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Ivy’s makeup artist were helping her with makeup in her van when someone knocked on the door.

“Daisy check who” Ivy said to Daisy who was sitting one place and pressing her phone.

“Okay” Daisy stood up and went to open the van.

She saw Blake checking his wrist watch. When he saw her, he let out a soft smile.

“Is Ivy in, can I come in to see her?” He asked.

“Give me a second” Daisy smiled and went back in then walked over to Ivy.

“Who was that?” Ivy asked.

“Blake” she replied and Ivy’s heart skipped a beat on hearing his name.

“What is he doing here?” Her voice sounded tiny when she asked.

“I don’t know, he wants to see you I guess. Should I let him in or do you want to go see him outside?” Daisy asked.

“Let him in” Ivy muttered and looked at her face in the mirror. The make up was quite okay so there was nothing wrong with her face now.

Blake stepped in, he didn’t know if he should smile or just nod at her but he just pressed his lips together.

“How are you feeling now? The interview clip has been taken down already so they rumor should reduce by now” he started talking.

“It has been taken down but people will still save it and talk about it” she mumbled without looking at his face.

Blake sighed and went to stand beside her.

“Look I’m sorry about Regina okay? I will make sure things like this don’t happen again” he apologized.

“It’s fine,I’m okay now” she smiled at him.

“Really?” He raised his two brows as he stared at her face.

“Yes!” Ivy stood up and faced him.

“I really am fine and besides tomorrow would be the last day of shooting, the last scene requires lots of episodes and I don’t think we wanna waste more time talking, we should be praticing so I’ll see you outside” she smiled at him.

Blake gave Ivy a look. Why does it feel she was trying to chase him away? He just sighed and nodded.

“You’re right, last scenes requires more work, I’ll see you in the studio” he smiled back at her before leaving.

After he left, Ivy sat back on the chair and covered her face with her palms. When she saw him earlier it began occuring to her that they encountered each other because of the movie they are shooting and the shooting will be ending tomorrow which means they would be back to their separate ways again.

Maybe then he can continue living a happy life with his girlfriend while she move on with work and maybe find herself a boyfriend in the future.



Carson just descended the stairs dressed in his uniform and a leather black jacket. His hairstyle was busy and he fixed some piercing on his nose and ears.

“Carson I’ve packed your.. oh my gosh!” Emily froze on her steps when she saw his look.

“What do you think you’re doing? Why are you putting on that jacket and who allowed you to pierce your nose and ears!” She looked angry as she scolded him.

“Mom don’t freak out, I’m just trying to go for a little change” Carson rolled his eyes.

“By looking like a nuisance? No sir please take off the piercing and jacket, it doesn’t go with your school uniform” Emily crossed her arms under her breast with a serious look on her face.

“Come on mom, Ryan does this and no one questions him” Carson frowned.

“Who’s Ryan?” Emily twitched her lips.

“My new rival, you see mom there’s this girl I’m into but I heard she’s into bad boys alone so I did this” he pointed his new look.

“And about the ear rings mom, it’s fake,I can remove them when ever I want” he took one of the ear ring off and fixed it back on.

“See?” He added after doing at.

“Carson..” Emily dragged his name.

“For real mom, I’m fine and I don’t need to take breakfast to school anymore. Give me a hundred dollars for lunch?” He stretched his hands out.

Emily sighed, she didn’t know whatelse to say to him, she just searched her pocket and gave the money to him.

“Thanks Mom, love you” he blew her kisses before running out of the house.

Emily only turned back to look at his retreating figure.

“He doesn’t know” she muttered to only her hearing.


“Hey Ross, you’re off today, give me the keys and leave” Carson stretched his hands out to his driver.

Ross gave him the car key and walked away. Carson smiled then opened the car and entered.

“You think I can’t drive my own car? I will show you” he said to himself before starting the car.

“Okay I don’t know what to do” he muttered when the car began moving. He gripped on the steering wheel tight and nodded to himself.

“Just breath and drive and be Gracie’s type of guy” he tried motivating himself and managed to drive out of the mansion to the street.

Now he was in the road with other cars he began panicking and driving recklessly. The car began moving over to the direction of a big trash bin and his eyes widened.

“No! No! No! Not the trash bin, not the trash bin!!” He shouted and tried stopping the car but it kept going there.

“Nooooooo!!” He screamed as his car collided with the giant sized trash bin.



Skyler was busy on the dress when a knock sounded on the door.

“Who’s there? Anyways I’m coming” she stood up and went to get the door, it was Jacob.

