at him with watery eyes.

“Me too” he said breathlessly and Skyler leaned closer to capture his lips. He began reciprocating the kiss, giving it back to her, their tongues intertwining against each other.

Mason pulled away and want ontop of her, he took off his t-shirt and through it one-side before ripped her shirt into two.

“We both understood why we did this right? I’m not the pervert here” he told her.

“Yes.. please” Skyler groaned and pulled his face down to hers to capture his lips again.

The kiss began harder this time, Mason’s lips went to her neck, he began sucking and biting at the same time, his hands were pulling her panties out of her legs.

“Have you done this before?” He took his lips from her neck as he peeped at her face.

“Yes just go in already” Skyler groaned and he nodded. The next second he went in and began moving in and out of her really fast.

“Ahhh.. Mason!!”

“Gosh.. slow down a bit” she held his shoulders but he took her hands and pinned them above her head before burying his face on her neck.

“Fuck!” He cursed and began fucking her even more faster, the bed was making rough squeaky sounds with each thrust.

“Mason!!!!!” Skyler screamed out his name.


The next morning, Skyler was still sleeping while Mason was shirtless looking at the bite mark on his shoulder, the one Skyler gave him when she cum last night.

He shook his head and wore a long jacket then took his phone from the stand.

“Alvin, what’s going on in the company today?” He asked as she found his way to his laptop.

“Everything are normal and check your email boss I sent you some links on when to start some online conference, the first one starts by nine so you should get ready” Alvin replied.

Mason opened his laptop and checked his email.

“I’ve seen the link, I’ll call you later” he hung up and began typing something in his laptop.

“Good morning” a tiny voice sounded behind him and he turned back to see Skyler sitting on the bed and rubbing her eyes.

“Morning” he responded to her greetings and stood up from bed. She was putting on one of his t-shirt that looks big and felt comfortable on her body.

“Hungry?” He asked when she stood up and she nodded her head.

“I guess I should just order something for us then” he muttered and began going to his phone but she stopped him immediately.

“I will cook, we can’t waste the kitchen, we only have two days to use it” she pouted her lips.

“Alright, cook something, I’ll head to the shower” he shrugged.

“Are we going out?” She asked enthusiastically.

“Once I’m done with my morning conference” he replied and Skyler shook her head as she watched him walk to the rest room.

She looked at her face in the morning and the hickeys on her neck. Last night was great actually, she was expecting him to bring it up but he didn’t.

She sighed and went to the kitchen, since there was some slice of bread, tomatoes and salad, she decided to make some salad sandwich.

While making the salad, Mason stepped out of the room dressed in his business suit and nose mask, he stared at Skyler’s figure, the shirt was a bit short, showing of her fresh laps and thighs.

He walked over to her and hugged her from behind.

“Mason!” Her eyes widened when his lips moved to her neck again.

“What are you doing?” She tried looking at him from her side but he didn’t let her.

“You know we just consummate the first step of our marriage so why don’t we just continue” he whispered and bit on her earlobes.

Skyler gasped.



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