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Skyler was startled at first before a slow smile appeared on her face and she patted Ivy’s back.

Ivy pulled away from the hug and Skyler helped her to clean her eyes.

“What happened? Come sit down and talk” Skyler and Ivy sat on the stairs while Skyler looked at Ivy, waiting for her to start talking.

Ivy brought out her phone and showed the hate comments to Skyler.

“You know I’m shooting a new movie with Blake Andrews and his girlfriend Regina Wilson didn’t seem happy about it, you know she even warned me to stay away from him and I don’t know why she went as far as to do this interview, now the whole world thinks I’m a home wrecker” Ivy explained and sniffed back the tears that were trying to come out from her eyes again.

“I know Regina Wilson, I was a fan of her because I thought she was pretty but not anymore” Skyler scoffed and returned Ivy’s phone back to her.

“You know, she’s not kinda wrong because I do like Blake. I think it was love at first sight because I got attracted the moment I set my eyes on him in person. I have worked with plenty of handsome actors but Blake is the first because to make me react this way and when I found out he has a girlfriend, I was sad, I thought I won’t like him anymore but it kept getting worse and Regina came to warn me about him” Ivy then looked at Skyler.

“But heavens can testify that I wasn’t planning to steal or sabotage him from his girlfriend. Now everyone are accusing me and I don’t know what to say, I’m putting the family into a dirty rumor” she blocked her face with her palms.

Skyler sighed and held her shoulders.

“It’s not your fault that you liked him, the important thing is realizing you can chase him because he is taken so you shouldn’t let the rumor get to you. I’d advice you to stop looking at your phone so you won’t be affected by the cyber bullying” Skyler squeezed on her shoulders.

“But what if Blake breaks up with Regina in the future and it has nothing to do with me then can I chase after him?” She asked and Skyler just smiled at her innocent look.

“It’s not a crime to do so, you and Regina are not friends and he is no longer seeing her so nothing can stop the both of you from seeing eachother” Skyler replied.

“Including the internet?” Ivy raised one of her brows up.

Skyler chuckled and tapped her shoulder.

“Don’t let the internet live your life for you Ivy, you came alone and you will live this earth alone. Your haters or fans won’t enter your cascade with you, they will only cry about you for sometimes and move on” Skyler replied to her.

Ivy smiled and nodded then Skyler stood up to leave, Ivy also stood up too.

“Uhm.. Skyler, I loved the way your beef soup scent that night, I’m suddenly craving for it, if you don’t mind can you prepare it for me and also teach me how to make it?” She stylishly asked.

“Sure, come with me” Skyler smiled and began climbing down the stairs while Ivy happily followed from behind.



Regina hugged her tiny waist as the photographer took pictures of her in a white kneel length gown that had a long cloth design in both sides, dropping on the floor.

“Yes ma’am, give it the sexy” the photographer said and she changed her pose to a more sexy one.

The glass door opened for Blake to step in. His hands were dipped inside his pocket as he watched Regina without a smile on his face.

Regina saw him and smiled.

Soon she was done taking pictures, she didn’t change before going to see him.

“Babe, you came today, do you miss me?” She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned to kiss his lips but he looked elsewhere and her lips landed on his cheeks.

She frowned at him.

“Why are you rejecting me?” She asked and at the same time, slowly taking her arms off him.

“Why did you do that?” He looked at her.

“Do what?”

“That interview” He answered.

Regina scoffed and crossed her arms together.

“You’re unbelievable, rejecting me for the sake of another woman, how absurd” she scoffed again.

“It wasn’t really necessary!” He said hardly.

“I just wanted to make sure she knows her place” Regina rolled her eyes and began taking off the long cloth design from her waist.

“What do you mean?” Blake narrowed his eyes.

“She’s eyeing you Blake, I think she has a thing for you” Regina replied.

“So you did that interview on purpose?” he looked a bit surprised before nodding his head.

“Well.. I..” Regina looked unsure of what to say.

“Regina, Ivy is my work partner and the last thing she’d need now is any stress or whatever! Whether you thought she has a thing for me or not, you shouldn’t have done that, you know you went to far!” He scolded her.

“I just wanted to make sure I keep you” she tried holding his hands but he pushed it off.

“Keep me? Do I look like a puppet to you?” He frowned.

“You’re my boyfriend Blake, I have every right!” Regina squeezed her face.

Blake only just smirked at her before walking away.

“Blake!!” Regina yelled after him but he was far gone.



“And that’s how to make a beef soup” Skyler smiled and closed the pot.

Ivy was just relaxing on the counter and watching with an amused smile.

“Why are you looking at me like I I just performed a magic” Skyler looked back at her with a smile.

“Because you did, how could you use those ingredients to make all that, now I regret why I can’t cook” Ivy pouted her lips.

“My mom do tell me that cooking is really important in women. Men can love their wife and can add extra love with her cooking even the kids too” Skyler replied.

“Mason and your future kids are lucky then” Ivy said with a smile.

Skyler’s cheeks just turned red.

“It’s too early to start looking for a child” she muttered.