“Jacob, hi” Skyler waved at him.

“Heard you’re leaving with Mason this evening so I wanted to use this little opportunity to talk to you, are you busy?” He asked.

“I was but I can make time, let’s go outside” Skyler stepped out of the room and closed the door.

They were both sitting on the couch, Jacob was looking at the floor and playing with his fingers before he started.

“You know I went to the hospital few days ago but I couldn’t do anything about my fears of blood” he muttered.

“So you freaked out again?” She looked at him and he nodded his head.

“Look, it’s not like I took your advice for granted, I really tried to follow it and believe in myself but I just couldn’t” he sighed and looked at her with his eyes getting red and misty.

“My dad was sick when he married my mom and each time they fight, my mom would always use his sickness to make fun of him and my dad didn’t like it. They argue almost everyday and they don’t even try to hide it from me. In school everyone ask me about them, my class mate also make fun of me because my father’s illness has no cure and I do see my father crying about it sometimes”

“I decided to become a doctor in the future to save lives and cure all type of illness because of my dad so when I was eleven, my mom came home from work one night, she went to her and Dad’s room and she screamed out. I also went there and I saw my father committed suicide by hanging himself on the ceiling fan, not enough, he still slashed his neck by himself. His blood was everywhere and I love my dad so much,I couldn’t get the image of my mind. Each time I see my blood I see my dad, I just can’t” he covered his face with his palms.

“If it’s so then how did you now studied and pass medicine?” Skyler wondered out.

“I was really good at the course but when it comes to that practical aspect, my mom always pay to fix the things I can’t do. That is why she calls me a disappointment all the time but I’m sick of it Skyler, I want to do something by myself!” He said to her.

“Jacob” Skyler moved closer to him and held his shoulders. “If you want something then you should go for it, you know, the only one holding yourself backwards is you, you didn’t take my advice to well, you should try to walk into that fear and actually see that there’s nothing there” she gently squeezed on his shoulders.

“But how?”

“Believe in yourself not what your mother or anyone else says about you” she replied.



?️Eww he stink!

?️Why is he looking dirty?

?️Is that a banana peel on his hair?

?️Looks like he just came out of trash bin!

Carson scoffed at the comment he was receiving from the students. He took of the banana peel from his hair and threw it one side.

“Hey Carson are you okay?” Simon asked the moment Carson got to his locker room.

“Do I look okay to you?” Carson frowned and removed his backpack from his shoulders.

Fred was just blocking his nose with his fingers.

“Bro for real, what happened to you?” Fred gave him a kind of stinky look as he asked.

“I wanted to prove to someone that I can drive my own car but I fell inside a trash bin and now my car is under service” Carson replied as he took out a clean pair of uniform before excusing himself to the male restroom.

He dropped his uniform one side and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked dirty, his hairstyle looked messy and awful, even the piercing doesn’t really fit him.

“Gosh I’m a mess, fûck that Ryan guy!” He mumbled angrily as he looked at his reflection.

“I see a bad boy gone wrong here” a familiar male voice sounded from behind and Carson checked the mirror only to see James standing behind him and leaning on the wall by using one of his legs to rest on it.

He rolled his eyes and began removing the dirt from his hair.

James left the wall and went to stand behind him then placed his musuclar hands in the sides of the basin, trapping Carson at his middle.

He leaned closer to look at Carson’s reflection from the window.

“I don’t know why you chose to punish yourself for Gracie when you can just stick with me, I’d never allow you to go through all this?” His voice came out as a husky whisper before he helped Carson took of a dirt from his hair.

“I can sue you for trying to force me into gay, stay away from me James I’m not like you” Carson said angrily.

“Really?” James leaned closer and rested Carson’s ears.

“You’re not like me? My hot and captivating look don’t attract you a bit?” His hot breath fanned Carson’s ears and it made Carson felt a bit ticklish.

“I..” Carson blinked and looked elsewhere.

“I already told you, I’m not like you, stay away from me” he snapped and tried leaving but James suddenly turned him to face him.

Carson’s hands landed on his shoulders while James still trapped him with both of his hands. James was looking into his eyes but Carson wasn’t.

“Why are you avoiding looking into eyes?” James was wearing a smirk on his face as he stared at him.

“Because.. because your eyes are ugly, I don’t want to spoil my sight” Carson stuttered in his reply, his eyes went to his lips but he immediately looked elsewhere.

What the hell was wrong with him? He was feeling uncomfortable in this position.