She haven’t even gotten revenge on Felix yet or fulfill her dream of becoming one of the most talented fashion designer in the world.

“Ivy!” A familiar voice sounded and both Ivy and Skyler turned back to see Maya with a not too pleased look on her face.

“What do you think you’re doing over there? Are you a maid?” She asked angrily.

“Mom it’s nothing, Skyler was just teaching me how to cook” Ivy replied and Maya glared at Skyler the next second.

“And what do you think you’re doing huh? My daughter is not like you! She don’t belong in the kitchen so never do this again!” she said harshly.

“What do you mean mom? Every woman needs to know how to cook because they will get married one day” Skyler replied in a calm voice.

Maya scoffed.

“That saying is for peasants like you not my daughter! We are the Delgados’ and we already have everything whereby you’re just a Wang! I don’t even know what that means but I’m sure you’re only here to eat my son’s money!” Maya scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Skyler gasped and clenched her fist tight, she badly wanted to say something but she just excused herself from Maya immediately.

“Mom that was harsh!” Ivy glared at Maya.

“And when did you start liking her, I thought you were on my side!” Maya looked at Ivy angrily.

“I thought she suck but she’s actually cool and now I know why Mason married her” Ivy replied and began going upstairs.

“Ivy come back here! We aren’t done talking!” Maya shouted but Ivy already left.

She rolled her eyes and faced the pot of soup that was already boiling. It scented nice but she would never admit it.

“Matilda!!” She shouted and Matilda rushed towards her immediately.

“How dare you allow that girl in our family’s kitchen? Do you want me to cut your salary?” She began scolding Matilda.

“I’m sorry ma’am, miss Ivy insisted” Matilda bowed her head a little.

“That girl is already manipulating Ivy in becoming a nuisance! Anyways turn this heater off and throw the rubbish in the pot away” Maya ordered.

Matilda slowly raised her head up.

“But ma’am, the soup is still fresh, it’ll be a waste” she muttered.

“It’s either you do it or I will wipe off your salary for two months!” Maya glared at her and walked out of the kitchen.

Matilda sighed and turned off the gas then opened the pot. The strong aroma of the soup hit her nose but there was nothing she could do about it.

“Such a waste” she shook her head before taking the pot and began emptying it into the kitchen basin.



He came in to see Skyler arranging her cloths and body products inside a small bag.

“Are you planning to run away?” He raised one of his brows up and she stood akimbo before turning to face him.

“How can you even ask me that? What is today?” She looked at him.

Mason’s eyes went to the room calendar. It was Thursday and he would be taking Skyler to spend of time alone with him tomorrow evening.

“Shît” a low curse escaped his lips.

“Instead of cussing, you can freshen up and come join me into packing your things” she rolled her eyes.

“Okay, let me talk to Ivy first” he muttered.

“Already did, I think she’s fine but if you still want to see her then no problem, just remember to pack your clothes for tomorrow” she said before facing her bag again.

Mason nodded and walked away from the room.


Ivy was laying on her bed and going through her phone. The backlash she was receiving haven’t slowed down yet, people kept leaving hateful words on her latest Instagram post and also making various post, news and videos about how bad she was.

A knocked sounded on the door and she immediately put her phone away then took her script for acting and began acting like she was reading it.

“Come in” she said.

The door opened and Mason entered.

“Bro” she sat on the bed and looked at him with a smile.

Mason didn’t move closer, he just stood by the door with his hands on his pocket.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked and she nodded immediately.

“I’m fine, Skyler already kept me company earlier” she replied.

“I see.. anyways I’ll make sure to shot those rumors by tomorrow so you don’t have to worry okay?” His voice didn’t sound soft nor gentle but it was enough to coax her.

“Okay” she smiled at him.

“Alright, make sure you come down for dinner” he added before leaving the room and closing the door behind.

Ivy just sighed and buried her face on her script.


Dinner already started, everyone were eating and some would always have something to say as usual.

This time, Ivy came down to join them for dinner.

“You want to gain weight tonight?” Carson asked but she ignored him and sat down.

“Hey Ivy I heard what happened? How are you feeling?” Edna asked and Ivy glared at her.

“You don’t care so leave me alone!” Ivy scoffed and began putting some food on her plate.

“Yes you’re right I don’t care but I heard Regina did that to you, I hate Regina so of course I’ll take your side” Edna said and Ivy rolled her eyes.

“I don’t need you to take my side, Skyler already did so I’m fine, keep your fuel with Regina to yourself” Ivy scoffed again before putting a small piece of food in her mouth.

“It’s my fault for asking, I hope you’re doing worse” Edna rolled her eyes and also put some food in her mouth.

Skyler was wondering why no one was saying anything with the way they are fighting on the table but she remembered what Alvin told her.

They fight all the time.

Mason dropped his cutlery before facing everyone.

“I won’t be around during the weekends” he announced.

“Huh? Where are you going?” Maya asked immediately.

“I’m leaving this mansion tomorrow evening to spend some alone time with my wife for the weekend” he replied and Grandpa Mario smiled from where he was sitting.

Maya was fuming while Rosa was happy, seeing Maya’s look. If Mason and Skyler spending more time together annoys Maya all the time then she should make sure of that.

“That’s great, I wanted to bring it up one-day. Hey I hope the both of you get the space you want give your grandpa a great grandchild” Rosa said with smile.

“Rosa you bîtch! I’ve told you countless of times that you shouldn’t meddle in my family affair!” Maya couldn’t control her anger anymore that she shouted.

“Maya, watch your words! Dad forbade us from using those types of curse word in his Manson” Emily reminded her.

Maya slowly looked at the old man and he wasn’t smiling at her.


“You’ve validate the orders countless of times Maya and this time I’m taking actions. I’m freezing your account and I’m also banning you from using any of the family assets for a week” he said.

“Dad!” Maya gasped and stood up with widened eyes. She looked at Rose and Rosa couldn’t hide how happy she looked then she looked at Skyler who immediately looked away.

“Mason, Ivy, I got all these by trying to defend you, won’t you say something to your grandpa” she faced Mason and Ivy.

Ivy blocked her face with her arms while Mason kept trying to cut a piece of meat from his plate.

Maya then pointed her fingers at Skyler.

“You’re such a jinxed person, ever since you came here! Bad things have been happening to me!” Maya yelled ontop of her voice, her eyes were already red.

“Maya go upstairs” Dylan finally said something.

“All of you are ganging up against me to take her side! Dad just stopped me from using the family assets, he also freezed my account for a week. It’s like he’s planning to kill me” Maya complained.

Rosa was grinning ear to ear, she happily poured herself some juice and sipped from it.

“Mom just go upstairs, stop embarrassing yourself” Ivy sighed, even Mason was squeezing his face even more as he chewed on his food.

A tear drop fell from Maya’s eyes but she wipped it off and stormed out of the dinning.

“So, what will you do about the company?” Antonio asked.

“I will work online” Mason simply replied.

“And who will look after the company to see how things are going? You can’t also to that online” Hudson asked.

“Alvin and Sunny are there to watch over it” Mason gave another reply.

“Alvin and Sunny? They aren’t even part of the family!” Antonio frowned.

“Take it or leave it!” After saying that, Mason wipped his mouth with a tissue and stood up.

Skyler also stood up and they both went upstairs.

“Dad” Antonio gave the old man or look.

“He said take it or leave it” Dylan repeated what Mason said earlier and Antonio frowned.



“So I want you to book a schedule for me from now till 4:30 pm, I will be leaving the office by five and I won’t be available during the weekends” as Mason was talking, he was walking really fast with his chin up as usual.

Alvin was also walking fast, trying to meet up with him.

“And I want both you and Sunny to watch over the company, always keep me posted if anything goes happens and if anything goes wrong, the both of you will hear it directly from me” he added and stood in front of the elevator, pressing some buttons

“Understood boss” Alvin nodded.

The ding sound indicated that the elevator just opened, Mason stepped in and Alvin hurriedly went in with him and the door closed.



Maya descended the stairs, dressed in her expensive gown, heels and Gucci bag. She arranged her hair behind her ears as she got to the living room.

“Matilda, I need coffee!!” She said but no one replied her.

“Matilda! I said I need coffee incase you didn’t hear me!” She added but still nothing.

“Matilda!!” She called again, looking angry this time.

Footsteps were heard coming behind her and she turned back to see Rosa, looking graceful in the Louis Vuitton jumpsuit she was putting on.

She stared at Maya and smirked then strolled past her.

“Matilda get me coffee please” she said and Matilda surprisingly came with a cup of coffee on her hand.

“Thank you” Rosa smiled and collected it then sipped from it.

“Matilda! Where you deaf when I was calling you?” Maya looked at her with angry eyes.

“No sweetie, she wasn’t, dad forbade you from using any of his assets, Matilda is one of them so if you want coffee, go make yours yourself” Rosa said with a satisfying smile as she returned the cup back to Matilda.

“You’re unbelievable, urgh!” Maya rolled her eyes and stormed out of the living room.

She got to the parking lot and stood akimbo.

“Carlos!” She shouted her driver’s name.

“Sorry Carlos is with me now” Rosa smirked as she walked past Maya with Carlos.

“Carlos what are you doing?” Maya shouted.

“You have a low IQ don’t you? I just said dad forbade you from using his assets so you can either buy your own car, use public transport or trek to work, but wait, you don’t have money” Rosa laughed out.

Maya was squeezing her face so hard that she was starting to look ugly.

“What do you want from me?” She asked with an angry face.

“Apologize to me for calling me a bitch and your son’s wife for calling her jinxed then dad might reconsider” Rosa smirked.

“I’d rather craw on the floor” Maya scoffed and looked elsewhere.

“Okay, suit yourself, Carlos let’s go” Rosa smiled and Carlos helped her to open the back door.

She stepped in and there was a smile on her face as the black window went up then the car accelerated.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh!!! I hate everyone!!” Maya yelled like a mad woman.



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