“Really? My eyes are ugly are you sure about that?” James moved his head to the direction of Carson’s face to meet with his eyes.

Carson gritted his teeth and raised his head to meet his gaze.

“You..” he paused on what he was about to say when his eyes met with James.

James ocean blue eyes were deep and captivating. He couldn’t look away no matter how hard he tried to.

They both stared at themselves in silence before James began leaning closer to him. His lips were a little close in touching Carson’s when the door opened and some guys stepped in.

Carson got back to his senses and pushed James off before taking his uniform and going to another empty rest room.

?️Hey James, you look extra handsome today!

They began complementing him but James only left the restroom with a smile.



It was already 5pm in the evening, Mason entered the room and met Skyler staring at two bags containing the both of them clothes.

“Are you set to leave now? I left the car on” he said and Skyler turned to face him.

“Of course I’m ready” she nodded at him and his eyes went to her small bag.

“You’re sure this is everything you need?” He raised on of his brows up.

Back then when he use to take Linda out with him, she carries a lot of things, one bag for her clothes, another for her makeups, another for shoes and some for her skin but she still complains it wasn’t enough.

“We are staying for three days not a week so I’m not supposed to carry a giant bag” Skyler rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Okay, let me help you with it” he took the bag from the bed along with his own before he began leaving the room.

“Are we not going to greet everyone first?” Skyler asked as she followed them from behind.

“No need, they are still at work, let’s leave” he shook his head, he really didn’t want to see anyone especially the old man before leaving but the door opened and the two fight buddies suddenly appeared.

“Skyler!” Ivy and Edna called at the same time as they rushed towards them.

Mason felt upset but couldn’t do anything, he just stared at Skyler, waiting for her to answer them so they could leave before the old man comes out and start giving them bunch of advice or talking about great grandchildren.

“Skyler! I came to say goodbye before you leave” Edna was the first to get to her.

“Same here!” Ivy was breathing heavily as she glared at Edna from behind.

“No need to glare, we all know you’re always the second. I came to earth before you, got famous before you, made friends with Skyler before you and now I’m greeting her before you” Edna stock her tongue out.

“And you will also dìe before me” Ivy added with a cute smile and Edna gasped.

“Hey not now!” Skyler stopped the fight that was about to happen while Mason was looking at his wrist watch with a frown.

“Well it doesn’t matter who said it first, I appreciate the both of you and I will see you guys on Monday. Please try to stop fighting with each other, for my sake?” Skyler gave them a pleading smile.

Edna huffed. “I love you Skyler but I can’t do that”

“Neither can I” Ivy added and Edna rolled her eyes.

Skyler wanted to say something but Mason cleared his throat.

“Girls, be good, I’ll see the both of you on Monday. If you need anything from me just give me a call” Skyler spoke quickly.

“Sure sis, look I brought you some snacks, you can eat on your way” Edna passed a nylon to Skyler.

“Thanks” Skyler smiled and collected it.

“I didn’t get you anything but I will call you” Ivy said and Edna looked at her with a smug.

“We are getting late” Mason’s voice Interrupted the three of them and Ivy rushed to him immediately.

“So sorry to delay your trip bro, please take good care of Skyler, I love you” she tiptoed and pecked his cheeks.

Mason just rubbed it off with a frown before facing Skyler.

“Can we leave now, because I’ll appreciate it” he said with a blank look and without waiting for her reply, he began leaving.

Skyler shook her head and immediately followed behind.

“Don’t forget to give Grandpa a great grandchild!!” Edna shouted after them and Ivy glared at her.

“I was gonna say it first!”

“But you didn’t, loser” Edna smirked and walked inside.

Ivy clenched her fist tight before following behind.



He was starting at the window while holding a glass of whiskey and drinking. Looking at the transparent glass, he could see the reflection of Ivy smiling face.

It was getting to him now, he didn’t just see her as a movie co star, he was into her and was only recognizing it since their shooting will end tomorrow.

They would be back to their separate ways and he would never see those sweet smile and innocent looks from her anymore.

He sighed and sipped more whisky from his glass. Some footsteps was suddenly heard from behind and he turned back to see a female figure dressed in a long stepped in.

He couldn’t see clearly because it was a bit dark.

“Who’s there?” He asked with his eyes narrowed.

The female figure took off the coat, she was putting on a sexy lingerie before catwalking towards him and stopping in front of him.

“I miss you, do you miss me?” She asked with a smirk forming on her lips.

Blake narrowed his eyes as he stared at her face.

“I.. Ivy?”



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